Driving after C section??

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winniewoo Mon 16-Jan-06 20:01:32

Not sure about this at all..Health Visitor and Doctor recommend 6 weeks but so many people tell me if you feel ok then go for it after 4 weeks or so.
Not that I am trying to be a hero or anything but I do generally feel ok and am managing well with everything else. Is there any law or is it to do with car insurance? Any advice gratefully received. Thank you..

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WigWamBam Mon 16-Jan-06 20:07:21

I don't think there's a law as such, but it could invalidate your insurance if you were to have an accident driving before the GP had cleared you to do so. It's basically because until about 6 weeks it's hard to make the quick movements that you would need to make in an emergency, although some people heal better than others.

Gem13 Mon 16-Jan-06 20:11:53

I drove after 4 weeks but we lived out in the country.

But... if you drive you're usually lugging buggies in and out of the car too. That part isn't so great for recovery (Phil and Ted E3 is heavy!).

I wouldn't do it again but then I won't live in the country again.

mummygow Mon 16-Jan-06 20:12:43

wigwambam is right midwife told me that I could drive as soon as felt that I could do an emergency stop, but I should check with my insurance what there policy was, personally I just started driving when I felt better but it was a short journey

winniewoo Mon 16-Jan-06 20:14:33

Never thought about the buggies..I suspose I am taking it easy being at home then it's all a different ball game when you are out and about..will just chill for another week or so..can only do me good!

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ladymuck Mon 16-Jan-06 20:14:50

It is worth checking on your insurance - there is no one law. And there isn't even anything on c/sections as such - it is just down to whether you are fit to drive.

chjlly Mon 16-Jan-06 20:14:59

I drove after 4 weeks too - I was told if I could stamp my foot down or jump off the bottom step without a problem it would be ok to drive.
I also checked that I was still insured which I was

beachyhead Mon 16-Jan-06 22:06:04

Drove after 2 weeks with my ds and drove after 3 with my dd. No law stopping you - when I phoned my doc to get sign off, she asked me to come in and signed me off, as long as I felt pretty mobile. I would go an get sign off from them if you want to. However when I phoned the insurance comapny to say I had been given disponsation to drive, they didn't give a monkeys.... Might be different for each comepany so give them a ring.......

Eulalia Wed 18-Jan-06 13:09:02

I drove after 8 days!!!! I felt fine and think I had the easier C/S possible. I live in the country and dh had gone back to work and had no choice really, or at least would have had to make very complicated arrangements. I only drove very locally for the first couple of weeks but was back to driving normally after about 3 weeks. I think 6 weeks is the maximum just to cover everything. Good luck.

Bramshott Wed 18-Jan-06 13:32:44

I don't think there's any legal stipulation, but the reason they advise you not to is that you need to use your stomach muscles if you have to make an emergency stop. I agree that it's pretty impractical though,isn't it!

Hulababy Wed 18-Jan-06 13:34:39

My GP didn't clear me to drive until 6 weeks after my cs. If I had driven before then, and therefore against my doctor's advixe, my insurance could have bee invalidated.

I felt perfectly well before then and had healed well too. I did find it a pain not being able to drive, but didn't want to take the risk.

Elf1981 Wed 18-Jan-06 13:35:04

I asked my insurance company, they said that as long as the doctors said it was okay to drive then they weren't bothered, they had no policy as such so I think they said that to cover their backs.
I drove after six weeks, though could have driven sooner. I was told by the hospital as long as I would be okay going an emergency stop then I would be okay.

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