Festive February Fairies

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starlover Thu 17-Nov-05 21:56:09

ta daaaaaa

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starlover Fri 18-Nov-05 13:04:59

for all those bottlefeeding.... are you still sterilising everything?

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Hazellnut Fri 18-Nov-05 13:29:03

hello festive fairy !

Yes I am still sterilising bottles - feel a bit ridiculous but just can't break the habit... perhaps I need to go to sterilisers anonymous.

I feel terrible today - dd was up literally half the night for the sixth night in a row. I know it is because she is still bunged up from this cold so am trying to be patient but I am now exhausted. And because of it she won't sleep during the day so is very grumpy .... just had a bit of an 'I'm so tired' blub..... Because of all this we missed the play group AGAIN even though my neighbour remembered me this time but we weren't ready - thankfully its the weekend at last !!! Right winge over - sorry everyone...

starlover Fri 18-Nov-05 13:30:41

aww we're having the same thing right now! and i think gossifer was on a thread the other day with the same problem!

Linus woke up at 11pm and just cried and cried and didn't go back to sleep til 12.30

took an hour of crying before he went for his nap this morning too.. also all bunged up, green snot everywhere!

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Hazellnut Fri 18-Nov-05 13:34:35

I think I was just getting it from every side last night - I went to bed about 11, DH came in from work about midnight so woke me up, he has got whatever Anna's had so then coughed till about 2.30. Anna woke up at 2.30 and was awake until about 5 when we gave up and put her in with us. She did then sleep till 9 but then fell of the bed (which is v. high)......

It all sounds a bit of a comedy when I write it down Bless 'em....

Hazellnut Fri 18-Nov-05 13:37:56

oh and I've got the lurgy too but obviously dh's is worse

starlover Fri 18-Nov-05 13:38:14

Awww sounds like you had a right night!
Linus is now up and playing with my phone!

we might venture out in a bit... he seems a bit happier to be out and about instead of stuck indoors

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starlover Fri 18-Nov-05 13:38:47

well obviousyl... he's a man! maybe that's linus's problem! lol

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Hazellnut Fri 18-Nov-05 13:44:13

Yes we are going to go out in a bit - fresh air, exercise and I may just buy some choc to cheer myself up (until I get on teh scales and give myself something else to feel miserable about !). And dd might sleep in the buggy.....

gossifer Fri 18-Nov-05 16:04:42

ooooooh hello hazelnut and sl i'm sorry, bad night here too!
leon has a horrible cold (and me too) and i think teething, and is up twice every night, at about 12 and 5am

my only advice is to try a feed: i'm very quiet, no talking or eye contact, feed in bed with me and then off to sleep, when he's really asleep i put him back in cot, this works, if i let him wake up too much, that's it, it takes ages to get him back to sleep
i also have a pillow in his cot, same principle as us really, when we lie down our coughs get worse, same thing for them

haven't sterilised bottles for ages, leon licks the floor and i figured once he was on the move i couldn't control what went in his mouth anyway

just been to a singing thing at the city farm which we used to go to, used to be amazing, but there's a new woman and it was sooooo bad i should have said something (too shy!)

ooooh we're off out tonight, so excited even with the flu and tired!

gossifer Fri 18-Nov-05 17:27:26

wow, leon has just eaten a whole cheese omelette, 1st time he's ever eaten egg and really eaten it!!!!!!!

starlover Fri 18-Nov-05 17:33:34

oooh well done him! LInus eats scrambled egg but won't eat omelette!
He is asleep right now grrrrrrrr having sytayed awake all afternoon and finally given in and gone for a snooze... i'm in for a long evneing again i think!

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Tipex Fri 18-Nov-05 18:12:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hazellnut Fri 18-Nov-05 18:22:47

ooh lovely tipex (the wine and take out menu rather than the er pressie left by ds !).

Know what you mean about lack of sleep and tears - I have just had a real struggle to get any dinner into dd too which is VERY unusal - had made her fave pasta as felt sorry for her and she refused it and so eat bits of finger food - I just kept giving her loads of bits to try and get stuff into her because I don't want hunger added to the waking issues. Have to confess I even gave her two biscuits .

Anyway, on the happy baby side she started climbing the stairs (our stairgate has to sit on the second step due to where the banister is) and also managed to pull herslef up on the sofa today so she can't really be tooooo ill ! I am really wondering if she has teeth coming as well...

Right, think I am going to put her to bed early so I can relax (she also has hardly slept today so its not just to get her out of the way ).

Have a nice time out Gossifer and I hope Linus isn't up ALL evening SL !!

starlover Fri 18-Nov-05 18:24:54

oooh i knmow what you mean about the other feb thread! it's so weird seeing the due in feb one too!

i was watching this morning today and thinking about last year when they were doing the show from a big country house all over xmas and i was sat here like a beached whale watching it each morning...
the time really has gone SO fast!

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fruitful Fri 18-Nov-05 20:28:54

Hello all, I'm still around although I feel like I've been ill for about a month - one thing after another. Dd has it now. I took her out this morning in her brand-new carseat and she was sick all over it. So we didn't get to her swimming lesson. And ds (the 9mo old) is rather disgruntled at having been indoors practically all day. He does like his new carseat (vacated by big sis) though. Still facing backwards but its a 9mo-4yrs one so its high up and he can see out.

Ds is still refusing to eat anything with lumps in off a spoon. Does anyone else have this? He can eat fingerfoods but he is very selective about what he'll bother with - cheese, rusks, toast, broccoli. Everything else is eagerly grabbed, chewed, and spat out.

He is occasionally sleeping through now (well, 7pm-7am with a 10:30pm feed). Sadly he and dd have only co-ordinated and both slept through on the same night, once.

Sterilise bottles? Nooooo! Don't do it! UCH don't recommend it, even for premature newborns.

What else? Ooh, he is finally sitting. Hooray! So much easier. I've told him he needn't think about crawling till after Christmas. Actually, after Easter would be good. I'm dreading the toy squabbles when he can help himself to whatever he wants.

A meetup would be lovely but I don't think I have the energy to drag me and the fruitlets into London. Plus dd is at playgroup in the mornings. I meet with Futurity at swimming, does that count?

fruitful Fri 18-Nov-05 20:29:48

Hee-hee, this time last year I thought I still had 4 or 5 months to go!

futurity Fri 18-Nov-05 20:41:43

Snap Fruitful!...also didn't get to swimming lesson as DS came out in a rash all over the top part of his body and I think that would of freaked everyone out! Nothing else wrong with him...just spots all over his chest and back and boy bits...phoned doctors but they said unless he had any other symptoms then just keep an eye on him and he is still bouncing around so not too concerned (yet!).

So fun and games with them both at home today AND having the bathroom done so couldn't really go out. Lots of charging around by Sam..he crawls far too fast now and he was eyeing up the stairs earlier so I think I better put the stair gate back on. He adores standing up which he doesn't do much and wobbles like a crazy thing when he does!

Difficult to remember last year and being pregnant..seems forever ago and can't really remember what it was like without Sam!

snufflepuss Fri 18-Nov-05 20:45:37

I still sterilise the bottles, nothing else tho. DD is still eating mush but is able to eat finger food - especially biscuits - but with foods she doesn't like, she rams it all in and then chokes on it before spitting it out. Great .

Sleep, what's that ?

Hazellnut Fri 18-Nov-05 20:46:14

ooh didn't know you two knew each other in RL ... Did you know each other before MN ? Shame about you not being able to make the meet up.......

roosmum Fri 18-Nov-05 20:47:03

hello all, loving the new thread title, v. cute

sorry for all the sicky babies, but can join with tipex & rejoice in the fact that ROO SLEPT LAST NIGHT & is no longer biting me
well he had a feed at 10pm & then slept til 4.45, which is a miracle in this house, these days! dh has a rotten cold, roo v. snotty, so i'm unusually the most well/healthy person in the house....
drinking lots of echinachea tea to try & keep it that way!

SL, what was your degree meant to be in? i'm guessing humanities/soc sciences? psychology??

roosmum Fri 18-Nov-05 20:48:22

yeh, F & F kept that quiet? (didn't they? umm, actually roosmum can't remember what day of the week it is sometimes, never mind what does/doesn't get said on MN!!)

snufflepuss Fri 18-Nov-05 20:48:55

At dd1's nursery today, I saw the pregnant mum of one of the other girls - she did look huge and I actually said so . Shock, horror, if someone had said the same thing to me last year I think I would have belted them. I can't imagine having been that big but I have been, twice, and have the photos to prove it.

roosmum Fri 18-Nov-05 20:51:56

hazellnut...what's your RL name? have a tiny thought that it could also be mine...

Hazellnut Fri 18-Nov-05 20:54:02

Gosh yes my brother got married this time last year and I was like a whale......

Roosmoo - sorry you can't make the meet up but understand we are being a bit southern biased but we will organise one for all you up in the grim north in the new year.

Hello again snufflepuss !!

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