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JULY 2008 how are the demanding 3 year olds and almost 3 getting on?

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Rumpel Sat 18-Jun-11 20:51:37

HI all,

Calvin is a big boy and very demanding. Incredibly cute but full of mischief. Still not toilet trained - been trying for 6 months now but he is very single minded shock. Will go for a wee on the toilet when he feels like it. His speech and language is excellent for his age I think. Life is busy. Stared him at plagroup in January as he can be shy but boy I have ended p having to do loads for it - fundraising, stalls, mintues etc etc. hmm

Amber starts school this year shock and is uber excited about it - wonder how long that will last grin. Calvin starts nursery 3 afternoons and will be going to private nursery 2 full days - woo hoo! Time to myself and time to get back to the gym and see if I can tone up my saggy bits at last wink

My husband started working off shore last September and it can be arduous for 2 weeks on my own. Pays the bills though.

Am going to see Take That next week at Hampden and am freaking out about being in amongst that amount of people - eek!

Hope everyone is well and big congrats to Mama2leah for girl number 3 - what is her name then?

Hard to believe it has been 3 or nearly 3 years ago shock. I am still trying to watch the last series of one born every minute and it always makes my cry (although this time to do with one girl's teeth shock) and I think oh it would be lovely to have another wee baby then i give myself a good slap and think about the real world LOL!

Love to all and big squishy hugs to the tiddlies ((( ))).xxx

sweetkitty Sat 18-Jun-11 21:00:17

hiya I see most of you on FB but big hello anyway

I can't believe it has been 3 years as well. Well Bethany where do we start? She is a law unto herself, rules the house. Such a beautiful, funny, high demanding, spirited little girl. She is very aware of everything around her, thinks she is 5 (like her sisters), speech is amazing but again I think that's because of her sisters. Toilet trained day and night now, I was dreading it and left it really late until Easter and she caught on after a day and was dry after 2, she came out night nappies a week later, so only one in nappies now.

She started nursery 3 days a week at Easter and is doing fab like she has been there forever. She starts 5 days a week in August.

Life with 4 is hectic, Jacob in 13 months now, DD1 almost 7 and DD2 5 1/2. One of my main stresses at the moment is the sheer lack of space in this house, it has 2 bedrooms and a cupboard basically, Jacob still in with us but the whole house has no storage and we have so much stuff. Waiting on another house to sell to free up the money for the extension to this one.

No more babies for me 4 is more than enough, I'm actually terrified of ever getting pregnant again (so much so it affects or erm sex life, we must get round to a premanent solution soon).

Cannot believe MumtoLeah has had another baby wow she is mad (says me!)

Would love to hear how all our lovely little 3 year olds are doing.

Pigleychez Sat 18-Jun-11 21:29:13

Fab idea to have a catch up!

Well Abigail is a demanding little almost 3yr old! Very cheeky and far too clever for her own good! Not quite so keen on her latest phase of answering back.
She attends Nursery one morning a week which has done her the world of good as with no family nearby I never leave her with anyone. She adores going. She will start doing more sessions in September with the funding.

Been lucky and she cracked toilet training at 2.2 in only a week! Always busy here too what with Ballet classes, swimming lessons, nursery, toddler groups etc it feels like I never sit down!
Swimming is going great and she can now swim about half a width completely unaided. Proud mummy!

Little Lucy was 1 in May and adores her big sister. They are best friends but also fight like cat and dog! Shes walking about now so they are both under my feet and making twice as much mess! Appears to be showing the same fiesty temper as her sister though, Well no wonder when she has such a good teacher!!

We are off on holiday again in a few weeks. Only to Great Yarmouth but should still be fun. May attempt a trip abroad with the girls next year. Then in Sept we are off to Butlins again,this time with BIL, SIL and Neice who will be almost one. Be lovely for the girls to all holiday together.
Its my 30th in July which is making me feel abit old! Planning a big family meal out at the mo.
Started doing Zumba classes lately which are great fun! Waiting for this size 6 figure though!!

Not sure about number 3 here yet. Part of me would love it but practically I know it would mean alot of changes. Who knows in the future... just not right now.

Try to keep with you all via FB but nice idea to have a good catch up on here smile I cant believe its nearly 3 years on!

Kaz1967 Sat 18-Jun-11 22:28:08

Where did the time go? Kez will be 3 in under 2 weeks shock It's the first time I have been on here for ages think I see most people on facebook.

She has been at nursery at the local school 2 mornings a week since September for my sanity, she loves it when I went to sign the paper work she had a megga tantrum when we had to leave, took that as a good sign LOL From this September she will be going school hours 5 days a week so I can finally get back to collage. Have to say think we are both more than ready for that she drives me nuts but I love her to bits.

I have a child with a very vivid imagination, she chats and plays all the time but some of the things are so funny. We have had
- Aunty Sue floating in the sky in a boat outside our bedroom window.
- Monkeys in her hair (she had to wash them out which was why her hair was wet) and same monkeys apparently destroyed my sunflower by eating the leaves???
- She drove her car to Tattershall farm park to pick up Alan (friends husband who was at time in bed sleeping off working the night) who had been working there.
I am awaiting the imaginary friend thought they might be the monkeys but they seem to have gone for good thank god.

She wants to drive a tractor/train, ride a motorbike, and fly an aeroplane (note not fly in one fly it). She has just learnt to ride a scooter with 2 wheels and desperately wants to ride a bike with 2 wheels.

She loves books, drawing, her babies (dolls), climbing and running around. She is very independent and always refused to sit in a baby swing I think cos she can't get out herself. She has several good friends her best friend is a boy called Joshua who is about 6 months older but very similar enthusiastic, temperament.

After several false starts Kez hid her nappies just over a week ago and told me she she wanted to be a big girl few accidents and a strop at night every time I insist on a nappy still but so far so good.

Isaidno Sat 18-Jun-11 22:54:49

Poppy's birthday today smile

She's doing fine, very stubborn and well aware of how to throw a bit of a tantrum! She doesn't talk and we're now seeing a speech therapist. (She says about 7 words, plus a variety of noises like meow and whee - never puts 2 words together.) I think the main problem is that mummy is a mind reader...

Potty training was great, dry even overnight at 2.2 years; prob helped by the cloth nappying.

Bf until about 2 months ago, when I'd finally had enough so persuaded her to stop.

Isaidno Sat 18-Jun-11 22:55:15

Poppy's birthday today smile

She's doing fine, very stubborn and well aware of how to throw a bit of a tantrum! She doesn't talk and we're now seeing a speech therapist. (She says about 7 words, plus a variety of noises like meow and whee - never puts 2 words together.) I think the main problem is that mummy is a mind reader...

Potty training was great, dry even overnight at 2.2 years; prob helped by the cloth nappying.

Bf until about 2 months ago, when I'd finally had enough so persuaded her to stop.

Isaidno Sat 18-Jun-11 22:56:11

Poppy's birthday today smile

She's doing fine, very stubborn and well aware of how to throw a bit of a tantrum! She doesn't talk and we're now seeing a speech therapist. (She says about 7 words, plus a variety of noises like meow and whee - never puts 2 words together.) I think the main problem is that mummy is a mind reader...

Potty training was great, dry even overnight at 2.2 years; prob helped by the cloth nappying.

Bf until about 2 months ago, when I'd finally had enough so persuaded her to stop.

Isaidno Sat 18-Jun-11 22:56:48

sorry - I seem to have posted 3 times - well they are 3!!

JODIEwantsanewname Sat 18-Jun-11 23:10:20

Hi guys! Again I 'see' most of you on FB but it's nice to be back on mn again after so long (and made easier by the fab app on the iphonewink)

Sam is 3 in 2 weeks and is so lovely and the cutest thing alive (or so he'd like you to believe! grin)

He goes to pre-school 2.5 days a week and has all the 'teachers' there jumping through hoops for him, although doesn't help me Shen he can't get his own way! His speech and grasp of language is fab (better than his brothers was) and can recognise alot of letters and numbers, and does jigsaws in a flash (he's getting bored of the 5+ ones with 49 pieces now, need to get bigger ones for his b'day)

I'm now on attempt 2 of potty training and it seems to be going OK, he doesn't ask to go very often, but seems to be able to hold it in until I take him, every 45 mins or so.

He starts school nursery in September and cannot wait, will be there 4 days a week and is super excited, it'll be so odd to see him in a school uniform sad and Oliver starts full time in September, and like Amber rumpel he's super excited, but they are nearly 5 and raring to go!!

Im getting broody, but couldn't cope with another baby, life is just starting to get back on track, my ironing business is doing well and my 'real' job is going great too.

Happy birthday Poppy! What has the speech therapist said about her speech?

Rumpel Tue 21-Jun-11 20:34:28

bumpity bump

ponto Tue 21-Jun-11 23:16:52

Hello all, nice to get proper updates on all the little ones rather than the one line FB status posts.

Bryony is a bit of a handful, knows her own mind and is perfectly capable of letting you know it! She's always seemed so little to me as she's my last baby but since she's been potty trained for the last couple of months she's suddenly seeming much more grown up. I'm looking forward to her starting nursery in September, I think she needs more stimulation than I can give her - I seem to spend all my time doing housework when we're at home so she gets to watch quite a lot of CBeebies.

Dd1 is 8 now and quite defiant at home, which has come as a bit of a shock as she's a shy sensitive girl at school. Dd2 started school in September and is loving it, such a different experience from when dd1 started and had to be coaxed into school every day. I keep comforting myself with that old MN saying 'it's just a phase, it will pass'.

Happy birthday to all the 3 year olds. Who's having a party? I was hoping to get away with having a few friends round to the house but Bryony is asking for a 'proper party' at a softplay place so I'm going to have a look at prices.

cass66 Thu 23-Jun-11 20:50:53

Hello all, see most of you lot on facebook (daily!!).

Ed is a hooligan, so much more physical than the girls, disobedient and yet so loving. Adores his sisters. Doesn't stop talking (except when watching TV), is picking stuff up really quickly, like letter sounds, we can now play i-spy and counting, quicker than the girls but exposed to so much more daily because of them. And so technical, he can use my smartphone better than my husband, and has commandeered my DS...

Keeps finding the girls stashes of sweets and sits and eats them all - I dread the dentist....

Feel I would like to meet you all in the flesh, but we are quite spread geographically....Oh, and we're heading over to NZ for 4 months in Aug, so even more miles between us all......

No party but going camping with family, so lots of fuss and fun to be had.

Defiant 8 yr olds?, yep got one of them too, trying to be a teenager.....

Rumpel Thu 14-Jul-11 15:15:09

Wave Calvin toilet trained at last woo hoo! Except for poo - he has done this twice on toilet but now waits until he has a night time nappy on before letting go hmm. He drinks loads of fluids so no idea when I'll be able to get rid of the night time one hmm.

He is 3 tomorrow so we are off to a farm park with some friends. We had a party for him last year but he hated it - too shy.

My DD is 5 in October and starts school in August - hurrah! Must go as pressies to wrap and housework to do - Cass - I seem to spend most of my life doing housework too! sad

Sweetkitty and Mccheesers and I met up last week in Glasgow - was really good to meet them although we have agreed next time Mc is in the country we will do adults only and drinkies so we can actually get to talk LOL.

I still get really confused with FB names and MN names blush

disneystar1 Sat 30-Jul-11 22:21:39

well hello everyone its lovely to read all the updates smile

well the monkey is now 3 and is quite a handfull at times he hates his oxygen hates his tubes and lets me know about it, he tries to run now and tries to catch a ball so progress here hes still fully signed in speech but makes sounds now and is saying eeeee ooooo types of sounds so im pleased

he doesnt stay at nursery alone he will have 1-2-1 in sept im still gonna be there hes way to attached to me to let go and i fear its the same other way around, maybe if he gets used to his carer i can leave the room more its so risky tho he fits easily and when he gets upset he cant breathe very well

still in nappies full time and probably will be for a while yet but hes young and for a child with his special needs hes doing so well smile

as hes getting bigger the divide between samuel and other 3 yr old is becoming apparant samuel hugs anyone and if a child is in soft play he bundles over with his safety hat on tubes attached to him and tries to play you can visibly see other parents watching him like a hawk its rather sad at times but something i have to get used to, hes a heavy footed boy clumsy and when he tries to cuddle a child he usually pushes them over they get upset the parents dont like it and i have to very thick skinned and over the last 3 years ive learnt my son is special he is very different and ive had 3 years to adapt other parents dont know how to react and disability scares some people i have adopted a rather cheeky reply if they complain at me with oh im sorry but my son is disabled not sure if youve noticed he doesnt understand properly just yet:D ................all samuel knows is signing play play a me joking aside tho hes my special guy i love him and all of them to bits smile

my oldest is 11 now and has the same special needs as samuel except hes wheelchair bound and 11 is the age i start home educating so hes done with school now smile ive done it with my others and enjoyed it it means i never have even 1 hour of but what the heck im used to it by now right :D

lovely to catch up and read all the new posts ladies im of to my bed now im shattered x

mama2plusbump Mon 01-Aug-11 09:33:57

Hiya all!!!!

Its me mama2leah
Leah just turnt 3, A is goinv to be 2, and S is going to be 4 months ( safiya)
I did a live labour thread with her it was tooo fast!

Life is so busy, leah is toilet trainings days are ok jus poos are an issue. And havnt done nights yet. Not sure hw to go about that?

So glad i stumpled on this thread.
L speech os ok i think, she is an independent, fiery, funny and very caring lil girl and big sis

Must go

mama2plusbump Mon 01-Aug-11 09:42:30

Oh yeh we went abroad in june lol will tell you about it later

disneystar1 Mon 01-Aug-11 10:49:26

great to hear from you mama :D looking forward to catching up x

disneystar1 Mon 01-Aug-11 16:02:41

on sunday samuel stayed a whole 30 mins in church ministry school thats the longest ive been without him he did great and was very happy smile

Wow, can't believe you guys are still nattering and are friends on facebook as well. I think my name was Libralovesbiscuits back in 2008, it's gone thru a few changes!
Alexander is now 3 (but the size of a 4.5yr old) and has a little sister 9 months. He is rambunctious and boisterous and never, ever stops. He was toilet trained about 4 months ago when they both had chicken pox so we couldn't go out anyway, he cracked it in 3 days and was night dry a week later. They both go to nursery one day a week so I can work and come September he will go to pre-school 3 times a week as well. Saying that yesterday he told me he didn't want to go to nursery and when I asked why he said "want to stay with Mummy", they know how to pull on the heart strings don't they. They have just started sharing a room together and it's very sweet listening to them chat together before falling asleep.

I was never broody with either DS or DD but now, knowing I am not going to have anymore I am getting broody! I wish someone would just hand me a 6month old (not a big fan before this age!).

Disney - great to hear Samuel is doing well, as for the stares from the other parents in softplay I know if that was me I would just be staring to make sure my DC didn't pull on Samuels tubes by mistake.

I appeared to kill the thread, lol.

disneystar1 Thu 03-Jan-13 21:21:55

Hello anyone still here

SicknSpan Fri 18-Oct-13 12:43:51

Hi all - minkus here. anyone else still about?

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