Aug/Sept 05 Babies - NW3, NW6, NW8 Mums :)

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HeyBaby Sat 07-Jan-06 11:50:58

Hi there! I had my first son (first child for that matter!) last September and am wondering whether there is anyone else online in my area (I live in West/South Hampstead) who has a baby around the same age? I am loving being a mum and there is so much amazing baby stuff in this area but it would be great to get to know some other mums for a bit of moral support!

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bubbles2904 Sat 07-Jan-06 12:22:06

hi heybaby, sorry i don't live in your area but i also had my baby last september (god, that sounds weird as she's only just 4 months old). why don't you join us on the september post natal thread. we're a friendly bunch although i suppose i have to say that LOL

HeyBaby Sat 07-Jan-06 12:38:44

Thanks Bubs (for short - hope you don't mind!). Will check it out!

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bubbles2904 Sat 07-Jan-06 13:24:41

don't mind bubs at all, believe me, i've been called much worse

HeyBaby Sat 07-Jan-06 17:55:09

Would still love to hear from other mums in my area though! I get cabin fever sometimes and the checkout staff at Sainsburys/Waitrose and Woolworths don't provide the most sparkling conversation ..... Anyone out there???!

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