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April 2004.... count down to the second birthday!

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Yorkiegirl Fri 27-Jan-06 18:35:36

Message withdrawn

LucyJones Fri 27-Jan-06 18:37:12

ooh a new thread. Love the title Hi everyone. Hope you are all okay and especially MrsDoolittle I haven't been on as much as have the dreaded morning sickness!!

Yorkiegirl Fri 27-Jan-06 18:38:54

Message withdrawn

hunkermunker Fri 27-Jan-06 18:40:20

Ooh, new thread Love the title - bit scary though!

DS1 is counting, yabbering away and generally making himself more than understood New words every day - it's fascinating!

DS2 is being generally very sweet, but has learnt how to do "big sicks" - he's joined his brother in the "I can clear my feet with a projectile posset" club!

LJ, sorry to hear you're suffering with morning sickness - hope it goes very soon. I felt seasick until 18 weeks this time round - were you sick last time?

MrsDoolittle Sat 28-Jan-06 18:34:05

Aww Thanks ladies!!
Sorry your not feeling too good LJ, I remember it only too well.
I'm just feeling tired, fat and useless with awful heartburn. I'm also cross with myself because I am not looking forward to a visit from one of our workaholic, childless friends who phoned up last week and said she'd 'pop round' this evening! Just when I really am feeling at my most miserable and unattractive.
Hunkermunker, you sound happy not to be pregnant anymore. I'm looking forward to that too. Three weeks seem a lifetime away.....



Chuffed Sun 29-Jan-06 00:38:08

so any time now mrs d? LJ try candy for your ms worked wonders with mine.
Sorry babe bf - gotta go

tracyk Mon 30-Jan-06 09:16:53

Gosh am feeling a little broody with all your new little ones around/on the way. Still bf is due her 3rd on Valentines day - so will try and muscle in on her new baby!
Am moving back home to Glasgow area end of March. On one hand can't wait - but on the other hand sh**ing myself - trying to find a house in a nice area with good schools close to gps and affordable! Not easy!

fennel Mon 30-Jan-06 09:43:52

lucyjones and mrs d, sympathies on being pregnant, it sucks.

mrs d i laughed at your visit from the childless, workaholic friends. i have lots of friends in that category and consider just stopping seeing them all, however lovely they might be. we just can't keep up with their expectations on what a normal decent life is. i always think they feel sorry for us in our mess and squalor and tiredness. we are happy but i always feel they see the negative side of children

tracyk, we are looking at houses in Exeter and having similar problems working out which area to live, what schools are like, then if they have places, etc. our house is on the market now and every time someone comes to view we have mammoth stress turning mess-strewn creche into show home.

tracyk Mon 30-Jan-06 09:49:43

I sympathise Fennel - it took us about 3 hours to get our house into a decent state for viewing and 15 mins for ds to turn it into a playhouse afterwards.
I found it easier to have viewings at 3pm - then I had 1.5 hours to tidy while ds slept and 30 mins to show people round before he woke and trashed the place again!
Exeter and surrounding area is lovley - you are v. lucky to moving there! Houses in Glasgow are selling at offers over £x amount. We ask for schedules of o/o £250k and being told they are selling for £400k!!! and being sold within 2 weeks!! We have no chance - but really don't want to end up having to live an hour or more from gps - but may have to to get nice house.

MrsDoolittle Mon 30-Jan-06 16:04:42

Hi Ladies, How ya'll doin'?

The childless, workaholic friend came around on Saturday. She has fallen on love and was absolutely full of it, her happiness was infectious which was nice. 'Them were the days,' one thinks to oneself.

Ican't beleive what is happening to 'us' though. I was struggling to take my knickers off before getting into bed the other evening and grabbed dh for support. He looked at me strangely and said "What's this? Oh I thought we were plying wibbly wobbly"
"Wibbly wobbly?" I said, thinking this was a newly made up term for pinky and perky, so to speak.
"Yes, you know, Fimble Valley? That's the game the Fimbles were playing. Who could hold still the longest without wobbling?"

Errr Doh!!
Not to mention the fact I was humming "There's a friend in Fimble valley.." on our way out of the house this morning.

Dear oh dear. Is this what things are coming to? And does it get worse?

fennel Mon 30-Jan-06 20:11:21

LOL mrs d.

next house viewers are coming 7pm tomorrow evening. right, brilliant time, we'll have 3 small children who've been at nursery and school and after school club all day, near bedtime. i bet that will work well. who chooses these times? (DP accepted it, i wouldn't have).

hewlettsdaughter Mon 30-Jan-06 20:54:54

Eep fennel! Can you bribe the girls with a book/dvd or something?

MrsD . I know the words to theme tunes such as Teletubbies and Spongebob Squarepants much better than anything else these days. DD has started taking her Teletubbies dvd to bed with her recently - she spurns the lovely knotted rabbit I have put in her cot since birth!

The pox is on the wane - hooray!

Dottydot Mon 30-Jan-06 21:23:16

poor old ds2 is now covered in chicken pox - seems to be much worse than the version ds1 had. He's already got twice as many spots and they're much bigger and redder - I have to admit to feeling a bit queasy when I look at them..! And he's not taking kindly to being smothered in calamine and medicated talc either!

tracyk Tue 31-Jan-06 08:59:37

poor babies with cpox! touch wood - ok in our household so far!
ds will take whatever he has been playing with last into bed with him all night. a golf ball or tennis ball or plastic animal or anything really. Tescos are selling little plastic golf club set for 72p - ds loves it!

fennel Tue 31-Jan-06 10:37:50

dd3 not got pox but got the worst nappy rash i've ever seen. think it must be due to teething molars as she always and only gets nappy rash when teething.

am seriously considering emergency toilet training. hardly auspicious circumstances - january, child shows no signs of being ready, and we really don't need house covered in poo and wee at time of selling but we are having to leave her nappy off in the house at present anyway, she's so uncomfortable. so might give it a go. how doomed to fail is that?

tracyk Tue 31-Jan-06 12:12:30

good luck fennel - brave woman! not even warm enough to send her outdoors!

hewlettsdaughter Tue 31-Jan-06 20:45:43

How was the viewing Fennel?

fennel Wed 01-Feb-06 08:55:08

hi HD. viewing ok. we tried to corral the girls on the sofa with DP and a book but as usual when visitors come they sort of exploded - all running around yelling with excitement. luckily visitors had child, baby and bump so it wasn't too embarrassing.

they did ask "Just how many children do you have". i think 3 whizzing around seems like about 6!

tracyk Wed 01-Feb-06 09:44:40

At least they would be sympathetic to your situation - luckily our buyers had a ds same age as mine and a bump too - so they knew it was hard to keep the house toy free!

dolbear48 Wed 01-Feb-06 10:28:04

hello peeps
symapthies to the pox households also hink i have suspect mlar teething actyion - just as we all got iover bugs etc ds has started doing his impresion of the exorsist ! all over nursary ! lovely can not hold water down @ mo which is a bit of a worry - sleep now
boogie beebies is the bain of my life ! in particular the bus song ds demanding again again and postman pat of all things v nice half way down the frozen fish isle in tescos !

MrsDoolittle Wed 01-Feb-06 19:51:35

Hi Ladies!!

Miserable, fat, niggling pregnant lady here.
Hope this doesn't go on for too long. Am losing the will to live

dolbear48 Thu 02-Feb-06 11:03:03

oh bless you ( POSITIVE THOUGHT OVER THE AIRWAVESTO YOU )its a bit like waiting to go on holiday the closer you get the longer the days seem - lots of luv and will try and d a uri gelller thing and sned mind waves to start it off

fennel Thu 02-Feb-06 12:22:52

except waiting to go on holiday you know exactly when you're going.

lots of sympathy mrs d. are you starting maternity leave soon. or have you already started.

lunavix Thu 02-Feb-06 14:19:47

lots of sympathies from here mrsd, I was the size of a large detached house at 37 weeks and moaned like hell to say the least

And I'm still moaning... 12 week scan is next weds and last night was the first meal I've eaten since christmas day. Yesterday the doctor put me on anti sickness drugs, as she said I'd end up in hospital if I couldn't keep any food or liquids down much longer. On the up side, I've lost nearly a stone since becoming pregnant so if I put on 5 stone again, I won't make it to mansion house status.

MrsDoolittle Thu 02-Feb-06 15:43:11

Oh dear Lunavix - sounds awful

I'm at work today. I hate getting bored at home, just waiting. I'm finishing today though, I think I'm making everyone nervous.

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