October 2005 Babies - it just keeps getting better and better!

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Elf1981 Sun 22-Jan-06 21:29:20

Thought I'd steal the honours of setting up a new thread

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YOKEFLEET Sun 22-Jan-06 22:26:51

Thanks for the new thread Elf - been away in Yorkshire since Friday so will go back to the old one and catch up on all the news!

YOKEFLEET Sun 22-Jan-06 22:26:51

Thanks for the new thread Elf - been away in Yorkshire since Friday so will go back to the old one and catch up on all the news!

Redtartanlass Sun 22-Jan-06 22:29:32

Elf- lovely picture, she's a wee sweety. Yorkefleet catching up on the news twice eh??

Piggiesmum Sun 22-Jan-06 22:48:20

Hurray a new thread

I hope you all had a good christmas and new year. I am finally back on-line after 5 weeks- it feels longer! I have really missed it.

If i am ever asked for 1 piece of advice for new mums it will be "Never move house with a new baby!!!!!! We ended up doing a part-ex deal for a new house to try and keep things less stressful - no chains etc but that brought it's own problems like dealing with lots of estate agents doing valuations, and other people to do with the part-ex process, all of which i had to deal with myself as dh was working away in the week. The move itself was a bit manic and the movers let us down a bit, they kept turning up late and were supposed to unpack too but didn't. Dh even helped them unload the van because the company didn't send enough men to do the job in time. So there's quite a few boxes of none-essential stuff still in boxes in what will become ds's room, so i have 2 months to sort them out.

Ds is doing great, not sleeping through yet, but we are doing a slightly flexible E.A.S.Y plan and considering the the chaos of the last 3-4 months i think he's doing incredibly well.

I've had all the comments about weaning too. My mum is one culprit, often says "Do you think he's getting enough" and telling me i was on chocolate pudding at 6 weeks. I know she's only saying it cos she's concerned/trying to help but it always seems to coincide with when i'm a bad day struggling anyway and considering stopping breastfeeding, which just makes me feel even more inadequate. Also explains why I'm a chocoholic

I'm not sure about my new HV's yet. My old one was great though and helped keep me sane through the chaos leading up to the move, so the new ones do have a lot to live up to. She is doing a home visit Thursday so we'll see how it goes. I met one of the nursery nurses who help out with the weigh ins on Tuesday when ds had his first one since we moved. He is 11lb 13oz at 15 weeks, only just above the 2nd centile, cue another comment about weaning. But he has always been small, he is actually following the curve perfectly so surely that's ok??.

I'm sorry to hear some of you are having rough times with erratic night-wakings and unsettled/hungry? babies but it is also reassuring to know I'm not the only one.

Anyway I'm waffling on far too long and ds (aka hungry horace )needs a feed soon.

Piggiesmum Sun 22-Jan-06 22:56:43

Oh and i've just seen the Due in October 2006 thread!!! Can't believe there's one already

Redtartanlass Sun 22-Jan-06 23:00:37

Oh welcome back Piggiesmum, wondered where you were!! Does your HV still do home visits then?

Elf1981 Mon 23-Jan-06 08:39:18

OMG An October 2006 thread, can't believe it! This time last year I didn't even know I was pregnant. I was sulking because I wasn't pregnant. And having loads of sex to get pregnant

Piggiesmum - good advice about moving! I was planning on putting my house back on the market soon (we'd had the house on the market when I was pregnant but I got cold feet and took it off close to the due date). I need a bigger house for all of Evie's stuff.

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Piggiesmum Mon 23-Jan-06 08:42:27

Thanks RTL

Apparently the HV's here do an in-home visit at 12-13 weeks, mines just going to be a little bit late. Whether i'll get anymore or not i don't know yet. The old hv was visiting every week because i was borderline for PND, she was great, there if i needed her but without being pushy.

Anyway this morning I'm putting my brave hat on and taking the little fella out to a group run by the local church. I am so nervous, going out and meeting new people is terrifying for me but i really want to get to know people cos we have no friends or family close by now. Eeek

Elf1981 Mon 23-Jan-06 08:44:37

Not sure if anybody has seen my other thread in Nurseries section, but I signed Evie up for nursery on Friday afternoon. She doesn't start til March, she's got some settling in visits there at the beginning of March and I'm DREADING it!!

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morningpaper Mon 23-Jan-06 08:45:01

Good luck piggiesmum. Mother-and-baby groups are tough and everyone is concentrating on their screaming monster so it always feels like people are ignoring you - THEY AREN'T and remember everyone else there feels just as lonely/awkward as you so make the effort to say hello to someone and admit how tough it all is.

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Mon 23-Jan-06 08:47:04

woo hoo!!!

YOKEFLEET Mon 23-Jan-06 08:47:29

piggiesmum I am moving house at the end of this week and I aren't looking forward to it either with a 16w old! You have just reminded me that I should be looking for new Dr's etc (the list of jobs to do seems to be endless!!)

We went to Yorkshire for a flying visit on Friday after DH finished work and got home at 10pm last night (I am shattered!) we went to see my grandad who is still in hospital and it's his 80th birthday on Tuesday, it sounds like it is probably leukaemia (sp??) he has been in their 2 weeks and still not receiving treatment as they have been doing all sorts of tests to try and find out what is wrong. We last saw him on Xmas Eve and he looks like he has aged 10 years since I'd better stop typing as I am gonna cry if I continue

Piggiesmum Mon 23-Jan-06 08:49:22

lol know what you mean Elf. This time last year i was temping everymorning, the thermometer would beep, wake dh up who'd mutter - " Well have you pinged yet then" (ping being our code word for OV

YOKEFLEET Mon 23-Jan-06 08:50:35

I found out I was pg a year ago as yesterday and was frantically doing 3rd and 4th pg tests a year ago today!! not beliving that we had conceived first time of trying

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Mon 23-Jan-06 08:52:29

I think i had JUST found out this time last year - i remember a late night trip to Sainburys which was then 10 miles away just to get a test.... went straight upstairs..... it came up a positive INSTANTLY! I was so chuffed but SO scared! Jessica was only 6 months old!!

I came down the stairs, DH was waiting at the bottom and i said "hey daddy" and his response was "is jessica awake" lol I has to show him the test before he would believe me!

Piggiesmum Mon 23-Jan-06 09:02:26

Thanks mp, I wish i wasn't so pathetically shy.

Yokefleet - all the best for your move - hope it goes smoothly, are you moving far?
Sorry to hear about your grandad too, you have alot to deal with at the moment, no-one would blame you for having a good cry {{hugs}}

fastasleep Mon 23-Jan-06 09:09:43

It does not get blooming better and better! Ok ok the babies do ... I had yet another trip to hospital and am getting totally fed up of the stupid places now!! I have lymphangitis and a drop in center and the hospital faffed me around all day yesterday, first they said I needed an IV... but then the GP at the hospital just gave me tablets, said I'd feel better after 2 doses... 3 doses later temp is still 39.5 stuck at home with two pooey bottomed babies and my breasts and armpits are agony! Wah!

Ok moan over!

Toddler groups are really scary the first few times, and when you can't run around after a toddler as an excuse for avoiding people! But it does get better, I made a lovely friend from one toddler group ok so the rest think I'm a raving loony who hides under a blanket with a breastpump every group but I'm working on that one lol... it is worth it in the end, honest!

Anyone else's baby babbling away yet? Sophia babbles on for hours, she started up at about 5am this morning going 'AA AA AAA OOOH OOH DA! AAH AHH AAAA DA!' very cute, but rather noisy!

Elf1981 Mon 23-Jan-06 09:25:21

Evie has certainly found her voice, she starts first thing and the other day went on for three hours non stop!! It is so cute though.

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YOKEFLEET Mon 23-Jan-06 09:33:06

piggiesmum thanks, we are moved from Yorkshire to Swansea in August (250miles) but that was a rented house supposed to be here until Dec 2007 as the house we own down here should have had a tennant in until then but when ds was 2 days old the tennant gave us notice so that we can move 5 miles from here into "our" house
Thomas chatters for ages to my mum & dad but took him to pil's at the weekend and he wouldn't speak to them but they speak to him like you would speak to a 20 year old!!!

BigBumpBonnie Mon 23-Jan-06 09:55:45

Yokefleet, so sorry to hear about your Grandad, I do hope everything goes well for you with your move etc.

Piggiesmum, you are being really brave!! I started one with dd1 and I was so nervous at first but it really was ok and got chatting to people quite quickly. I'm the sort of person that will talk to anyone, but they have to talk to me first I'm always too scared to make the first move so if I can get on ok you definately will! I stopped going when I got preg with Ruby as I always felt dreadful on the day it was held. I really need to pluck up the courage to start going again now.

Well, Ruby's still having her baby rice and the nights are better but she's still not sleeping through. I put her down at 7.30pm, she wakes at about 2.30pm then again at about 5.30pm and then up at about 7.30pm. It's better than it was but she's still hungry! I don't think she's going to be happy until she's on 3 course meals I really hope my baby door bouncer turns up today as she loves being upright now and I think she'll really like it.

Hope you feel better soon fastasleep, nice to see you back

One question if anyone can help, I'm trying to get Ruby onto faster teats. She's still on stage 1 slow flow and as she feeds 7 ozs at night I'd like to get the milk down her a bit quicker, not only that but she's collapsing the teats now as she sucks so hard. I've tried her on stage 2 but she keeps choking and spluttering and then screams and won't take her feed until I put a slow flow teat back in. Any advice????

thanks xxxx (I can't believe there's an October 2006 thread either, here's hoping for a cooler summer for them than we had!)

YOKEFLEET Mon 23-Jan-06 10:11:59

bbb thanks. TJ started on the 2nd stage teats about 3 weeks ago, on the 1st stage he fed from both Tommy Tippee and Avent bottles but we have found that on the 2nd stage he seems to choke on the Avent but not on the Tommy so we are now just sticking with them. HTH

YOKEFLEET Mon 23-Jan-06 10:13:38

bbb HV advised us to either stick with the slow flow or go onto the 2nd stage but not to mix, I can't remember what her reasoning for that was though!! sorry

Elf1981 Mon 23-Jan-06 10:14:24

When Evie gives in and uses the bottle, she wont take from any Avent or Tommee Tippee. So we've got her on NUK bottles. Their teats are really different, the hole is at the top rather than in the centre. She seems to feed well with it.

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SusiS Mon 23-Jan-06 10:16:55


i can relate to all you movers! we moved in june a year ago when ds was just 5 weeks old - and we did it all on our own!!! - luckily ds didn't need much due to being so young still. we put the bouncy chair out first thing though
wow, don't remind me!!!!!! - 3 horrible days backwards and forwards
so if any possible get someone to help you. if it's only to look after little one(s)

yokefleet: still nice though to move into 'your' house finally i can imagine!! and i bet you are profis now anyways
i do hope they can start your granddads treatment really soon!

ouch fastasleep: i do hope they can sort it out quickly for you. can't be nice to feel like that with a newborn!!

and yes, caitlin too has found her voice - very cute really. also in the mornings she cries out once and then goes quiet again. i often think she's gone back to sleep - but when i go to her she's wide awake and gives me a big grin
and we also think she is a very clever one!!!
instead of crying and whinging she giggles and coos for attention - so who can resist that

elf: yep first days at nursery are scary! ds started when he was 16 months and i always though 'oh my, what's that thing about all the mums crying when putting their kids into nursery. won't happen to me ...' - well, guess again - but after 2 days i was fine! and he just loves it!! (he goes only 2 half days though)
so i know you'll do just fine

piggiesmum: great idea to go to a toddlers group. i haven't been to my one for ages; it's just a bad time for us. will have to look for a different one! but still, i've met a few very nice mums there and it's just nice when you meet each other on the street to stop and have a little chat - and the kids just love it too! especially when they are older. lots of toys to play with and it keeps them busy for good 2 hours and wears them out

ooooops, ds just escaped his cot - again!!! (the 21 month old one) - somehow he rattles the bars till the fall out and clims out - hmm, guess we'll have to put him in a big boys bed soon!! dreading it really

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