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July 2010: the "a ffffew more birthdays, a ffffew more walking but are they all sleeping? Are they ffffeck!" one

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CakeandRoses Sat 23-Jul-11 10:18:04

<ffffpink again>

DesperateHousewife21 Sat 23-Jul-11 10:23:07

Thanks cake smile

Dylthan Sat 23-Jul-11 10:37:52

Great thread title cake. grin

Trudyla Sat 23-Jul-11 11:37:39

fffffcheeky sods grinf
BTW I'm not just too lazy to edit, bfutf while I'm deleting fany fs,f newf ones appear, so it makes no sense. fYou'll ffall have to live with itff, but you seem to enjoy it,f so that's good.

fffThings are ffrfeally rotten here. M just ffscreams all thefff ffucking time. It might be the molars,f but I keep thinking that other babies have fffgotten teeth before her and have not screamed constantlyffff. She also seems to be angry so muchf, and screams as soon as she's not allowed something (like fchewing a glass bottle)ff fso not sure fthat's to do with teething? I'm pinning my hopes on fffmlic's fexperience of it getting better when she walks. She fffstood unaided for a ffffffffew seconds yesterday so that's progress.

cake Now thaffffffffft our pram burned ffffdown, we just received our Baby Jogger. fMy only issue is that I'm not sure where to hang my changing bag from as the handlebar is so wide. How did you do that? ffThe pram seems really nice, but I ffeel ffakward walking around with a double ffpram and one child so I've been using her cheap buggy a lot latelyf.f

ftsc Happy Birthday tinyborn! envy of krispy kreme. They ffdon't have that over here.fffff

chulita Whooohooo about the sleep. Sorry you're fffeeling down about the feeding. I was mostly happy when I stopped when M was 9 months, but then I never really ffliked bf, just tolerated it.
As for mafffffffffffffiss bellies, I started wearing maternity clothes much earlier. When pregnant with M I bought the ffirst stuffffff at 22 weeks. This time I started wearing mat trousers around 14 weeks, and it was ffsoo nice.

memph I agree, everybody should just get their ffffffact ffff together and support you and not their various little fjobs and problems. It will only take longer if you don't get a proper rest. So cancel efverything on yours and dh's schedule and fflet him take L. ffffffffffff

What is it about the colours that you and cake are on about mlic? All the trheads look blue to me. What am I missing?

Have a good day all.

MyLifeIsChaotic Sat 23-Jul-11 12:24:08

Message withdrawn

Woodlands Sat 23-Jul-11 12:47:55


poor you trudy, that sounds so shitty. I can't bear it when J has screamy days, it really really stresses me out, so I can't imagine what it's like the whole time. Fingers crossed that walking will make things better for her.

I'm wondering how long it will be before J walks. He cruises round the furniture, but not very quickly - he would rather crawl to get where he wants to be. He has just figured out that he can move from one piece of furniture to the next. He has also (with encouragement) taken his first wobbly steps pushing the baby walker. I'm guessing he'll probably start walking independently in maybe two months - does that sound about right?

Happy birthday to tsc's tinynewbornson!

Chulita Sat 23-Jul-11 13:07:41

dylthan DH hates me being pg too, and hates the newborn stage which is why it took me completely by surprise this morning! He's got everything crossed it's a boy this time so we'd better not disappoint grin

trudy I feel like posting you a new keyboard, even though it does make me larfffff. I almost need mat already, as soon as I eat anything I get so bloated, it's horrendous!

memphis83 Sat 23-Jul-11 14:24:07

Been doctors, DH came from work I said you need to listen, im not well, fuck the gate grin oh and tomorrow your not going out on your bike and leaving me with L again.
He took me doctors, I have had a flu virus, I tried to argue this as last time I had flu I couldnt move for 3 weeks, but he assured me there are different strains, and that as I dont drink enough I have got very dehydrated (talked about sending me to be put on a drip) I have now got a severe chest infection, if I had drank more I could have shifted the infection but as I havent its like coughing up gravel, and also my asthma that I had as a teen has returned and am on ventolin, if I dont improve by Monday they want me in and on steroids! so now we are home and dh is sorting the gate for half an hour then has promised he is coming back home.

dylthan dh hated me being pg, thought of it freaked him out, didnt mind me dressed but naked was a no no!

MyLifeIsChaotic Sat 23-Jul-11 14:46:43

Message withdrawn

memphis83 Sat 23-Jul-11 15:23:44

mlic I think L only walked so early as he thought he was missing something when Starkey could run around and he couldnt! a bit like second child syndrome grin
Cant believe my mum is having L tonight and we cant go anywhere, most normal couples could have a nice night in but as soon as dh's bum gets on the sofa he falls asleep

MyLifeIsChaotic Sat 23-Jul-11 16:12:06

Message withdrawn

MalibuStac Sat 23-Jul-11 17:29:20

memphis glad you went to the docs. Have they gave you antibiotics too?

trudy I think mlic is right when M is more active she'll be happier to leave you.

Regarding walking R has been cruising, standing unaided, had some steps for about 2 months but she still can't walk. I think she is very used to her brothers helping her so much. Wish she would hurry up goodness knows why confused

chulita have your symptoms kicked in? Dp loved me being pregnant as he says he felt needed (must have been the spd). Agree about the newborn stage its boring.

Thanks for the thread cakes great title.

TheSecondComing Sat 23-Jul-11 18:05:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheSecondComing Sat 23-Jul-11 18:06:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MyLifeIsChaotic Sat 23-Jul-11 19:31:38

Message withdrawn

WhatSheSaid Sat 23-Jul-11 19:37:29


Woodlands Sat 23-Jul-11 20:37:38

We got on a bus in Islington at about 5.30ish and a random guy told DH that she was dead - I thought he was making it up! Very surprised to see it was true when we got home.

CakeandRoses Sat 23-Jul-11 20:54:21

How awful. Feel really sad about it. She was only 27 ffs.

Just a terrible time at the moment.

kkfairybrains Sat 23-Jul-11 21:34:56

so so sad about amy winehouse. she's only a year older than me sad poor poor girl

Finally getting to sit down after a hectic week. Bliss!

Chulita Sat 23-Jul-11 21:45:29

Sad that most people aren't that surprised about it, I think that makes it so much more tragic.

Just spent two hours with DH decorating S's cake for tomorrow. We're not having a party, I'm going to try and get to church on time so we can sing to him [shallow emoticon] then we're off to our house to strip wallpaper, paint and put up ugly don't-care-if-the-tenants-wee-on-them curtains.

Got no symptoms yet stac although did feel very nauseous this morning.

I've had the worst day food-wise for a long time. Fat-boy fry-up for breakfast, millionaire's shortbread for snack, mung bean soup/bread/crackers for lunch, couple of Lindt truffles, steak/chips/buttered green beans for tea. Delicious but not good.

CakeandRoses Sat 23-Jul-11 23:37:04

<closes facebook because it's doing head in>

chul it's lovely hearing about your pg in 'real time'. so lovely that your dh is all excited. made me feel about 1% broody for a moment wink

how're you feeling now memph? so pleased you went to docs and are being looked after.

melissa it's so hard in those early days of being back at work when they get sent home from nursery isn't it? obv, you don't want to leave them there when they're too ill but it's just a nightmare trying to handle work. F kept getting sent home by an awful nursery nurse (now left, thankfully) in his first few months cos she kept saying he had conjunctivitis. it wasn't, it was a blocked tear duct. grrrrr.

trudy i love the jogger so much that i've started using it sometimes with just A in it. i suppose i do at least have the excuse that i'm going to pick her brother up later tho if anyone asks! it's not recommended but i got some of these hooks (i don't think i paid as much as that tho). excellent things. just make sure you don;t overbalance the pram with heavy shopping. change bag should be fine. i have loaded mine with tons of shopping but quickly move a bag to the front if i take one of the children out.

i also love this holder thingy.

had a chilled day here, went to see Cars 2 with F and A. Made a really yum korma for dinner. what have you lot been up to?

CakeandRoses Sat 23-Jul-11 23:37:48

this hook looks a good alternative and would be safer for handbag

MyLifeIsChaotic Sun 24-Jul-11 07:36:45

Message withdrawn

Woodlands Sun 24-Jul-11 08:53:03

I haven't seen anything bad about Amy Winehouse on FB - what's doing my head in is all the viruses which are going round on there!

Chulita Sun 24-Jul-11 09:06:18

Maybe that's what cake meant, it's just vile and I daren't close the post cos sometimes that links it to your account...

I'm up and packing to go to our house, might not be online again til Wednesday.
DH is in a mood cos we had such a bad night. that's to say: both children slept through but I was up most of the night coughing which kept us both awake. Argh, grumpy men eh?!

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