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A new place to chat about our beautiful babies growing and playing

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KLou111 Thu 23-Feb-12 17:56:38

A new place to meet ladies smile

lizandlulu Sat 22-Dec-12 16:21:08

Yes, well 8.15! Never mind, it was a loooong day artwork cause I didn't finish till 4.30.

Have you got all your Christmas stuff sorted? I need to wrap a couple I forgot about tonight, then get a few snarky bits to take to in laws tomorrow. Got to make a cake, and some peppermint sweets to take ith us too.

Are you cooking on Christmas day or do you go out?

Iwish Sat 22-Dec-12 19:56:17

That was a long day! I do 9:00-4:30 and that's long enough.

All the prezzies are bought and most are wrapped. Just need to wrap Joshua's prezzies.

Oooh what kind of cake are you making?

Well we are being brave this year and having it at our house. There is only 6 adults and Joshua so not too bad. Normally I go to my aunties and there's about 18 of us.
Did you say you are going to your mums or MILs?

lizandlulu Sat 22-Dec-12 22:42:20

Mils, I am making a chocolate fudge cake. I have had the recipie out of a magazine for ages but always been on a diet. I am still on slimming world, but am making the exception seeing as its Christmas, and having that instead of Christmas pudding after my dinner.

I have still got 2 to wrap, but lulus stil up!!!! We are all going to bed in a min so will have to do it tomorrow night

Iwish Sun 23-Dec-12 20:42:38

Mmm chocolate fudge cake sounds yum. I could just eat that now! Defo Sod the diet for Christmas!

Well I have wrapped all the prezzies now. Fed up of wrapping.

klou where are you hiding?

KLou111 Mon 24-Dec-12 15:23:11

sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry!!!!
Been reading your posts on my phone, but everytime i went to comment, the page reloaded and my post disappeared so tbh I got sick of trying. I've nicked Rob's ipad smile
Just wanted to check in with you both before Xmas.

Had an absolutely fantastic holiday, Euan loves the beach!! So much so, he ate most of it lol!
We did loads as we had a car for 2 weeks so we went all over Tenerife which was great.
Sun was shining every day so couldn't complain!! Going to book another for Feb/March after new year, something to look forward to.

Sorry Joshuas sleep went to pot iwish, hope he's ok now. Euan had a couple of 5am's on holiday and it killed us. He kept getting up, going to his buggy and jumping in!! He just wanted the day to start! It was still bloody dark!!
But all good since home and the last few mornings we've had 8am+ so happy days. It was a year ago last night he started sleeping through smile

Hope you're both all sorted, choc fudge sounds yum Liz, I love the one that Betty Crocker does, bloody lovely. Think it's devils food cake or something.

We're all sorted for Chrimbo now. Rob's got a bit more wrapping, but besides that, our lounge looks like Santa has been coming every day since last christmas!! So many pressies!

Hope you are looking forward to it. Euan keeps looking at the presents, so far they haven't been touched, but baubles have been flying off the tree everywhere as he keeps yanking them off. The real tree in the kitchen has been pulled over too!!

All excited now. We're at the inlaws tomorrow til boxing day, my parents are here the 27th, bought a massive joint of topside from the butcher today for then, it cost me £22!!!!

Oh, mum and dad took Euan to see Santa last week. They queued for 1.5 hours, got to the front, the elf came to get them and Euan started climbing up mum and dad and started crying!! Hence they didn't go in. Then last night Santa came around the estate, and again he cried!
Guess it's the costume!!

Anyway ladies, if I don't manage to get back on, I hope you both have the most absolutely perfect Christmas, and those little kiddiwinks of yours have a super fun day.

Big Christmas hugs and kisses to you all.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iwish Tue 25-Dec-12 13:29:25

Merry Christmas ladies!! Hope you both have a wonderful day xxxxxx

lizandlulu Thu 27-Dec-12 15:07:25

Oh my god, i Am so bored of being sat doing nothing but treading on toys!!!!

Christmas day was nice, not the same with being at the in laws, but nice enough, then I was sick yesterday morning!!! I don't know if it's caused. Have been eating too much rich food and I m not used to it no more, or something off I have eaten, or if I have caught it off lulu who hasn't been very wel either.
So felt awful yesterday, then the baby came down with a bad chest yesterday nd I have been up every 2 hours with her in the night.

lizandlulu Sat 29-Dec-12 20:17:27

Evening all, everyone sick of Christmas yet??? :D

I am sleep deprived! Last night the baby decided to wake for 3 hours in the middle of the night, just as I dropped off, she woke, and I had to keep going in to her, she would cry this awful screaming cry, like she was in pain, so she had some calpol, still didn't knock her out. She eventually went off. She had better sleep well tonight or I will not be a happy bunny.

I have put a cot duvet and pillow in her cot rather than blankets, she was forever kicking them off,and thought the duvet would be easier to keep on, she defiantly looks all snugly anyway.

GLad you had a good hol klou, I hate to even think about eating sand in my mouth! Whe are you thinking of going next?
I am going to see about getting something booked for feb half term I think, might go to euro Disney again, depends on the price.

How's you iwish? Joshua looked like he enjoyed his Christmas presents!

I got weighed Thursday night, put 2 pound on over Christmas, which is not too bad I spose, considering, but back on it totally this week. Have got fruit coming out me ears! Have lost 1 stone 3 since joining in August which is paltry compared to some people! Slowly but surely tho!

Iwish Sun 30-Dec-12 19:45:42

Yep a little fed up of it liz can't wait to take the tree down so we have a bit more room! It looks like a toy shop in here!!
Joshua has been enjoying all his prezzies and has been v spoilt.
Did Violet and Lulu get spoilt? And did you have a good time?

Only putti h on 2lb is bloody brill at Christmas. I've prob put on 5x that lol. I'm going to try and be good in the new year tho (she says)

What are you doing for NYE? We aren't doing anything this year. Just going to relax with a take away and a film.

KLou111 Sun 30-Dec-12 21:29:34

Hi both!
Yup, totally had enough!! Hope you have all enjoyed it though and the kiddiwinks have had lots of fun!
So want to take the trees down now and get back to normal.

We're having a 60s themed murder mystery with 8 friends. They're all stopping too!
I've not stopped today, cleaning, making soup, making eggnog, sorting drinks fridge etc. Making beef something with mushroom sauce and rice (is it bourginon??) Then making a black forest gateau, doing them tomorrow.
Got to decorate the house, Hoover, drop Euan off at my parents at 11, go and buy some champers glasses, and now I've got to also get a fucking duvet for our bed!!!

Soooo pissed off. Just went up to our room as saw the light had been left on, walked in and it stank of piss. Anyway, couldn't see any, and some little fucker of a dog (Bali) has pissed on the duvet, all the way through, thankfully folded back on itself so didn't hit the mattress. He's not even allowed upstairs, but so far he's pissed twice on the middle landing and now this!!! So annoyed right now!!! As if I haven't got enough to do! And you can't get them in the washer so I may aswell throw it as it'll cost a lot to have it washed. Only got it for Xmas last year too!!

That dogs days are so numbered!!!

Anyway, on a lighter note, bought Euan a ready bed, as he's too long for his travel cot (he goes in diagonally now!) Anyway, put him in the spare room on it last night and he woke at 8 this morning smile very happy. got him this one although it's not as long as I thought it would be, the dimentions are longer than his cot mattress, and had him in sleeping bag still.

KLou111 Sun 30-Dec-12 22:13:59

Beef stroganoff, that's it lol!

lizandlulu Mon 31-Dec-12 14:01:29

Wow that looks cool!!! Lulu had one that I've still got, but it doesn't have the head bumper bit! And I loooveeeee beef stroganoff! All sounds delish.

That is exactly why I haven't got an indoor dog smile we have enough work to do without he added stuff! I am honestly sick of picking up after my kids, and hubby really. Violet pulls things everywhere, I have random stuff all over my hous,e like fridge magnets in the bathroom, flannels in he bedroom. She just picks stuff up and carries it shout till she finds something else to pick up. Arhhhhhh I could chop her fingers off. But I won't smile

We don't usually go out new years eve, and are normally in bed for ten, but just got a text inviting us to a friends house. It's not till about. 8so I don't now how violets going to get on, we probably won't stay long, but can go for abit.i am letting her sleep now for as long as she likes, so she might be ok.

Have a lovely evening both of you, and speak to you next year!

lizandlulu Fri 04-Jan-13 17:20:43

Good evening peeps. How are you all?

Any nice plans for he weekend?

I have my plans for this evening. Got to go through lulus long thick hair ith a nit comb sad how ever can a child catch nits when they are not at school I don't know! But have looked on the nhs website and it says they can be dormant in the hair for 7-10 days, so just about figures. Been and spent a small fortune of treatment and a metal comb. Just thought I would share smile

KLou111 Fri 04-Jan-13 20:24:56

Happy new year ladies!!
Tried to post last night, but as ever, my frikkin phone wouldn't let me post!
Hope you all had a good one.

We had a great time, loved it, however we didn't sit down for 4 days! Between cooking, cleaning, decorating, shopping etc etc, people staying so then had breakfasts, bedding and towels to wash, clean again, get Euan etc. So bloody busy! Got to now repaint a wall in our kitchen as a whole bottle of port got knocked off the side up the wall and stained.....good night though!!

No plans for this weekend. Having a weekend in. Rob's going shooting tomorrow day, got some nice steaks for tomorrow night. Prob see my parents tomorrow daytime at some point. Did my shopping today while Euan in bed, and Rob doing some work, so I am free tomorrow now.

Nits must be a pain in the arse Liz I never had them, but know plenty that have got them from their kids! Hope they disappear soon.

I tried Euan on the floor last night just his mattress as he likes his readybed so much, thought I'd try it. Heard a little bang about 10:30 last night and he was bum half off, top half on, so i blocked him with a box, and all good, but when he saw his cot in the other room, he wanted it back and he had the biggest smile tonight when he went in it.
He's just getting so long, and banging all night on the sides from him moving, I just wanted to try him without the cot and maybe try a single bed? Maybe in a couple of months, I'll try and move him into a bed with sides. If he's happy though, I'm not going to push it. He's around 92cm now, and his cot is 120cm so he's got a lot of room, but not much width.

Went to go get him a haircut on Wednesday, as had to nip into Coventry as a new tenant moving in, and all the furniture was knackered so had to rush to ikea and build new stuff, so a quick half hour over there doing that turned into 4 hours!! Poor Euey was knackered as he didn't get his lunch sleep sad Didn't get time to get his hair done in the end. A lady comes to the house to do Robs so may get her to do it when she next comes.

What you up to Iwish?

lizandlulu Fri 04-Jan-13 20:55:48

What about putting him in a bed but using something like this.

I m planning on getting one for when I move violet. THey are really cheap too

KLou111 Fri 04-Jan-13 22:38:04

They look fab Liz!!

I'm just not sure when to move him. I don't want to unsettle him, but I want him to be comfy with space to move without banging himself. And I kind of don't want to pack away his cot either sad

lizandlulu Fri 04-Jan-13 22:44:15

He wasn't unsettled on the floor was he? He seems like a really easy going baby, takes changes easily. I would be tempted to try it sooner rather than later. Get him used to it before he gets older when he can kick up more of a fuss.

Oh I forgot to tell you, new years eve we went to our friends, expected to be there maybe an hour before violet got tired and Mardy. But she was still running shut all over at half 12!!!! I couldn't believe it! There was loads of other kids there that she was playing with and I wanted to bring her home just after 12 for her own sake! I didn't know how she was going to be the next day after such a little sleep, but she woke about 9 and was totally fine! These kids always do the opposite of what you expect them to do!

KLou111 Sat 05-Jan-13 12:25:40

Sounds like you had a fab nye Liz and fair play to violet!!

Currently standing outside Euans bedroom door. He's having a little winge as I've put the futon mattress on his floor and he keeps getting up, even with his sleeping bag on! Hopefully he'll go to sleep, I suppose it's just the getting used to it initially isn't it?
How old was lulu when she went in a bed?
Seems to have gone quiet.......

KLou111 Sat 05-Jan-13 12:29:35

Just peeked asleep grin

lizandlulu Sat 05-Jan-13 17:10:30

She was about 2 and a half I think, old enough for me to say to her, ' do you want to sleep in the big bed tonight?' and her to nod her head. We lived st mum and dads at hat point and her cot was in my old room, so my old bed was there, it wasn't like I had to get a bed made up and pack the cot away.

And old enough for her to want 'one more story' and make me stay with her while she went to sleep so she didn't get out of bed.

KLou111 Sat 05-Jan-13 19:49:51

So, update. Put Euan in bed, cried for around 15 secs, went off, very happy. Came back up 15 mins later to check him and the light from our bedroom across landing woke him. Left him 10 mins crying, went up, lay with him a couple of mins, calmed him, left him, cried 2 mins, not heard since. Been about 10 mins. Fingers crossed........
Will check in about an hour when he's asleep.
Could do with one of the video monitors!!

KLou111 Sat 05-Jan-13 20:59:00

Second update, currently lying in a ball in the middle of the bed smile

lizandlulu Sat 05-Jan-13 21:11:11

What's he on/in?

KLou111 Sat 05-Jan-13 21:16:03

Futon mattress bless him. Our main guest room is on the middle floor and didn't want to drag the mattress up if he didn't like it, whereas the futon was in spare room next to his as was slept on nye. If he gets on ok over the next few nights, we'll take it up smile

KLou111 Sat 05-Jan-13 21:17:29

Will obviously get him his own proper bed if he gets on ok

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