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JenJam Wed 23-Nov-05 21:38:47

Did you discharge any lumpy stringy bits that looked like offal or chopped liver?? Are 'chunky' bits normal do you think?

and did yours whiff a bit(just old blood smell like a butchers shop)

my own body is making me gag!

chunky bits and 'slightly off' smell appeared around day 14 after birth

how long did your bleeding go on for?

and is lochia supposed to be period like? i.e. first heavy, deep red coloured, with the odd black looking clot, gradually thinning out to pale pink water type consistency or can it get thicker later after birth??

i hope you've already eaten this evening.

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cod Wed 23-Nov-05 21:39:24

Message withdrawn

starlover Wed 23-Nov-05 21:42:23

yes i had a couple of weird lumps! i was convinced one was a dead foetus of ds's twin or something!

bleeding went on for about 6 weeks... it faded and faded and then stopped completely after about 4 weeks... and then started up again a couple of days later! i even posted on here about it! lol

don't think it smelled thougjh

sallyhollyberry Wed 23-Nov-05 21:43:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bramblina Wed 23-Nov-05 21:43:29

jenjam yours sounds just like mine was. It tailed off after about 4 wks so I thought that was it but a week later it came back and lasted till about 9 wks postbirth. Midwife took a swab around wk5 (how dignified) as she thought it may have returned due to infection but all was clear so unless you're worried about an infection I would say don't worry.

MistressMary Wed 23-Nov-05 21:44:05

Sound like on of my normal periods.
And yes I got that in lochia bleeding too.

Socci Wed 23-Nov-05 21:45:42

Message withdrawn

QueenVictoria Wed 23-Nov-05 21:48:14

Sounds pretty normal (well like mine anyhow). Do check with GP if you are really worried.

mine went on for 8 weeks in the end. I think your changing hormones can make you more sensitive to smell too.

mandymac Wed 23-Nov-05 22:00:51

I had a few lumpy bits and I also ended up going for a swab to check for infection as I found the smell changed after a few weeks and it just smelt a bit 'wrong' iyswim. It was all fine, so I think it is normal. It is bleugh though isn't it!

spidermama Wed 23-Nov-05 22:06:54

Yes to livery bits. (If you get any really big ones tell the mw)
Yes it's smelly.
Mine went on for anything up to 6 or 8 weeks.

Congratulations on your baby btw.

Lochia is the wound healing (from where placenta peeled off womb) so you need to be fairly restful while it's coming out. If you get up and about to early it may increase again, which is a sign you should be taking it easy.


JenJam Thu 24-Nov-05 00:39:42

eugh, just experienced another one - it's like pulling out a chain of red hankerchiefs's like the umbilical cord

thanks everyone for your replies. it makes me feel better as it sounds like this is all normal

may get it checked out by mw in morning

for the record i don't stink at fifty paces, although it is foul to me; a blood type smell.

my baby was born 7th Nov so today is my 16th day post birth. vaginal delivery.

anyhow it sure has made going to the loo rather eventful / 'interesting'.

night night

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gemma97 Mon 28-Nov-05 11:34:17

sounds like me too! funny how noone tells you about it before....I hated going to the loo for about 5 weeks because it resembled a scene from Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

Blood smell sounds normal but you should tell someone if it gets fishy......

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