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10 month post 2nd c section tum .... not looking good .... how to shape up ?!

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SusanKiss Fri 21-Oct-11 00:26:15

Sorry if this is in the wrong place .... newbie to posting lark .... but 10 months post second c-section (in quick succession - first c-section was 15 months earlier) my tum isn't looking good at all ... most of the chub has now gone following strict dieting, but has left a rather sad, wrinkled and very flappy/flabby tummy .... not very attractive at all .... can this be sorted out or improved even slightly ..... without resorting to surgery as I'm a wimp !! Any advice very gratefully received. Happy to embark on a fearsome (!) exercise programme to improve it, but would love to hear from girls in the same boat that this actually WORKS !! Thanks !!

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