Help Please! Postnatal Clubs in central Nottingham

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robinpud Wed 01-Feb-06 16:20:16

Which hospital did she deliver from? THere is certainly postnatal support from the City and I am sure Queens will do the same. She needs to talk to her Health visitor, or look in local info like Buzz- a free mag giving lots of inof about stuff for kids

MerlinsBeard Wed 01-Feb-06 16:12:20

her hv should know

catkin Wed 01-Feb-06 16:09:58

Help please!!! I have a friend in Nottingham who has a new baby but can't find any post-natal baby clubs to attend. My area is swamped with baby yoga, baby massage, baby singing classes etc etc, but she can't find any in that area at all and I wondered if anyone out there might be able to help her. She is getting a little stir-crazy at home as she doesn't really know anyone in the area in the same situation.

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