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July 2011 - Feeding, sleeping, burping!

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Eglu Fri 16-Sep-11 21:04:21

Hi all,

I thought I'd better start us a postnatal thread, since it's now September.

Think we should have a list of babies.

Eglu - DD - 26th June

JimmyChoo17 Fri 16-Sep-11 21:59:33

Just weeing on new thread to Mark my spot smile

For those of u that have had your first period since birth/post natal bleeding it normal to be miles heavier and longer?

Baby first jabs next week. I'm changing dr so bubs has better medical care I have no confidence in my surgery plus there is a. Receptionist who says no to your appointments but if u ring during another shift you get them. She's a nightmare. Plus all the trouble I've had with them (lost a baby due to a drs neglect!) I daren't risk it with Oliver.found a great drs to go to tho and he is a paediatrician too just seems weird as I've been with my drs since birth. My sister nearly lost her womb due to their incompetence so it's about time!

Hope everyone is well! I've not been able to catch up on here so much as mostly any chance to get on net is on mobile and this doesn't load too well so usually use the facebook page but miss some of u that r only on here!

Button, I hope u r doing ok now?

I've had issues with random nursing strikes but am working with him to keep him feeding it's going well so far.

Anyone use baby sleeping bags? Can u tuck the loose bit under them so their feet are at the bottom of the cot? He is still in blankets in his basket but am thinking of moving his cot in our room as he loves being able to starfish in the space. Like his mummy smile

Gone onto ceracette mini pill and seem to be piling on pounds all of a sudden!??? Anyone else had this with this pill? I'm exercising (light as can still feel internal scars from c section) and not eating bad at all? And I'm breastfeeding so can only think pill is doing this?

JimmyChoo17 Fri 16-Sep-11 22:00:36

Oo sorry

JimmyChoo - DS - 22 July

buttonmoon78 Sat 17-Sep-11 11:10:14

It's that lovely clean sheet feeling again!

Eglu - DD - 26th June
Buttonmoon78 - DS - 16 July
JimmyChoo - DS - 22 July

Doing loads better now thanks Jimmy though I am beginning to think I maybe did crack some ribs after all! I'm on the injection. No periods at all - yay! Hope your nursing strike ends soon, I've been following your thread.

DS still piling on the pounds but got nasty reflux which we're struggling with.

I am in total awe of your ds liking to starfish though. DS still needs full swaddling!

However, last night he slept from 11.30 til 5am. I appreciate that someone will come along soon and say '5.5 hrs? dc is doing 12 at a stretch' but it's a huge achievement for us grin

broomformychin Sat 17-Sep-11 11:13:43

May I join?
DD 13 July.

broomformychin Sat 17-Sep-11 11:16:20

Argh I'm tired she was born on 14 July!

Eglu Sat 17-Sep-11 13:27:02

Welcome broomformychin.

Jimmy with a sleeping bag you don't really need to put them at the bottom of the cot. That is just to stop them slipping under the blankets. I love sleeping bags as my boys always kicked their covers off. They still do age 8 and 4, and end up with their duvets in the bottom of their covers. grin

*Button DD will not sleep at all even in the daytime if not swaddled. DS2 was swaddled for 4 months though, so I'm not expecting anything else.

buttonmoon78 Sat 17-Sep-11 13:45:08

All of mine have until at least 6 months. People go a bit hmm when they see a whopping baby fully swaddled but as they'd wake up if not I never cared. The only issue is I've been given some gorgeous 0-6m sleeping bags and they're barely going to see any use!

Welcome Broom. I keep telling everyone ds was born on 15th as he was due to be induced then. They were too busy so it ended up being the next day but my poor brain forgets that blush

Today has not been so bad reflux-wise. He's still been as sick but not as much in pain for some reason.

Ljll Sat 17-Sep-11 14:24:00


May I join?
DS born 30 June (2 weeks early)

I used to lurk on the July pregnancy thread... smile

DS loves being swaddled so we do that and then put a summer sleep bag over the top. Does Anyone swaddle and use a sleep bag as well? If so do u swaddle first or the other way around Iukwim?!

JimmyChoo17 Sat 17-Sep-11 16:08:40

Ouch! Cracked ribs r painful. Glad u r feeling better tho. Oh and button jealous of your 5.5 hours...longest he goes is 4 hours! Im not too worried as is usually only for a 10 min feed then he is off again until 630/7am. Just hoping he does eventually sleep thru. He's getting better than was. Would love to know what he has to giggle in his sleep about tho. Button, can u not take your sleeping bags back tot the shop and swap for bigger ones? I've done that for loads of things as we got bought so much 0-3 month stuff. Asda was best as took loads of stuff back with a view to getting a bigger size on same thing but they gave me vouchers instead so I got stuff for him that he needed instead.

He has never liked swaddling he screamed loads in hospital when they did...took his arms out....and he was a happy chappy...does get cold hands tho, put mitts on but he soon has them off.

Thanks for info about sleeping bags Ladies.

Welcome to the newbies!

Am chilling out in the house this weekend and putting up a big fat do not disturb sign too so it's just us. Pure bliss! I've become a bit of a domestic goddess this week cooking some yummy foods too. I'm fitting the housewife role a little too well. I'm ready to become a kept woman grin I went into work this week. I don't miss it but know that I will be looking forward to going back as I do like it and will be earning money for my little family again, but I also know it's going to be so hard leaving him sad I need a lotto win sharpish...10 months to go - boooooo! I'm hoping to move hours about and do a day from home. Can't afford to go back part time unfortunately.

Anyone fed up of all the Xmas ads yet? I'm excited for his first Xmas so I can go stupid on things he really doesn't need but think the chocolate santas showing their faces in august in supermarkets was bad.

SpannerPants Sat 17-Sep-11 18:00:07

Eglu - DD - 26th June
Ljil - DS - 30th June
broomformychin - DD - 14th July
SpannerPants - DS - 14th July
Buttonmoon78 - DS - 16th July
JimmyChoo17 - DS - 22nd July

Hi ladies, thanks Eglu for starting the thread!

No periods here yet thank god, not looking forward to them restarting. I'm not using any contraception yet but DP and I are just holding hands for now - my episiotomy scar is still pretty sore blush I thought it would be feeling better by now but it feels bruised and achy and hurts if I sit directly on it sad

DS had his jabs on Tuesday and was really mardy for 2 days and had me up most of Thursday night so I drove over to my parents in my zomblie-like state and they looked after him while I had a nap for 2hrs - bliss! And last night he surprised me by sleeping from 10pm - 6am, although my boobs woke me at 5 because they were so engorged that the left one had leaked through the pad and was dripping onto my chest/neck! He's pretty good at night and usually sleeps from 9-3/4ish but doesn't sleep in the day unless he's on me.

I'm still using nipple shields to feed, keep trying without but DS has no idea how to latch on properly and will just lick my nipples, bit frustrating but using shields isn't the end of the world. I can even put them on under a muslin in public now! We're thinking about taking part in the EAT study but DP read in the information they sent us that you can't go out of the country (even to Scotland!) for 3yrs while the study is ongoing so I need to ask them why, I'm not going without a holiday for 3 years.

We went to an NCT nearly new sale today to stock up on 3-6 month clothes - got just about everything we need (plus a few toys and a swaddle blanket) for £19 so I'm chuffed with that grin

Hope everyone is well!

scarthy1975 Sun 18-Sep-11 12:15:18

Eglu - DD - 26th June
Ljil - DS - 30th June
broomformychin - DD - 14th July
SpannerPants - DS - 14th July
Buttonmoon78 - DS - 16th July
JimmyChoo17 - DS - 22nd July
Scarthy1975 - DS - 23rd July

Good to hear all our babies are settling in nicely! DS is still EBF and usually wakes about 3/4am to have a feed but is only awake for about 15mins so not too bad. TBH DS1 is waking earlier at the moment and I thought starting school would stop that!

I've used a sleeping since he was about 5 weeks old when he went into his cot and his own room. Used them with DS1 and found them to be a godsend. Never swaddled either of them as never sure I was doing it right - both mine get cold hands too Jimmy but it doesn't seem to bother them.

Hope you are ok Button after your accident.

JimmyChoo17 Mon 19-Sep-11 14:57:43

8week jabs/blood curdling scream done! He's ever so unsettled this afternoon now poor thing.

isitreallythattime Mon 19-Sep-11 16:51:54

Eglu - DD - 26th June
Ljil - DS - 30th June
isitreallythattime - DD - 12th July
broomformychin - DD - 14th July
SpannerPants - DS - 14th July
Buttonmoon78 - DS - 16th July
JimmyChoo17 - DS - 22nd July
Scarthy1975 - DS - 23rd July

Just had tongue tie snip today. Thankfully they asked me to leave room. Was fine other than she wouldnt feed after. Will see how she gets on. Feeding/sleeping is becoming an obsesion now. All i want her to do is feed happily and sleep lots hmm as i am sure we all do. Really annoying as she was having dream feed at 11 and sleep till 5 having a very small feed then sleeping till 7 ish. Now she has reverted back to waking between 2 and 4. She has a cold so thats probably not helping. Still in our room although is going to be too big for basket very soon. Dreading her going in nursery tho as will mean i have to wake up and go to another room to feed her, where as at moment i can just do it half asleep, also her room is near ds so she will prob wake him.

How is everyone doing with DPs? We are nearly at breaking point. sad

SpannerPants Mon 19-Sep-11 17:51:08

DP and I had a big bustup at the weekend about the food shopping of all things! We had a good chat and have both agreed we need to help each other out more, I've been trying to carry on doing everything at home but not managing to do a proper job of anything. I'm finding the change from being at work to being a mum much harder than I thought I would!

Hope you're ok Isitreallythattime - I'm sure your DD will improve once her cold has gone and she can breathe better.

Eglu Mon 19-Sep-11 18:41:50

Jimmy I've got the 12 week jabs next week. 8 weeks ones went not too bad, so hopefully will be the same again.

Isit I get wound up with DH a fair bit due to tiredness. But DH is used to me, and as it's the 3rd child we just get on with it. I am particularly annoyed that DH is not helping get DD to take a bottle. Especially as he wants us to go to a party in 2 weeks for a friend of his.

buttonmoon78 Mon 19-Sep-11 21:39:28

We've been to breaking point and have headed back the other way. For eg, on Saturday, I went charging into the kitchen to wash all the bottles, to find that he'd done it without me saying a word shock. He's also getting better at doing night-time things. If I've been up before, then if S wakes at say 4/5, he'll take him and try to settle him to I can get a bit more kip. Don't get me wrong, he's still an insensitive git, but he's trying!

I've had a few meltdowns in the last week or so. I'm trying to do too many things and not doing any of them well. I think this is what is prompting this new dh. He realises that he's asking a lot of me and is desperate to avoid me slipping towards pnd.

isit I really hope you see an improvement. Sleeping is an obsession here too. After Saturday night's amazing 5.5hr stretch, he was a complete toerag last night. Mind you, ds1 has got a rotten cold so I'm thinking S might be going that way too.

We've got 8wk jabs tomorrow but I'm thinking of postponing tbh. He's so troubled by his reflux, the gaviscon creating massive constipation, and I'm beginning to wonder about cow's milk protein intolerance. He's always got dreadful wind. Tonight it got to the point where his stomach was audibly growling and I could feel the knots in his tummy through his clothes and swaddling. Poor love was shrieking in pain sad I think that perhaps to add the jabs in as well at this point might just be a little bit too much for him.

So we also have an appointment with the gp tomorrwo when I shall ask about all these things.

For all those struggling with dh/dps, it will get better.

nicolamumof3 Mon 19-Sep-11 21:54:54

Yaaay we've finally got postnatal grin

hello my lovelys. I really ought to change my name hadn't i but i don't have the time!

Im mostly on fb but wanted to check in here.

DD is nearly 9w, I am joing a buggy workout class tomorrow a bit nervous as im crap at meeting new people but we'll see how it goes.

DD still a lovely baby very good, sleeping well. DH and i take turns on the night feed as she only wakes once so its pretty manageable. Life is bloody chaotic tho with four children theres not denying it. DS3 just went full time at school today very sad about that, i miss him. But hoping to get in a good daytime routine now with dd.

Oh your poor ds button sad

DD is very sick after her bottles she seems to be bring loads back up, not sure if this is normal or 'o.k' the boys were greedy and didn't waste a drop. She rarelly cries for a feed, always goes four hourly in day. Boys were never like this it certainly is all different this time around. Despite this im finding it an uphill struggle to keep up with everything and I have a very co operative and hands on dh as well. I suppose this is life now isn't it when you have four kids?

prolificwillybreeder Tue 20-Sep-11 11:58:59

Hi all! I found you!
How are we?
How you doing button? So sorry DS' reflux is still awful. Have you tried osteopathy. I understand completely it's not everyone's cup of tea but thought i'd put it out there. Button I don't know if your FF or BF but SMA do a LF formula you can get in boots. I tried this with DS2 before we could get dairy free formula on prescription.

Nicola- I feel bad and embarrassed to even think I find 2 chaos! You sound like you are doing amazingly! I find just getting out the house an uphill struggle. Then both boys need feeding, bottle feeding ds2 and spoon feeding a 14 month old it's madness! I panic when one or both of them kick off. I force myself out to town once a week, it then takes me a week to recover! Like wading through treacle I feel sad

prolificwillybreeder Tue 20-Sep-11 12:07:09

Spanner- had a similar bust up with dp recently we are now making a big effort to improve.
Hi Eglu! Hope you are well.
Isthat- ds2 has a cold too it's horrible. Poor thing. Am giving him saline nasal spray before every feed.
Hi Jimmy! I've just moved ds2 over to sleeping bags. He was happy swaddled but wriggles so much, he was getting himself free and then the blanket was everywhere! <sigh>

So sorry, I know I've missed people but must dash DS1 needs lunch!

prolificwillybreeder Tue 20-Sep-11 12:08:41

Oh oh can someone add me:

PWB- DS-16th July

isitreallythattime Tue 20-Sep-11 14:00:49

Eglu - DD - 26th June
Ljil - DS - 30th June
isitreallythattime - DD - 12th July
broomformychin - DD - 14th July
SpannerPants - DS - 14th July
Buttonmoon78 - DS - 16th July
PWB- DS-16th July
JimmyChoo17 - DS - 22nd July
Scarthy1975 - DS - 23rd July

Thanks for replies re DPs. Makes me feel a little less inadequate knowing that Im not alone in the cross households. I think with mine, although he is very helpful on the practical front and will do his fair share of sorting bottles in evening, dishwasher etc, its the fact that he has not offered to do nighttime feeds once, and will often miss dream feeds as he nods off in front of telly.
I the morning it is the usual battle of ive had no sleep, and ive had less sleep than you have, blah blah blah.

Getting into bad habbit of sleeping in sep rms as we both sleep better and just basically mornings are negative and manic, then evenings we are both manic getting sorted then i am extra snappy because im so tired.

I know it is fairly normal to get like this due to tiredness but im concerned its more than that.

Hey ho, onwards and upwards. I have two very beautiful children now so i mustnt grunmble.

Have you tried massaging babies tummies when they get uncomfortable? I am no massage expert but i have heard it can help?

buttonmoon78 Tue 20-Sep-11 14:20:23

We now have a prescription for ranitidine so we're off the gaviscon (yay). Saw another gp in our practice who is more forward thinking - said if I knew the risks/benefits balance and thought it worthwhile then he wasn't going to stand in my way. Said I knew what I was about what with this being #4 and all, and said he appreciated that with dh being away all the time it wasn't healthy for me to be dealing with such a pain-full baby.

So we're trying that as of this afternoon. He also suggested using anti-colic bottles. Checked out the price in Tesco this afternoon shock!!

nicolamumof3 Tue 20-Sep-11 18:05:36

what bottles do you use button? I was using the ctn tommee tippee but felt the big too teat covered under dd's nose,so switched to MAM but too many parts/leaky now on Avent!

buttonmoon78 Wed 21-Sep-11 07:05:44

The same tt ones as you were. Looked at the tt anti colic plus ones in Tesco and when I came home I looked up some reviews. Apparently - dreadful! So I've gone with the power of the internet review and bought a couple of Dr Brown ones off Kiddicare. They were 11.49 for two which I really didn't think too bad for fancy bottles. If they work I'll get the quad pack too and some larger teats as that would again take me over the free delivery. I'll let you know how we get on! I found avent really good with ds1 though. I only used the tt ones as they were given to me!

Bought ds a new car seat (Britax Adventure £60 down to 30) to replace the one we threw away after the crash, and ds2 is now in my sister's cabriofix which incidentally seems to be better for his reflux than the creatis. Am now trying to buy some adaptors from ebay as I can't use it on the pushchair at the moment which is a total bind.

So, bottles and car seat arriving tomorrow - yay!

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