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January 2008: I'm four and 'they're all mine!'

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latrucha Thu 01-Mar-12 20:19:27

Sorry Simposn. Just couldn't resist. grin

simpson Tue 20-Mar-12 12:36:22

LAT - do you know a jojo maman bebe discount code???

Fillybuster Tue 20-Mar-12 14:02:44

LaT - is there any risk of him reading it before he comes home? If there is, could you send him a text that says "I love you very much but was feeling frustrated earlier and let it all out in a stupid email....please don't read it, and I'll see you later" or something?

Tesco and Asda are great for school uniform...Tesco tights are ace smile

latrucha Tue 20-Mar-12 16:47:32

Filly - There was a risk but he didn't. He did say he would delete and then tried to read it though which I thought was a bit off. Never mind. I didn't make anything of it. It didn't say anything awful, I just thought afterwards that with things as they are anything that needs to be said can be said to his face.

Simpson - MM21 is 10%. I don't think I got one with the new catalogue. Will go and have a quick hunt.

latrucha Tue 20-Mar-12 16:51:48

HZ92 gives 15% off a £55 spend. You can get 5% back through Quidco if you do that. HTH. Another scooter grin

latrucha Tue 20-Mar-12 16:51:56


simpson Tue 20-Mar-12 17:46:25

Its for my friend but yes for a scooter for her DS2 grin

I gave her the 10% off earlier but hoped for a 20% off one (greedy) but 15% will do grin

It you sort things out with DH??

latrucha Tue 20-Mar-12 18:16:07

As far as the email goes, yes. For the rest of it I am currently totally fed up. I just dont know when life is going to stop throwing crap at me. I know I have health and the kids and the house, but one major trauma after another is just getting to me. Sorry for wallow but today it is how I feel.

I an actually contemplate living without him right now i never thought I'd say that, in million years. It has been brought on by him telling me that marriage is just a convention the other day. Seeing as i made bloody sure before we got married that htat WASN'T what he thought I am mightily displeased.

If it wasn't for the kids, today I don't know if I'd bother.

Just venting. I'm sure I'll be more constructive tomorrow. It's really not at the last ditch yet.

latrucha Tue 20-Mar-12 18:36:40

I'm being constructive with him. I haven't done any damage - yet!

Might get an early bed tonight so I can keep it that way.

simpson Wed 21-Mar-12 14:50:18

LaT - hope you got an early night and are feeling more positive today <<hopeful>>

M is determined to wear her summer school dress to nursery school tomorrow (luckily I have managed to find it!!)

She is having massive tantrums atm (even for her) so the current punishment for screaming/lying down refusing to get dressed in the mornings is not being able to ride her scooter to nursery school. Cue me at school gates feeling very frazzled with a wailing M clutching onto my leg wailing "I want my scooter!!"

<<and breathe>>

I cannot wait until the kids break up for Easter next week smile

latrucha Wed 21-Mar-12 18:06:51

Those last sentences don't necessarily go together.

I did get a good night's sleep - neither child woke at all! I woke up in an even stinkier mood though. Fortunately, DH was in a good mood (or picked up my murderous vibes) and I caught it.

JKSLtd Wed 21-Mar-12 20:45:50

LaT - hope today has been better.

Simps - sounds exhausting.

Remembered this evening it's a cake sale at sch tomorrow - impressed with myself for rustling up some rice crispie cakes with mini eggs on top <proud> - just have to remember to a) take them in tomorrow & b) give T some money to buy his own or there'll be trouble grin
(have made sure yo make a few extra that I'll keep at home in case he feels he's missed out).

Fillybuster Thu 22-Mar-12 12:03:53

Mmmmm....rice crispy cakes with eggs on.....I'll swap ya for the remaining 2 stale hamentaschen at the bottom of the cake tin JKS?! grin

LaT - I find that getting a single night of 'proper' sleep is the worst thing ever...your body suddenly realises how totally exhausted it really is, and how much is needs even more sleep and you feel worse than when you started....hope you're feeling better today?

Where's MadMouse? Isn't she moving house this week? Hope its going ok...

And MixedMama has disappeared too.

Where's everyone got to?

JKSLtd Thu 22-Mar-12 12:41:31

Haha Filly - DS1 has his eyes firmly on the 'spare' ones I made.

Though when we took them in this morning, he was adamant that he was NOT going to buy one of our own cakes back and bought 2 cupcakes from someone else. I guess that's logical as he knows he has some at home but still I was offended! grin

madmouse Thu 22-Mar-12 16:45:10

I'm moving house next week Filly - and slightly overwhelmed practically and emotionally x

latrucha Thu 22-Mar-12 20:14:04

Good luck Madmouse smile. One way or another, you'll get it done.

simpson Thu 22-Mar-12 21:01:01

Can I have a little proud moment that I forgot to mention to you guys....

J had a poem printed in the school newsletter last week, he seemed quite embarrassed about it, bless him. But I am sooo proud of him. They only print one piece of work from a child per week and its usually from the junior school (yr3-6) and he is only in yr2 grin

M is doing really well at nursery and at her parents eve last wk they said she has already met all the expected levels for the end of reception (including reading) and her comprehension is early yr1 shock So she gets 15mins one to one with her teacher each week <proud>

The teacher joked that she has never seen me lost for words before!! grin

In her nursery this week they have been reading "The Tiger that came to tea" and decided to cook "tiger bread" ie marmite layered with cheese to make stripes on toast (cue major problem as M cannot have normal bread or cheese)

In the end she had her special bread with banana instead of cheese and apparently it came out of oven looking a bit blotchy so her teacher said it was "leopard bread" and she was very proud as she was the only one to have it.

M was unwell at the end of last wk after coming into contact with chicken pox (which she has already had) a few spots, rash, high temp, red face etc etc and its only now her best friend has come down with the same thing and gone to the doctor I found out she had slapped cheek which is related to CP, but at least she seems back to trouble normal now grin

madmouse Thu 22-Mar-12 21:18:13

Simps I did say Slapped cheek didn't I! Glad it's over now.

Well done to J - bright lad smile

latrucha Thu 22-Mar-12 21:27:17

That's lovely Simpson. Congratulations. You must be doing a great job.

simpson Thu 22-Mar-12 22:19:20

Yes madmouse you did grin grin

Her best friend has it now and so does her little friend who lives next door.

LaT - how are things going now?

Madmouse - you started packing yet?

Fillybuster Thu 22-Mar-12 22:47:34

Simpson - that's amazing!!!! You are so definitely allowed to have a full-on proud fact, I was having one for you when I was reading all that smile smile smile I love it that you have not one but two super-bright dcs, and they are both doing so brilliantly at school grin In addition to a <proud> emoticon, I think we all need to raise a wine and drink a toast to you....they are doing well entirely as a result of your brilliant parenting and how well you've held it together for them over the past 2 years. So I'm going to send out a Jan Babes 2008 cheer for you and suggest a very un-MN Group Hug smile smile smile smile


Madmouse - thinking of you....its tough, but you'll get through it, and it will be great once you get there smile

OK, I'm to bed....

madmouse Fri 23-Mar-12 07:39:16

Thankfully I don't have to pack - the removers do that. I only have to unclutter, tidy and clean the house, inform everyone of our move, arrange the carpets in the new house to be cleaned, clean the new house, go to work, look after Nathan, deal with his Statement of Special Educational needs application, which is very competently driven by school but which means reports from his professionals outlining in cold hard terms what ds cannot do himself.

And dealing with dh who doesn't have and won't get his head round the move. Whose sole contribution bar sending some emails has been arranging broadband for the new house and some halfhearted attempt at helping me 'clean' the new house. His study is a tip. He hasn't touched it yet. The removers are coming on Wednesday.

As I said am slightly overwhelmed. End of rant.

simpson Fri 23-Mar-12 12:16:23

Oh poo. I have just had a letter from M's nursery to say she needs to dress up as a wild animal next thursday. Any cheap ideas???

Fillybuster Fri 23-Mar-12 12:37:54

Madmouse - actually, you don't have to tidy and clean. Seriously, if the removal men end up packing your dhs' study complete with whatever clutter is in there, he (ok, more likely you) can sort it out at some point at the other end. Point it, you really don't have to declutter some ways its easier to pull stuff out of a box at the other end and stick it straight in the bin/onto freecycle, than to decide whether you need it now.

Can you get an agency in to clean the carpets? Or at least find a cleaner to help you on a one-off basis for a few hours to clean the new house?

Try to stay focussed on the important stuff (like N's statement) and let the rest go. And breathe....

Simpson - tiger? lion? Facepaint, orange/yellow clothes, some ears on a hairband and a tail?

madmouse Fri 23-Mar-12 18:55:36

Thanks for the wise advice Filly smile

Carpet cleaner is coming on Monday morning - we get a resettlement grant for that kind of thing.

We move every 3-5 years or so and I do like to declutter beforehand and just get on with it in the new house. Especially this time as we move just before Holy Week which is a bit of a special week and very busy for dh so I want the house straight and boxes out, not sorting through stuff x

latrucha Fri 23-Mar-12 19:52:14

I've got a lion suit if you want to borrow it. It's age 2-4 so if M is very big (?) it might not do.

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