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July 2011 - Feeding, sleeping, burping!

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Eglu Fri 16-Sep-11 21:04:21

Hi all,

I thought I'd better start us a postnatal thread, since it's now September.

Think we should have a list of babies.

Eglu - DD - 26th June

JimmyChoo17 Thu 28-Jun-12 19:04:13

Oh and want2be....on that subject....has anyone embarked on the next bump? Come on fess up someone must be smile

SpannerPants Sun 22-Jul-12 19:20:31

I can't believe I have a 1yr old sad

No no.2 yet, although if I had my way we'd be trying right now! I'm so broody but we can't afford another until 2014 at least sad

buttonmoon78 Mon 23-Jul-12 11:10:04

Ha! There'll be no more bumps here! But watching with interest so I can live vicariously through others... wink

DS is now 1yr and 1wk. And sleeps like a newborn.

I used to be so smug. The fact that all my others slept so well was all down to me blah blah. DS was my slap in the face for being so smug. I'm a humble mother to a non sleeping baby now grin

I love him - he's so cheeky and lovable, and loving - he's always giving hugs and slobbery open-mouthed kisses but I'm so tired of no sleep at night. It's driving me to distraction.

Want2bSupermum Thu 26-Jul-12 03:18:32

Jimmy So DH and I are pregnant again and my due date is Feb 21st 2013. At the end of April I was laid off which was a huge shock as everyone in the office was talking about me being promoted. In any case I am studying like mad for my exams so I can get them done before DC2 comes along.

DD is an absolute joy and full of giggles. We threw her first birthday party last weekend and next year we will do things differently as I don't know if I can survive these parties.

Button Glad to hear he is sleeping! Took him a while but at least he has caught on.

buttonmoon78 Thu 26-Jul-12 07:26:28

Woohoo! Congratulations!

Want2bSupermum Thu 26-Jul-12 13:09:00

Thanks button. Have to say I miss you guys. I am on the due in feb thread and everyone has migrated to facebook. As DH has my log in details for FB but not for MN I really don't want to go on there!

JimmyChoo17 Fri 04-Jan-13 21:31:51

Hey non fbookers, how are you all getting on?

BumbleBee2011 Sat 05-Jan-13 10:26:02

Wow I haven't been on here for a while (oops, not sure how I managed to drop off so spectacularly!)

DD is super, so funny and just a general delight. I think this is a very cute age, with so much personality!

I am 15 wks pg with number 2 now, (had an early mc in August last year) so I am now due exactly the same week 2 years after DD, just edging into July 2013.

Anyone else?

KamikazeeKid Sat 05-Jan-13 15:26:44

Ive been looking for this thread for ages with no luck!! Hello all!!

Ahhh congratulations!! Sorry to hear about your loss.

Are you on facebook? Trying to work out if you are?? There are a couple of new babies and pregnancies announced I think.
DS1 Is just amazing fun hes such a joy to be about smile

I have changed my name tho just for I am rather warily announcing I too have joined the pregnancy game again!! Im about 5-6 weeks however I feel incredibly normal. I have had losses before DS1 so am worried that I have no intense symptoms and this time last time I had my head down the loo ALOT!! Im just hungry and weeing alot....which I dont get as I thought that happens once you start balooning....

I headed straight onto MN to read about symptom-less early days...which reminds me...I hate pregnancy worrying grin Plus I ate so much cured meat, pate etc and drank a fair bit over Xmas before finding out!

Hopefully all is well though. I'll be due in Sept 2013 x

BumbleBee2011 Sun 06-Jan-13 14:25:17

Congratulations Kamikazee grin

Don't worry about worrying, that just happens regardless of circumstances. And I get very hungry/weeing early on in pg, so that's a good sign!

I do use Facebook - how do I find you all? Is there a link?

JimmyChoo17 Wed 09-Jan-13 21:20:02

You have to be added I think if you message me your name and what you look like in your profile pic so I know which Jo bloggs it is I'll try!

Congratulations kk!!

MrsMillions Fri 11-Jan-13 11:59:51

Hi ladies

I'm a July 2012-er with a quick question that I thought you might be best placed to help with.

My MIL is desperate to start knitting things for what will be her first DGC. I'm hoping to reign her in until after the 20 week scan but she has asked what we would like. My own hunch is "nothing yet, it'll be July I.e. (hopefully) not cold" (also they'll grow out of newborn things do quickly I don't want her making too much) but politically I think I need to let her do something.

So what knitted items did you/your relatives make for your July babies that were vaguely useful right away?


BumbleBee2011 Sun 13-Jan-13 11:47:42

MM - my MIL knitted us a baby blanket, that was very useful and will be a great little keepsake.

Got a lot of other random knitted stuff, I think cardigans were the next best thing as they just go over smear clothes when there's a bit of a chill (if they are white, so they go with more outfits).

KamikazeeKid Sat 26-Jan-13 14:11:12

Def a nice knitted blanket! We also had 2 knitted cardigans and a hat which were gorgeous. Newborns in July still get wrapped up so a bit of knit might be useful.

I must say I hate knitted items normally but his little blanket is a great keepsake and special as made with love :-) its a dying tradition

Want2bSupermum Tue 05-Mar-13 02:38:28

So I had DS last Monday. He is a whopper at 10lb 6oz. We called him Philip Christian. DD has so far taken it in her stride. DH is doing a fab job of making sure she isn't missing out on attention.

My obn didn't want to do a VBAC because if anything hadn't gone to plan they would have had to do an emcs anyway. My recovery from the planned CS was much faster than with DD.

Bf wasn't going well as DS lost 1lb in two days plus started getting jaundice. The paediatrian suggested pumping but when the lacation consultant told me I would need to pump every 2-3hrs once I go back to work I ran to formula. I was laid off last year and got a new job with a fab company. It is darn hot here in summer and I don't fancy running out to my car to pump while at a client.

MM DH cousin knitted us lovely waffle weave blankets for both DD (cream) and DS (dusky blue). She used 50/50 wool/acrylic so they work well in the heat and the cold while being machine washable. My MIL paid a fortune for a 'princess' blanket for DD. I used it twice because it is handwash only and pulls at the slighest tug.

SpannerPants Sat 30-Mar-13 07:47:35

Congratulations want2b!

My gran knitted a load of things which went straight to our local NICU - they were not to my taste at all (and were far too small, she's losing her marbles and knitted DS a load of hats which would have been snug on an orange, never mind a term baby with a 90th percentile head!

PregnantPain Sun 07-Apr-13 09:57:44

Hi all catching up it has been a while, I was purpleplump initially can't remember the nc I had with you guys. My DD is 21 months old in 3 days. Am also due in 5 weeks with DS!

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