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dec 2008- Who will stonk it in & be crown queen of the thread?

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HRHvagolaJahooli Fri 01-Jul-11 21:49:22

He we are ladies though I may need to change my name as royal title may be stripped.

HRHvagolaJahooli Fri 01-Jul-11 21:51:52

Oops should have been 'crowned', first title typo ever after over 3 years of thread.

HRHvagolaJahooli Fri 01-Jul-11 23:22:08

Oh no, no one has found me, or have you all started a secret thread....

JollyBear Fri 01-Jul-11 23:38:20

Found you! Night all.

TrudyVotion Sat 02-Jul-11 06:54:15

Found you!

Rubes have visions of you as the 7ft Woman from Mars ripping fences to pieces! Have you read Little Gods? You'll spring to mind now whenever I think of Jean! I was in the sitting room yest when I heard DS' voice much more clearly than I should have been able to, given that he was with DD in her room. Turned out he was leaning out of the window rather further than I liked so his voice was floating stright into the open window below. I love flinging all the windows open in the warmer weather (and in cold weather too tbh, drives DH mad blush) but I do worry about DS' prodigious climbing talents.

My hair is doing really well thanks. Generally in much better condition and going a good 4 days between 'rinses through'. I'm using absolutely nothing on it and hoping the natural oils will eventually reach the ends. My hair's about shoulder-blade length so they have a way to travel. I can see the lumpy bits that are a result of growing out a short style, but I'm reluctant to get it tidied up a bit as it is essentially working atm and I don't want to blow it!

I have an al-fesco shag claim to fame! Well, we were quite discreet really. I had a boyfriend at Cambridge (ie he was at Cambridge, I wasn't) and we did it in the Fellow's Garden at his collge, but I didn't get much out of it as I was like a frightened rabbit the whole time terrified we'd be caught. I'm not one of those that gets a thrill out of being caught in flagrante.

I've just had one of those Blackadder-style 'oh godddd' moments. I'm taking DD to a kids' music group on Sunday as she needs wants to have a bit of fun playing her violin with others. I've just found out this morning that the most annoying boy in her class at school goes to it and. what's worse from my POV, so does his exceedingly creepy Cliff Richard-a-like father. He's an alternative practioner who helped me years ago but really creeped me out. I had to strip down to my underwear the first time I saw him, which I wasn't expecting and - ugh - he actually made murmury appreciation noises as he looked, yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk. To my mortification I was wearing a thong - it would have been sensible knickers had I thought I'd be stripping off. I just brazened it out at the time but ever since I have found him the creepiest and most irritating of men. No way am I being cooped up with him for three hours tomorrow afternoon! I know DD won't want to go if I tell her this kid and his brother will be there but I'd like her to have a go at it as it might really appeal to her in other ways. As its her first time I feel I should stay, so it's the ideal opportunity to finish my book and ignore Mr Creepy. Oddly enough his wife is very nice.

Effie which Alsatian wine? DH's family is from that part of the world and have vineyards grin

ZuleikaJambiere Sat 02-Jul-11 08:21:06

I found you too Vaj. Just marking my place discreetly while DH thinks I'm in the shower. We're on hols on the gorgeous Yorkshire coast and the weather is in our favour so far ... sandcastles and donkey rides are calling today. Anyway back next week when we're home and back in the old routine. Love to all

JumpJockey Sat 02-Jul-11 09:28:31

hello new thread - just quickly to say Spot either Tues morning or Weds would be good for us, on Tues will be me and S and E all together so extra fun...?!

DeidreBarlow Sat 02-Jul-11 10:27:35

Thanks for the thread Vag.

I am sat in a hotel drinking coffee and enjoying my last hour or so before at head back to relieve my mum. Had a lovely evening lady night drunk too much wine and danced lots! Think a relaxing day in the sunshine is called for.

Rubes poor you and DS. I bet you felt sick.

Trudy I am fascinated by your hair experiment. It sounds great, my hair is frazzeled by over use of my GHF

urbanewarrior Sat 02-Jul-11 16:17:21


just quick catch up from me to say things have calmed down somewhat. Although am going stir crazy and house is a tip. I don't think there's much hope of me ever catching up although I wanted to say that Rubes I remember you telling us about that with DS - was mightily impressed with your mum strength then. Sorry to hear about your supermarket trauma - heartstopping stuff.

And Jolly - crikey sounds awful. hope you've recovered.

Trudes that bloke sounds awful

sybilfaulty Sat 02-Jul-11 18:11:01

Just adding myself in. Thanks for the thread Vag. Am reeling from my Take That concert last night. FANTASTIC! Danced all night and sang along, so a bit footsore and deaf today. I am such a gimmer.

Back later.

TrudyVotion Sat 02-Jul-11 19:15:22

Deids I don't think this experiment would work for anyone used to being sleek or highly groomed. I've always had a very changeable and loose look - dolled to the nines one day and a scarecrow the next, so I can get away with working round how my hair's behaving. I have a loose, longish fringe too so all in all very flexible. Generally I've been very happy with my hair since I've been doing this, much more so than I was before.

VagolaJahooli Sat 02-Jul-11 22:45:25

Rubes I remember the fence ripping incident too. You poor thing on the supermarket thing. I'd be a mess if DS2 wandered off. Luckily if he loses sight of me he starts shouting, ''mummy, war arrr yoooo!''.

Trudy, I cut my hair again with the front pony tail method, (I usually do the side pony tail method). Anyway it worked out ok but if I get my hair wet it curls up badly and doesn't look good as I end up with a cow licked fringe. So I'm going to have to do the straighteners every few days. Will be interesting to see how it goes because it will dry my hair out more and so I'll need to at least condition it more. Apart from that I'm definitely the happiest I've ever been with my hair since I started washing it less. I was thinking the other day the reduced washing actually started when I was pregnant with DS2, I only washed my hair about 5 times through the whole pregnancy because it felt so nice and rarely dirty the whole pregnancy. Quite strange.

DH is watching Morrisey tonight, very jealous. He's had a great time at the festival which is good. He is due back at 4 tomorrow. Our neighbour was doing the railings on the two balconies today so was using our back garden for the woodworking. It's too hard to keep DS2 indoors so we went to the beach and hung out there until it was time for DS1's swimming lesson then after the lesson we went to a great festival they have here called De Parade. It's a small theater festival. Different little theater groups set up funky mini theaters in a park and they also have a silent disco lots of brilliant food stalls and a great kids art section. DS1 loves the woodwork tent, he made a little aeroplane. It's all very funky & colourful and has a vaudville or even burlesque feel. I met some friends there and we gave the kids their tea at a great Spanish paella stand. They did the paella in massive terracotta pot! Then we came home shattered but happy. The guy from upstairs made the boys two little boats out some of the wood railings off cuts. He gave them to them when we got home. The boys loved them. Was very sweet.

JamInMyWellies Sun 03-Jul-11 05:00:48

Don't want to lose you all new mumsnet app won't let me find you unless I gi the long way round. Will read back tom. But sleep is calling me.

Beans36 Sun 03-Jul-11 08:47:01

Morning all! Had a v busy weekend, but want to mark my place and say hi. All well here. Had a birthday "do" on Friday night and got absolutely slaughtered. Even went onto a club til 2am. Oh yes. It was smashing fun, but I wasn't in a good way yesterday. DH got up and did the 6.30am shift, which was kind as he wasn't much better. But he had arranged to go cycling at 8.30, which I was dreading as I'd have been doing sole childcare til 3pm. Thankfully, he understood my plight and changed it to this morning and so was a legend with the girls. We had such a smashing day, despite my hangover, and went for a nice walk. Then we all went to sleep at lunch time. DH and I even managed to squeeze in a cheeky bonk. Was lovely. Then slept for 1.5 hours. I woke up feeilng so much happier. Then we went out to a BBQ with some friends. Was smashing fun.

I have these lovely NCT friends and their husbands are mad on cooking, so they ask us over and they are kind of into competitive cooking, which is lovely. Although they do talk endlessly and rather pompously about food, which gets a bit dull. Last night we had sea bream sushi, home made laksa, served in half a pineapple with prawns and scallops, then halibut with saffron rice, asparagus, samphire (??) and beurre blanc. All gobbledygook to me, but it tasted delicious. Unfortunately I woke up in the night with a few tummy cramps and had to offload! Rank. But felt better afterwards.

Now it's our turn to invite them over here and I just cannot match their cooking! Never mind, they'll just have to make do with some good old fashioned lasagne or something - hee hee!!! I love cooking and am quite good at it, but am no way near their league. But wow, they do bore on about it!!!

I wash my hair every day. I hate the way it smells if I don't. DH snuggled up to me in bed the other day and said "Mmm, your hair smells of potatoes". Erm. Got terrible giggles!

In answer to your queries about what DH thought about what his Dad said, he was mortified and apologised. BUT it is just how his dad is and we all know he's a wanker, but it's kind of unspoken. I know the biggest insult I could give DH is to tell him he's just like his father. Which is awful, but true. But genuinely, FIL does have a kind heart, he just behaves like a prick on a regular basis.

Must go and look after DDs. DD2 on our new little bouncy trampoline in the garden. She loves it!

Hope all really well.

sybilfaulty Sun 03-Jul-11 09:55:55

Beans, you are a hero and a LEGEND for doing 2 big nights out on the trot in such big style. I really feel it if I do. My lovely friend from Scotland was down on Thurs and we went out and did tapas and wine. Much wine, home at 12.30, another bottle, bed at 2.30. School run in am. Very slowly. Friday night, Take That night, so hoiking up to Wembley and back. Much less drinking but very late again. Yesterday was a very quiet day as a result. Am impressed by the daytime bonk too. I really cannot remember the last time we had a shag in the daytime. Probably when Lucy was tiny. She's 6 now. Hm.

Beans36 Sun 03-Jul-11 10:00:21

Daytime shags are something you can only do when your children both have sleeps, I reckon. DD1 on the brink of giving up her sleep, but we threatened her with no swimming if she didn't go to sleep, so she did. DD2 also giving up her morning sleep, which is a bummer. Although will free up the morning somewhat.

My friend went to TT on Friday too and said it was amazing. I am jealous. Although terrified of big crowds, so wouldn't enjoy it. I deeply love Gary Barlow though. Sorry all!

I am doing 5k run in Battersea Park tomorrow at 7pm. YAY! Ish.

sybilfaulty Sun 03-Jul-11 10:00:53

Had to post that as Lucy is reading over my shoulder and I didn#t want her to ask me what a daytime s**g was.

I HATE competitive cooking and won't do it. People who come here get nice food but generally easy stuff I make in advance, so I can talk to them. Fish pie, lasagne, stew, that type of thing features quite heaving. Jamie's 30 min meals has some good stuff for having people over, as lots of it can be done before they arrive and it's super delish. Worse than competitive cooking is competitive wine loving. I mean, I love wine and consume it enthusiastically, but can't be arsed with all the poncing. I am usually just supping quietly when they all start bollocking on about bouquet and tannin. Yawn, yawn, yawn.

Am fat and wobbly again, so back on the diet and starting running again. Deids you have inspired me. Off to Asda shortly for some cheap food. Hurray!

Happy Sunday everyone.

sybilfaulty Sun 03-Jul-11 10:02:41

Beans, they are ALL gorgeous, although Mark is a bit short for me. Robbie a bit weird and Jason probably too gay, although he'd be a good shopping pal. So just Gary or 'Oward for me. Or both. But not at the same time.

Good luck for the run, darling. Are you colleting £££?

urbanewarrior Sun 03-Jul-11 11:08:02

Sybs I too hate wine snobbery. And anyway would never get away with it with nearest and dearest - when I was in first year at uni my lovely little brother came to stay and brought quite a posh bottle of wine (he worked in a restaurant and probably nicked it grin) my comment was "this is nice, it doesn't hurt your throat". Although having said that as I've drunk less I've got more fussy - seems a waste otherwise and we mainly buy huge quantities from vineyards when we're on holiday and then drink over the year. Hmm am boring myself.

Dd looks to have the pox much worse than ds, although she is being stoical.

urbanewarrior Sun 03-Jul-11 11:11:55

Sorry - posted too soon. Am impressed with all antics beans grin and glad you enjoyed take that sybs. I never really liked any of them.worse than that at the timei really fancied weird looking indie kids - jarvis cocker in the main. Supposed to be going to see pulp in the park tonight bit don't think we'll make it sad had been looking forward to it since January.

VagolaJahooli Sun 03-Jul-11 12:29:31

Oh Jarvis I love him. I think I've already spoken on here about my screaming like a teenager when I saw him with 'all seeing eye'. Also came back from India to see Pulp play when I could have stayed longer...was worth the return. I wanted to name a child Jarvis but DH vetoed it with DS1 & then 2.

Beans you dirty stop out. I love cooking but not great with dinner parties as I'd rather chat that cook. I have one friend that I rarely get to see so when we go to each others for dinner we have ready made Ravioli with ready made sauces. It means we get more chatting & wine time. I love good wine these days but no idea of the ins and outs. My step father is a proper old Queensland country tradesmen but he was born & bred amongst the vineyards of the darling downs. What he knows about wine would leave the average tosser wine snob looking like a cask lover. I always defer to him on all things vino.

The poor boys are shattered after yesterday so we are staying in today. DH due home around 4. I'm waiting for the tennis to start.

VagolaJahooli Sun 03-Jul-11 12:40:40

Not that there is anything wrong with casks. We had some lovely banrock creek whilst on a canal boat holiday in Scotland a few years ago.

Beans36 Sun 03-Jul-11 13:04:25

Hee hee - you'd have laughed last night then - the guy who was cooking's job is a wine trader, so he doesn't half go on about it. BUT he is also one of the nicest men in the world - v kind and amusing. French Canadian, so his accent fascinates me. And his wife is from Belfast, so they just have the best intonations going on round the table. I love it. But, both the husbands of these NCT mates do the kind of cooking that you have to do while everyone is at the table, which I hate. It's a bit showyoffy, but also means that if you're sitting next to them, then you've got an empty seat. I'm with you, Sybs, - prepare in advance and just sit and have a natter while supper takes care of itself. I love Nigella Express too, as it's so simple. Or Good Housekeeping book, which probably shows how square I am, but it is marvellous.

I saw Mark Owen in a coffee shop in Battersea once. He looks like he needs a good wash and a good sleep. If I was that rich, I think I'd just look happy all the time! It would be heavenly. I know money doesn't make you happy, but wowsers, I'd like to try it out!

Both nippers asleep, so am going to watch the tennis and wait for DH to come home. Luckily he has some rather rich/posh friends who are members of the Hurlingham Club and they've invited us for a swim there with the kids this afternoon. I even shaved my bikini line and legs in anticipation. Yes please! I am going to have Pimms and eat scones if they have them.

Took girls to the park this morning. It was lovely DD1 walked all the way there and back, hence the sleeping!

GO NADAL! I should shout for Djokovic, because whoever I support tends to lose - ie. Tsonga, but I just love Rafa. I'd like to cuddle him. And then maybe shag him. I'd see how his hair smelt first.

TrudyVotion Sun 03-Jul-11 13:11:23

Vag that day sounds absolutey blissful - that would be about six months worth of fun for us! The toy boats thing is so sweet. How does the side pony tail method work? I'm being dim bcause I imagine it would leave your hair all wonky, which obviously it can't do.

Before I forget, please can anyone help me with the name of a toy? It's something I've seen at playgroup twice and would love to get the DC at Christmas - it's the kind of thing my 9yo would love too. They're a plastic construction-type toy with flattish pieces (ie not cubes) about 2" square with crenellated edges and small holes in. You can slot the pieces together in 3D and put little wheels and cog into the holes and link them all up and so on. They're absolutely brilliant and I like playing with them too! I looked for a name when we had them out that time but couldn't see anything.

Beans that all sounds blissful, and well done for getting a poo reference in! sybs is right, you're made of stern stuff to cope with all those BNO. We went to a party last night and had a smashing time, it had all the right ingredients, but I wasn't in bed til 1am and DS woke at 5.15 - I coud have cried sad I coudn't fob him off beyond 5.50 but I managed to zonk out on the sofa while he wrought havoc played and good old DD was up from 7ish. Next thing I knew DH appeared with DS (who had employed his usual ping-Daddy's-eye-mask-against-his-face waking technique) and it was 10 to 10. I felt a lot better smile I hadn't drunk much, I just can't cope on 4 hrs sleep.

sybs am fat and wobbly too so I'm back on the wagon as well. How much do you need/want to lose? I'm on the wrong side of 11 1/2 stone (but am 5' 6" so just about get away with it) so I want to lose at least a stone, ideally a stone and a half.

You're all so down and groovy going to see bands. DH and I don't really like much of the same music, except things like Queen and Pink Floyd, which of course we ain't never gonna see in concert now, so I doubt we'd agree on anything to see. I like the idea of being parachuted in to wee a band but couldn't be arsed with all the driving and hanging around and arrangements and so on. I must be the only person who hasn't been to see TT! I've never liked them afraid, I like more jangly stuff. I'd love to see the Stereophonics and Kings of Leon and one or two hair metal bands that DH would never go to in a million years! I had some dreadful music taste in the mid-80s that I can't quite shake off blush

I like knowing a little bit about wine but in the sense of understanding what I like and trying new things, not to be smart about it. I was just setting up a wine importing business five years ago when we suddenly had to move house rather fast (LL wanted to sell - five years later house still unsold and now off the market, about seven sets of tenants in five years and to think we could have still have been there >sob<) which took all the capital I was going to invest. Hey ho.

Just going to forage for some lunch then take DD to this music group. She has really tarted up for it - she looks amazing in a 9yr-old-wearing-too-much-makeup-and-jewellery way, but I'm not letting her out of the house like that! She's found some lip gloss and a trowel, huge earrings she bought for pennies at the church fair yesterday and is also wearing some tinsel round her waist hmm

TrudyVotion Sun 03-Jul-11 13:15:28

see a band blush

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