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January 2008: I'm four and 'they're all mine!'

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latrucha Thu 01-Mar-12 20:19:27

Sorry Simposn. Just couldn't resist. grin

LaTrucha Thu 20-Dec-12 21:44:05

Wishing you some sleep for Christmas, then JKS. D sounds a bit like M. With S I felt like I spent for ever pointing, 'Red, yellow' painstakingly drawing circles, squares and triangles, 'practising' the shape sorter etc. With D, I feel like I said, 'Ok. That's red. That's yellow. Got it? Fine' and he did.

The children are excited but not in a really grabby way (actually Danny is mad for presents, but I could wrap his favourite car in a bit of newspaper and he'd be thrilled). S has shown no interest in making a Christmas list. All she really wants to do is draw and maybe build a bit. The rest of the time she spends on 'adventures' as an amalgam of all the things she likes: pirate baby sister monster explorer detective doctor character. The only thing they really want is oodles of chocolate.

I am on a cookathon, so I don't feel resentful and tied up in the kitchen the whole time bro and DSM are here.

JKSLtd Thu 20-Dec-12 22:05:37

Exactly that LaT re the learning/teaching thing. Oh yes that's red, lovely, now what was I doing? blush But she just 'gets' it so quickly it's shockingly easy for her, right now. Long may it continue...

T wouldn't write a letter to FC as he said he just wanted 'everything to be a surprise' smile Though he'd prefer if everything was labelled 'age 7+'!

simpson Sun 23-Dec-12 23:48:07

Glad everyone is all good!!

I know what you mean about 2nd (or 3rd children learning things a lot quicker). I cannot really say this anywhere else but M is starting to scare me with how ahead she is with reading etc....

She picked up a book aimed for an 8yr old today and read it through with no problems (and understood it) and its all because she is soooo desperate to be like J.

J lost his first tooth the other night and had his first visit from the tooth fairy (but he lost the tooth so it will probably be found later in the house <<boak>> so a letter explaining this to the tooth fairy was written). he still got £2 though was was v chuffed!!

Molly asked for a hula hoop from Santa (you try finding a hoop in December) but my brother saved the day as he found one yesterday <<phew>>

My dad has been in hosp as he collapsed at work on friday and was rushed to hosp (I got the phonecall 5 mins before having to get the kids from school - so was not v patient with Molly when she wanted to hand out cards she had written to all her teachers ie head teacher, deputy head etc as we had to go round finding them, when all I wanted to do was get home to find out how he was). Luckily he is ok as was discharged the next day....

LaTrucha Mon 24-Dec-12 17:46:12

Just checking in to say HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE

And a restful one for your Dad, Simpson.

JKSLtd Mon 24-Dec-12 21:49:46

And from me too smile

madmouse Wed 26-Dec-12 15:37:59

Happy christmas to all of you. All relaxing now here after some manic (and emotionally fraught) weeks.

Simps shock at your dad. Have they found out what caused it?

simpson Thu 27-Dec-12 22:26:48

Hope everyone had a good Christmas.

I visited my grandmother on Xmas eve and it was the first time she recognised me in more than a year smile which was good...

Spent a few days at my mums and my brother fixed my Internet this morning as it hasn't been working angry

My youngest brothers girlfriend and her parents were supposed to come to my mums today for lunch but they got an hour into the journey (from Leicester) and got a phone call to say that brothers girlfriends gran was very ill (she is in hosp) so they turned back and she passed away today sad

Kids very happy with their presents J got a wii and some games and M got a leap pad and other art/craft stuff and Lego (and her hoop) so she was happy!!

LaTrucha Mon 31-Dec-12 09:03:33

Happy last day of the year everyone!

Sorry you have had bad news over Christmas Simpson. Lovely you had a good visit with your grandmother. Times like that stay with you.

I took S for what will be officially her last free child swim yesterday! She is still terrified. I really don't know what's happened to her (whatever it was happened while she was swimming with DH). She could swim before she could walk. It's very frustrating. D on the other hand, won't let me touch him in the pool, even to get out. What a pair!

Anyone got any help on this morning problem? Both kids come into bed for a cuddle first thing. Often it's lovely. Sometimes, however, like this morning S goes from having a lovely cuddle to slipping out of bed and screaming like a banshee within a heartbeat. It's usually because I haven't got up the second she does - although I have no warning. I am slow to wake up in the morning and find it very difficult to be screamed at for nothing. I have talked to her about it and asked her to ask me to get up, but it's obviously just an impulse on her part. She says her head just goes crazy shock. I really have no idea what the best way to diffuse it is in my groggy headed state. This morning I put her in her room and said she could come out when she had stopped screaming and crying. Then I just went downstairs and eventually she emerged and said sorry and we had a cuddle. Is that a good way to do it, do you think?

We had her birthday family celebration on Friday as DH is now away until about 10th Jan so my baby is unofficially five already!

JKSLtd Mon 31-Dec-12 21:00:56

LaT - isolation until she calms down seems like a good idea to me.

HNY to you all from me too smile

LaTrucha Mon 31-Dec-12 21:15:06

I'm giving it GOOD RIDDANCE 2012: bring on 2012.

It's all looking much better here.

Have a good time everyone. smile

LaTrucha Mon 31-Dec-12 21:23:38

Ahem. 2013. grin

simpson Thu 03-Jan-13 21:33:11

I hope everyone had a fab new year!!

I cannot wait until the kids are back at school as Molly has been challenging to say the least!!

Today has been taken up with sorting out Molly ie writing her hosp apps in my new diary and emailing the school catering company (as they insist on changing the menu every term hmm to see which school meals she is ok to eat etc). It is surprising how long this has taken grin

My mum has J overnight as she is taking him to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards tomorrow....

ExH has just rung me and wants to come over and see DC in feb <<sigh>> he has not seen the kids in nearly a year...

LaT - that is exactly how I would handle it tbh ( and have done!!)

AngeChica Sat 12-Jan-13 16:26:08

Just a quick post to say happy 5th birthday to all the Jan 2008 babies. Hope you are all well and happy.

LaTrucha Mon 14-Jan-13 19:51:47

I was thinking the other day I should dig out our list. Happy birthday big little people! Sabela loved her cooker. I's the first present I have bought her that she really enjoys. She keeps telling me! She kept on telling me she didn't want one before Christmas!

Now just the party to organise to get through. There have been a few technical hitches. I wanted to invite her class, but now I can't and I am left deciding between cutting out really good old friends and class members. Ugh.

JKSLtd Sun 20-Jan-13 18:33:26

Yes remembered today that I hadn't dug out the list for birthdays and it's already the 20th! Oops!

Off to find it now...

JKSLtd Sun 20-Jan-13 18:37:57

Here we go, apologies if it's wrong, you're missed off, etc...

LaTrucha - DD1 1st Jan (S) 5 already
Gingeme - DS5 10 Jan (G) 5 already
Mixedmama - DS2 11 Jan (E) 5 already
LuckySalem DD1 16th Jan (A) 5 already
Lilyloo DD2 18th Jan (M) 5 already
JKS DS2 21st Jan (H) 5 Tomorrow grin
Nicky DD1 23rd Jan (C)
MrsMcJnr DS1 24th Jan (X)
Bluebell82/Rubysmom - DD1 (R)
Filly DD1 29th Jan (T)
Simpson DD1 29th Jan (M)
Angechica DS1 29th Jan (A)
Madmouse DS1 1st Feb (N)

simpson Sun 20-Jan-13 22:50:06

Happy birthday to all the kids I have missed.

Happy birthday to H for tomorrow grin

LaTrucha Mon 21-Jan-13 07:36:56

Happy Birthday H for tomorrow.

Party dilemmas solved... so far.

JKSLtd Mon 21-Jan-13 14:11:31

LaT - glad the party is sorted. We aren't doing one for H this year, going to spend the money on day trips out to various Thomas-themed train ride places smile

Wouldn't want you to think i only put the list up so you could say HB to H! It's just that it reminded me I hadn't done it & I usually do. grin

JKSLtd Mon 21-Jan-13 14:12:15

LaTrucha - DD1 1st Jan (S) 5 already
Gingeme - DS5 10 Jan (G) 5 already
Mixedmama - DS2 11 Jan (E) 5 already
LuckySalem DD1 16th Jan (A) 5 already
Lilyloo DD2 18th Jan (M) 5 alrady
JKS DS2 21st Jan (H) 5 Today grin
Nicky DD1 23rd Jan (C)
MrsMcJnr DS1 24th Jan (X)
Bluebell82/Rubysmom - DD1 (R)
Filly DD1 29th Jan (T)
Simpson DD1 29th Jan (M)
Angechica DS1 29th Jan (A)
Madmouse DS1 1st Feb (N)

LaTrucha Mon 21-Jan-13 21:40:10

I wouldn't think such a thing of you JKS. Hope you had a fab day.

Fillybuster Tue 22-Jan-13 16:00:19

oh crikey, new job has really taken my eye off the ball!

happy birthday Sabela. George, Ediz and Henry!!!! I can't believe they are 5....I can sort of see where the last few years have gone, but even so, finding it hard to believe its been a whole 5 years....

I need help with Tamara's presents. She doesn't need any 'big ticket' things (has Aris old bike, leapfrog etc, has camera from last year, scooter from when Mia was born etc etc), so really really struggling with finding stuff she will enjoy and isn't just 'more tat'.


Thoughts on a postcard (or FB!) please!!!

Party will be shared with a boy in her class, mid Feb, and is going to be a running-around type of thing, with a short tea party (2.30-4.30 so not too much real food required!) so that should be simple enough.

She has requested a My Little Pony i'm going to use the Betty Crocker pony cake but ice it in pink with green sparkly mane.

simpson Tue 22-Jan-13 18:10:15

I have not got Molly anything big this year...

A few games for her leap pad
A couple of books she has asked for
Arty/craft stuff
A cabbage patch doll
A watch

Her party is booked for 10th Feb....

JKSLtd Tue 22-Jan-13 19:21:47

We didn't get anything big for H this year either.
Thomas poster
Duplo car & man (eBay)
Winnie the Pooh laptop thing (handmedown from friend)
Mostly just so he had a few things to open.

We are planning on lots of Thomas themed days out over the next few months instead - not that he will connect them to his birthday though.

Have booked a local ish one for June & waiting to see weather for thomas land either half term or Easter hols.

More little ponies (assuming she has some?!)
Hair bits (seem to be semi disposable!)
Um not much help really !

Would she understand the day out thing?

LaTrucha Tue 22-Jan-13 19:42:22

Hits over our very extended festive and birthday period have been:

Melissa and doug pizza
Duplo Creative Cakes
Rapunzel dress
one of those light machines that projects a drawing
new pens
make up brushes in a make up bag with some face paints.
Argos Design a Friend - actually a very nice doll despite being Argos

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