Feb 05 - New Year Thread

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saintnik Mon 02-Jan-06 18:14:34

New Year - New Thread!!

Hope you all had a lovely festive season!

I went for a nice walk in the park today as it was lovely & sunny. Sneezed violently half way round and realised my pelvic floor integrity ain't what it used to be. Which got me thinking about New Years resolutions!

2) Get Toned and Fit
3) Get pregnant
4) Sort out the garden

Obviousy number 3 may have an impact on 1 and 2!!

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gossifer Mon 02-Jan-06 18:37:55

happy new year

i hope all babes and mums are well

just back and starting to think of all those things we must do this year........groan

leon holds a spoon and bangs it when he eats but its not going anywhere near his mouth! lots of self feeding of finger food here though

he says dada with meaning and has loads of other sounds but that's it really

he's doing lots of standing and then falling.....

W0MBAT Mon 02-Jan-06 18:49:49

Happy New Year Feb Mums! I can't believe that our little ones will be toddlers soon. Any babies walking yet apart from Linus? I don't think my dd will walk for a while as she seems much happier crawling about.

Great New Years resolutions Nik. Number 2 and 3 are on my list too. Obviously hoping to achieve number 2 first and then go and spoil it with number 3.

Tipex - my dd has 6 teeth and bites everything including our brand new sofa!

Blondeinlondon Mon 02-Jan-06 19:03:34

Happy New Year

Nik - your resolutions are similar to mine although DH is still trying to convince me on the pregnancy one!

Wombat - no walking here yet, only just got the hang of crawling

gossifer Mon 02-Jan-06 20:03:08

leon just crawling and doing a bit of standing

he does hold his bottle as he drinks milk now though!

love the resolutions nik, we'll be trying in a few months me thinks, housing needs to be sorted first though!

Tipex Mon 02-Jan-06 21:10:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

futurity Mon 02-Jan-06 21:26:42

Happy New Year all! No new babies here at all for me ever...2 is more than enough and alot harder than I thought it was going to be! Sorting out the garden and getting toned and fit is on my list as well. Sam standing loads now and occasionally with one hand but don't see him walking for a few months yet. Says Dada lots and tries to say his brothers name Adddaaa!

SnowmAngeliz Mon 02-Jan-06 22:35:49

Hi all+
No news yet, i go for my rescan tomorrow. I have had the longest week and just can't physically sleep. I keep lying awake with 10 thousand thoughts in my head. I have actually worked it out that if the bleed on 23rd was an implantation bleed then that usually happens 9 days after conception which would make me only just 5 weeks tomorrow!! It seems like i must be further as normal pregnancy test came up BRIGHT blue immediately on 23rd but i'm hoping that's the case. It's just the not spotting anything at all and the fluid in Pouch of Douglas thats obvioulsy the worry too.
Thanks for caring though and it's nice to have a place to let off steam as apart from my mam who i had to tell, noone knows.

Amelia is sort of leaning on toys on the floor and standing up, she nearly did a forward roll the other day but she too is just mastering the art of crawling really.
Still has a few spots lingering but over the chicken pox. My dd1 on the other hand, she had them as a baby but very mild and they said she could get them again. Well bless hasn't she just!! They are all over her, even inbetween her fingers and on her lips!! (she's 4 btw). She's coping really well but was up lying on the settee last night watching reruns of 'Who wants to be a millionare?' (i couldn't find anything else suitable) till 11p.m!!

I haven't thought about resolutions but my main one is hopefully to have this baby++

I will let you all know tomorrow how it went ande once again, thanks for caring and sorry for putting a dampner on the thread of late.

saintnik Tue 03-Jan-06 09:03:02

Thinking of you today, Angeliz.

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gossifer Tue 03-Jan-06 09:51:56

You are not a dampner and I'm sure everyone would agree we just want to be there if you want us to be there.
Thinking of you today, lots of cuddles
Me and Leon

starlover Tue 03-Jan-06 10:57:13

oh angeliz, the waiting game is so horrible isn't it? the not knowing.
Are you still bleeding? if it was ectopic they'd know by now surely? isn't it very painful?
sorry about all the questions! just thinking that if you aren't in pain, and you aren't bleeding then that's GOT to be a good sign right??? here's hoping anyway!

My new years resolutions are:

lose weight
get a house
get pregnant (if i can persuade dp!)
do more activities with Linus

has anyone else really suffered from lack of baby groups etc over christmas? we've seen a lot of my parents and other family, but no other babies, and no getting out of the house to have a good run around (linus, not me!)

SnowmAngeliz Tue 03-Jan-06 13:35:35

Well, i went.

They saw a gestation sac and then the sonographer said she couldn't see a yolk sac, the nurse however with her eye on the little screen at the side said she could see one. The sonographer lookjed round and said that screen was much better and it was a yolk sac. They couldn't see anything else yet but 6 days ago they couldn't even see the gestation sac!!
They are all erring on the side of caution with me saying we're not out of the woods yet and in 10 days time we can be more sure.

But i'm hopeful now , still worried obviously but for the sac and yolk sac to have developed, then surely that's positive. They've ruled out ectopic too.
I didn't have any bleeding or pain starlover but i think they were worried about ectopic as they couldn't identify where the sac or anything was and there was fluid in the pouch of douglas. There wasn't fluid today and the sonographer today told me that you sometimes get that anyway!

She booked me in on Friday 13th but changed it when she saw my face so Thursday it is and i HOPE we'll see a heartbeat next week.

Just think, this time next year there may be a few little new ones on our thread!++++++++++++++++++++++++++

SnowmAngeliz Tue 03-Jan-06 13:37:09

BTW, my mam is doiung my head in as she can't get her head around why i don't want to tell people yet and she feels like i'm lying to my sisters!!I have tried to explain that i want to be 100% sure and dd1 will be the very first to know but she goes on and on.........sigh!

W0MBAT Tue 03-Jan-06 15:13:27

That's great news Angeliz, it sounds much more positive. Good idea to change your appointment from Friday 13th. As for your mum, well she should just let you tell people when you are ready. She shouldn't be putting the extra stress on you so hope she leaves it now.

Starlover - I've missed the baby groups too. More for dd's benefit as not too keen on the local toddler group I go too. Might try some classes instead.

It's great that so many of us are thinking of trying for another one. I probably won't really think about it till the end of the year as, like Starlover, I have to convince DH.

starlover Tue 03-Jan-06 15:47:54

angeliz that's fab news! i am really happy for you i guess i need to keep my fingers crossed til next week though eh? you have a very naughty baby in there... hiding away and scaring you! lol

can totally understand why you want to wait before telling people. I didn't tell a lot of people until after my 12 week scan!

pjsmum Tue 03-Jan-06 15:51:56

Fantastic Angeliz, really pleased for you Dont blame you about the friday the 13th!
Ive just weighed myself so one resolution is to loose a mountain of weight! hate to think how much i weighed this time last year!!
Im back at work on Thursday absolutely dreading it! Dd is in nursery all week so ive got 2 days to myself, went back to bed this am didnt wake til 12! Oh it was bliss.

Blondeinlondon Tue 03-Jan-06 16:02:16

Glad to hear positive news Angeliz

Pjsmum - I am v jealous of your lie in
DS is refusing to nap in his cot so is currently asleep in the buggy, raincover still on, groceries for the fridge still in the basket

saintnik Tue 03-Jan-06 16:11:28

So glad it was positive news, Angeliz & I'm sure that little heartbeat will be there for you on the 12th - will keep everything crossed till then.

Ahh, lie-ins [wistful emoticon].....

Am going to ditch the Xmas name and change to something new - DH told my NCT pals I'm on here so need something slightly more anonymous.

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picnikel Tue 03-Jan-06 16:14:25


New name for nik72/saintnik.

Wonder how long it'll take little sister to work it out?

gossifer Tue 03-Jan-06 18:34:09

angeliz, for you, totally agree also about not telling people yet

starlover, i know what you mean about groups over xmas - swimming is always good over xmas, very quiet!, my resolution is to do more too! we're all booked up this week with activities! overload.......


roosmum Tue 03-Jan-06 20:34:44

hello all!

& a belated happy new year

angeliz, read through the thread feeling horrified for you....hope you get some good news soon, great to hear that it's looking better for your bean! hope you're not too worried atm, thinking of you.

tipex - roo's sleeping really badly atm, dunno what to do about it! i could almost try CC atm, i'm so tired & fed up with it all! on the plus tho, he's eating well, so it can't be hunger (i don't think anyway). teeth probably?? have decided to give him calpol tonight if he's as bad as last!

hope all the unwell babes are doing better too!
blonde - what WAS the piece of wood pressie for ds about?!
roo had various bits of plastic, lots of books tho too. & i've spent piles on clothes for him in the sales

right better go tidy up!

gossifer Tue 03-Jan-06 21:01:40

i don;t know if this will help but leon doesn't even cry now when we put him to bed, he will lie down with his eyes open and just go off to sleep at about 7/7.30pm
we now put him down for his afternoon nap this way too
i'm not gonna pretend i found it easy doing CC but we cannot believe how long we had him up until he fell asleep (or how late) and how we have a relaxed evening routine and our evenings back
hope this helps somehow

Tipex Tue 03-Jan-06 21:20:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gossifer Tue 03-Jan-06 21:52:11

tipex, you are 100% right, i know from some of my friends that not all babes respond, we are just v.lucky
poor ds being sick
leon was sick at some point over xmas, when we came into the room he was asleep and it was everywhere, i felt awful, i know there is no way that we can sit with them all night as they sleep incase they are sick but i still felt terrible about it, poor little ones

gossifer Tue 03-Jan-06 21:52:15

tipex, you are 100% right, i know from some of my friends that not all babes respond, we are just v.lucky
poor ds being sick
leon was sick at some point over xmas, when we came into the room he was asleep and it was everywhere, i felt awful, i know there is no way that we can sit with them all night as they sleep incase they are sick but i still felt terrible about it, poor little ones

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