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December 2010 - 'I read the manual, she shouldn't be doing this just yet!'

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DuelingFanjo Mon 22-Aug-11 11:10:17

Tah-Dah! New thread, hope this is ok.

old thread here

So our babies are becoming more independent, saying more, eating more and bumping into stuff... Seems to have gone so quickly!

How are you all doing? How is it being back in work (some of you)? I have a month left before I go back and leaving Bob with my mum is getting harder rather than easier sad I want to spend more time with him not less, though I do understand that I have to let him go and get used to being with her. Not looking forward to the settling in at the nursery but hope by October it will all seem normal for both of us.

kellestar Tue 17-Sep-13 13:23:32

Hey kiwi! B now has a 4 month old brother who only sleeps if attached to my nipple >.<

She is 3 the week before Christmas and she is such a determined little miss. We started her at preschool for a few weeks over the summer and she loved it, she now goes 2 mornings a week, it's nice to get a bit of peace and some time alone with W.

She decided to start potty training a few days after I bought W home, she is mostly dry during days, but not at night.

We still haven't moved her into a bed yet as she still fits in the cot and has never shown any interest in escaping. W has outgrown the crib and needs to move into the cot. Any tips for a fidget who won't keep a blanket on and wriggles all over the bed.

kiwi5 Mon 16-Sep-13 20:24:47

hello hello ello ello lo lo lo......

how is your 2 3/4 yr old? my dd is pretty cool. tons of toddler tantys but also some amazing moments.

she is being a great big sis to her new bro - 3 months old and v scrummy (interestingly he read the sleep manual as opposed to his sister who didnt sleep thru til she was 18 months)!!

i was never very good at posting on this thread, dd will be three at the end of dec.

anybody else there?

kellestar Sun 08-Sep-13 17:03:52

helloooooo... [holds hand to ear to hear the echo]

anybody here....

would be lovely to hear how you are all doing with your almost 3 year olds...

Strix Fri 25-Jan-13 09:47:04

I was just thinking I haven't caught up with you guys in ages. But this thread seems quite old. Is there a newer one?

kellestar Thu 29-Nov-12 16:17:24

Hi max Bea has changed her mind and now prefers to do a poo in her nappy and make a big heave-ho of it. Then denies all knowledge of it. I've lost my sense of smell and taste with this pregnancy, so can't smell it, so if I've not noticed her doing one it's a real shock to any visitors smile Wees in the potty though, she loves her stickers and feels excited when she gets a new one for each wee she produces. I've also bought poo stickers [bigger and sparklier] but they just aren't appealing to her [may have to branch into other forms of poo bribery].

Just back from my 20 week scan... it really is so weird doing this second time Cannot believe that I don't see a midwife now until baby arrives, unless of course I ask for one. I have to go back for another scan at 32 weeks as I have a slightly low lying placenta, which I am hoping will move out the way.

I've sent the invitations out to Bea's birthday party... we only had family last year, this year she's having her little friends around for lunch and a bit of a play. I just can't believe how time has passed...

Hope all of you are well, keep seeing y'all posting about MN and thinking how you are doing now.

maxpower Tue 20-Nov-12 22:57:09

Hi all,

It's been quiet on here! Can't believe our LO's are all approaching their second birthdays already! Hope all mums & LOs are well and looking forward to Christmas.

Congratulations kellestar

Matty's still denying he's done a poo even when he's stinking the place out, so I think we're quite a way still from potty training.

kellestar Thu 23-Aug-12 20:44:20

So if you haven't already noticed OnlyWantsOne is on another live birth thread with DC3. It sounds like it may actually happen tonight squee

OwO's thread

Bea is still up and driving me bonkers. My batteries have ran out, and yesterday I found out why I'm feeling so crabby, crappy and exhausted. Due in early April smile big grin as even though AF was late all PG tests were neg, they were duds, was worrying that I was in poor health and had to wait a long time for a GP appointment.

Bea has also decided that potty training maybe a good idea. She now tells me that she's doing a poo/wee and hates being in her nappy. Just so not ready for this, have to go get some potty training stuff. Ack! any advice? anyone else starting?

kellestar Thu 26-Jul-12 21:31:43

max how are you getting on with this sunshine now? smile

it's just too hot here in somerset, no breeze to speak of and no shade in our garden, so we have been mostly doing indoor type things in the cool.

I have been hanging from a stinking cold for a week and I still feel manky. B is bouncing as usual and by mid afternoon I'm ready for a nap. But she doesn't do daytime naps anymore. Where she gets her energy from I have no idea, as she barely eats some days.

Ah well, hope all is well with all of you.

maxpower Wed 18-Jul-12 21:48:33

Just checking in to see how everyone's doing. Not impressed with the 'summer' so far. Hope everyone's well.

kellestar Sun 13-May-12 21:50:03

max Bea is obsessed with our chickens, she likes to chase them about and they are so dopey, she's caught them a few times as they keep crouching [they miss Trigger something rotten], shrieking with delight, she just loves chasing them around the garden and it's a great way to burn off some energy. She's really exploring now, she can climb and get into all sorts of things, she can open the really stiff zip on the change bag, as she emptied all of it out in the hallway along with my makeup, eyeliner drawings on the quarry tiles [damn good stuff from Avon, it's a bugger to get off the tiles] and she can unscrew bottle lids, like off the small bottle that was half filled with lucozade, she necked it back and was buzzing all of Tuesday. I was recovering from D&V so was really weak and feeble and ended up curling up on the sofa while she caused mayhem.

She sure knows what annoys me anyway, she's so good really, she's just really naughty when she is.

Any news onNotso

maxpower Sun 06-May-12 20:40:48

Matty did have hand foot and mouth but he's all better now. We got some new chickens last weekend and Matty is absolutley obsessed with them - we have to take him out to see them (in the rain!) about 6 times a day. He then stands next to them waving a repeating 'hello, hello' over and over again. I wonder if he'll be a farmer when he's older? wink

maxpower Thu 26-Apr-12 20:17:33

Hi All,

Sorry I've been MIA for a while. Matty's completely settled at nursery now although he's had some sort of a cold for a while - loads of snot, he had gunky eyes for about a week and he has this awful sounding cough that he only gets at night. Today he's come up in loads of weird spots on his face. I think he might have hand foot and mouth but DH (who knows about this stuff) says the spots don't look right.

I'm well into being back at work now. M-F is ok, I do have the occasional bout of missing the DCs (especillay Matty as DD is at school during the day anyway) but I just take the view that this must have been what it was like for DH last time round. I've got Monday off and plan to spend it playing with Matty all day smile

Matty does lots of babbling but he's still not saying much, although he makes himself understood very well. I can't wait for him to start talking properly.

I guess notso must be due any day now so good luck!

kellestar Sat 21-Apr-12 21:42:56

notso F sounds so like another at baby group, he is so disinterested in walking, crawling is good enough for him. He's incredibly fast and causes just as much mischief as Bea does.

Bea's bedtime routine has fallen apart. Over easter she had a three day fever, which seems to be going around the groups at the moment, no cold or anything, poor mite just couldn't settle well, so she spent the whole night in between me and DH. Really screwed her up now as she doesn't want to go to bed at all until we do, then she want's to sleep in with us. I'm getting a stiff neck from resting my head on the bloody side table. DH is too soft and I put her back in the cot and as soon as she cries [two minutes later] he goes and gets her. This continues until I give up and let her sleep in with me. Grr.

I've been out for a meal with my parents tonight for Dad's birthday and Mum was going on about my Dsis' wedding plans. I'm just trying to keep my head down. Mother-of-the-bridezilla is too true. She was a nightmare when planning mine.

We have now stopped BF'ing, sad sad day for me. She was a little grumpy, but another milk blister brought about with her chomping, it made me finally decide it's time.

Trying to think of a present for DH he's 30 this week and I have no idea what to get him.

notso Tue 03-Apr-12 17:16:36

Hi all. Just popped in to see if there was news of cheeseandgherkins and I am pleased to see there was.

I am 37 weeks today, and despite trying to savour the nice aspects of pregnancy for the last time, it's not easy!

F is knackering me, he isn't walking yet. I think he sees walking as a trick he does for applause rather than a mode of transport. He has realised that I am not quick at the moment and uses this to his advantage by causing havock then crawling away at top speed!
He has finally started sleeping in his own bedroom this week and has slept from 7.30-8 until 7 nearly every night, so clearly DH and were keeping him awake! I can't believe it, he even woke up last night, put his own lullabies on and went back to sleep!
He had chickenpox last week which was pretty horrendous, they were in his eyes, mouth, ears, everywhere, he pretty much screamed or slept for five days. I can recommend pox-clin if/when any of you come across the Chicken pox, that and a bath were the only things to soothe him.

kellestar I have heard of bridezilla but not mother-of-the-bridezilla!

bakingkeepsmesane Fri 30-Mar-12 06:15:43

Your mum sounds very eccentric! Can imagine infuriating...

DD is good company, just a bit clingy sometimes if I'm trying to work. She's finally walking unaided though mostly holds hands outside as it's bumpy ground around us. She's been coming out with mostly b words lately, pronouncing very sweetly - bear, ball, baaa, boo & makes appropriate animal noises when she sees them or hears the word. No mummy or daddy but mumma & dadduh!

Loving the sunshine too!

kellestar Tue 27-Mar-12 20:24:09

It's lush seeing them interact with others. B loves to stroke the little ones and is starting to play at the same activity with those of the same age or older. She loves her cousins who are 3 and 6 next month.

However much I grumble I love having my family close. Though at the moment I'd like to send my mother to somewhere far away right now. DSis is finally getting on with the plans for her wedding and it's all getting stressful with my mum's demands [ridiculous ones, like no-one else is allowed to wear peach, so it needs to be on the invitations] I ignored her weird requests and she still holds it against me. She lives in lala land most of the time.

All B wants to do at the moment is run around the garden, we are having a friend of the family lay a patio for us. We bought the slabs and bits 7 years ago, but started on other projects and it got left by the side. We have a crappy gravel path that is mainly grassed. Now it'd be nice for her to have some where to safely have a trike or something.

She has some good chatter it's just random chaff, though the odd chicken or Oh dear sneaks in. She points at the titifers on ITNG and shouts tits and points at them. Always makes DH giggle. She did point at a baby crawling about and I thought she said Baby Jake. Maybe I'm giving her too much time with Cbeebies blush only five minutes of peace now and then, but obviously rubbing off on her.

DuelingFanjo Fri 23-Mar-12 22:24:53

Hey there, I am back to DF smile
nice to see this thread pop up in my active convos again smile

B is great, very active and happy. He has a brand new cousin (now 8 weeks but not sure if I mentioned her before) as my sister had a baby girl in January. It's nice to have a cousin from my side of the family so geographically close as my brother's kids are miles away.

I am hoping B will start saying stuff soon. He sometimes says a word and then doesn't say it again. I am starting to feel very knackered out by working and being a mum and am eating like a horse because I am still breastfeeding. I am broody too but it's not likely i will hae another.

kellestar Fri 23-Mar-12 19:29:27

DF or are you still going by YF?? Hope B is doing better now.

We have loved the last few days of sunshine, I've been out in the garden poking about and Bea has been helping me.

She's really a monkey in disguise. We have to turn the electric cooker off at the big switch on the wall as she keeps fiddling with the knobs, which are stupidly low and easy to reach, she melted a plastic tub with a lovely fresh cake in it. It is a ceramic hob so was panicking that I wouldn't be able to scoop up the gloopy plasticy hotness. Had a bit of a meltdown and did shout a bit. She was crying before I'd noticed what she had done, she knew she'd been naughty. She also keeps resetting the dishwasher so a load never has a complete cycle.

My friends are all having their stork deliveries and I'm getting broody again. Still BF'ing in the morning and evening and my periods still haven't really returned in any form of regularity so have no idea when ov'ing so just trying to find time for BD, when I'm knackered enough already.

Hope you are all doing well and making the most of the sunshine.

kellestar Tue 06-Mar-12 19:09:17

Bea caught her first chicken. Henrietta was just too slow and Bea too fast. It was quite funny, both of them surprised, Bea dropped her and Henrietta ran away. Very chuckle worthy. Wish I had my camera.

YuleingFanjo Mon 05-Mar-12 17:11:10

hey all.

B has stopped at 7 teeth, not had a new one for over 3 months. I wonder if he will get a load in one go.

He had a small op last week to search for his missing testicle, turns out it wasn't undescended but just barely there so they removed what they can find and he now has just the one. Horrible experience but he's coped with it really well and is back in Nursery after a week off.

hope all are well.

93pjb Wed 29-Feb-12 21:58:24

What wonderful news for C&G!

I really feel for you max - definitely take it easy, three weeks ago I tried to keep going when I wasn't well,mainly because it was the third or fourth old since the start of the year and I ended up making a big and stupid mistake at work that i'd not have made had I been on form. It really wasn't worth getting out of bed that day!

Kelle, m was weighed at the dietician last week (still a wee chunk despite his dairy allergy) he had everything on except his shoes and coat - I think once they are a year it's standard practice but it is odd and does mean a big jump on the graph. (the more so for a petite little thing like bea - m is 11.5kg now so not such a big impact!)

maxpower Tue 28-Feb-12 09:38:33

Matty's been having teeth grief too. All his molars seemed to be coming through last week in one go. Thankfully they seem to have settled down again for the mo.

Having been at my new job for precisely one week, I'm off sick sad . I've got sinusitis which I've had before. After what happened when I went back to work after ML last time, I promised myself I wouldn't push myself and I'd stay off if I was ill. But I don't want to give the staff the impression I'm someone who's off sick all the time, because I'm really not. What's worse is that every single person (except my manager) has been off sick since I started there, so the place is in chaos and we were just beginning to get a grip on things yesterday.

kellestar Mon 27-Feb-12 16:13:29

congrats for c&g great news on their little girl.

Bea has seemed to cope just fine, but didn't know if they actually do much. nelsons teething powders have been doing a fine job. She's started getting her first molars in at the same time as getting the two next to the main top teeth and main bottom teeth, so six teeth cutting at the moment and she is whingey. Bless her.

Went for our final appointment at the hospital about her weight, for some reason the nurse weighed her fully dressed, still had her boots, coat, hat etc on, so weighed almost a kilo more than 3 weeks ago. They no longer want to see her about the weight thing so I'm not that worried, it just looks such a jump in her red book.

Hope you are all surviving with your now walking/running toddlers. Bea loves being on her feet as much as possible.

maxpower Tue 21-Feb-12 20:47:34

smile baking

bakingkeepsmesane Mon 20-Feb-12 23:18:08

Sorry, I meant maxpower!

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