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Jan 06 babies - no sleep til....!

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GeorginaP Mon 16-Jan-06 14:13:31

Hi there. Anyone feel up to joining me from Jan 06 ante-natal thread?

sweetkitty Mon 16-Jan-06 14:16:12

Eshay Mon 16-Jan-06 14:19:18

Hi Georgie,

Well, I would if I had a baby and felt I had a right to be here... Soon enough!

lyra41 Mon 16-Jan-06 15:06:36

Hiya Georgie

Good to see you here - isn't it fab not to be pg any more!!!! i'm lovin it.

how are your nights going? mine aren't too bad so far, although Alex does tend to feed for about an hour each time he wakes, but then does sleep well after. last night i had to wake him at 3am as my Jordans had arrived through the day yesterday, and i really had to feed him.

how is feeding going with you and Libby? are your nipples sore? mine are agony, bleeding freely and sticking to my breast pads (lovely!), but i keep thinking, nothing compares to the pain of labour, so i can put up with sore nips.

have you been out and about much yet? i'm still in the pj zone, which i'm quite enjoying, just slobbing about being waited on hand and foot. it can't last forever, but i'm milking it whilst I can !

lyra41 Tue 17-Jan-06 08:30:39


loomer Tue 17-Jan-06 19:59:22

Aha, so this is where we come to next!...

I'm very pleased (and feel very lucky) to be able to join you here - long may the fun from the antenatal thread continue!!

Lyra, I'll answer your questions to Georgie, if that's not too rude!

Our nights have been pretty ropey so far. Scarlett seems to cry much more lustily and unceasingly between midnight and 5am than she does during the day. Last night she woke and 'grumbled' heartily for 45 mins, then fed for 45 mins, then went back down for a couple of hours. Repeated until daybreak...
we haven't been able to persuade her into sleeping in the moses basket either - she's been in the bed with us or on one of our chests. I do hope it doesn't set too much of a precedent for the future, but midwife doesn't seem too concerned.

Scarlett has taken to breastfeeding like an old hand, and has a very impressive suck on her. As a result my virginal nips are rather sore, but so far no cracking or bleeding, so that's pretty reasonable.

I went out into town (three minute walk down the hill) with my mum yesterday, and managed about an hour pootling about doing errands before coming home. Also popped into town again today to post MILs birthday present. I find it a great help psychologically to get some fresh air and daylight on my skin. However, the effect on my bits 'down below' is not so positive... I don't think I will push my luck by going out again tomorrow. Well, maybe just a quick walk over the brow of the hill to test run the sling!

Right, am going to try and get my head down for an hour or so now, to get up energy for later tonight!

Can't wait to hear all about everyone else's experiences with LOs here.

lyra41 Tue 17-Jan-06 20:45:53

had a grotty afternoon today. mastitis suddenly came on at lunchtime, and i came over all feverish and shivery. feeling a bit better now, i've taken a homeopathic remedy and paracetamol and things seem to have settled down for the moment. i hope the remedy sorts things out soon!

still pleased as punch with Alexander, but taking things much more slowly that you loomer. i'm still in pjs all day atm, making the most of dh's pat leave and his willingness to wait on me hand and foot. i was planning on walking down to school on thurs to pick up dd, but i'll have to see how this mastitis goes. i've got some penicillin from the gp, but don't really want to take it unless i have to.

waiting with bated breath for iris and rachey's news, i hope they're ok!

Tickle Wed 18-Jan-06 08:41:33

Hi girls - nice to see you on the other side

Like you Lyra I'm still in the pj zone and determined to stay in it as long as poss. After dd2 I lost a lot of blood too and had a problem with fitting when I got home from hospital - very scary as I could have dropped/squashed the newborn so am determined to take it much easier this time.

But dh is being fab and doing all school runs (snowed again here last night, but should start thawing now). Am feeling more human today - hence first time on MN! - have a mw visit in half an hour where they do the heel prick test (owww ).

Small boy is a bit of a star - grumbles if hungry or about to fill his nappy, but otherwise pretty chilled. long may it last!

Also feeding really well - I'm at the Jordans stage too and am starting to worry about stretch marks, they are so huge. poor little mite looks dwarfed! Nips are sore, but I find just a tiny bit of lansinoh stops them sticking to the breast pads. Also try to let them dry out naturally if you can, before putting them back into the over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder

Off to make a cuppa and check on small person,

hope you can catch the mastitis before it takes hold Lyra... keep us posted

iris66 Fri 20-Jan-06 10:37:16

Hiya peeps - all quiet for a mo here so have just put my birth announcement on.

Dominic is in bed with DH at the mo as if he's anywhere within sniffing distance of me he just roots & cries until fed - DH brought him downstairs at 2 this morning & I had an uninterrupted 4 hours of sleep (more than I've had in total since Monday!!) I feel so much better but wish my milk would hurry up & come in so I can give Dom enough to settle properly.

Loomer - you sound fab (or mad )!!! out and about already!! Scarlett's feeding sounds great & lucky you on the nips front! Mine are cracking already. Dom's suction is so full on that I struggle to unlatch him. Been rubbing milk in after each feed & letting them air dry which has helped.

Lyra - hope the mastitis has cleared now (I can't even imagaine how painful that must be )

Rach texted me this morning to say she should be out tomorrow. She seems pretty bright but obviously a bit frustrated. Look forward to hearing all about her birth - how cool that we were only 5 mins apart!!

Anyway - can hear distant mewlings that are my call to action. later all... xx

GeorginaP Fri 20-Jan-06 13:05:44

V V quick message to say that I am alive. Had visitors galore and am feeling frazzeled.

Everyone going home tomorrow so will have more time.

Hope everyone and their bubs are well.

Am so looking forward to catching up with all the news.

And why is it that sleeping babies can ALWAYS tell the minute you log on

G xx

iris66 Sat 21-Jan-06 06:47:38

Hi all - just posted on the AN thread as forgot about this one

Lyra - I've also had cracked/bleeding nips from day 1 (Dominic feeding every 20 mins for the first 36 hours didn't help!) and have found Phytolacca brilliant for it (it's also the main remedy for engorgement and the associated pain) I also started taking Pulsatilla when the huge hormonal wave that brings milk & tears kicked in - it seems to be doing the trick as I don't feel so uncontrollably emotional any more.

DH has just gone to bed after doing a 2nd night shift. Bless him, he brought Dominic downstairs in the early hours yesterday & fussed him so I could get some sleep as I was so desparate (he'll only sleep when held at the mo - no matter how tightly he's swaddled!). It worked so well that he did the same again last night & just brought him in for me to feed at 2 and 5. He's being such a star and is absolutely besotted with his little man - it makes my heart melt.

Anyway - best go - I've been on here ages today !! have relis coming later so going to be busy. xx

iris66 Sat 21-Jan-06 07:11:28

Just been on Yahoo and had a little cry - Oh our babies are just soo beautiful aren't they - can't wait to see the full January set

sweetkitty Sat 21-Jan-06 07:14:16

I've been staying away from the Yahoo site I'm a walking bag of hormones as it is.

GeorginaP Sat 21-Jan-06 18:05:05

Hi ladies

DH got Libby for the moment so I can post on here.

Everything seems to be going well for us. ALthough I am DREADING DH going back to work on Monday as it'll be the first time I've been on my own with both of them. I'll just have to take it hour by hour.

Mollie has taken to Libby. Almost too much! She wants to help with everything and is always smothering her in kisses and cuddles.

Nights aren't too bad. We've had a couple of hum dinger bad ones, but by and large she isn't too bad. I've been BF lying down, but will have to BF sitting up tonight I think as she's got a cold and seems to be having trouble breathing and feeding.... last night she got such bad wind between 3-5am that we were taking turns walking the floor with her.

She's generally awake for two hours and alseep for two hours during the day. So I can get a sleep if I need one.

DH is just such a superb dad. A total natural and very besotted with Libby. He's really looked after me since I came out of hospital.

Oh, managed to rip one of my stitsches out last week.... cripes alive, that made my eyes water!!!! Oh, and had the added indignity of having to speak to the midwife about best cure for piles whilst DH in the room .

All in all I have to say that although its hard work, I am loving being a mum again. It's very very diff to the experience I had with Mollie, and I'm really hoping that PND doesn't rear it's ugly head again.

I've managed to get up and about pretty quickly. I think sub conciously I wanted to so I could prove to myself that I could do it when DH goes back to work.

Anyway, I've banged on about myself for too long. How's everyone else coping?

Lyra - how are the boobs?

Oh, anyone got some wisdom on how to cope with 2? Is it just a case of who ever cries longest and loudest gets attention first? Am quite frankly crapping my pants {grin]....

Peaceful nights sleep vibes going out to everyone.....

G xx

lyra41 Sun 22-Jan-06 17:04:40

hiya georgie
boobs slowly improving i think. taking penicillin now which should help i hope.

glad things r going well 4 u and dp looking after u well. that makes such a difference doesn't it. my dh has been lovely in that way too, it just takes all the pressure off doesn't it? like u i coped with pnd last time, but i'm hoping if i pace myself and get lots of rest i won't have it this time.

Rach69 Sun 22-Jan-06 18:50:51

Wow! I'm officially here Can't wait to catch up properly with all the babies - at last!

lyra41 Sun 22-Jan-06 20:31:42

Hi Rach

it's so good to have you back. i presume you're home now? hope you're feeling better. what a rough time you've had honey! been thinking about you and finn lots and can't wait to see photos!

we are doing ok, but had a pretty grotty week, both older kids ill with high temps and coughs, me ill with mastitis twice and dh ill with a tummy bug yesterday. we're all recovering now tho, and we have been out and about today, feeling much better.

hope you are taking it very easy! xx

GeorginaP Mon 23-Jan-06 13:22:03

Hey Rach - good to have you back. Have just read about your nightmare delivery. Some consultants should be shot.

How's everyone else?

First day with DH. it's actually going OK. But think that's becase Mollie at pre-school for the day, so it's only me and Libby.

She's feeding every 2 hours at night as well, so feel a litle zombie-ish. Also it doens't help that she's got a snotty nose and this makes it hard for her to feed sometimes (usually about 4am .

DH called from work to say he was on 17th cup of coffee.....

Oh bless my lovely DH, he's just sent me a lovely bouquet of flowers with a card that says 'to the best mummy in the world'. Am having a little snivel now.

Right, Libby's down for a nap and I think I should do the same.

Loads of love to everyone.

G xxx

GeorginaP Mon 23-Jan-06 13:22:35

Duurrrr - that should read, first day WITHOUT dh.

iris66 Tue 24-Jan-06 09:41:33

Hi all - Am sat here with Dominic in my "ethnic and earth motherly" sling but feeling as tired as a tired person on a very tired day in tiredsville

I've decided that I just don't "do" nights I can get up stupidly early and be really productive but that 11-3am slot when Dominc wants to feed constantly - and saves up all his wind for, is really becoming a killer. I'm going to get some fennel tea later to see if my drinking it will help his wind.

Georgie - how did your first day on your own go? PMSL at your DH & the coffee and what a lovely surprise the flowers were! (awwww) Our fridge seems to be breeding cans of Red Bull at the mo as DH is really suffering.
at your pulling out stitches. Is everything ok now? I was amazed how "normal" my bits felt within 24 hours this time (sorry don't mean to rub it in - I had loads of stitches last time as DD kicked on her way out so spent a v uncomfortable few weeks with salt baths)

Lyra - how are your 2 elder ones now? DD started to go down with what sounded like it was going to be a really bad chest infection the day after we got home. I felt really bad that I couldn't give her as much fuss as normal and doubly so as I didn't want Dom getting anything. Luckily it vanished as suddenly as it came but I felt everso guilty nonetheless.

Dh has decided that he'd like to hold a small "baby head wetting" do on Saturday. It's only going to be v close fiends and will have a time limit as there's no way I'm up to holding a full on party. I'm going out to recce a new Sainsburys to see if they've any nice nibbles I can get to bung in the freezer (and, of course to suss out any special offers on fizzy stuff!)

Talking of which I'd better get my act together & get dressed.

Hope you all have lovely days.

GeorginaP Tue 24-Jan-06 13:24:53

Hi there fellow zombies

Does everyone elses BF baby feed every 2 hours? Can sometimes manage to stretch her to 2 and 1/2. Can't remember for the life of me whether this is natural or whether Libby just a greedy guzzler . Had to give her 2oz of formula last night at 8pm cos just didn't have any mummy juice left.

Keep telling DH that if we can just make it thru first 3 months then things wil settle down. Poor lad, he looks like death on a cracker at the moment . Sent him downstairs to sleep on sofa at 3am cos he was tossing and turning and bugging the crap out of me!

Libby spent most of the wee hours either feeding or asleep on my chest as her snotty nose was bad and she couldn't settle lying down.

Ma and Pa here today to help with Mollie so feel very lucky that I've got 2 extra pairs of hands.

And, my lovely Polish Mrs Doubtfire is starting tomorrow. She's coming in 3 mornings a week to help with domestic stuff and the girls. Am counting my blessings that we've found her.

Am super lucky that we've got her and shan't be grumbling about anything.

But would kill for a two hour slot to get hair done... grey and roots just ain't a good look .

How's everyone else doing?

Iris - much respect for throwing a party -however small. And Sainsburys have got lovely selection of nibbles. Making my mouth water just thinking about them. Oh, and everything back to normal 'down below'. Thank god. Just got to tone up the old jelly belly now. Groan.....

Oh, is there anything I can give Libby to help dry up her snot? Have tried saline drops, but they're not working. Anything natural?

Right, better stop waffeling.

Love and hugs to all LO and tired Big Ones!

G xx

lyra41 Tue 24-Jan-06 16:27:33

apparrently a sliced raw onion near the baby works brilliantly to unblock nose. our nct teacher recommended it to a friend and it worked wonders. a bit smelly tho!

hunkermunker Wed 25-Jan-06 00:36:10

Have posted pics of James on Yahoo

He's adorable - he's really taken to bfeeding and is so good and sweet - am thinking about number three already...!

However...think there's a chance I have an umbilical hernia as navel very sore and looks a bit poky-out at the top. Rach, you had one of these after your DS2, didn't you? What did they do for it? Or did it just go away?

lyra41 Wed 25-Jan-06 09:07:57

couldn't find pics on yahoo , did you post them in the due in Jan folder?

couldn't find pics of Finn either, maybe you didn't get them posted after all?

hunkermunker Wed 25-Jan-06 11:44:48

Lyra, possibly not... They're in Photos and the album's called Due in January/hunkermunker. Will see if there's somewhere else I should've put them

Gotta dash - James needs a feed (he's going about three hours, four at night! I know this won't last though!).

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