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A new place to chat about our beautiful babies growing and playing

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KLou111 Thu 23-Feb-12 17:56:38

A new place to meet ladies smile

lizandlulu Thu 22-Nov-12 12:59:41

Ohh crime scene tape will look ace!!

Wy do you want him to come out his bag?

Iwish Thu 22-Nov-12 19:16:09

Oooh yeh bet it will be ace klou

How are you liz?

Glad Joshua will be in bed soon I'm knackered. He's just having his milk then off to bed. He's been a right little monster today, testing my patience something rotten!

lizandlulu Thu 22-Nov-12 20:59:33

I'm fine thank you. Violet is driving me mad too! Whenever we are in the kitchen she makes so much mess!!l empties the corner cupboard, pulls out the reusable bags I keep down the side of the fridge, empties the other corner cupboard, has a chew on an oxo cube, drop a glass jar on her toe, empties the cup shelf, passes each one to me like she wants a drink, I put water in it and pass it back, she chucks it on the floor. After the 5th cup, I give up and decide she doesn't want a drink at all! She goes into the cereal cupboard and pull out all the boxes.

I tidy away, only for it all to happen again 10 mins later. Driving me mad!!!!

KLou111 Fri 23-Nov-12 09:27:44

We got some cupboard catches in the end Liz it was driving mad the cupboards being emptied all the time!!

Sorry you had a bad day iwish they're little buggers sometimes aren't they!!!

Re the bag, he just looked like he ad not much room widthways. He likes to sleep starshaped and his legs are always restricted, so thought would be better out of his bag.
Will put him in a thinner one I think with a blanket on to get him used to it a bit more.
He went to my parents yesterday for the day, and they said they'd keep him if we wanted, so had a cheeky night out. He slept til 7, so that's good.

Also had a chat with Rob about baby 2, and that eventually, I will want another one. Euan just looks so lonely playing on his own.
Went to soft play and no one there, as soon as a little girl turned up who was nearly 2, we couldn't get him out!!
Think perhaps will wait til he's going to nursery or almost going. So would like to start trying this summer.
Rob still not 100% but said he knows I always wanted 2.
Part of me does, but part of me still doesn't. I obviously want another for me/us not just Euan. At the mo the thought scares the crap outta me!!

lizandlulu Fri 23-Nov-12 18:43:59

Must be lovely to have someone who wants to look after him!! I have to book my mum weeks in advance and hen she wants to know exactly what time I will be back, no slouching for me!

Our babies aren't babies no more are they! A new child has started at violets nursery who's 6 months and she look tiny compared to mine, like a helpless little thing! I love looking at new babies and will coo over them in shops, but that's it, glad to walk away after 5 mins!!!

Def no more for me!

Iwish Fri 23-Nov-12 19:17:47

Lol liz we had to put locks on all our cupboards cus Joshua kept getting the pans out and trying to get to the washing up liquid etc!! I've come to the conclusion that they are evil little devils haha!

Awww klou it scares the hell out of me too but I know I wouldn't want Joshua to be an only child. We ate ttc when Joshua turns 2 or maybe a month or 2 before. Althought nicks mums psychic says ill have a little girl next year (yeh right lol, just a year too early)

I had a cuddle with my friends 5 month old yesterday and he was lovely. so quiet and cute and light compared to Joshua.

lizandlulu Sat 24-Nov-12 20:01:17

Had an accident involving a baby and icing sugar! Results in a very sticky floor

Iwish Sat 24-Nov-12 20:17:19

Oops lol. What happened? X

lizandlulu Sat 24-Nov-12 21:59:13

I was cooking tea, she was sat on the kitchen floor, then started to root through the cupboard, but she was being dead quiet and not clonking glass or anything, so I didn't take too much notice, turned round and she's sat in a cloud of icing sugar! It's dead hrd to clean up!

KLou111 Sun 25-Nov-12 19:48:45

Sorry but HAHAHAHHAHAHA!! that's so funny!! Bet it made her supersweet wink

KLou111 Mon 26-Nov-12 19:41:01

Evenin ladies
Just checking in before off on our jollies grin

Leaving at 5.30 in the morning. A friend is taking us which is fab. Were going to go on the train as station only a 5 min taxi but he offered on Fri when Rob saw him, and went out again last night and offered again, so took him up on it.
Probably wise with 2 cases, buggy, trunki and changing bag! We were allowed another case of 10kg for Euan but have got it all in.

Rob had a bit of an accident on the way home. He walks usually and it takes around 30-40 mins. Anyway we went to some friends for Sunday lunch and came home around 5. We passed where rob normally walks and it was totally flooded so when our friend called to ask him out for a drink later on, he said he wasn't going cos he'd have to go the long way (1 hour+).

Anyway, friend came and got him and said to use stepdaughters push scooter for way home (robs been looking at buying one for his walks into town for ages as would cut his time to about 15 mins)

Well, I heard him come in about 1.30, no problem. Then when Euan woke this morning, Rob said you'll have to go, I can't move my hands!!! The donkey had only hit the kerb and gone over the handle bars!!! To be fair, it was a dropped kerb, but too high for the scooter. Bloody idiot lol! He's all battered and his little finger looks broken at the top to me, so we've strapped it to the next one.
Bloody men, typical!! Good job the police didn't catch him, he'd had 4 or 5 beers!

He's been driving today, but good job our friend taking us, as he wouldn't be able to do the cases!!

Anyway, if I don't get on while away, hope all is good, back in 2 weeks Xxx

lizandlulu Mon 26-Nov-12 21:02:27

Just what ŷou need whale ŷou go away tomorrow!!!!

Have a fab time, don't get burnt!!!

lizandlulu Tue 27-Nov-12 09:18:33

Wtf!!!!! No idea why it keeps doing that!!!
It was ment to read, 'just what you need right before you go away'

Well these floods are getting closer!!! Not my actual house, that never floods and it's build off the ground anyway, but the lane gets flooded, it's right next to the river with fields all around, these always flood, that's nothing new, but it's starting to come over the road now! People will either be blocked in or out!

I've got plenty of milk and petit filous tho, we shall be fine for about 4 days!

Iwish Tue 27-Nov-12 20:51:02

Hi ladies.

Sorry am not on much. Getting rather stressed having a kitchen fitted. Can't move in the house for all the crap everywhere and nick not making it easier by being a total stress head

klou hope you have a fab holiday!!

Liz lol at the messy floor and you always crack me up with the random numbers and symbols in your replys grin
How are you?

lizandlulu Wed 28-Nov-12 07:30:30

Fine thanks, apart from being up before 7! I hate getting out of bed before 7, but the baby decided different sad

The water levels come up more, but we can still just get through it. Lulu is dying to not go to school because of the flood, but if we can get through it, she's going!

What sort of kitchen are you having? It will be worth it in the end, just doesn't feel like it at the mo!

I'm off to London on Saturday morning till Sunday night! Going with another couple. Chris is all booked to come, but can't cause he has got to work unexpectedly sad

A new law is coming into force on Monday which doesn't allow us to pay cash for scrap any more, we knew it was coming, but didn't realise we was going to be so busy, but apparently we are and dad has asked if he won't go. People will be getting rid of all the scrap they have before they can't get cash for it.

Also means a full week of work for me next week!

lizandlulu Sat 01-Dec-12 08:44:34

morning, i am off to london today, wooo hooooo!!!!! will check tomorrow smile

Iwish Sun 02-Dec-12 10:38:53

Hope you have a fab time in London liz! X

lizandlulu Mon 03-Dec-12 21:00:24

Evening, yes it was good. Walked but 50 miles and legs are aching abit, but it was very good!!!! So so busy tho, I'm so gad I didn't abe to take the kids. I don't know how people Who live there manage! We went on he tube quite alot as my friends hubby knows quite abit about it, I even think i coud manage it now, and even saw one kid got his arm trapped in the tube door as his mum was getting him on! He wasn't hurt I think it just scared, but it wasn't nice to see!

I have told lulu I will take her one day after Christmas, she wants to see Buckingham palace.

Bought myself s pair of leopard print ugh boots!!!!! They are well nice!!!!!

Oh nd got a bargain in harrods. I got lulu a harrods bear dressed up as a queen, they were marked up at £19.95, and I thought she would like it, so I got one from the back (I could hear my mums voice in my head, get it from the back!!!!) and th tag was £9.95! Made my day!

Iwish Tue 04-Dec-12 14:23:57

Bloody hell that is a bargain liz! Bet she loves it too. Of is it a Christmas's prezzie? Oooh I've not seen leopard uggs! Are they long or short?
Glad you had a good time grin

Well kitchen is finished apart from need some tiles for the wall but won't get them till after Xmas. Nearly killed nick because he was doing my head in, I was totally stressed with the mess lol.
Been to a play centre with my friend this morning and now just waiting for Joshua to wake from his nap and going to asda.

Oooh and just working wed and fri this week then off for 2 weeks yippee!!

lizandlulu Wed 05-Dec-12 07:42:11

No it's not a Christmas prezzie, just a 'mums been away' prezzie, and the uggs are just regular height, not the dead short ones, but not the tall ones. They were new out and they had zebra print too but I thought it wouldn't take long for me to get them dirty.

What's you new kitchen like?

Iwish Wed 05-Dec-12 19:06:55

It's v nice liz, solid wood work tops, cream high gloss cupboards. Just need to sort out some wall tiles lol.

Have you got your Christmas tree up?

lizandlulu Thu 06-Dec-12 22:28:11

Nooooooooo I don't. I don't put it up till 12 days before Christmas! I am actually dreading it. How's Joshua with yours? Is he pulling it to bits?

Violets got a bad chest yet again, only about 3 weeks since the last one. Inhalers are helping short term, but not keeping it away. She was awake coughing and wheezing about every 2 hours last night. It was my own fault as she was fast on till I went in and disturbed her tucking her in. God I was kicking myself when she woke up!!!

I was ment to be having an early night tonight but had to do a mahusive pile of ironing.

I have had abit of a nightmare in my kitchen just lately. I have broke 2 ceramic pots by putting them on the hob which I didn't know you could do! Not just one, but did it twice! Then last night some ham boiled over and tripped the oven out. Then tonight I smashed a bottle of wine vinegar on the floor.

Me and kitchens just aren't compatible

Iwish Sat 08-Dec-12 14:59:33

He isn't even touching it liz. To my complete surprise! He pulled 1 bauble off as soon as he saw it then didn't bother with it.
Omg hahaha!! As if you did it a second time. So funny!

How did Violet sleep last night? Bet you didn't tuck her in last night grin

How are you klou are you back??

Joshua was a nightmare going to bed last night then was up at 6:50 but was still tired so just cried and moaned all morning until he had a nap and has been very mardy since he got up again.
Would be bloody lovely if he went to bed at 7:30 tonight and didn't get up till 8:00am tomorrow!

lizandlulu Sat 08-Dec-12 19:05:30

Don't want to piss you off but violet didn't get up till 8.30 today!!!L she wasi n bed at 6.30, but didn't go to sleep till about 8, she's slept all night every night since that awful night when she was up all night.

I have put her to bed tonight withouta bottle. For the last 3 nights I have given herit, but she hasn't wanted it, not even a single suck, just turned her head away. So thought I would try not even offering her it, nd she's gone straight off fine, but then hashes has only had 10 mins kip all day so is knackered.

Is klou back yet?? Feels like she's been away for weeks!!!

What are you doing this weekend? Are you taking joshua to see Santa? I don't think I am cause lulu is scared to death! Plus I hate the ques.

Iwish Sat 08-Dec-12 19:51:24

8:30!! You lucky bugger!! Joshua went to sleep at about 8. He was in bed at 7:30 but just screamed for half a hour. Was up and down a million times lol.
I think if I tried to put him to bed without milk he would have a total meltdown. Good that violet isn't bothered with it anymore, especially if she still sleeps ok.

Not done much today, just been to asda and to my mum and dads and tomorrow we are going to our friends in Warrington. What about you?

I want to take him to see Father Christmas but I think he will just scream. Need to go shopping next weekend so will see how he is.
Aww poor lulu, she's scared of all sorts isn't she.

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