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March 2012 - Brewed to Perfection!

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TroubleAndFyfe Mon 26-Mar-12 06:59:19

Hello all, come and add your babies to the list and let's see what adventures they bring! smile

TroubleAndFyfe Mon 16-Apr-12 14:46:42

Looks like a good choice broody! grin

Punk80 Mon 16-Apr-12 19:12:22

The caboo looks like a good one broody
I survived day one, we went to a group and met some local mums, think it will be good to get out each day as Orla was screaming this morning but stopped as soon as we went outsmile I have such respect for single parents. Those of you who are bf do you get comments about the amount they feed? Had in laws up yesterday and they were making comments and saying surely she doesn't need to feed again. Friends who bottle fed have also made comments, makes me think I am feeding too much but seems to be what she wants? Hope you've all had a good day

broodylicious Mon 16-Apr-12 21:49:54

Yes punk Oh thank goodness it's not just me!! My parents keep on saying "surely she doesn't need that much milk" and make comments about how long and often she is feeding. My mum bottle fed my sister and i and my sister, who has a nine month old, bottle feeds her son so they base their judgement on my nephew and his requirements. My dad makes comments about not knowing how much she's getting thru bf - my answer is always "no but you don't need to know how much she's getting because it's all good stuff" (and I threw in carlita's fact about my body tailoring each feed to her needs for good measure the other day!!) I am sure they think I'm just feeding her so I don't have to give her to them for cuddles haha!! Xx

TroubleAndFyfe Mon 16-Apr-12 21:51:26

Well done punk! Getting out is the key! We had visitors at the weekend and they commented on how much he was feeding hmm don't be put off, it is very hard to over feed a bf baby! Besides, in a couple of months their feeding will be much more predictable and less frequent. smile

KikiRC Tue 17-Apr-12 08:32:51

Interesting re: the feeding- I find if I stay at home then she wants feeding loads and feeds quite inefficiently- i.e. just for a few minutes & then dozes off at the breast (repeat, for hours!) but if I take her out she's more likely to have a good sleep in the pram etc and then when she wakes up she's really hungry and has a really good feed- which then means she sleeps better again. Difficult if you want to be at home doing stuff, and especially when the parents etc are around watching your every move...!

I think if they take in too much milk it usually makes them sick - so if that's not happening it's very unlikely they're being over-fed. Also, I find with Ivy that at the beginning of a feed there's loads of milk- i.e. she's really dribbling it, needs more winding etc, while later on she's getting a lot less, but she's enjoying the comfort of just being there, and almost 'snacking'...

TroubleAndFyfe Tue 17-Apr-12 11:28:42

I could've written that kiki, same here!smile
Had Fyfe's 6 week check this morning. He's doing really well. Weight and head are at 75th centile - same as when he was born, length at 50th - he has short legs bless him! He's in newborn/0-3 month trousers and 3-6 month popper tops (the washable nappies do add a bit of bulk too) pleased with his progress. HV was pretty surprised I was exclusively bf which is a bit sad, I know bf isn't for everyone but it shouldn't be a surprise! hmm
He weighs twelve and a half pounds now! grin

KikiRC Tue 17-Apr-12 18:26:18

When Ivy had to go back to hospital, Trouble they said only 5% of women were BFing by 6 months- I couldn't believe that was true, because most people I know seem to BF unless there's a medical reason... But maybe it's right..?

TroubleAndFyfe Tue 17-Apr-12 18:37:42

Yes, and, shockingly, the average time to breastfeed is 6 weeks! I've exceeded that by 5 days so have bf for an above average duration shock ! Still surprised it was a surprise at this stage though, more understandable at the six month check. smile

broodylicious Tue 17-Apr-12 19:12:49

Having an awful day sadsad poppy has been crying on and off pretty much the whole afternoon, even breaking off in the middle of a feed to have a scream. I am pretty sure it's just trapped wind (I say just, I know how painful it must be for the little mite) but I feel dreadful for not really being able to help her. Tried a load of different burping positions but not much seems to work. Awful awful awful sadsadsad

TroubleAndFyfe Tue 17-Apr-12 22:22:44

sadsad sorry to hear that broody! Poor poppy! I hope you both get some sleep. Tomorrow is another day. smile

Punk80 Tue 17-Apr-12 22:54:14

It's really hard going when they're like that broody hope poppy got rid of her windsmile and is feeling happier.

KikiRC Wed 18-Apr-12 08:52:53

Hope Poppy is feeling more settled today.

In slightly unexpected news, it seems I started my period again yesterday... spoke to the MW because it seemed very early, but apparently 'entirely normal' even though I'm mainly BFing. Nice to know things are back in working order, I suppose, but a bit scary that I could have technically got pregnant again about two weeks ago- Ivy's only 5 weeks old today!

broodylicious Thu 19-Apr-12 08:03:16

Thanks all for you best wishes. Happy to report that LO was an absolute angel yday so it totally made up for her possessed by the devil day on Tuesday! She fed from 5-10pm last night - back to cluster feeding with a vengeance - so woke slightly for a 10 minute feed at 2am and then had to be woken at 7am for a feed (she's happily been attached since!!) Of course, theres a downside to getting all that sleep... My poor boobs have grown to the size of footballs overnight and are leaking like overflowing guttering!!

broodylicious Thu 19-Apr-12 08:14:03

Wow kiki - I didn't think periods came back while you BF so was quite looking forward to not having to deal with that for quite a while yet! I was aware you could get pregnant again though as both the MW and our NCT teacher said we are at our most fertile right now grin

BeeWi Fri 20-Apr-12 06:50:53

So surprised about the stats for breastfeeding. Can't believe that 6 weeks is the average time to breastfeed...can you imagine getting to 6 weeks and then stopping? In the first few weeks I had cracked, bleeding nips, blocked ducts, mastitis. I'd be loath to give up now unless I had to, after all the pain I seemed to go through to get it established.

Shocked about your periods coming back, Kiki, and hoping that mine wait a wee while more to return. Can't say I'm missing them!

Erin had her 6 weeks immunisations today. It was awful at the time (goodness, you'd take any pain for them, wouldn't you?!) but it'll be worth it in the long run. There's a whooping cough upsurge here, so it's quite timely that the vaccine for that was included.

How long did your 6 week growth spurt last, Trouble? We're in the thick of it at the moment. Crumbs, it's knackering, isn't it?!

TroubleAndFyfe Fri 20-Apr-12 10:49:28

It was only 2 days for us bee, the really intense bit, but, he has since changed his waking and sleeping pattern too so prepare for that. He's much more awake during the day so can want to feed quite frequently unless entertained! He likes a rattle and being sung to, danced with etc. yesterday for example he was awake from 11am- 3pm then 1 hour nap then awake until 11.30 with an hours nap in there somewhere shock, he's sleeping for 4-5 hours at a time at night (x3) so all different! smile
I know, I can't imagine giving up feeding Fyfe but I guess those figures are the average of people who feed for 2 years and those who feed for 2 days. Has anyone got a personal target in mind? I'd love to feed him for at least a year, then I'd be really pleased with myself! grin
Haven't had immunisations yet, sounds horrid! sad
Have your babies got an amazing aim for grabbing your nipples?! Whenever he takes a break from feeding he waves his arms around and grabs at them! I have to quickly move him away as he's such a good aim! confused

BeeWi Sat 21-Apr-12 11:09:20

Goodness, Trouble, those are really gown up sleeping patterns! I am so looking forward to having longer stretches of sleep on a night time. Usually we have 3 hours from the start of one feed to the next, a couple of days ago that dropped to 1.5 hours but since the jabs she's been all over the place- really crabby, restless but only doing snacky feeds. She's been so crotchety this afternoon and evening, screaming and hard to settle. sad I do hope it passes soon.

With the breastfeeding I'd like to make it to a year ideally and then see how we're going. To be honest, it'll be a relief when she goes bigger gaps between feeds...I feel a bit like a walking milk factory at the moment, so much of the day is spent feeding!

I was shocked the other day when my mum told me she topped me up with a spoonful of baby rice every day from when I was 6 weeks old...can't imagine feeding that Erin this early!

BeeWi Sat 21-Apr-12 13:26:53

Grown up, not gown up blush

broodylicious Sun 22-Apr-12 02:41:37

trouble - yes on the nipple front!! But ive noticed that Poppy generally likes to really move her arms and hands about when feeding; She pulls my top towards her when she feeds, making a little privacy for herself as it covers my boob the way she does it. When she's really enjoying the feed, she puts her arm up straight towards my face then let's it fall on her face or just takes a really good hold of my boob. When she's had enough or wants a break, she spits out my nipple quite forcefully, rolls backwards and throws her outside arm up really straight and stretches, complete with old man face! There's so many things she does, I could be here all day and night grin isn't it lovely being a mummy? Xx

TroubleAndFyfe Sun 22-Apr-12 08:20:35

I hope Erin is feeling better now bee?
What a lovely description broody I can really picture her! grin it's so amazing isn't it? Greatest job in the world! smile

broodylicious Sun 22-Apr-12 08:39:59

Defo the best job in the world smile already decided I'm only going back to work two days a week and will pick up some freelance work as a supplement so I can spend the best of these early years with poppy - I don't want to miss a single thing!!

Punk80 Sun 22-Apr-12 10:43:00

Hey ladies hope you're all having a lovely weekend with your lovely babiessmile
It's my DH birthday today and Orla has smiled back at him this morning which was very sweetgrin I'm sure it's not just wind now as she will copy some faces and is starting to do it with a smile.
She is exactly the same with my nipples grabbing them and flinging her hands about she is funny to watch! Do any of you use dummies? I know opinion is divided but she just spent 15 mins sucking my DH hand which makes me wonder if it might pacify her a bit?
bee hope Erin feeling better after jabs.

broodylicious Sun 22-Apr-12 18:53:19

Aah punk that's so cute smiling at daddy on his birthday! grin Best present I bet!

It is a contentious issue with dummies and all down to personal choice. I'll throw my opinion out there but this is only my thoughts... I don't use a dummy and I don't really want to - my DH isn't so against them as he says it could provide comfort and it has been proved to help prevent SIDS. Poppy sucks her hand, our fingers and pretty much anything in front of her when she's hungry so as im BFing on demand, I think giving her a dummy may mean I miss those signals from her. I also worry about oral/tooth/speech development and becoming dependent on it if I was to give her a dummy. But hey, that's just my opinion and my thoughts for my daughter smile

TroubleAndFyfe Mon 23-Apr-12 07:20:01

Sounds good re work broody, had you decided pre poppy (was there really such a time?) or since she was born?
Ah punk, so cute of Orla to smile at her daddy on his birthday! Fyfe is now giving us lots of smiles, particularly in the morning but we haven't yet discovered the key to starting them off, we can get him to repeat them once he has started! grin amazing how proud it makes you feel isn't it? <soppy>
I don't use dummies and feel the same way as broody about them but know people who have sworn by them so whatever works for you! Fyfe only sucks when he's hungry (quite a bit wink) and I feed him then so would have no use for one. He did suck his thumb once when he was really hungry but we had to get in the car for 10 mins, very cute! smile
We had PIL to stay for the weekend which was lovely, they finally met Fyfe! He was a good little show off and was an absolute angel! grin
This week is seeing an increase in noises from him! Very cute! smile

broodylicious Mon 23-Apr-12 17:09:13

Pre-Poppy days...blimey seems an age ago! I used to think having a horse was tough and time consuming ;)
No, I hadn't really thought about work before she arrived - I didn't know how I'd feel - but freelance is something I'd always considered and now just feels the right time to take that plunge. I've been PRing for nearly 10 years, with 2 in marketing as well, so I should have enough experience to get me through.

Anyway, enough of work talk!! We met up with some of the girls I met through NCT classes this morning. There's only one other baby so far but it was lovely to see them and regale my birth storysmile They were v impressed with the fact I did it all drug free as I think it's given them hope that it's not too horrific. I did have slight bump envy seeing them though haha! We're going to make it a weekly thing which is lovely smile
Are any of you doing any classes yet or will be starting them soon? Which ones are you going for? Xx

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