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Sept 2008 - no witty title as we're too busy dealing with stroppy 3 yr olds.

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Hello all. Couldn't see a new thread so thought I'd do the honours. Sorry for rubbish title, I'm no good at witty! smile

Meglet Sat 17-Nov-12 18:02:06


I will add to the health kick on here as I went for a short run today. Although I have wine with my dinner which probably cancels it out grin.

CappuccinoCarrie Mon 19-Nov-12 13:22:08

I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Skydiving is amazing, such a brilliant experience! I was super excited and only a teeny tiny bit nervous, but even those nerves evaporated once you've had your training and you meet the person you'll be attached to (!) and they tell you all about the equipment and how safe it is. Then once you're all kitted out in the equipment its checked in triplicate by different people, I couldn't have felt safer. Freefall was every bit as incredible as I thought it would be, and the parachuting was a joy. It was just over all too quickly!
Excitingly I raised £700 in total for a charity I'm passionate about, which is what really matters!

Don't even get me started on the subject of DS2 starting school...the very idea makes me sob and he's only 1!

Badvocsanta Mon 19-Nov-12 13:23:07

Well done carrie!
Am v v impressed!

Debs75 Mon 19-Nov-12 22:49:58

Hi everyone, been too busy to catch up properly but well done Carrie on your skydive and I have bitten the bullet and put Robyn down for 2 school places for next year. They will most likely be too far away if we ever get a new house but at least she has somewhere to go next September.

Kagey Tue 20-Nov-12 12:30:01

Well done carrie!!!

I have not submitted dd1's school application yet but I must get a wriggle on as the January deadline will be here before I know it.

Meglet Tue 20-Nov-12 21:13:01

Well done carrie. We shall have to rename you Felix grin. How long does it take to fall? A minute or so?

I've applied for DD's school place, she needs school and I need them in the same place every day. I'm already planning that first day they are both at school, probably late Maccy D's breakfast for me then gym and back home for a cup of tea.

For anyone who remembers me moaning about my sister wanting the DC's for a sleepover, she asked me face to face and I told her I would rather not and explained it was because I didn't know her new boyfriend yet. She couldn't actually yell at me as the DC's were in the room <<phew>>. Then she started saying how he wanted to get to know them better which I kind of ignored as she hardly knows him and my children aren't really playthings for them to play happy families with. Yes, I'm an old grump these days.

ninja Tue 20-Nov-12 22:02:08

Well done Meglet not an easy thing to do, but the truth is the best way forward.

carrie well done too! I've only done static line jumps (by myself) so I envy you the freefall.

I still have to talk to the TW and decided on school for Maebh, we have mediation next wek so I'm waiting for that

Badvocsanta Wed 21-Nov-12 07:03:59

Well done meg.
Ninja...hope next week goes ok.
Dh back today thank goodness! Going to a memorial for the son of a lady at church today sad
Then a meeting later...will be glad when advent is over in some ways!!

notcitrus Wed 21-Nov-12 19:42:43

Another school visit on Friday, to the other one A is likely to go to. The first one is our nearest but is CofE though A is likely to get an open place as they've expanded. The second is community, larger, also just expanded, has more open space, bit further to walk. I was really worried about getting a place but as well as these, 4 other local schools are expanding and two new ones opening, and the 250 new houses not being finished until end next year...

R may have the same hearing loss as me. Or just have lost interest in being tested half way through. Hard to say. But at least hearing aids for it exist now and schools won't be allowed to exclude on the basis of it. She's starting to sign a bit and trying to crawl, so obviously way too excited to sleep properly... sigh...

Meglet Sat 24-Nov-12 23:31:05


bookmarking - still here.

notcitrus Mon 26-Nov-12 07:26:48

Dd is poorly so been up much of the night. A slept beautifully so is now up watching telly.

School 2 visit was shambolic and seemed to want to get rid of visitors - lovely site but not making use of much of the space, whereas school 1 made every inch count and the head and staff were delighted to share their school, lots of 'can-do' attitude etc. Does mean we end up being avowed atheists choosing a VA church school, but possibly better a school that has actively thought about how they represent the CofE to the 50% non-Christian and lots of non-CofE kids?
I just feel lucky that both schools seem pretty good and A should get into one, touch wood.

ninja Mon 26-Nov-12 08:44:29

Tbh NC I don't think it makes a huge difference going to a C of E school. They have assemblies etc even if it isn't a church school. It's a good position to be in though.

Sounds like R is really coming on, hope the sleeping comes soon. When will there be another hearing test?

M very clingy at the moment, changing from one home to the other, leaving her at my sisters, collecting her from my sisters (!) all involve clinging and tears. I spent a 1.5 hour journey in the car with her crying 'I don't want to go to dad's' and yet if I collect her from his she doesn't want yo come to me sad don't know if its normal to go through separation anxiety again at this age or if it's our circumstances.

CappuccinoCarrie Tue 27-Nov-12 14:13:20

Sorry to hear how unsettled M is feeling ninja

NC hope the hearing re-test goes well, love that she's signing and crawling, hope the sleep gets better though!

I submitted DS1's school application, everyone telling me we'll def get in because we're in catchment and have a sibling there, so I just put a first and second choice on the form. And since then everyone's been telling me I should have put five options because we won't get into our first choice and then we'll get given the awful school that no one applies for! <sigh>

notcitrus Tue 27-Nov-12 14:56:24

Carrie can you update the school form before the Jan deadline? I've been told to fill the form in online ASAP just in case we forget/have family crisis etc later. People do seem to love being all doom and gloom about school places, bit like all the horror stories about birth they tell you when you're pregnant. Only even less accurate...

R gets a new hearing test after Christmas - having read the letter it looks more likely her hearing is OK but ought to get her and A tested regularly. She's back to her perky self today - no matter how disrupted her sleep, she always wakes by 8am full of sweetness and light! Unlike me.

ninja M sounds fairly normal, not liking change. A has strops when made to leave the house and on days we don't plan to go out has equally big strops about not going anywhere...

Meglet Wed 28-Nov-12 21:19:56

ninja when is mediation? Was it this week?

I'm seeing DS's deputy head tomorrow as she's the SENCO. I still can't get a handle on what isn't quite right and I will almost certainly get him assessed privately but I wanted to give the school a heads up and see what they have to say. what they don't realise is that DS is nothing compared to DD who they get next year.

Xmas is looming over me at the moment. Since my parents divorced 24yrs ago I've not had an Xmas day at home and I'm fed up with going out to dads/stepmums and / or mums house. What I want is an Xmas day with just me and the DC's, but my stepmum is not having it <<sigh>>. I think I'm going to be very unpopular and cause a big family ruck if I get out of it. I want the DC's to be able to mooch about in PJ's, play with their toys and go out for a walk together. I also have the heating on in my house and have lots of food hmm.

DebiTheScot Wed 28-Nov-12 22:13:36

not been on here for ages although I do try and read occasionally to keep up. This is literally the only thing I look at on mn now though (I just have this page always open as a tab) so I may well vanish completely soon!

Carrie does your local council publish their admission data? Ours does and I wouldn't be surprised if it's something they legally have to do. You should be able to look at the last 2 years data and see how many children went to the school from in catchment, sibling, out catchment etc and the distance away of the last place offered. That might help reassure you. I'd be surprised if there's many schools out there where you don't get in on sibling and catchment.
We 'only' get 3 choices but there's only 1 school I want each boy to go to. DS1 starts junior school next year and he should get into the local CofE school through the church link. In fact even without that he should as we're 0.5 miles away and their last place distance was over 1 mile last year and year before.
Hopefully ds2 will get into where ds1 is now but we're not in catchment and a sibling at a link school isn't as good as a sibling in the school so we'll just have to wait and see.

NC hope the hearing tests all work out fine. Ds2's hearing was horrendous a couple of weeks ago when he had a cold but I think he's back to normal now. I'm not 100% sure but I think he just doesn't listen half the time!

CappuccinoCarrie Thu 29-Nov-12 14:10:15

debi I looked at that data before applying. Its an intake of 60 each year, and there are normally 50+ from catchment, with the remainder from outside. DD's year (last Sept) was the first year on the records where all 60 were from catchment, there were 11 appeals from families in catchment who didn't get in. So I figure if we got in when the numbers were that high and we didn't have a sibling, then we should be fine for DS1. Which is why I only put two choices. But now that I've pressed send I'm freaking out!

meglet I totally feel your pain in having to have the Christmas others expect, rather than the one you'd actually like to do. For us its that we want to host a big family gathering, but no one will come! <trying not to get an inferiority complex>

Debs75 Thu 29-Nov-12 22:22:47

Meglet I would stay at home this year. Christmas is for the kids and I love mooching around with them at home. For the first 4 years we had to go to mil's on Christmas day. We got up at 7am and wandered over to her house where all the dc's presents were. We then had to open them in order and have lunch and tea before we were allowed to go home about 8pm. DS's first year we had a nightmare christmas eve and we slept in. Well the grief we got because we were an hour late. She moaned all day about it. It was so nice to move away and be able to enjoy christmas at home. Now we just have to see her sometime over the holidays to pick up the christmas presents.

Meglet Fri 30-Nov-12 10:56:42

carrie but you have a nice new extension (and bar stools!!) for visitors sad. And you can make cake.

deb75 yep, mooching is where it's at smile. I'm heading for 40 and never cooked an xmas meal, I'd like to practice on just the dc's before I risk it on other people.

I'm a bit stuck as people can't come to my house as it's too small and I don't have a downstairs loo for my elderly Aunt (who is lovely). I might do a deal and see her on Xmas Eve instead. There's also the guilt of the dc's not seeing other people on Xmas day, although I think they would be happy being able to scoot to the park and let their hair down. I'm just prolonging my agony by not saying anything aren't I.

debi I'm a bit sad and love looking at the schools admissions spreadsheet, especially for the ultra-popular schools with all their appeals. This year though there seemed to be too many applicants for every school confused. Do they include second and third choices or did the baby boom mess it up for all the reception kids this year?

CappuccinoCarrie Fri 30-Nov-12 13:21:45

meglet I know sad And a table with two extensions sad
My brother will never come up because his wife's family have a big clan gathering in the south on Boxing Day which is non-negotiable apparently.
DH's brother and wife doesn't like big Christmasses hmm
Both sets of parents accepted one year, but then dILs had to have great grandpa as no one else could so they had to pull out and we gave up and went down south to my parents instead.

Why don't you all come for Christmas?! We'd have a blast, and DH is a great cook! The cake will be chocolate though blush

notcitrus Fri 30-Nov-12 20:46:31

We're staying home, no BILfamily this year, but friend from next door and my parents will come for lunch. ILs may make it but may not want to do it as a day trip.

Meglet Fri 30-Nov-12 21:49:25

carrie choc cake is better than Xmas cake. I always pick off the white icing and marzipan.

DebiTheScot Sun 02-Dec-12 17:38:25

Meglet it's because last year for the first time they didn't distinguish between 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice so you were allocated a place at every school that had a place and then they looked at your preferences and gave you your highest place one.

We're staying here on our own for Christmas then the inlaws are coming on 27th for a week. We'll do Christmas day again on the 28th. We did the same 2 years ago and it worked really well.

Meglet Tue 04-Dec-12 22:08:35

debi ah, thank you. I thought it seemed a bit 'out'.

envy at all of you staying at home. I need to man up and let my stepmum know I really want to stay at home this year. (don't mention it on my FB if it appears as my stepmum is on my friends list!).

Roll on school / work hols, I finish on the 20th so get nearly all the holidays with the kids. This seems like a good idea at the moment hmm.

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