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August 2011 - a place to wAit until the rest graduate !

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MrsVidic Mon 08-Aug-11 07:25:43

Thought I would start us a postnatal thread. Were still in hospital, here till Tuesday monitoring dd (now named Eva) and giving her the anti biotics. Im missing dd1 loads as I only get to see her at visiting and trying to contain a toddler on the ward is tough.

Teladi Tue 29-Jan-13 16:18:46

Wow, big girl and big boy beds! Haven't even thought about that with H. She still migrates all over her cot at night so I'm sure I'd be having to go in multiple times a night to scrape her off the floor!

I also have no idea how many teeth she has. She never lets me look! She does get them brushed obviously but I don't get a great view.

She's still a Very Serious Baby but is starting to show her fun side with a bit of dancing and she loves action songs.

KLou111 Mon 21-Jan-13 22:48:00

tooth 13 here!

KLou111 Tue 15-Jan-13 19:44:51

Happy new year all!
Hope you all had fantastic xmases?

All great here! Funny you mention the bed lellandri, Euan has been sleeping on a double futon mattress since the 3rd, back in his cot in the 4th, then futon again 5th, and has been ever since. For the last 4 nights, he's been out of his sleeping bag too smile
We're just waiting for his proper bed to turn up and will try him on the mattress for a few nights, then up on the bed.
We've rolled a blanket up to keep him in and no accidents since (didn't do it the first 3 nights, 3rd night fell off!!)
Showed him his cot in the other room yesterday to see what he'd do, then I put him in and screamed to get out, so the cot is done.

Only reason I changed him was his travel cot was too short now, and we put him on a blow up readybed and loved it, and that was that!!

Still only 12 teeth here, been that way since October!

He loved the snow yesterday. Him and our springers 1st time in it, couldn't get them in!!!

Leilandri Mon 07-Jan-13 20:11:42

Happy New Year to everyone and their (not-so) little ones.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas?
Leo gave me my best Xmas present ever .. he started to walk, confidently and with no bumps or bruises, 4 days before Christmas grin
He just let go and he was off! He is now running after his Brother and carrying heavy objects/toys!!
He has 15 teeth, with another on the way, so only 4 more to go! Will be sooo relieved once they are all done, as she is a bad teether and doesn't sleep sad

His speech has tailed off, resorted more to whinges, but his understanding is very good. He understands alot of words and will walk to, point to, or do what he has been asked very well.
We're considering taking the side off his cot soon, so he can more of a "big boy bed" like his older brother. Anyone else reached this step yet? He'll be 17months tomorrow..

Leilandri Mon 19-Nov-12 19:32:07

HI all, lovely to hear how the little ones are getting on smile

Leo is 16 months now. He is crawling everywhere, very speedy he is too, he will walk along furniture, and will walk short distances while holding hands and loves using his pushalong walker, but no signs of independent walking yet.
He has 7 teeth coming through at once at the moment - 2 canines and 5 molars - so is rather miserable. He's also got a tummy bug, so his sleeping is all over the place sad
He says a few words very clearly - Mama, Dada, Nana, Bubba (for Brother) Hello, Bye Bye, Uh oh, Cat, More..... but the rest he just points and whinges til he gets what he wants!

For Christmas I have gone Happyland mad - buying most from eBay and wrapping in one very large box. DS1 has been a very lucky boy over the years and has most things, so I've indulged happyland as that is something we don't currently have. grin

Hersetta Fri 16-Nov-12 09:38:39

Hello all.

All well here apary from some teething issues which Alex has been struggling with, but he has had 5 teeth come through in 3 weeks so hopefully things will improve soon.

He still isn't walking either - not even standing up...just happy to bum shuffle around. His speach is coming on though, as well as the normal nany words he says 'well done' and 'ratbag' as DH tends to call him that and also says moo and woof if you ask him what noise a cow and a dog make.

We have got him a few happyland pieces for Xmas but we have loads of toys like a rocking horrse etc left from DD which we will bring out as appropriate so we won't be buying a huge amount.

neverlookback Thu 15-Nov-12 12:43:04

hi all not been on for ages, just so busy all the time! Willow still not walking, shes almost 15 months but always on her tip toes so she doesnt get the balance, when she stops she goes flat and has started to let go and stand for a bit on her own so its coming but painfully slow!! were going on hol 14th dec for a week and i really hope shes walking by then or ill be bent double with my cleavage on show for the entire hol!!! had my older two birthdays in last few weeks 7 and 4 both with partys so im exhausted! willow started to wake in the night quite a bit since shes got her big back teeth and ive been having to give her a bottle to get her back to sleep, gonna have to do the controlled crying before hol as were all in one room with no microwave so ill wake everyone up at 3.30 having to boil a kettle to warm a bottle!!! does anyone know where you can buy small snack size cartons of longlife milk? i could take with us and she could have at room temp, shes on cows milk now so i dont think she would take formula again now? any ideas. other than that shes flat out, a real fridge raider, eats everything, trying to say lots of words and has also started smacking and headbutting me!!! cheeky monkey

KLou111 Fri 09-Nov-12 08:38:05

Oh, also seen a iPad and iPhone for toddlers so may get them smile

KLou111 Fri 09-Nov-12 08:36:27

*moment, not Monet!!!

KLou111 Fri 09-Nov-12 08:35:18

Hi all

Well, for he Monet, Euan will be an only child. Dh really not keen on the idea of number 2 now we've finally got a bit of a life back now we've moved home. Euan is so easy, and both sets of parents have him overnight now which is great. We just think 2 would be quite difficult.
We always wanted 2, but we also like our own time too (and holidays!) and just think for us at the moment 2 wouldn't be a sensible idea.......unless we had an accident!!

All good here, Euan has had another cold since Sunday, now know his colds are his teeth, sure enough Monday the bottom molars came. Now has 12 teeth!

Christmas wise I ordered loads yesterday, the first pressies I've ordered for Xmas so far.
We're going on hol in just over 2 weeks for 2 weeks to tenerife. We get back the 11th so got to get cracking.
Have ordered ordered a red dragon happy hopper off ebay, different company to the main hopperz, but quite fitting as Euan was born in Wales!! Have also ordered the rainbow aquadoodle, personalised proper cutlery, tomy megasketcher, Galt Jungle baby puzzles. Also getting him a Beanbag/beanchair, dressing gown, blackboard/paint easel, although the parents will prob get them.

Can't wait now!!

Had some piccies done of Euan at toddler group a few weeks ago as a photographer came and set up in another room. They're gorgeous, so will get some copied for the parents and grandparents for chrimbo smile

Sargesaweyes Tue 06-Nov-12 07:27:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KLou111 Mon 24-Sep-12 13:23:56

Nelsons teether always worked for Euan. Especially one before bed x

Sargesaweyes Mon 24-Sep-12 09:05:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KLou111 Sun 16-Sep-12 20:37:45

*mmr and other booster not boosters!

KLou111 Sun 16-Sep-12 20:36:47

firawla my red book said 12 months one of the boosters, and mmr and other boosters at 13 months, but he had them all booked just before 13 months but I didn't want Euan to have all 3 together so we did the boosters one week, mmr the next. I had the mmr too as my rubella was low when preg and will hopefully be trying for number 2 soon grin

Legoland was fab, totally dead too!! No queues, nothing which was great, they even kept telling us we could stay on rides! Euan couldn't go on a lot as he was too small, but enjoyed the ones he could. So cute putting him on the horse carousel smile Then he drove a boat which was hilarious as he literally moved the wheel totally left, totally right etc so we were all over. Loved it!

littlemisslozza Fri 14-Sep-12 21:16:03

Firawla I think it has changed. Matthew's appt was for 2 boosters and MMR - so 3 jabs at once, but my other two had boosters at 12 months and MMR at 13 months. I had to postpone Matthew's as he wasn't very well so waiting for a new appt now.

firawla Fri 14-Sep-12 10:29:04

awww hersetta lovely pic!!

i totally forgot about mmr until i just saw you lot mentioning it on here now! they are supposed to have one at 12 months and one at 13 arent they?? i really should know this with him being my 3rd blush
i better get it sorted!

klou hope you had a lovely day at legoland, mine love it there!

Hersetta Wed 12-Sep-12 09:14:19

Thanks Klou and Teladi. I think they are gorgeous too but admit to being irrationaly biased!

You are right KLou - when they were babies they were identical. We have pics up at home and people can't tell one from the other as Alex had very dark hair when he has born - just like DD.

MMR for us today. Poor little mite already has a bit of a cold so hope he's Ok.

KLou111 Tue 11-Sep-12 19:40:11

Aww they're gorgeous hersetta, can't believe how much you ds looks like your ds when she was a bubba!!!

All good here, had a few disturbed nights a couple of weeks ago, but think it was the little fellas molars moving it too hot. Thankfully all good now

Euan is running around like a lunatic, so much so he went flat out into a doorframe on Friday and is still sporting a huge bruise on his cheek
Bluff him a proper little pair of clarks shoes last week, so cute. They were £32 but Dh nan was buying them, got to the till and they couldn't find the correct box so ended up paying £9!!!

He's getting tired earlier now, think because of running around, so as of last night we put him to bed at 6, he still did 13 hours, but obviously meant we were up an hour earlier but tbh since we've moved we normally wake before Euan anyway! Must say has been nice to have a longer evening smile
Just hope it lasts!!

Had his mmr Friday, all good, was really worried. He had the other 2 the week before as I didn't want him to have them all together.

Off to Legoland tomorrow, so excited!!!

Teladi Mon 10-Sep-12 12:29:55

Your kids are gorgeous Hersetta! What a pair of smilers!

Hersetta Fri 07-Sep-12 12:04:14

Hello all.

Things are well thing us. Alex now 13 months and still the happiest, easiest little boy. Lazy bugger has no interest in crawling at all as he's a bum shuffler (like his dad was) so I am resigned to the fact that he will be a late walker.

I have uploaded a new pic of him with his big sister to my profile.

neverlookback Sun 26-Aug-12 10:41:14

Hi my tips are i cheat!! i make the cake and ice myself and then buy the cake toppers/decorations of ebay!! if you look there is huge choice and can be personalised, its big business that why im thinking of going into it maybe!! but as they are mostly made to order they usually need at least 2 weeks notice so they have time to dry.

Cant believe my little baba is almost 1, keep feeling really emotional about it!! Willow can camando crawl on her tummy but still not mastered getting up on all fours and not flopping down! shes pulled herself up once in her cot, she can stand for a while against something but shes v tippy toes (as was her bro) so i think it will take a while, ive got rid of the walker as it wasnt helping.
i dont mind that shes not crawing properly or walking as it means she stays my little baby longer!!!!

KLou111 Thu 23-Aug-12 21:46:31

Sounds like you've got your hands full lml!! Great to hear from you. Glad all is well. Thinking about your fourth, Blimey!!

teladi I wouldn't worry too much. Euan in the last couple of weeks has really started walking properly more or less everywhere and more than crawling (unless he wants to get somewhere fast!!) A friends daughter is exactly a week younger than him (was 1 Monday) and she's not even crawling, and only just rolling!! They're all different smile

Teladi Thu 23-Aug-12 21:38:30

Is anyone's LO not cruising yet? H is crawling really well but doesn't really pull herself up. If you stand her up she'll stand for a while holding onto something but doesn't do it herself. I'm not worried per se as she's obviously got the strength in her legs to do it, but just curious as to what the others are doing. She didn't crawl until almost 10 months so I wouldn't be surprised if she just doesn't bother for a while. hmm

littlemisslozza Thu 23-Aug-12 20:41:26

Hi everyone!
Sorry I haven't been on for so long, just caught up and glad to hear how all the birthday celebrations have been going. Love the cake KLou! We had family over for a bbq a few days after Matthew's birthday which was lovely. It is birthday season in our house at the moment as DS2 was 3 the day before Matthew turned 1, so I held his party the weekend before to try to space out all the cake making! I did DS2 a Gruffalo cake and Matthew a teddy bear cake. DS1 will be 5 on the 2nd Sept and wants a Lightning McQueen cake, they are keeping me busy!

Matthew is crawling and cruising and generally trying to do everything his big brothers do. He copies them by, for example, putting a man in a tractor (we have lots of tractors as DH is a farmer......) and tries to join in but usually ends up demolishing whatever the older have built or are playing with! Patience is something the older two are slowly learning, but only another year or so until they all play properly I hope. He is absolutely gorgeous and such a delight in the day time, but he has only slept through the night twice in his entire life which is a new experience for me. Hasn't put me off wanting a fourth though, although not immediately, need a bit more sleep first.

Will try to keep up with this a bit more as it was so lovely to share the pregnancies and births with you all.

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