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July 2011 - Feeding, sleeping, burping!

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Eglu Fri 16-Sep-11 21:04:21

Hi all,

I thought I'd better start us a postnatal thread, since it's now September.

Think we should have a list of babies.

Eglu - DD - 26th June

nicolamumof3 Fri 23-Sep-11 21:22:36

button fingers crossed the bottles continue to help x

SpannerPants Sat 24-Sep-11 12:16:04

We seem to have hit a growth spurt, DS has fed almost constantly for the last 3 days (I changed 10 nappies yesterday!) including at least every 3hrs at night, which wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to keep him upright afterwards for his reflux or if he would sleep between feeds. Im at the end of my tether, and DP has gone out to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a new fishtank while I sit here feeding, with babysick down my cleavage, crying. My period has started and I'm very spotty and hormonal!

Here's hoping it doesn't last for much longer!

Eglu Sat 24-Sep-11 13:40:12

Spanner that sounds awful. Hopefully the growth spurt will end soon. I haven't got periods yet, but I do keep getting stomach cramps and am feeling very hormonal. I wasn't expecting this yet as with the boys my periods didn't come back until they were 6 months

buttonmoon78 Sat 24-Sep-11 19:51:35

Oh, spanner poor you. I hear you with the baby sick down the cleavage. It's THE look this season dontcha know? wink

The bottles do seem to be helping with the wind and immediate vomiting though he still brings up lots of acid so is still pretty miserable.

nicolamumof3 Sat 24-Sep-11 21:59:04

hugs all not much more to add really atm. Feel a bit guilty to say that dd is still being a very good baby blush but i've been there and feel your pain.

Had a lovely walk out in the sun today suddenly realised how big dd is getting and sad that the newborn phase has n ow definitely passed

JimmyChoo17 Sun 25-Sep-11 11:07:06

Feel for you spanner!!

Period arrived 2 weeks ago and has only just started to slow down...considering I used to last 3 days and very light....I felt like I'd been butchered!!!!

Who on here has dealt with tongue tie? I recall seeing it mentioned but would have to trawl thru the old thread I guess.

Went to bf clinic about nursing strikes and was given anippleshield to trick him on....not needed it since bizarrely...well the mw said he has tongue tie which I had previously been told he hadn't (admittedly but the mw I didn't particularly rate) but not sure whether to do anything about it...he is 9 weeks and at last weigh in (2 weeks ago) was 12lb8 Nd putting on 6-8oz a week. I'm getting him weighed tomorrow and asking the hv her opinion but of it was an issue would we not knowbynow? If he is putting on weight is there any damage to the future by not getting him snipped? I don't want to put him thru it unnecessarily as i imagine it's painful. The bf clinic mw didn't labour the point but then again DS was screaming his head off tired in a room full of quiet feeding babies (shame!) so was trying to move us on!
Someone mentioned a possible lisp if was bad and left. Lucily my new dr is a great peadatrician so he will see him after my hv visit if needed. But wondering how u guys got on and at what ages and what affect it had on baby?

buttonmoon78 Sun 25-Sep-11 15:26:21

S was 4 ish weeks. The specialist we saw said up until about 4-6 months they barely feel it. He didn't seem unduly concerned - shouted when it happened, latched straight on again and that was that. There was no delayed fall out or anything! Apparently there are very few nerves or blood vessels in that bit. I think the age thing is more that it would be a bit traumatic once they realise what's going on. A bit like taking a newborn for injections is a damn sight easier than a 10 yo as the 10yo knows exactly what's happening when advanced upon with a needle!

If it is bad it can lead to issues with speech and eating but I think it would have to be quite pronounced for that.

Re the feeding - you might realise that it improves even if you don't see where it could improve currently (apart from the strikes!).

I'd speak to a specialist but to be perfectly honest, I'd get it done if I was in your shoes. You don't have anything to lose and you might have a fair amount to gain. I guess it's possible that the strikes could be related - maybe it's frustration?

isitreallythattime Tue 27-Sep-11 14:32:22

jimmy my dd had tt and after weeks of asking for help at 9 wks she was seen and they released it. i was same as you and worried. when they did it they told me to wait next door ready to feed and it was over in about 3 mins. she was a little upset after and there was small amount of blood but she was fine. glad i got it done as she is feeding slightly better now. shes also cooing alot more. it changes their face as they suddenley have more of a tongue to wiggle around. x

a11yJ Tue 27-Sep-11 21:02:51

Eglu - DD - 26th June
Ljil - DS - 30th June
isitreallythattime - DD - 12th July
broomformychin - DD - 14th July
SpannerPants - DS - 14th July
Buttonmoon78 - DS - 16th July
PWB- DS-16th July
JimmyChoo17 - DS - 22nd July
Scarthy1975 - DS - 23rd July
a11yj - DS - 29th July

hey can i join?

it seems there are lots of july boys!

my DS has reflux were now on colief not been trying it long but it seems to be working, it breaks down proteins in the milk! its expensive so drs r reluctant to prescribe but you could always buy it then tel them its working!?

JimmyChoo my DS had tt had it snipped at 4 weeks, it took literally 30 seconds and he barely cried and fed straight away after! its worth having done now as he may need speach and language if it affects his speach when hes older, DS is cooing loads now and hes 8 weeks!

DS had his injections and is extra sleep today, hopefully is better tomorow!

has anybody read gina ford contented baby? DS has been on it for 2 weeks now and he wakes up twice between 7pm and 7am! he also has decent naps in the day! which gives me so much more freedom!

started my period today even though im EBF think its because he goes long stretches between feeds in the night!

this is my first so everything seems so sureal!

buttonmoon78 Wed 28-Sep-11 07:10:27

Colief did nothing for us. True lactase deficiency is super rare so for every baby it helps it will do nothing for another 199. That's the other reason why drs won't prescribe it! Glad it's helping your's though.

I must admit, the thought of having decent sleep at night is tempting (envy) but I have a bit of a moral objection to 'she who must not be named' as I saw my SIL crumble on her routines and spiral into PND. If it works, great, but if it doesn't there's no help. And I've been working on the same principle of getting max milk in during the day but the little guts will happily be pumped full in the day and then still wake 3 times between 7-7 regardless. So I think he's just needing feeds more often rather than more of them! I had a friend though who had a perfect contented little baby for her first and a tasmanian devil for her second!

Had ds weighed yesterday - 13lb15oz so gain has levelled off considerably. I think this is prob because he's found his true level but could also be to do with the mammoth vomits he's been doing this week with his reflux.

prolificwillybreeder Wed 28-Sep-11 08:19:36

Hi all!
Jimmy- hope you are well, I'd do the same as others have mentioned about TT. I also seem to be having a very long period. It's horrible on top of tonsilitis sad
Button- how is everything button? Your app is soon isn't it? Sorry DS is doing some mammoth sicks.

Colief didn't work for us either.
She who shouldn't be named however, was great for us.
We are all still poorly here. DS2 has a terrible cough, it's caused by post nasal drip I think. The doctor saw him
Last week and said he was ok. I'll be going back to the doc...our second home! Next week if it's no better.

prolificwillybreeder Wed 28-Sep-11 08:21:24

Hope isthat, spanner and Nicola are all ok.
I'll come back later if I can DS1 is in a foul snotty mood sad

buttonmoon78 Wed 28-Sep-11 09:41:58

Oh poor you! Sounds rotten. Are you on anti-bs for the tonsillitis or is it viral? At least with bacterial you can do something about it other than wait it out. Your poor ds too - mine has a cough all the time but I think that's to do with the reflux tbh. Appt Friday - yay!

Your comment about SWMNBN says it all doesn't it - what works for one won't with another and vice versa. I think my opinion has been coloured by SIL's bad experience!

SpannerPants Wed 28-Sep-11 10:13:48

we've come out of the growth spurt or whatever it was. DS has suddenly become more efficient at feeding and seems to empty the boob in 10 mins instead of 45mins, although he still likes to cluster feed in the evenings. He's happy sitting in his bouncy chair for 20min at a time so DP and I can have dinner together again grin

I've just persuaded him to have a nap in his cot for the first time, I put him in awake and had to stand there for 45 mins (he screams if he feels like he's on his own) but hopefully it won't take so long next time. We're going to the baby clinic later to get him weighed which should be interesting, he's just about grown out of his 0-3 month clothes now.

Hope your throat feels better soon PWB - I used to find gargling with beechams powders great before I had my tonsils out, the aspirin has a local anaesthetic effect as well as reducing inflammation - doesn't taste very nice though.

Welcome A11yj, glad the colief is working for you, it is very expensive isn't it?!

Jimmy how are you getting on with the nursing strike now? hope things are getting better.

JimmyChoo17 Wed 28-Sep-11 14:40:17

Hi all!

The little rascal decided to feed normally since! Cant complain really. Have used the shield a couple of times when he is particularly fussy. it's lovely having him feeding more off me again. Stayed in with him more to avoid having to give him expressed in a bottle. Attempting first night out this weekend so he'll be back on the teat again tho.

Regarding TT.....I had to have an initial appointment with my new drs healthcare asst and the pead dr popped in and said he doest think is necessary to have it cut just yet....He thnksits moving back and said it's not pulling. So has asked me to hold on to when I see him again (12 weeks) it's not stopping him from gaining weight (he's a chunky monkey) and he can stick Tongue out. So am now seeing what he recommends in a couple ofweeks. Having seen loads he thinks is not a problem. I had convinced myself to get done but if that's what he recommends then at least Im prepared! Am annoyed at hv tho as she said she had noticed it but neglected to mention it!!???? And she was asking ME what I thought about his charts...erm no idea you are the professional love! I've been told he's been feeding great and weight was good up until now...he's averaging 6-8oz gain a week. Am glad the dr looked tho so will revaluate in a couple of weeks with him.

Well we bit the bullet and booked holiday for my 30th when he'll be 4 months. Am wondering how will be on flight etc anyone attempted holidays with a young baby and lived to tell the tale?

I have that Gina book...might read it as suddenly settling him for daytime naps is a struggle....

Ooops best post this, battery about to run out back soon!

Want2bSupermum Wed 28-Sep-11 17:53:31

Hello everyone.

Made to England and back again. Baby was fantastic on the plane and the security people at Newark airport were amazing. Manchester airport on the way back was a nightmare. The muppet at the security check wanted me to dip my dirty finger into her formula and taste it and open up her premade formula and sip from it. After arguing with him and then his supervisor for 30mins I was lucky that a lovely doctor who was clearly a parent came through behind me and told the security man that I was right and he should let me through without sampling the formula.

DD is huge and is in 6mth clothes due to her length. She must be 25" already and is starting to gaggle out noises in an attempt to have a conversation. She also gets the giggles which I love hearing. We are still struggling with blow outs. She is quite the pooper!

Two of my clients have told me they are not happy with the people covering for me so I am going to back to work in mid october and will be working in the office 3 days a week. It wasn't a difficult decision to make but I am annoyed so told HR that two clients are not happy with the cover. DH is off in Dallas this week so on my own. Very proud that I am holding down the fort on my own. I am also planning my sisters wedding and taking an exam next week. I think I need to get my thyroid checked.....

scarthy1975 Wed 28-Sep-11 19:46:49

Hi all,

I used the GF book with my 1st and have used again this time. TBH I only use it as a guide i.e. number of feeds and amount of sleep and works really well for me, DS only wakes once in the night for 15 mins to feed and then again at 7.00am. I think if you try to follow it rigidly and it doesn't work you could upset both you and the baby.

Has anyone noticed that their armpit and leg hair have stopped growing since giving birth? I only noticed the other day when I looked to see how bad they were and there was nothing there - great!! Is this a bf thing?

buttonmoon78 Wed 28-Sep-11 23:21:07

Just had a huge argument (and very long) with dh. Basically I'm not coping very well with everything that has to be done. Which is what I said. But because there is nothing that can change then according to him there's no point saying it angry He has sent a text apologising but I'm still really angry and upset.

So now I'm sat here, about to wake ds up for his feed knowing I won't see my bed until midnight at the earliest and then will be up twice between that and 6am and he gets to settle into a nice comfy empty hotel bed with no screaming child to wake him up.

I'm bloody exhausted.

Oh, and scarthy? I could knit stockings with my leg hairs. If only I could find the time...

Want2bSupermum Thu 29-Sep-11 13:19:23

Hey button, sorry to hear things aren't going great. I know where you are at.... I am starting to understand the importance of family and having them around to help you raise your family. I told DH that I can't do it all and I am not even going to try. I asked him what was important to him and I have my list. It has made it a lot easier to rope people into helping out. Thank goodness we have spare bedrooms as we have quite a few guests booked to visit over the next two years. We are saving up to move to the best school district so can't afford to pay for help.

Also I was surprised at how quickly resentment builds. DH is on the road so out from 5am-9pm. As this is America he is flying so some overnights are required. It hasn't been easy when being on my own. He is going to Dallas for 4 nights in October. I am so thankful that I will be working so will have DD in daycare during 2 of those days.

Scarthy I am very jealous... My body hair not yet read the memo that I am no longer pregnant! I have more facial hair than I did before I got pregnant and had a 'tash' appear at month 5 which is still growing. I have to shave my legs daily now. DH has agreed to me getting laser treatment after we finish having kids.

buttonmoon78 Thu 29-Sep-11 13:36:57

I've calmed down a bit now smile. However, all this still needs dealing with if I'm not going to have another meltdown next Wednesday. I know what you mean about the resentment... last w/e DH was moaning about staying away, eating alone, sleeping alone, poor me etc. He couldn't understand why I looked at him like this hmm I can't begin to verbalise to him how luxurious that would seem to me. I know it's horses for courses and all that but a little sensitivity wouldnj'tgo amiss!

I'm still having a pants day however. Following our accident the insurance co agreed to replace the van as it was so new. Excellent. So here we are, a month down the line and they've changed their mind because.... the van was leased and they were unaware of this. 'Really, are you sure?' says I. 'Why yes, Mrs BM, we are - we knew nothing' says they. So I've shown them the originl disclosure and they've got all squitty and even more arsey. So I told them they either stick with the original agreement or pay us more in the settlement. Or I go to the Ombudsman (and I know how much they have to pay to refer anything to them) and contact my solicitor. And now I'm standing back to watch the fireworks.

I could really do without it angry

On the upside, it's dd1's birthday today. Went out earlier to get her cake (ran out of time to make one blush) so at least I have cake to look forward to tonight!

cara2244 Thu 29-Sep-11 21:47:02

Hi, just marking my place, been away for ages as I started developing RSI from the late night mums netting, emailing and browsing on my phone! but the lovely OH has now bought me an iPad!!

Can anyone share my 'baby won't take a bottle and I have started working again' pain??! I am feeling such guilt about working, but I am trying to build up my freelance business so I don't have to go back to proper work.

Button moon, my friend with pnd has now been hospitalised. It has been such a difficult time for her and it turns out she was much worse than she was letting on and had been hiding her symptoms for months.

cara2244 Thu 29-Sep-11 21:49:30

Jimmychoo, I took my son on holiday to Portugal when he was 4 months and it was a dream, just lovely. If you're still breastfeeding, just feed like mad on the plane.

buttonmoon78 Thu 29-Sep-11 22:26:57

I'm sorry to hear that cara. I hope she gets the treatment she needs.

My HV wants to come round on Monday and do the Edinburgh score with me. I want to tell her to get stuffed but I know that's because I'm worried about what she'll discover (and yes I realise that's hypocritical having wished your friend well). But I don't think I really have pnd - I'm just totally overwhelmed with everything.

Basically life is just a bit pants atm. I need a nice big boost. Or a cleaner.

Want2bSupermum Fri 30-Sep-11 17:24:17

cara Anna hated the Avent bottles but loves Dr Browns. I have her on level 2 nipples now.

I can't imagine how awful it must be to have PND. I hope your friend has a speedy recovery.

Jimmy flying is fine. I did Newark to Manchester and back again. Just don't give into the security people when the tell you to sample the formula you have for your baby. Once you dip a finger in you shouldn't be using it. With the premade there is no way you should be sipping from the bottle. You can only bring on the plane what you 'need'. I brought two extra feedings which worked brilliantly as our bags too forever to come through at Manchester airport. If you can avoid Manchester or Heathrow airports then do. In my experience they are the worst airports in the world.

button Enjoy that cake!

cara2244 Fri 30-Sep-11 22:51:37

Button I feel overwhelmed at times and I only have 2 and a DP home every eve. I remember feeling overwhelmed with ds at times, but I think it's when it effects your ability to function normally that it's a concern. I do fly off the handle too easily at the moment and am starting to try and recognise when I feel wound up, and either chill for a few minutes or go for a walk.

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