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A new place to chat about our beautiful babies growing and playing

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KLou111 Thu 23-Feb-12 17:56:38

A new place to meet ladies smile

lizandlulu Sat 05-Jan-13 21:52:40

Obviously smile I am hoping to get someone to make a bad for violet when it's her time to move. There are some people on Facebook that made stuff like that, and her bedroom is so tiny, I'm not sure a full size single bed would fit! I was thinking of getting something made that fits against the wall with drawers under it, or something I've that. I think a single mattress would fit, but the trouble is building something in the space that we have to work in.

KLou111 Sun 06-Jan-13 08:23:20

Slept til 7.50 smile
Might put his teddies on his bed today. Rob said he didn't look very cosy when he looked in about 11 as he was in the middle of the bed, just him, no duvet etc. So may put that on too, not that he'll probably use it, just for comfort.
Not sure whether to get him a double or single eventually either.....

KLou111 Sun 06-Jan-13 08:49:26

Sorry Liz just saw your post.
Making one sounds great smile
I've seen some single ones that look like they have 2 rows of drawers under, but the bottom ones are storage, the ones above is a second bed.
Rob swaying more towards double so if we have visitors, weve got another double, but just worried it's too big for him!

KLou111 Sun 06-Jan-13 13:18:14

Well, we've decided on a single bed for Euey.

have found this one which we really like, which means it can be a double as and when, but also good for when Euan has friend stay when he's a bit older.

Went down at lunch with a slight cry, nothing major smile

lizandlulu Mon 07-Jan-13 20:18:15

That looks a nice one, always good to have storage. Violets room is so small, when we was building It I was ment to be having it as a walk in wardrobe! Changed our minds at the last minute to make a bedroom so I am going to need all the storage I can get!!!

Lulu wants to share rooms when violets older, although by the time violet is old enough to share, lulu might have changed her mind! Our spare room is loads bigger and would be ideal, but it means moving her right down the hall and down abit, which seems like ages away, plus its closer to the living room which would be more noisy for her.

KLou111 Tue 08-Jan-13 22:12:58

Awwww lulu is so sweet!! But yes, agree she'll prob change her mind!!
And lol to violet being in your 'wardrobe'!!

All going well with the bed thing. Euan fell out around 10 last night, but all good after that. Have rolled up a blanket and towels tonight, just been up and he's not even moved.
I've put the barrier where a single bed would finish too do he doesn't get too used to a double size.

think we're going to get this one
You can buy drawers for underneath, or a single bed drawer, so will get that at s later date. Cheapest I've found it, although our friend has an account with the main supplier (seconique) in Birmingham, so going to see if we can get it cheaper. The drawer is about £89, so not too bad, but then you've got 2 mattresses, and we don't need the extra one at the moment!
Going to get Euan some curtains too as his room is a lot cooler than ours, and we think the blinds are letting the cold air from the windows through. His hands are freezing in the morning, then he comes in our room and instantly warms up.
Will get with his Xmas money grin

lizandlulu Wed 09-Jan-13 07:53:53

That's a nice bed, you mean you can buy a pull out bed that fits under? Clever!

We all have blinds and curtains, they definately do keep the cold out more.. For violets room ,they are quite heavy thickish green ones, not baby curtains, but I found all of those to be too flimsy material, so just got some that wentvithvthe colours of the room.

KLou111 Wed 09-Jan-13 08:06:55

I agree, the kids ones are very thin!

this is the underbed but you can buy ones that are split in half too that are just drawers.
No falling out last night smile

Where's that iwish got to????

Iwish Wed 09-Jan-13 19:20:29

Sorry ladies. I'm am here but just been reading. Joshua has been a nightmare recently so when he's been in bed I've just been stuck to the sofa lol.

Wow look at you 2 looking a proper beds! No chance Joshua will be moving into a bed for a long time. Can't even give him a pillow and quilt because he moves too much.

How are you both? Xx

lizandlulu Wed 09-Jan-13 21:32:19

Im not moving violet for a while yet, not got any time soon in mind. She's fine where she is for the time being!

We are all good thanks, apart from got to do lulus hair again with the nit stuff. It says on the instructions to do it 1 week later so got to do it Friday night. What fun

KLou111 Wed 09-Jan-13 22:40:24

Did she have nits then Liz?

Why's joshuas sleeping gone to pot do you think iwish?

All good here! Just checked on Euey, hasn't moved smile
Was upside-down before we went to bed last night, but on the right side still. No crying for 3 days, so that's good. Cot in the other room and he's not seen it, not sure how he'd be if he did.

Ordered his curtains today. Saw some ones on dunelm site and they were £40 per pair wtf!!!!! Anyway, browsing on eBay, found the same ones, unused but out of the packet for £15 each!! He has 2 windows so got 2 pairs for less than 1!! Happy mummy smile

My mum and dad are picking him up at 10 tomorrow, having him overnight. They've got one of them single sofa beds that unfolds onto the floor, so may try and take back the ready bed hmm

Got to let a new tenant in about 12, then have a free day. Going out for a few drinks tomorrow night with friends.
It's nice to have a night off, but I don't half miss Euey and I get so excited when I go pick him I odd? Love that boy!!!

Iwish Thu 10-Jan-13 19:04:03

Lol so much fun with your nit comb grin. Is Violet in a sleeping bag or pillow and quilt? Joshua still has a sleeping bag because he won't stay still in his cot.

No your not odd klou I miss Joshua when I'm at work, can't wait to get home and see him.

Been to a soft play this morning then to the sure start this afternoon. Joshua has been a bit clingy but thought nothing of it but after his bath tonight he's just been sat on my knee doing like a little whiney cry and closing his eyes like he's nakered. He's got a cough which has been bad at night and he's a bit wheezy and snotty. Just done his temp and its 38.1. Poor little mite xx

lizandlulu Fri 11-Jan-13 08:28:55

Yes she did have nits sad sad sad, bloody things, it's alright for you pair, boys hair is short and it would take 2 mins to do theirs, I am not happy!

Iwish, she's in a duvet and pillow, although the pillow just gets pushed to the top of the bed. She moves a lot, and most nights end up on top of her duvet upside down, so I just cover up as best I can. Or sometimes if I'm feeling brave, move her so I can tuck her in properly.

How was Joshua last night? I hope he was ok.

I took her to a toddler group yesterday for the first time and she loved it!!! She was off like s rocket and not others at all about when I was, which is good as lulu was so different.

eBay is great!!!! I usually look there first for most things!

Oh and I bought a hair dye yesterday! I have got far too mny greys! I found quite a few hike sat in traffic yesterday, I couldn't believe how many I have got. Need to get them covered ASAP, might do them tonight.

KLou111 Sat 12-Jan-13 21:43:40

Have you done your hair then Liz???
How's the nit situation?
Glad violet liked toddlers, Euan loves it!!! Not been since we came back from holiday <<slaps hands>> Need to go Monday.

How's Joshua doing iwish? Better??

All good here. Got Euan out of his sleeping bag tonight, just been up and he was on his front, arse up in the air, covers off so I tucked him in smile
Dreading the morning as he's 'free'!!

Been told to have a day off this week by hubby, so I'm going to have my nails done, and hair cut on Wednesday smile

Feel I haven't really seen Euan properly since Wednesday, was at mum and dads Thursday til Fri lunch, then been at the in laws today til 5, then he's at my mum and dads tomorrow as we're going shooting which were going to do today but bloody freezing, plus Euan didn't get picked up til 11.30, so a bit too late to go for the day.
Never been with Rob before so hopefully we'll shoot our dinner lol!!

KLou111 Sun 13-Jan-13 08:00:23

All good with duvet, slept til 7, probably longer but dog started barking and woke Euey.
Hope all good x

lizandlulu Sun 13-Jan-13 17:13:19

Hiya, yes I. Did it!!! It was fine! No one noticed so it can't be bad! It's nearly exactly the same is my own colour, so didn't expect anyone to really, just no grey!
And we are a nit free house, yippeeeeeeee

I had a lay in this morning! Violet was grumpy yesterday, she had abit of a temperature and was just generally not herself, so I calpoled her up. Couple of times in the day and just before bed. She slept all night, woke briefly at 7, but I left her for 5 mins nd she must have dropped back off! When I say lay in, it wasn't like I was asleep cause Chris woke me at 6 as he was going racing to tell me it was snowing, then violet t 7, then lul at 8 asking of she could put th telly on. But can't complain really! I only got up when mum rang to ask if I had let the chickens out. How rude!

What have you been up to today?

Iwish Sun 13-Jan-13 19:07:08

Yey for being nit free and having a lie in liz! How rude of her to get you out of bed asking about chickens lol.
Have you for a lot of snow? It started here at about 3pm and its not sticking much.

How did you get on shooting klou?

We went out last night without Joshua. Put him to bed and mil came round and we went out with my family for a meal for my cousins birthday. Got home about 11:30 so didn't sleep till late then Joshua woke me up crying and nick kept waking me up snoring so I had a cramp sleep. About 4 hours broken sad. I did go back to bed 8:45 till 10:00 tho.
We nipped to the shops this morning and visited nicks nana this afternoon and that's all really.

lizandlulu Sun 13-Jan-13 20:08:03

Ohh I missed the bit where you went shooting klou! Did you get owt?

No we had a smattering of snow, but it's not sticking, although it is forecast for tonight. It's come over all foggy quick tho.

What did you have to eat iwish on your night out?

Iwish Sun 13-Jan-13 20:28:39

We went for a curry. There was about 20 us. Was a good night and was very odd without Joshua. Nice tho smile

Our snow is just starting to stick a little, can't imagine it'll be deep by tomorrow tho - weatherman always overestimates lol.

Are you taking violet to another toddler group this week?

lizandlulu Sun 13-Jan-13 21:09:51

I don't know I might do, depends on how much house work I have to do.

Do you find hat you have to share all your meals at home? Violet is a sod for it, she's like a puppy. She actually had her head in my bowl of fruit and yoghurt today! I love eating out without her! Nice to eat a full meal!

KLou111 Sun 13-Jan-13 22:03:22

Yes snap Liz we have to eat separate or Euan wants ours even if we're eating the same!!
Rob came in from walking bella Friday while Euan was having his dinner, and got a bag of crisps......Euan then didn't want his dinner so Rob had to put them away til he was done. Then he didn't want his dinner, so Rob nicked it, started eating it, then he wanted it!! Such a bugger lol!

Curry sounds fab iwish, was that your first night out?

No snow here, meant to rain instead, we'll see!

Didn't shoot anything today, the farm has footpaths through it, and every man and his flaming dog was out today, so everything was scared off. Rob said he's not going at the weekend again.
We were watching 2 ducks on a pond where noone was, and they took off right in front of us and Rob could've got at least 1, but we weren't sure if it was still duck shooting season....turns out it is til the end of the month, gutted!!
Was fun though, tiring walking around looking out all day, but was warm til about 2.30, so we packed up just after.

Iwish Mon 14-Jan-13 08:02:53

Yeh it was our first night out alone klou. Got another on 1st feb too smile
Lol at Euan and the crisps! What a little monkey.

liz if we are all eating together he will eat what's on his own plate but if I have my lunch at a different time he follows me around whinging for a bit. My tea isn't normally got when I get to eat it, I end up sorting Joshua out while nick eats his tea.

I take Joshua to a sure start centre once a week usually. Maybe more if I'm bored. He loves it there. The staff know our names and we know other mums and babies

Crap sleep last night. Joshua woke me at 4:10, 4:45, 5:45, 6:10, 6:45 then up at 7:15. I'm shattered and have 0 patience so I'm glad I'm going to work lol.

KLou111 Mon 14-Jan-13 08:27:54

Oh no iwish, why do you think he's waking??? Very odd when they start playing up for no reason!
Thank god we got 7.50 this morning, not to rub your face in it!!

So duvet it is now then. Bed and duvet in 2 weeks, my baby is definitely disappearing fast!!

Oh, and it's snowed. Only a bit, but you can't see the ground. BBC wrong again, they said rain here!!!!

lizandlulu Mon 14-Jan-13 09:18:10

We have had s couple of inches here, forecast for more later this afternoon, I hope not! Everything stops when it's snow. Plus Chris told lulu try would make a snowman and drive through it with the quad which she is dying to do, but he won't hae time to do it in he week, and I can't see the snow lasting fr more than s couple of days.

Ohh iwish. I would be tempted to pull a sickie and go back to bed! Matchsticks for your eyes today then!
Is he poorly?

Iwish Mon 14-Jan-13 19:16:26

I think it might be teeth. His 4 molars are coming through and I think one of the bottom ones next to his front 2 are coming. I just want a full nights sleep. I'm either woken by Joshua, nick snoring or needing a wee. It's starting to do my head in.
I'd love 7:50 lie in. He can sleep till 8:00 but hasn't done for a few weeks now sad
Do you like the snow klou? I love it!

I needed match sticks today liz. Was glad I was at work tho because being tired and dealing with a toddler who's always throwing paddies isn't good lol.
Lol at riding on a quad through a snowman grin

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