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Sept 2010 - Another 6 months past, it's going too fast!

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comixminx Wed 11-Apr-12 21:32:47

Our lovely new thread for the September 2010 babies. Dive in folks!

diddlybop Fri 20-Apr-12 20:20:24

That makes sense then! I thought it was a bit random. I went round tonight, she's a lovely girl, is really keen and when I said It'd be a bit of pocket money for her she said she didn't want paying! Not just a "no, no, no, oh go on then" a genuine "I don't expect to be paid" Of course I will but that means I can decide how much! £3 an hour it is!

newmum001 Fri 20-Apr-12 20:35:37

Hi everyone, got a new phone and can't seem to get on the mobile version but i an cheching in snd when i sort my phone out i'll post properly! Hope everyone is well!

diddlybop Fri 20-Apr-12 21:23:44

Hey newmum when you're back, have a look at the thread sassy linked, it made me think of you and your double posting!

Saoirse where are you???

BeaditAli Sat 21-Apr-12 20:11:52

diddlylumps if money doesn't matter to her maybe buying her something instead would be really nice.... Then she'd think of the boys when she saw it grin I would have loved a girly pressie for my babysitting duties!

See....... I am lurking!

Wonder if saoirse is too busy with morning sickness to post...... They were trying weren't they?


cinnamongreyhound Sun 22-Apr-12 21:07:48

I never babysat when I was a teen, couldn't have imagined anything worse than looking after other peoples children hmm

diddlybop Mon 23-Apr-12 08:52:26

I used to babysit when I was 15. I hated it! I once had to get my uncle round cos I thought someone was lurking outside!!!

Good news here today. Ds1 has got a place in the school I wanted. I have really mixed emotions tho cos he's my baby and although he goes to nursery, thats my choice & if i don't want him to go he doesn't have to. School is for big boys and girls and is the law! He's too tiny and young to be going to big school! sad [happy]

Ha ha beady just seen the diddlylumps I'm never gonna loose my lumps am i??

Debs whats the deep like on a weekend?? Is it as busy as in the hols??

cinnamongreyhound Mon 23-Apr-12 09:29:27

I hated it with ds1 diddlybop but he is so happy at school and the awful grumpy/tiredness after school has nearly gone. I still cried when he went back after easter last week blush. Don't forget it's not law until the term after they turn 5 so he won't actually HAVE to go until Sept 2013 grin

Luke has been fine with my new baby but this morning he's been a nightmare! He was pushing him off my lap and cried as soon as I touched the baby sad

Debs75 Tue 24-Apr-12 15:24:49

Diddlybop It can be, especially if it is a rough day. Not much to do in Hull when it is raining.

I must start thinking of finding dd2 a school. She is 4 in September and currently in a surestart nursery 3 mornings a week. Most of the schools around here are average to ok but our catchment one has been in special measures and the teacher ratings is poor. Plus we really do want to move and I don't want her getting attached at another nursery then having to move to another one. And Lucy will go to the surestart one in September and it will be easier to have them there at the same times

cinnamongreyhound Tue 24-Apr-12 16:33:56

Grrr.... nightmare morning, puncture in a tyre of my double buggy! Tried to blow it up which made us late for school and it went back down two seconds later! Practically ran to school with flat tyre, three unhappy boys in the rain! Ds1 got upset as his line had gone in without him and I was in pain from my shoulder from trying to keep the bloody thing straight!! Luckily my lovely step dad stepped and took me, luke and my minded baby to toddlers and I then walked home with the single as my minded little boy was picked up early today and my little girl I meet there didn't come back with me today.

Got so much to do this week with ds1's 5th birthday! Lots of baking as it's now the thing to take cakes for the whole class instead of sweets, plus cakes for his party and his actual birthday cake. I also have to wrap his presents, sort food for his party, take the dog to the vet (nothing serious just annual booster and probably telling off about teeth sad) and give blood on Friday, plus babysitting all day Saturday sad sad sad. I have no idea how my baby became a 5 year old little boy!! He is very excited though and I hope Luke will be ok with someone else getting presents that he can't open hmm

cinnamongreyhound Wed 25-Apr-12 17:04:59

At the risk of talking to myself as no one else seems to be posting are any of you having to deal with hitting? Luke is hitting me if I say no, always tell him no and it doesn't get his way and he's started hitting his brother too plus very occasionally other minded children. Don't think he's confident enough to hit strangers but he does fight back if someone takes something from him. So frustrating and makes me a bit sad, I am so anti violence sad sad

diddlybop Wed 25-Apr-12 19:51:58

I'm still here Cinnamon I can't help much because neither of mine really hit Olly does more than ds1 ever did & I firmly tell him "no! we don't hit". If I felt that wasn't working I would put him on the naughty stool. How have you reacted so far?

I'm poorly! I'm never poorly! I've got tonsillitis & my cousin gets married on saturday! I better feel better than this by then!

sassy34264 Wed 25-Apr-12 20:28:06

cinnamon jacob hits and bites. we say ' no hitting' and we've tried removing him from the situation. he tends to do it when he is frustrated with you, cos he has no way of dealing with it. for instance, if he's climbing, or taking something off isobel etc and i stop him, he will give me a look and then hit me.
ive found the only 2 things that have had a significsnt difference is making him give more kisses and loves to isobel, so that he is affectionate more and also just age. he seems to just realise more and more what is acceptable and what isnt.

hope you feel better for your wedding diddly

sairose posted on fb yesterday. didnt see if anyone commented.

question- is anyone elses child talking in their own language? jacob will just come over and proper talk to me in babble. it mostly sounds japanese but occasionally german or something- its weird!

when is your due date cominx ?

cinnamongreyhound Wed 25-Apr-12 20:54:52

I just say no hitting or no we don't hit it's not kind. If its me he hits I put him away from me and ignore him for a minute or so, of it's ds1 I make him give him a cuddle. I think it's frustration too, but sometimes I think he's seeing why reaction he gets and he often laughs after he's done it.

Feel better soon diddlybop!!

Didn't see Saoirse's post will look now smile

comixminx Wed 25-Apr-12 22:41:00

cinnamon Aphra doesn't hit (much - she does flail sometimes) but she can scratch me at times. I don't feel it's done in anger but I sometimes do need to tell her to stop and to try to take her away from the situation that's causing her frustration (depends what it is really). It's difficult but Aphra luckily is not a big worry in that area, mostly.

sassy, my due date isn't till August so plenty of time yet. We've got the doula arranged, we need to start thinking seriously about whether to try for another home birth or to go to the local midwife-led unit or what. What did folks do about their older ones when the baby was born? My mum could maybe come and help look after Aphra during the labour but we'd need to give her some notice and of course if it all goes quickly or is in the middle of the night that might not be practical! In a way it's a good argument for a home birth, no need to worry about arranging stuff for Aphra unless it's actually in the daytime and she's not at nursery or anything like that.

Aphra's talking more now but she's been doing a lot of non-english babbling. She can say all sorts of things it turns out, but we need to interpret them properly / get the context right. Apparently at nursery her main person gets her to say "up" and "down" at nappy change time (for lifting and lowering her legs) and "water" for the fresh water that's needed - and she's just started doing it with us too, outside of nappy change time. She said "down" as clear as anything this evening!

diddly - get well soon indeed. Mwah!

cinnamongreyhound Thu 26-Apr-12 06:53:03

I forgot to say that yes Luke does that all the time sassy34264, I feel really bad that I don't understand as he often seems like he's trying to tell me something! I am probably understanding 3-4 new words a day and little phrases are appearing too. Yesterday he said lego, pasta, gone now for the first time. I taught him to say milk as it was annoying me that he pointed to my boobs and said I want that! He says a very clear mmm at the start and then some throaty noise on the end!

sassy34264 Thu 26-Apr-12 07:46:17

jacob doesnt say much. but he understands me better than isobel, if i ask him to get me his juice bottle off the table etc. he'll go straight to it, isobel starts looking on the floor- to be fair though, that's usually where it is!

isobel will say most things if you ask her. ie, say cup isobel, and she will. shes struggles with words with 2 syllables though and doesnt attempt 3 syllables. and she wont put 2 words together. she has started counting though,. but she starts at 5, goes up to 8 and has no idea of its significance. very cute though. smile

where's mammag ?

sassy34264 Thu 26-Apr-12 07:46:19

jacob doesnt say much. but he understands me better than isobel, if i ask him to get me his juice bottle off the table etc. he'll go straight to it, isobel starts looking on the floor- to be fair though, that's usually where it is!

isobel will say most things if you ask her. ie, say cup isobel, and she will. shes struggles with words with 2 syllables though and doesnt attempt 3 syllables. and she wont put 2 words together. she has started counting though,. but she starts at 5, goes up to 8 and has no idea of its significance. very cute though. smile

where's mammag ?

Dixiebell Thu 26-Apr-12 10:39:53

Arlo hits these days, usually me or DH when he's not getting his way. I usually just say no we don't hit, but often that just gets a laugh. Or I'll say, no be gentle with mummy, and he starts stroking my face instead of hitting. I've seen him do it once or twice with other children, when they take something away from him, and I struggle more with what to do in that situation.

Arlo is really good at repeating back words too, although with longer ones he often gets the syllables mixed up which is quite sweet. Thomas (the tank engine) is Motas. And his childminder, who is Lily, he calls Ninny!! His words have been coming so quickly recently, you realise how much they understand, so he says 'big' when there's a big bubble or something, and 'man' when the builder comes to the door, he knows up and down, and can do numbers too, if you say can you count how many whatevers, he says 'two', and if you continue up to ten, he often knows which number comes next. His favourite activity is vacuuming, he says 'woowah' (hoover!), and does the actions, several times a day, to indicate he'd like to hoover now!

diddlybop Thu 26-Apr-12 10:43:25

Ollys speech is much more advanced than ds1s was at this age. I think with 2nd children they either go one of 2 ways. The elder either encourages speech or speaks for them so they don't need to. Although Olly has a lot of words he does still babble in his own language. As if he's telling me a story! I asked him if he wanted a yoghurt yesterday. His reply was as clear as anything, "No, Ice cream!!"

Comix Ds1 went to my mils. Do you have a friend you could call on?

I'm not having a very relaxing day off sick! We're having a new boiler so there are 3 plumbers banging & drilling. The waters off, the heatings off & the fire alarm keeps going off!

patito Thu 26-Apr-12 14:18:01

cinnamon Maia hits and bites, mostly DS when he has a toy she wants, but also me when she´s upset with me. She once bite my nipple on purpose as I tried to sit her on my lap properly whilst feeding and she didnt want to! Do the same as everyone else, remove her from situation tell her to be gentle etc. I also try to get DS involved if it´s him thats on the recieving on by getting him to tell her that hurt or whatever. I don´t think she understands but think it all helps or the future when she will.

diddly hope you managed 5 minutes of peace smile

Yesterday we were discussing our friend who we stayed with in Gran canaries (he´s single).
DS "why hasn´t he got a wife?"
Me "I don´t know, but he´s got lots of friends"
DS (bottom lip quievering as if about to cry) "but who makes his dinner for him" shock

The best bit is that when DP is around he always does the cooking so Ive know idea where he´s got this idea from!

diddlybop Thu 26-Apr-12 19:52:58

Aw, bless him! Thats so sweet! How old is he? (DS, not DP!)

Bit of a wwyd. The boys have brought a letter home from nursery saying there's a suspected case of mumps. They're supposed to be staying at my friends at the weekend while we go to a wedding. She's 34 weeks pregnant. I don't really know if I should make other arrangements, ignore it or what. They've both had their MMR.

newmum001 Thu 26-Apr-12 21:05:01

Hi all still not used to this phone so pls ignore typos!

No hitting advice here, grace does bite but only when shes excited. She doesnt babble much either but shes talking in full sentances now so she doesnt really need to. She does sing though with tends to be a load of rabdom words said in a slightly mire high pitched tone which is very funny.

Ive been ill alk week with a cold and this morning i woke up crying at 6.20 in agony and told dp.he had to stay off work but he'd already arranged last night with his mum for her to have grace today and i feel a bit better now.

Lumpy i hope u feel better for ur wedding at the weekend. On the bright side havent eaten anything alk week and lost 5lbs, yay! X

fierypoppy Fri 27-Apr-12 12:16:33

Hello smile

cinnamongreyhound Fri 27-Apr-12 13:48:02

Should we know you fierypoppy or are you just popping in to say hello? grin

cinnamongreyhound Fri 27-Apr-12 14:11:35

Bugger! Just been to give blood and they wouldn't take it sad and they won't invite me again for 13 months sad. I have been logging my food on mfp for nearly 4 months and it does consistantly show that I am not getting enough iron but I feel absolutely fine and have no signs of anaemia. Dh has been on at me to take suppliments but I don't want to as I don't want to take the risk of getting constipated. Will have to concentrate a bit harder on eating iron but I have meat most days and green veg and also brown bread (which is on the list), I think because I've been keeping my calories to 1200-1400 a day I'm just not getting enough of these things.

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