6 Week post natal check

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Bugsy2 Wed 18-Jan-06 11:43:16

I had an internal check after both my babies at the six week check. My GP said it was to check that the uterus was shrinking back properly and that the cerix was closed up. Mine also checked my horribly tight & uncomfortable stiches with DS, didn't have that with DD but still had an internal.
Are you worried about the fact you had one? The fact it was a male GP - or are you just curious sweetheart?

LynnC Wed 18-Jan-06 11:36:00

I had stitches too but no internal, just looked to see if I had healed ok.

Nemo1977 Wed 18-Jan-06 11:07:07

SH I never had internal for postnatal check with adam.

Auntymandy Wed 18-Jan-06 11:05:43

my first was 15 years ago!! was normal then!

mrsdarcy Wed 18-Jan-06 11:05:03

I've delivered each of my 3 babies in different parts of the UK and have never had a IE at my 6 week check

Auntymandy Wed 18-Jan-06 10:56:23

it used to be the norm but my Dr says they leave it till about 12 weeks!

sweetheart Wed 18-Jan-06 10:55:36

I have just had my 6 week check and my male Dr did an internal examination - so far of all the people I've asked no one has had one. Do you think it's odd that I was given one. I had a normal delivery with no stiches.

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mummytosteven Wed 18-Jan-06 10:50:11

I didn't get checked.

WideWebWitch Wed 18-Jan-06 10:49:00

1st baby yes (no stitches) 2nd baby didn't go as I was fine and they couldn't find an appt that suited me. There have been discussions about this before though where people questioned the point of it.

coppertop Wed 18-Jan-06 10:48:25

I had stitches both time but definitely no internal examination at the 6wk check. It mainly involved answering questions about how I was feeling etc and how ds was.

PiccadillyCircus Wed 18-Jan-06 10:47:08

I didn't have an internal at DS's (lots of stiches) or DD's (no stiches) post-natal check

sweetheart Wed 18-Jan-06 10:44:24

Is it normal for your GP to give you an internal examination at your 6 week post natal check even if you haven't had any stiches?

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