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December 2010 - 'I read the manual, she shouldn't be doing this just yet!'

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DuelingFanjo Mon 22-Aug-11 11:10:17

Tah-Dah! New thread, hope this is ok.

old thread here

So our babies are becoming more independent, saying more, eating more and bumping into stuff... Seems to have gone so quickly!

How are you all doing? How is it being back in work (some of you)? I have a month left before I go back and leaving Bob with my mum is getting harder rather than easier sad I want to spend more time with him not less, though I do understand that I have to let him go and get used to being with her. Not looking forward to the settling in at the nursery but hope by October it will all seem normal for both of us.

kellestar Sun 08-Sep-13 17:03:52

helloooooo... [holds hand to ear to hear the echo]

anybody here....

would be lovely to hear how you are all doing with your almost 3 year olds...

kiwi5 Mon 16-Sep-13 20:24:47

hello hello ello ello lo lo lo......

how is your 2 3/4 yr old? my dd is pretty cool. tons of toddler tantys but also some amazing moments.

she is being a great big sis to her new bro - 3 months old and v scrummy (interestingly he read the sleep manual as opposed to his sister who didnt sleep thru til she was 18 months)!!

i was never very good at posting on this thread, dd will be three at the end of dec.

anybody else there?

kellestar Tue 17-Sep-13 13:23:32

Hey kiwi! B now has a 4 month old brother who only sleeps if attached to my nipple >.<

She is 3 the week before Christmas and she is such a determined little miss. We started her at preschool for a few weeks over the summer and she loved it, she now goes 2 mornings a week, it's nice to get a bit of peace and some time alone with W.

She decided to start potty training a few days after I bought W home, she is mostly dry during days, but not at night.

We still haven't moved her into a bed yet as she still fits in the cot and has never shown any interest in escaping. W has outgrown the crib and needs to move into the cot. Any tips for a fidget who won't keep a blanket on and wriggles all over the bed.

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