June mummies '05 thread 7 -The one with their first Christmas

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katzglitterytree Thu 01-Dec-05 21:06:17

hello all

come and join us new and old junies

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baubleloo Thu 01-Dec-05 21:13:49

Wow,are we up to number 7 already?.
Great title btw,Katz!

katzglitterytree Thu 01-Dec-05 21:22:56

yep excluding the concise one, the swop and the meetups

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SKYLERtnightholynight Thu 01-Dec-05 21:30:48

Do you like my Christmas name?
I am off to bed now. Night night.

2manyglassesofmulledwine Thu 01-Dec-05 21:33:38

Hello all.
Had a bit of a pants day. ds, who I thought was finally getting somewhere witht he daytime sleeping, refused to sleep and was a grumpy git, no idea why. And to top it all have outrageous blocked duct, damn sore, haven't had one in AGES. Still, two ibuprofen washed down with G&T, like a new woman Hope he's better tomorrow, spending day cooking for joint christening with sister's ds at weekend...

v interested inporridge recipes. ds 6mo a week on sat and going to start weaning. Any tips anybody?

Christmas fair sounded fab, hope you feel festive [why isn't there a Santa emoticon?]
Troubles, is this you going back to work for first time since ds? Eek, good luck. Really hope it goes well.
Knackered, off to bed.Nighty night.

sfxmum Thu 01-Dec-05 21:36:14

look at all the festive names in lovely titled new thread
freaky thing, just told dh i was craving my favourite chocolate- dark chocolate with chilli- he said if you ask nicely i will give you some... and he did from secret stash

katzglitterytree Thu 01-Dec-05 21:40:15

okay who are you 2many?

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lua Thu 01-Dec-05 22:21:49

I'm going to guess that 2many is trib....
but I'll probably be wrong...

AlleLuah Thu 01-Dec-05 22:24:28

How about this?
too cheesy?

AlleLuah Thu 01-Dec-05 22:25:52

Humm, dark chocolate and chilli! Love it!

Sfx, have you tried the hot chocolate with chilli from hotel chocolat?

ok, I'm going to bed now!

nighty, night

troublesawmummykissingsanta Thu 01-Dec-05 23:04:08

She's 2happy i think. Who's not TOO happy! Aren't i funny! Or not

Yep, work for first time! Gotta go now. Dp is giving me evils as i'm supposed to be turning computer off, not going on mn. Get the feeling he thinks i'm obsessed. Moi? Obsessed? NEVER

sfxmum Thu 01-Dec-05 23:32:27

hot choc chilli... Homer drool! i get mine from montezuma in brighton.
and thanks for reply lua

troubles- hope restful weekend before work, best of luck

night all hope to sleep now dd been waking up and snacking since she went to bed daddy just wont do...bummer, she usually not like this..

deepandcrispandlummox Fri 02-Dec-05 07:22:11

Morning all.

Like the names - lol at AlleLua, not cheesy at all. Well, maybe a bit cheesy in a festive kind of way.

Main news here is that the sleeping through wasn't a fluke. For the last two weeks or so I haven't had to go into ds in the night. We put him down at about 6.30 pm and go in to him about 6.30 am. He does wake up around 4 but never croes for more than a couple of minutes.

Unfortunately I don't know what did it. I didn't really follow the sleep lady's advice apart from putting him in his own room when he was five months and starting solids at 22 weeks, whih was a bit earlier than I would have done without the sleep problem. I didn't manage to shorten the night feeds and I didn't ever succeed in going in to his room without feeding him.

Basically he went from waking every two hours to waking twice a night to this in about a week .

Hey look - even when my baby is sleeping I am still sleep obsessed .

Troublesmummy - I think it was you asking about weaning. I think I'd describe it as a bit hit and miss. Fun, though. We went very slowly at first and there were some times early on when ds just wasn't having any of it. But he's now pretty happily on three meals a day and getting the hang of finger food which is funny to watch.

Oh, and one thing I hadn't been warned about (please stop reading if you're having breakfast) - certain things that we tried came out almost exactly the same a they went in. Having been used to breastfed baby poo it was a bit of a shock to see what looked like pure sweet potato in ds's nappy.

Thinking of putting up Christmas and Chanukah deccies today. Too early for both I know, but am really looking forward to it.

deepandcrispandlummox Fri 02-Dec-05 07:30:43

oh, and how about sfxmasmum?

katzglitterytree Fri 02-Dec-05 07:35:06

morning all

love the christmas names!

well we're still not back sleeping aswell as we were but hey, i'm sure in a couple of weeks when returning to work is looming i'll be stressing!

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snowfallatxmasmum Fri 02-Dec-05 10:21:10

morning jumies

what a strange night i had, dd did not settle at all until 2am. no tears at all she was extra playful and kept babbling and giggling. as time went on she found it hard to settle herself and became tearful after 1.30. breast failed to settle her at all, by then i was extra tired so woke up dh who then walked about with her singing and she fell asleep until 8am today

lovely dh he cant hear baby crying, in fact he could have a 21 gun salute next to his bed and he would not budge. glad he woke up when i asked.

she is now very lively again no let up, if only this meant longer naps during the day. her record is 50min.

weaning hit and miss too after smooth start.

weather foul, thunder noe and very dark

hope its good day for all

tribpot Fri 02-Dec-05 10:41:29

Morning ladies with your new christmassy names.

Just a brief one to say:

- STILL no broadband, the latest estimate is Wednesday next week
- horrible cold/cough, much sympathies to MrsW
- British Gas engineer came round yesterday evening to do a safety inspection and caused a fuse to blow on the boiler, and now we have no heat or hot water until tomorrow (and god knows how that estimate is going to vary if the broadband is anything to go by)

So: DEFINITELY grim up north today.

deepandcrispandlummox Fri 02-Dec-05 12:28:34

Hey trib. Lack of broadband is no excuse for not posting on a shiny, new, short thread. Really sorry about your gas - we were without hot water for a few days last month and it was incredibly annoying.

Like the new name sfx.

Katz - hope the sleeping gets better. Are you going back to work just before Christmas?

walkinginawelshmumwonderland Fri 02-Dec-05 13:49:09

Morning all,
Sounds like my ds and yours have alot in common crispylummox - when was your born?
Sorry muma3 has gone - I always feel guilty about such things....
Trib-pain about your boiler - hope it's fixed soon
Katzg - it's amazing how going back to work concentrates the mind re sleeping
Sfx - I was going well on the 'not eating chocolate' at work front - now I won't make it until the end of the day without dairy milk....
I love the Christmas names too...I love Christmas - was in Covent Garden yesterday and they've got a beautiful old-fashioned carousel that I really want to take dd on before the festive season is over.
Welshie household weaning is going pretty well - ds likes to watch dd eating and then join in, he hates parsnip and will often fall to eating his bib if I'm not fast enough with food he does like. He doesn't like jars but I like him eating my food so that's not a problem - the freezer is full of baby cubes and nothing else.

deepandcrispandlummox Fri 02-Dec-05 13:54:18

welshy - 26th May (a bit early).

spooky similarities though - my ds also eats his bib if we don't shovel fast enough. to be fair there's usually a fair bit of nutritive value there by about the third spoonful, and it keeps him happy.

how has it been going back to work? your post has just made me miss London for the first time since going off on maternity leave.

walkinginawelshmumwonderland Fri 02-Dec-05 14:22:43

Ah-ha I thought they sounded pretty similar -ds is the 24th of May. How's yours doing physically? Mine loves rolling over and being on his tummy, he's not particularly interested in sitting yet, much prefers 'standing' on my knees. He's incredily chatty though and smiley - it's so wierd how different his development is compared with dd.
Sounds like they're exactly the same at night, ds goes to bed at 7pm, squeaks/shouts a tad at 4am ish and want to start the day around 0630.
Thanks for asking about work - it's going way better than I expected, I'm really enjoying it and managing the juggle too. Fingers crossed it continues, whole body crossed actually.

snowfallatxmasmum Fri 02-Dec-05 14:43:34

loving the festive names

well as predicted dd is not having longer naps. to make matters worst, on her first nap i let her fall asleep on me so that i could cut her nails, well.. the clippers nipped her fingetr and she woke up screamingno blood i promise, but cue cranky tired baby for another 2 hrs. then a 20min nap.

still more than a little cranky...dh not home until late, its his christmas work do
think will go to bed when she does and and shoot out the door at earliest opportunity tomorrow.
for the first time happy dh is taking her for the day.. and more than a little guilty about feeling that way.

welshie- glad work going well. convent garden always lovely at christmas, i might have to make do with kingston.

thanks for name feedback, high recognition factor

ok back to olivia boob at the ready.

ps really inpired by porrige recipies will make it over weekend

MrsChristmasDay Fri 02-Dec-05 14:57:52

Thought I'd better get into the Christmas spirit as everyone else on the June thread is (great title by the way Katz, they are like Friends titles now aren't they?)

Muma3, sorry you are leaving us, hope you change your mind and come back again when you have a bit more time....if it's possible to have any spare time when you have three kids.

2many, hope the duct unblocks itself very soon. Have had the same thing a couple of times and found massaging the area lots worked for me. Looked a bit strange fondling my own bosom all the time though.

Troublesmummy - are you going back full time or part time? Sorry if you've said already, my memory isn't what it used to be. All the very best of luck! I'm sure it will be fine (trying to reassure myself as much as you, I'm going back 3rd Jan).

Right, rubbish attempt at a catch-up but I promised DS1 I would play horses with him...

RacersTheRedNosedReindeer Fri 02-Dec-05 15:15:05

Hello, I'm a Junie who hasn't been on any Junie threads yet. Probably not the best time to join as I'll just get to know who is who then people will change their names back, but timing was never my strong point LOL!
A bit of background to introduce us: DD is 6m in 10 days, born by emergency c-section , breastfed to 4m then introduced bedtime bottle so now mixed fed I suppose you'd call it. Just started weaning but she's not all that keen on that yet. Started getting a decent night's sleep a few weeks ago, thankfully! Live in north lancs, going back to work part time in June
Can't think of anything else but wanted to say hello

walkinginawelshmumwonderland Fri 02-Dec-05 15:17:21

Hello and welcome Racers - doesn't the sleep make a difference, I still can't quite believe what I've been through -d espite the fact it was number 2 - how do we live through such deprivation??

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