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October 2010 - They've Got The Walking Down Pat, Now It's Chat Chat Chat

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NoHunIntended Sun 01-Jan-12 22:45:58

Hello, October Mamas!
Make yourselves comfortable.

HuggyPomBear Tue 10-Jan-12 19:48:18

We're going to Centerparcs.........again!! At the end of Feb and DH is taking me away for a surprise 3-4 days at the end of June (the surprise being I don't know the location but needed to know the dates for work. No major holidays as the Olympics means that we'll be hugely committed over that time (for olympics, para and special) so hardly anyone will get a summer holiday this year. Great for those trying to sort activities for their school age children in the holidays....not. 2012 is going to be a massive committment for my line of work, what with the jubilee too on top of everything else we're doing.

Re Italy and driving- they have to conform to high standards of child seats and outside of Rome the driving is fine in my experience. No worse than the UK. Well, the county where I normally live has the worst road safety record in Europe so anywhere is better!!

tiredfeet Tue 10-Jan-12 22:12:45

Oooh exciting tyson I really love Holland, a beautiful country. I bet ds will find it all really exciting too.

huggy that sounds like an exhausting year for you! We keep thinking about centre parks, am quite tempted to try it but it does seem quite pricey.

busyprocrastinating Wed 11-Jan-12 17:14:15

I love my holidays in the sun but I think we are going to be sensible and give it a miss this year. DD is a very big handful at the minute as she is just into everything, running around non stop and has an endless supply of energy so I don't think it would be very relaxing. Plus I would like to be pregnant again and would feel uncomfortable being out of the country. Then there are the more boring things that we need to spend our money on so I can't really justify it.
We are going to PILS caravan at Easter and as we bought all the camping stuff last year we will try and get a few weekends away.

TopHun Thu 12-Jan-12 02:09:11

<twirls>! Just trying out a new name, not sure I wont revert back to NoHun though. Is it lost that it's a reference to Top Gun?

Anyway! Ooh, holidays! There is a vegan summer camp in the UK too, it's just that we already know quite a few people going to Italy. Think the UK will be much easier though. Will see about finances nearer the time. And like busyp, we are hoping to be pg, if we get pg this month, I'd be eight months by August, so won't want to be abroad, ideally.

HuggyPomBear Thu 12-Jan-12 22:20:00

I love TopHun!! But then I would wouldn't I?!

When I read BP saying she hopes to be pg, I realised how totally unready I would be for anything like that. I really feel in my gut that I'm happy with my lot. Much respect to those trying for more!! My DD is a star, I just don't feel the urge for more.

TopHun Thu 12-Jan-12 23:19:57

smile Heh heh, well, true! smile

Do you think that is a definitely for good, no more DC? I totally see the advantages of having one and one only. I feel privileged to have DS, and if I don't get blessed with any more, I will feel overjoyed that at least I have him, but I really would have loads more if I could! Six or seven would do! smile But unless I get two loads of triplets, I am too old really to get seven! So at least one more will do, two more would be great!

HuggyPomBear Fri 13-Jan-12 08:23:06

Right now I am 100% sure but recognise that I may change my mind, but the feeling of sticking with what I have is very strong. I haven't really weighed up the advantages and disadvantages, its just an overriding feeling I have and DH is happy with that. Right after we had DD he was talking of having another and I do absolutely love that teeny tiny newborn stage- well, I've loved every stage really! On that newborn high, I would have had another too, but now my hormones have settled I am happy with the status quo. I have occasionally thought it would be nice to have a little boy charging around the place as well (but like girls too!) but I have my lovely energetic nephew for that!

On the age front, you never know!! Fingers crossed for you. smile

TopHun Fri 13-Jan-12 14:30:14

You can't guarantee you'd get a boy next time anyway! Tis wonderful to be happy with what you have.

Well, based on having singletons, one every two years, I'd be 49 by the time I was having my seventh! No thanks! smile

HuggyPomBear Fri 13-Jan-12 16:26:22

Absolutely. I am the 2nd sister so of course would be happy to have another DD if I found myself pg. But I have nooooo plans for that smile.

HarrietJones Fri 13-Jan-12 16:55:20

We would like anothe but health , logistics & finance mean it wouldn't be the best decision!

Giving it until dd3 is two before we commit

tiredfeet Fri 13-Jan-12 21:35:17

I am pretty happy with one for now, I like the balance in my life, but part of me thinks we should give ds a sibling, so I am contemplating a second but not for another couple of years. Ds is wonderful and I love my time with him but not sure I am ready to be a mum of two yet

nohun I admire your ambition grin

Tyson86 Fri 13-Jan-12 21:50:18

I am very happy with two dc, but I am going through the hard stage that dd wants to do fun things but is too little and I still have to do fun things to keep a 3 year old entertained.
If I had a 3 bed house and a 7 seater and no health problems then I would poss just keep going till all the car seats were full. I love my dc and being a mummy but cant see me logically having more.

busyprocrastinating Fri 13-Jan-12 23:05:36

I feel exactly the same Tophun- love the new name by the way. Feel so lucky to have DD that I would be happy if this was my lot, but I do want more. I think 3 would have to be the limit, due to age, finance, car, DH etc. But best laid plans and all that we will just keep trying for number two and see what happens. My friend came round with her LO the other day and DD was very jealous when I was having a cuddle with the baby so I don't know how she would react to a new baby in the house.

DD seems to be changing daily at the moment she is like a little sponge taking everything in. She is learning more and more words. The new word of today was 'shoes'. She refuses point blank to say daddy and calls both me and DH mummy which is very funny as DH insists she does it to wind him up. When i ask her to say daddy she just says mummy and giggles so he might be right grin

TopHun Fri 13-Jan-12 23:57:14

Ty, I can imagine two the ages yours are together is not plain sailing! smile DS is into everything, how you cope with two, I don't know! Still, it is what I wish for.

Thanks re my new name, bp! <twirls again> smile I like it a lot! Though the main reference is lost on the rest of MN who don't know what DS is called! smile

I can't remember how old you are, I think you may be near my age? I think three is our limit due to age, I don't ideally want to be trying much after 40.

HarrietJones Sun 15-Jan-12 17:48:39

Are we due a growth spurt at 15m? Dd3 is eating everything in sight. I seem to be called (signed) 'milk sit there'

Tyson86 Sun 15-Jan-12 20:43:19

HJ quite possibly, dd is doing the same. She is even attempting chewy foods! grin

TopHun Mon 16-Jan-12 13:44:05

smile @ 'milk sit there'! smile

HuggyPomBear Mon 16-Jan-12 21:14:01

Phew! found the thread by searching for TopHun! I seemed to lose the postnatal threads!

TopHun Mon 16-Jan-12 22:23:02

<feels important> smile
Do you post a lot elsewhere? I don't, so you lot are always high up on the Threads I'm On.

HarrietJones Tue 17-Jan-12 18:21:22

I keep posting on the no replies ones so they clog up my threads I'm on & then I have to hide loadshmm

Dd3 has been with me all day and just asked for milk. She has eaten tonnes of solids today though. Major brain growth spurt I think. Lots of clever responses today. Had a little toddle round town & she took me to the charity shop and straight to the toys. She's usually in the pram & don't always go to the toys. She bought a book in the end, had cows in , cows are good!

HuggyPomBear Tue 17-Jan-12 19:53:19

No, I don't post hugely elsewhere, I think because I hadn't posted in a while it had time expired, but I also couldn't find the whole post natal thread either.

Why Tophun you are important, you started the thread!!

TopHun Tue 17-Jan-12 22:20:22

<wallows in warmth of importance> smile

Plumsieinaonesie Wed 18-Jan-12 16:32:29

Hi all
(was loobyboo, monkeymaker)

Thought I'd post as haven't for awhile.

Little man is nearly 16mths and looks like he is having a growth spurt as he is eating lots and just being a little monkey, I do say he was sent to bring us joy as he just makes us laugh a lot.

Other news adding myself to the sept 2012 thread as it looks like we are pg with another, total shock and let's just say Christmas spirit may had something to do with it (not alcohol) only 6weeks so not counting chickens, as already had some bleeding but confirm with a scan today that there is a little one there.

Now have to get my head around it all.

HuggyPomBear Wed 18-Jan-12 18:25:46

Congratulations Plum! smile. Another joy spreader for you!!

Tyson86 Wed 18-Jan-12 18:45:46

Congrats plum, nice to hear from you again smile

grin @ Cows are good.

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