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July 2005 babies stats thread

(23 Posts)
mrsdarcy Tue 29-Nov-05 16:53:43

OK, I'll go first:

34 year old solicitor (retired!), DH is a lawyer too.

DS1 almost 6 (year 1)
DS2 4.5 (reception)
DD (Harriet) born 15 July 2005

Live in the north west.

hub2dee Tue 29-Nov-05 17:10:23

I'm a 35 year old computer bloke. DW is a teacher (English, comp)

dd (Camille) born 6th July 2005

Live in N. London

Bagpuss30 Tue 29-Nov-05 17:19:38

Thanks for starting mrsd.

I'm 31 and a SAHM, dh is 33 and a solicitor.

We live in Cheshire although I have only lived in the North West for the last 10 years - am a southerner really (although dh would argue that I am Scottish but that is another thread....)!

ds1 is 5.1 and has just started school
dd is 3.3 and is at pre-school
ds2 (George) was born on 4th July 2005 (my birthday!) and weighed 9lbs 5oz at birth.

We are mixed feeding at present and hope to have finished bf by 6 months, and are also very happy cloth nappy users too .

merryberry Tue 29-Nov-05 18:38:12

Always so interesting.

DS was born 7/7/5 into the chaos of the London bombs and is currently exclusively breastfed with mum beating herself away from the pear puree everyday. Hoping to hold off to give him his first bite to eat on Christmas day, just before his 26th week.

I'm 37 year old epidemiologist. I ran London's infectious disease surveillance systems B.C. (before child) and hope to go back part-time doing R&D only in the same vein. DP is 40 and directs a small suite of companies doing knowledge management, info architecture and some computer bloke type stuff, a la hub2dee.

I'm (long winded) London born/bred and very partial to the place. Looking forward to getting back out more next year. Am managing a night out a week at present, courtesy of DS sleeping OK early nights. Touch wood.

Diamondsareforever Tue 29-Nov-05 18:51:07

great idea, mrsd!
I am 29 and first time mum to Dulcie Grace who was born on 26th July 2005.
I work for a Wine Importer marketing various wines for the On-Trade and Independent Wine Merchant and am returning (boo!) for 3 days a week just before Christmas. married for 2.5 years to another wino from the NE who I met in a car park, very glamorous. I am Welsh but we live in lovely sunny East London for the next few years until we can escape to the country!
dd is absolute heaven and smiles and laughs- especially at tap dancing
...and I am so happy to have 'met' you all as you are a constant source of support

hoxtonchick Tue 29-Nov-05 19:40:37

we have ds who's almost 4 & dd, florence, born on 29.6.05. exclusively breastfed, won't be weaned until 6 months as i'm terminally lazy.

we live in east london (hi DaF!), & i work part-time as a researcher for a health policy thinktank. i'll be returning 2 days a week in february. dp works for an nhs quango.

mrsdarcy Tue 29-Nov-05 22:08:56

oooh, mine looks boring now
I've been married 12 years (child bride but not inbred, honest) and met my DH one Hallowe'en.

Lived in London for years (and loved it) before rather bewilderingly moving up here, although I'm beginning to feel settled and have made nice friends.

I haven't worked for about 18 months and am hoping to continue as a SAHM for a while longer.

Overweight but didn't think it was too bad until 5 minutes ago when DH announced that the 2 of us are fat and getting too old to shift it easily

Ecstatically happy to have a baby again

hoxtonchick Tue 29-Nov-05 22:29:04

oh, well if we're getting into that level of detail, dp was my boss.....

merryberry Wed 30-Nov-05 08:16:11

then i hope desks and stationery cupboards were involved in yr courting

hub2dee Wed 30-Nov-05 10:05:34

What about the photocopier, mb ?

mrsdarcy Wed 30-Nov-05 10:18:25

Hub, I just deleted a post about the photocopier on the grounds that it lowered the tone

hub2dee Wed 30-Nov-05 10:33:46

pmsl, mrsd. We must share dirty minds, but you are obviously more concerned about defamation of character lawsuits, LOL

I am quite sure hc simply attached ambiguous memos to quango-commissioned research, right hc ????????????

mrsdarcy Wed 30-Nov-05 12:32:44

You're so right Hub! I used to do defamation work!!

hoxtonchick Wed 30-Nov-05 18:34:06

you are all taking advantage of me not having a computer during the day .

desks, since you ask....

Belo Thu 01-Dec-05 14:26:36

Moving back to the topic in hand swiftly...

I'm 35, dh is 37. We live in Sarf London but are both originally from Up North.

We've got dd1 who was 3 at the end of Sept and Bessie who was born on the 15/7/05. She is still exclusively breastfed. I'm with HC on the laziness front.

I went back to work as a data analyst when dd1 was 6 months old and I'm supposed to be going back full time in Jan. But, I'm having 2nd thoughts about that one at the moment. I may see if I can cut down to 4 days.

Any more info required?

pinkmama Thu 01-Dec-05 14:39:38


I am 36, started working as a freelance fundraiser about 18 months ago. Hope to return to it as soon as I get a grip on my mental state a bit .

Been with dh 12 years, married 10. He works for same quango as HC's dp! In fact it was at one of their work do's that I met HC, got drunk showed her my stretch marks and we havent looked back since! Although it is her fault I am addicted to this bloody place!

Have dd1 (nearly 8 going on 18), ds (3 3/4) and dd2 born on 24 July.

Lived in Brighton for 4 years but am a good yorkshire lass at heart. Another link to HC!

Eulalia Fri 02-Dec-05 22:34:46

I am 40 (ds was my birthday present ) ... think I am the oldest one here (sniff! ) dh is 60 and we have 3 children and have been married for 7 years and together for 15 years.

ds2 was born on 29 July 2005. Exclusively breastfed and will be so till 6 months before solids. Then will carry on till whenever...

ds1 is 6.4 and has special needs (but also special talents) and dd is 3.7.

We live 25 miles south of Aberdeen and dh is renovating our house which used to be a pub and before that a coaching inn dating back to the early 1800s.

My last job was as an educational researcher and I started a PhD but it all fell through due to reorganisation, lack of supervison and funds and also pregnant with ds1. dh works as a training consultant and trains school leavers in mechanical engineering to work offshore.

It's been great to have 'met' you all

Eulalia Fri 02-Dec-05 22:47:15

Forgot to add that you can see all my children here

Anyone else got any pictures?

Belo Sat 03-Dec-05 19:35:46

I tried, but it said my images were too big. Hub, where are you? What do I need to do?

Belo Sat 03-Dec-05 19:47:32

Mine don't look like adverts for Pears soap though. DD1, especially, is always messy and grubby looking. Whatever I do. She's like the character in Charlie Brown that always attracts dirt!

hub2dee Sat 03-Dec-05 23:26:28

They need to be reduced in size to something acceptable for the system.

You could download a piece of shareware to do this, perhaps Paint Shop Pro if that application is still going (sorry, don't use Windows any more).

I think Tech reworked his script so a file up to 512KB could be automatically resized, ITH.

Elsbells Mon 13-Feb-06 18:03:43

Hiya all
Just joined the "club".

I am 31 and had first and only ds this past summer when I was 30.(28.07.05)

Been with dh for almost 4 years though we are not quite married but making it official this Sept (being constantly asked if I am still going to wear white!)

Love being a mother and can't wait to have more!
Going back to work soon BUT have negotiated a 4 day week. Ds at nursery 3 days a week and 1 day w/nan.

Live in North London and never thought I would fit into the buggy brigade so well.

Also need to learn to be more concise as this msg reads like a novel.

lillaura Wed 01-Aug-07 09:45:28

hi all im laura aged 22 i have dd aged 4 ds aged 2 (30.07.05) and new dd aged 3 months - been with dh 5 years married for 8 months xx

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