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Sept 2008 - no witty title as we're too busy dealing with stroppy 3 yr olds.

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Hello all. Couldn't see a new thread so thought I'd do the honours. Sorry for rubbish title, I'm no good at witty! smile

Meglet Mon 17-Dec-12 10:16:12

badvoc You are having the worst time of it aren't you sad. Have you seen the GP to get it confirmed, I know it's going around.

We have colds in this house too. They've both been snotty, although DS has had a rotten cough the last couple of days, no temp though and otherwise he's fine.

You will all be pleased to know I've stopped fretting and I told my step-mum we're staying at home on Xmas day, so it's done. My step-mum and sister will pop round here at some point during the day, but it will be nice to work to our timetable for once. I've informed the children they are going to have to help me make Xmas dinner and we will be going for a brisk walk after lunch.

I feel totally useless this morning. I've had bad nights sleeps all weekend, too much news watching and the children kept waking up earlier than usual. Roll on thursday when I finish for Xmas.

kagey you have to cry during nativity songs. I'm not a big cryer at all, but they are my downfall.

Badvocsanta Mon 17-Dec-12 11:02:56

Well done meg! Hope you have a lovely Xmas smile
Wet Toby...the ooh gp said she thought it was WC but the paed at the hospital said not...not that it matters - nothing we can do now.
Am very fed up.
Can feel a cou coming on myself and Toby will probably miss his first Xmas nativity which Ipin am - ridiculously - heartbroken about sad

CappuccinoCarrie Mon 17-Dec-12 11:32:51

Well don meglet!

badvoc so sad for you on all counts sad

Both DSs have the d&v bug so we've had to miss a lot of things yesterday, today and tomorrow at the very least. Thankfully it wasn't last week while DH was away, or next week when its Christmas!

Its a sign of the times that my proudest moment today was restoring a white vest to its former glory after DS2's diarrhoea exploded all over it grin

Comedy quotes include
DS1: "my bottom just leaked again"
DH (this was the phrase that woke me this morning): "What a grown up baby you are DS2, having your first shower! What a big boy!"


CappuccinoCarrie Mon 17-Dec-12 11:34:43

ps, I'm backing Lewis to win strictly grin

Badvocsanta Mon 17-Dec-12 11:36:21

Carrie..oh dear - hope its all over by Xmas!
Have contacted church people and told them I probably wont be around til after Xmas due to Toby and mum.
Mum is home from hospital...they dont really know what It was but are treating as for an infection.
Toby just said no to some chocolate...he is really poorly poor thingsad.

Badvocsanta Tue 18-Dec-12 09:01:02 not sure wrt strictly this year...I like Louis but then I like Kimberley too. Not keen in dani or dvo. It's horrible for dvo really, it's obv the public haven't warmed to her.
Taking Toby back to go today...still got temp, still coughing, poor baby

notcitrus Tue 18-Dec-12 13:11:10

A is pretty much back up to full bounce levels (though he took himself off to bed last night saying 'I'm really tired' even before his milk and biscuit!), so he's at nursery today - I warned them he may want a nap.
Dd is a clingy snuffleupagus but clearly pretty much OK other than the snot.

Tree is decorated, MrNC has been fab at fixing fairy lights and putting them up, so time for me to wrap mountains of presents! I submitted the school application form today too, so that's done - now just have to wait until April...

Nursery Christmas concert tomorrow, which will be A's fourth and last! Seems hardly any time since they were apologising that he had a non-speaking role which I was fine with as at 14 months he couldn't say a word!

CappuccinoCarrie Tue 18-Dec-12 13:45:29

Lol at them apologising for the non-speaking role for a 14mo! DD has been in three nativities and never had a speaking role, she's been a star twice, and a shepherd! To be fair this year was a year 1&2 play, and all the speaking roles went to year 2. She has expressed her desire to be Mary next year, but there's stiff competition!
So sorry for all the poorly babies sad
DS2 is on day 3 of diarrhoea, but its only a couple of times a day, and he's drinking plenty and perfectly happy in himself, if a little more subdued than usual. The only food he seems to want is bananas and the odd nibble on a cracker. He's been dairy free for 48 hours. In fact I'm thinking of not re-introducing his night time bottle after this, could be a good way of breaking the habit.
badvoc I also feel sorry for DVO - no one's saying it out loud on tv, but clearly the public don't like her! I was won over though by her argument that others in the past have been to stage school (Tom Chambers for example). Its just the history of dancing in the west end that really makes me think she's too well trained to be considered a beginner.

Debs75 Wed 19-Dec-12 23:14:40

Robyn has a chest infection so on antibiotics this week. Was starting to worry it could of been whooping cough as she just could not stop coughing. I hope she is better by Christmas, she is looking better today than she has in weeks.
Had her Christmas Disco tonight and she was loving it. They had dances and games and a visit from Santa. She got a magnetic dress up fairy set and she thought it was the best thing she had even been given. I was so proud as a lot of the other kids were really grump and ungrateful of their gifts. Lucy got some jigsaws and kept telling me what was on them. I can't wait to see them open their gifts next week. I think the kitchen will blow their minds.

Badvocsanta Fri 21-Dec-12 15:44:56

Hope Robyn feels better soon debs sad Toby has been very ill and I queried WC too so I can totally empathise sad
He didn't actually cough at all last night...however, I have thought he was getting better at least twice before now so am not counting my chickens!
Am having a break from MN over Xmas so just popping on to wish you and yours a very happy Xmas and a peaceful and healthy 2013 xxxx

Badvocsanta Fri 21-Dec-12 15:45:26

Carrie...1 hour special of ITT tonight on bbc2!

Debs75 Fri 21-Dec-12 16:16:22

Judging by the cheekiness, and lack of coughing Robyn is on the mend. Lucy however is coughing and has really yucky sticky eyes. I have got her some drops from the chemist but we are trying expressed milk first. I have been expressing most of the day and dripping it on her eyes, she thinks it is funny and sits reaaly well for it. I hope it goes soon.

Probably won't get on much over Christmas so all of you have a good time and see you next year.

Meglet Fri 21-Dec-12 20:50:47


Tree is up, still got loads of presents to wrap.

CappuccinoCarrie Mon 24-Dec-12 22:41:41

Happy Christmas everyone!

I'm so excited about tomorrow and celebrating with a big family dinner and lots of fun and games. This feels like the first year the kids are really aware of the fact that tomorrow is a special day, I can't wait to see their faces when they open their presents.

Happy Christmas to all of you special mummies and your beautiful families smile

notcitrus Mon 24-Dec-12 22:57:27

Merry Christmas everyone!
A is fast asleep, very excited, and dd might be finally sleeping... We had a party last night and dd was so excited she didn't nap but then slept from 8 to 2.30! Longest she's slept in months and meant I had a really relaxing time.

It's hard work all this present-delivering. I felt I really earned FC's whisky! All done finally including some food prep for tomorrow. Really looking forward to A's face tomorrow when he finds his stocking, and has both the presents he's wanted since before his birthday! I missed all of Xmas morning last year with being ill, so this one feels extra special.

Debs75 Fri 28-Dec-12 22:41:15

I guess you all had a great Christmas judging by the lack of posts.

I was a bit premature with robyn's state of health. She came out with chicken pox on Boxing Day. How we don't really know as she has spent most of December cooped up at home. In the last 2 weeks she had only been to a christmas party and a christmas disco later that day. Lucy went with her and she has no spots. The only thing it probably is was she went to nursery on the last day to get her christmas cards and stuff. Apparently a cold is the first symptom, that and stomach ache which she also has. I am hoping Lucy doesn't get it but she probably will.
We have had to cancel some Christmas visits and DD1 can't go and visit her boyfriend as he hasn't had it and his sis has just had a major op and his mum works in a children's home. DD1 was a very stroppy upset teen on boxing day.

Badvoc Sat 29-Dec-12 16:55:40

Sorry to hear that debs sad
Xmas here one up til xmas lunch when my parents ruined it.
Long story, not going to bore you all with the ins and outs but its become clear that i need to either cut or restrict contact.
The stately homes thread has been a real lifeline for me over xmas.
I hope you all haveca lovely new year x

Meglet Sat 29-Dec-12 20:27:59

oh badvoc sad. I hope things settle down and you have a better new year.

debs bloody chicken pox, crap isn't it. We did our 3 week stint of back-to-back CP nearly 2 years ago. At least there were bonus points on Calpol that month hmm. How is Robyn today, I found it took about 5 days to peak <<sigh>>.

We've had a pretty nice Xmas, partly by avoiding family. Just us on Xmas day, then we went for a blustery beach walk on Boxing Day and a day out on Thursday. Kids have been a bit of a nightmare for the last 36hrs (I have wine tonight grin), but otherwise it hasn't been too bad.

notcitrus Sun 30-Dec-12 11:23:42

Merry Christmas everyone. Dd luckily turned out not to have chicken pox after all, just a large zit, teething and a sniffle. 25th was wonderful, A was entranced by his stocking and played with his presents most of the next 3 days - in fact pretty much a perfect day except for no subtitles on Dr Who. The BBC apologised and fixed it and I saw it the next day.

When MrNC and I both went down with a tummy bug. MIL was also ill so they only came yesterday. With the usual mountain of presents and food - there may only be about 13 presents each this year but there's an extra child... Bear in mind we are rebuilding part of the house next year and will lose both spare rooms so need to declutter like mad! Bless 'em, they are lovely in so many other ways...

Hope Robyn gets better very soon now and people manage to detach from annoying people in the New Year. We're having a big NYE party here as it's easier than finding a babysitter and the last we'll have before the building work. I may regret this at 7am on 1st Jan!

Debs75 Mon 31-Dec-12 13:42:33

She is coping really well thanks. She has a huge patch of spots which have started to crust on her back and chest and a few on her head, face and arms, also crusty. In herself she is quite good, the cold beforehand was a killer though. She hasn't passed it on yet and I can't find any details on incubation time so I don't know if any of us could have it yet.
Badvoc Sorry you had a rough time. Parents can be hard work. My mum is dropping hints about how we should be caring for the elderly instead of putting them in a home.
What she means is she is worried she will end up in one and wants to know we will have her. I wish she would be more honest as she won't leave her village and move into me or dsis's town so she would want us to visit her everyday if she needed it. She is only 65 and doing well so by time she does need help say 75 I will be working full time with two teenagers at school a hyper hard to handle 24 year old autistic 6 footer and still probably living in a dingy small council house. I don't know where she expects to stay?
The thing is I would happily have her now if she made a contribution to the house, picking up kids from school, helping out but i know she wants to be as independent as long as possible then come to us when she can't wipe her own arse anymore.

Sorry for the huge rant it is just she is dropping these hints on how 'our generation' are greedy and want it all but won't look after their dear old mums. She needs to come out and say what she would like or ask what we plan to do with her.

Anyone looking forward to 2013smile

Badvoc Mon 31-Dec-12 19:04:57

Happy new year everyone x

StarLightMcKenzie Mon 31-Dec-12 22:44:54

Happy New Year!!!

CappuccinoCarrie Tue 01-Jan-13 22:31:29

Happy new year everyone!

So sorry about the pox, nightmare parents and crazy kids!

We had a lovely time with my parents. Most friends weren't free to see us as they were doing their own family christmas things, but its nice to know that we're going down south twice this year, so we will get to see people.

Spent more time with my nephew than I ever have before, nice to get to know him a bit, he's a lovely little boy.

The kids have been brilliant although I can see DS1 in particular is really tired from all the travelling and seeing different people every day. Really looking forward to these last few days together before the playgroup/school merry-go-round starts again.

Anyone made a new year's resolutions? Mine is to be a better friend and make more effort to arrange things rather than waiting for people to come to me.

This year I'm most excited about our 10th wedding anniversary and the possibility of a night away with DH in August grin

CappuccinoCarrie Tue 01-Jan-13 22:40:30

ps badvoc what did you make of the strictly result? I think the right person won, although I wouldn't have minded if it had been Kimberley. I think Dani lost it on the show dance.

Badvoc Wed 02-Jan-13 08:47:47

Agree Completely carrie wrt strictly smile
Dani's show dance was a disappointment, but I didn't really like Kimberley's either tbh.
Boys have been great over Xmas and whilst visiting/seeing Dhs family.
Thought the Xmas show was good this year...wasn't Sheila Hancock good!?

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