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April 2007 - 5th Birthday updates over here please!!

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Bramshott Tue 20-Mar-12 10:53:34

Looking forward to the 5th birthdays! Come and let us know what your April 07 babies are getting up to for their birthdays (otherwise Oooggs and I will just end up talking to ourselves again!)

oooggs Tue 20-Mar-12 21:09:53

Hi bramshott, just checking in!!

Well Erin & Jack have their party this Saturday (birthday the following Thursday). Having it early due to Easter holidays and my parents have their 40th wedding party the next weekend.

So what is everyone else Bramshott up to???

Northernlurker Tue 20-Mar-12 21:12:36

oooooh birthday thread grin

No party plans yet but I thinkI'm getting her some playmobil stuff for her present. Does anybody else have that - is it popular?

oooggs Tue 20-Mar-12 21:22:09

Playmobil is good but mine are all more into Lego. We have the ark ( which I have just put on gumtree) and the pirate ship.

We have list and lots of Lego and they all just prefer it.

Wow I can't believe they are nearly 5 and that we have been 'together' for that length of time shock

Bramshott Tue 20-Mar-12 21:22:17

Great to see both of you!

O's party is Sat 31st (birthday on Tues) - box of Hello Kitty plates and napkins and craft stuff arrived from Yellow Moon today. 16 girls coming. Going to draw up a plan down to the last minute!

Bramshott Tue 20-Mar-12 21:24:22

We have got O a little trampoline (one with a bar to hold) because it was what she really wanted, and I thought she'd still get a good few years of use out of it.

Playmobil and Lego are both popular in this house!

O know Ooogs - and most of us probably got together 9 months before that - back in 2006!

cazboldy Tue 20-Mar-12 21:25:16

Helloooo.... just marking my place - PROMISE to come back soon xx

Eddas Wed 21-Mar-12 18:14:51

did someone say birthdays?! grin

ds isn't 5 til 13th (A friday again lik his birth day) but his party is 5th April. He's having a joint party with his best friend and they're so excited! It's a hall party with a bouncy castle and a few games, should be noisy but fun!

He's having some mega blok smurfs for his bday. THe mage blok ones are the only ones I could find really, so hope they're ok.

cazboldy Sat 24-Mar-12 08:46:23

Molly's is on Good Friday again for the first time since she has been born. She wants absolutely anyhting to do with the disney "Tangled" film.

I can't believe my baby will be 5!

I recently became an auntie again, 3 wks ago tomorrow and he really is the most gorgeous bundle of loveliness grin

Am cracking along with my OU course, and so far have managed to get marks around the 70 -75% mark everytime, so hope that continues! 3 more assignments left on this module, then I am having the summer off!

Horses going well, and cows all good too! smile

Older children are all doing well too - James had a progress report the other day and is predicted all A's and B's in his GCSE's next year (proud Mum!) and Caitlin has taken so brilliantly to high school, and is loving it. Harry and Charlie also coming along nicely smile

Will try and pop back from time to time over the next few weeks.

Love to you all and your (big, grown-up) babies xxx

oooggs Sat 24-Mar-12 16:40:21

I am shattered!! They have had their party (even though birthday not until Thursday) glad it is all over. The party was stress free but the build up and tidy up weren't. Dh is on night so that didn't help.

Hope all those who are having parties have successful ones x

Bramshott Sun 25-Mar-12 20:33:23

Well done Oooggs! O's party is next Sat but I have a busy week so I'm going to sit down and party plan tonight!

Yes, they're all 5 on the same day of the week they were born I think - O was born on a Tuesday morning . . . Going all misty just thinking of it (in a nostalgic way, NOT in a having more children way!)

oooggs Sun 25-Mar-12 21:51:30

yes you are right, e&j wre born on a thursday!!!

we have my parent 40th wedding party next saturday hence why we partied early and to be honest last night i was in no fit state to be going anywhere!!!

good luck with your planning

Bramshott Mon 26-Mar-12 17:44:50

Planning is okay, but I need more games! What games do 5 yr olds like - I've got musical statues and pass the parcel, but I need about five in total I think. . .

Lovely to read your updates too Caz and Eddas - the birthday season is nearly upon us!!!

cazboldy Mon 26-Mar-12 18:09:34

How about when you have a red, blue, green and yellow corner, and they have to pick a corner to run to and each time 1 corner is out... you can have a colour of each item in a bag to pick out to make it fairer.

musical bumps

will see if i can think of any more smile

Eddas Mon 26-Mar-12 20:11:28

ooo games, errm

mummy game, load of cheap loo rolls. get into pairs, one wraps the other in loo roll

I did one once with a load of ball pit balls, chuck them all over the floor and the idea was to collect up all the red ones first, then blue etc etc. Didn't work out like that but they enjoyed it

sleeping lions

duck duck goose

Bramshott Tue 27-Mar-12 12:58:52

Brilliant ideas - thanks Eddas and Caz!

Bramshott Tue 27-Mar-12 20:43:27

Well the birthday girl has has a good day I think. Yesterday it was looking unlikely she'd make it to school today as her cough had been so bad and she had a temperature, but she slept all night, and was much better today, so off she went!

My (April!) baby is 5!!!

leakyR Tue 27-Mar-12 21:15:30

Yay birthday thread!

Happy birthday Orla! Think Zed and Lola's birthday is today as well. Should we dig out the stats?

George is the 12th and will be having a joint party with Iris who ill be 3 on the 24th. The party is the 14th and will have tonnes of girls as G's class has only 11 boys and 17 girls! It's fancy dress and G wants to be spiderman and Iris wants to be a cat, with that in mind the cakes and party bags etc will be spiderman and hello kitty.

Lego is v.popular here too and G would also like spiderman on a motorbike (if you think he's obsessed you're correct!)

Will try to keep popping back to give out birthday love. Lovely to see some familiar names again grin

leakyR Tue 27-Mar-12 21:19:47

The stats! Felt very nostalgic looking through these.

Autumnlover - 1 March 00:00,Boy, Patrick, 5lbs 4oz
WestCountryLass - 25 March 04:05 - Boy, Leo James, 7lbs 4oz
Bubblez- 27 March 05:45, Girl, Tianna, 6lbs 8oz
Bramshott - 27 March 08:15, Girl, Orla, 6lbs 7oz
Kneehighinnappies(1becomes3) - 27 March 11:00, Girl, Lola, 5lbs 5oz
Kneehighinnappies(1becomes3) - 27 March 11:00, Boy, Zed, 5lbs 7oz
Mavornia - 27 March, Boy, Daniel, 9lbs 5.5oz
Mammyjo - 28 March 10:10, Girl, Ffion May, 8lbs 1oz
Oooggs - 29 March 20:50, Girl, Erin Grace, 6lbs 14oz
Oooggs - 29 March 21:09, Boy, Jack Nathan, 7lbs 14oz
Doobydoo - 2 April 09:43, Boy, Milo, 7lbs 13oz
AngeG - 4 April 02:48, Girl, Isobelle, 6lbs 12oz
YvieE - 5 April 09:59, Girl, Sarai, 6lbs 12oz
MMK - 5 April, Girl, Rachel Ester
Littlefrog - 5 April, Boy, 8lbs
Cazboldy - 6 April, Girl, Molly
PuppyMonkey - 6 April, 02.00, Girl Esme, 8lb 6oz
Pinions - 7 April 08:00, Boy, Theo, 7lbs 12oz
Smole - 7 April 21:20, Boy, Jesse John, 6lbs 5oz
WaspElly - 9 April 04:20, Girl, Thomasine Kay
Hensden - 10 April 08:02, Boy, ?
Twinkle183 - 10 April 12:33, Girl, Evelyn Catherine, 7lbs
Runnyhabit - 11 April 06:00, Boy, William Luke, 7lbs 3oz
Whywhywhy - 11 April 13:04, Boy, Keir William Theodore, 8lbs 10oz
Birdiemum (Greengirlforever) - 11 April 19:23, Girl, Rose Eleanor Beatrice
LesleyR - 12 April 03:45, Boy, George Edward, 7lbs 12oz
ClariceBean - 12 April, Girl, Ruby Laura, 8lbs 2oz
2HotCrossBunnies(Hotlipsmummy) - 12 April 17:08, Austen, 8lbs
Normabutty(Nuttygirl) - 13 April 03:22, Girl, Erin Grace, 7lb 3oz
Pillockofthecommunity/iMustBeMad(EllieK) - 13 April 10:14, Boy, Joe Philip David, 8lbs 7.5oz
Doghouse - 13 April 12:32, Girl, Alice Mabel, 6lbs 5oz
Eddas - 13 April 14:26, Boy, Harry Michael, 8lbs 3oz
Mumcab - 13 April, Girl, Maia Grace, 7lbs 4oz
Muminabigtumi - 16 April 09:57, Girl, Robyn Caroline, 7lbs 9oz
Octo(x CornflakeKid) - 16 April 10:17, Boy, Ernie Jack Flash, 9lbs 8oz
Liath - 16 April 23:00, Boy, Jonathan Fraser, 7lbs 4oz
Lusciousladylush - 17 April 07:44, Boy, Ethan Morgan, 8lbs 11oz
Bubbaloo - 17 April, Boy, Ethan Samuel, 7lbs 13oz
NellyHel - 19 April 0400am Boy, Fraser John, 8lbs 13oz
tcmummy (Eca) - 18 April 24:00, Boy, Torrin Charlie, 7lbs 4oz
SexOnLegs - 20 April 02:45, Girl, Katie Elizabeth, 6lbs 11oz
LuceWheel - 20 April 09:28, Boy, Samuel Stuart, 8lbs
Zazas - 20 April 10:07, Girl, Sienna Grace, 7lbs 9oz
KazzaL - 20 April 13:34, boy, Ethan Michael Charles 8lb 1oz
Weeonion - 21 April 19:47, Girl, Caiomhe, 7lbs 15oz
NorthernLurker - 21 April 02:38, Girl, Beatrice Amelia, 7lbs 15oz
Pesha - 23 April 22:35, Boy, Dylan Joseph, 8lbs 13.5oz
PenelopeRabbit(Thewilderbeast) - 23 April, Boy
IsabellaMoi - 25 April 03:00, Boy, James Tristan
Tili - 26 April 17:50, Boy, Alex Stephen
StealthPolarBear(Katy44) - 27 April 17:35, Boy, Tristan, 7lbs 12oz
Bugmum - 28 April 10:48, Boy, Gabriel, 7lbs 15oz
Maveta - 28 April 14:00, Boy, Noah, 8lbs 1oz
CharNbump - 28 April, Girl, Coco Eloise, 7lbs 6oz
ellsbelles - 30 April 11:45, Girl, Alexanne, 9lb
CaptainDippy - 30 April 22:51, Girl, Phoebe Elisabeth Joan, 7lbs 9oz
Elkiedee - 4 May 04:29, Boy, Daniel Patrick, 7lb 7oz
GMM - 4 May 13:00, Boy, Charlie, 8lbs
IDreamOfChocolate (Emmymummy) - 5 May 09:57, Girl, Sophie Rose, 8lbs 12oz
Heidle/Finbarr - 5 May 23:??, Girl, Harriet Mary, 8lbs 7oz
GlitterKitty - 7 May 07:55, Boy, Harry, 8lbs 9oz
Bumble75 - 9 May 01:35, Girl, Lucy Kate, 10lbs

oooggs Wed 28-Mar-12 13:42:24

Ffions birthday today can't remember how early she was but mammyjo was supposed to be my birth buddy!! Thank to dippy for stepping in.

Bramshott Thu 29-Mar-12 09:02:28

Happy Birthday to Erin & Jack - hope they're having a great day!

cazboldy Thu 29-Mar-12 14:06:18

Happy Birthday Erin and Jack xx

StealthPolarBear Thu 29-Mar-12 14:13:06

Happy birthday to erin and jack and hope orla had a lovely day smile

oooggs Thu 29-Mar-12 14:14:25

Thank you ladies and sure they are enjoying it with more fun to come!! I keep thinking. 'this time 5 years ago I was doing........' grin

cazboldy Thu 29-Mar-12 21:17:46

5 does seem like such a milestone...

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