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Dec 08 Mums - Introducing our new joiners, TrudyV and Al Fresco...

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Beans33 Wed 18-May-11 09:35:47

Hope this is ok? Thought it was subtle enough for the wider MN and not offensive!!

traceface Wed 18-May-11 10:05:16

I LOVE the new titlebeans grin Thanks x
I do NOT LOVE the 30 day shred. Day one made me feel like I was going to die at the time and today I can barely move my arms and legs. Ow and more ow. But there's that little bit of me that's enjoying the pain, because it must mean it's oing to work if I keep up the effort!
Must dash, P demanding 'daddy puter'!

TrudyVotion Wed 18-May-11 10:18:12

I'm loving the adventures of Al Fresco grin Sorry, brief pause there to read Hairy Maclary. DH is now playing and telling me he's off out the door, "walking to my lesson, see you later" - I hope he's joking! Okay, am on a hiding to nothing here as he's just appeared carrying six books, oh and here he is with another bag - just as well I had nothing to do eh??

Thanks for the welcome - I like it here smile

sybilfaulty Wed 18-May-11 10:38:08

I am loving the new title! Beans, you are so funny. Have texted you BTW.

Welcome, Trudy, don't think I've said hi to you yet. So nice to have a new person to join the nattering.

I have never taken an al fresco poo, but have had more outdoors wees than is decent. It started as a child, when we went on long journeys, stopping in a layby to go behind a bush. I remember once as a child going behind a bush with another child, with the child coming back from the bush to ask where the loo was. His parents clearly didnt whip their knicks off as often as I did.

Lots of wees whilst walking in the country, once was interrupted by a gang of school children pointing and laughing, so whipped my knickers up so quickly I splashed all over them. Most shameful one, though, was after a Christmas party about 10 years ago. Having left the restaurant, my friend and i decided to pop bakc to work for a wee (inside), not realising that the office was unlikely to be open at 1.30am! As I was desperate I went to a quiet corner for my wee, forgetting that the whole carpark is on CCTV. I could not look the security guards in the face for some weeks, as my naked bum had been captured in all its splendour as I crouched down. Horrors. Was quite tempted this morning when I was out for a run in Brockwell park, but decided nobly to hang on til I got home.

I am working at home today. Done nothing so far. Oops.

LadyThompson Wed 18-May-11 11:05:01

Morning all! The money from HMRC is in my account <muffled cheers, champagne corks popping> It's only taken...just over six months hmm Most of it is now already accounted for but hey, being in the black feels absolutely great.

Right, must try to remember what I typed last night, before it vanished...(thank you to Beans for the new, thread, very subtle)

Vag, I am not surprised you are down about your ankle. Two things strike a chord with me - the feeling trapped, with not being able to get anywhere (not driving and having to schlep a baby and a toddler everywhere sometimes drives me potty, but it's worse for you if you can barely walk and DH is away!) and the feeling the absence of a couple of things that defined you, prior to having kids. My life is unrecognisable from how it was up to 2008. On the other hand, obviously the girls are so precious and an enormous blessing. Trace was talking about how hard it is to get stuff done with two tinies if you are at home and I do find it so. On the other hand...I do want to treasure their babyhood and not get lost in moaning that it's tiring and I have little time for myself. Anyway, I am rambling here. When your DH is back perhaps you can review your ankle then.

Rubes, I think that HV sounded sensible - from what you say, DD is eating well so I don't see how you could really change anything there. I guess it's a case of, as she says, somehow breaking the habit. Sounds like a good plan for DS with the nursery and v similar to what I intend to do, except that DD1 will have to do 5 mornings in Jan as that's all that's on offer.

Spot, sounds like you have had the night from Hades. It must be the jabs. Hoping for a calmer day for you, and a better night tonight....

Sybs, as you know that sort of footage is really blurry so they might not have known it was you grin DP often has to peer at CCTV footage for work and I often wonder how it benefits either prosecution or defence, it's so ropey.

Talking of books, I meant to ask Invis - have you ever read any Rosamond Lehmann? I've always meant to and had a book of hers for my birthday. Plus a book by Colm Toibin, whom I've also never read - the one about Henry James that was nominated, or possibly even won, the Booker a few years ago. The year, in fact, that DH's novel was longlisted <unashamedly proud boast>

NJAN hasn't been on for ages. Hope you are ok, if you are lurking! And Pingu, ditto, and hope the pregnancy is progressing well.

Right, have way too much to do as usual, mustn't post as much as yesterday!

Nolda Wed 18-May-11 11:21:45

Hi, sorry to miss my cue on the other thread Trace, but I've been having computer problems here. All saved now with a new power cable. I'm glad that you've started shredding, you know it's good for you, "you want results ... they're not coming for free!".

You poor thing, Vag, on the ankle. It is really difficult to manage that kind of injury with LOs as I have discovered when I broke my toe and at least I can still cycle about which you can't. Lots of sympathy from me.

We bought canoes like these (we didn't pay anywhere near that for them though). DH has already played with them in the garden checked that they are fully functioning but we won't be able to try them out until next weekend.

Hurrah for the dosh finally coming through, LadyT! It must be a big relief.

DS and I have been to DD's class assembly this morning. They were all so cute smile.

JamInMyWellies Wed 18-May-11 11:52:22

Morning all.

back later for personals just wanted to get you on my thread list.

Thanks for the new title Beans.

Have just spend 100 in Warehouse, whoops.

Hurrah for the money Lady.

sybilfaulty Wed 18-May-11 12:05:19

Hurray for HMRC! Not often I say that!

LadyThompson Wed 18-May-11 12:36:56

I know. I did a little dance when I checked my account this morn. The endless delays and muddles over these months have been really scandalous, though, and the treatment from some of the staff (when, after all, they owed ME money) has been, well, fodder enough for an episode of Panorama! And yet, when DP was going to be a few weeks late paying his tax last summer - he wasn't avoiding it, but cash flow is always a prob for his profession as you are paid between 3 and 18 months after trial, no knowing when - he telephoned them to let them know, as one is supposed to if one is getting into difficulty, and the woman on the line said it wasn't acceptable and told him he'd better start selling some of his possessions shock

Aw, what was the assembly on, Nolda? And what did you buy, Jam? There are loads of things I want/need...but I could do with a jacket of some sort that can be worn now/in the summer/early autumn. Hmm. However, am not going to do any wild spending as I know I have to budget for curtains for the house and that's going to be tricky - champagne tastes on a Panda Pops budget, etc grin

vagolaJahooli Wed 18-May-11 12:38:24

Hooray for your money coming through finally Lady. Maybe you can enjoy a small window of lower stress levels now. Though there is still the move to complete. Your right about not moping about things as there will come a time when I wish I was stuck at home with them.

Nolda I'm erg jaloers ('very jealous' I'm practicing my dutch on you) of your canoes. It's the same company as ours but twice the price, actually may three times the price. Can I ask how much you paid and how? Ours were €115 each from a shop about an hour & a half from here. They are brilliant, I still can't believe how solid the floor of them feel & how manouverable they are considering they're inflatable. Just a tip, as you have the same seat as ours, if you sit your bum right in the middle of the seat they have excellent back support. I made the mistake of sitting my butt right towards the back of the roundish seat part of the chair thing and it had no support. When I moved a little forward it was perfect.

vagolaJahooli Wed 18-May-11 12:41:20

Oh & thanks for new title Beans, I think all our titles have been great, (who can forget Poonami-gate), but yours are by far the best.

SummerLightning Wed 18-May-11 12:47:31


beans I love the thread title! Well done on referencing the poo situation without causing another poonami-gate (we hope)

Ho-bloody-ray for the HMRC and your dosh LadyT. Phewie, not before time.

ladyt I have read Dusty Answer and I have checked this time and it is indeed by Rosamund Lehmann grin as I suspected. I really enjoyed it but I can't remember much of it and I was a teenager at the time so it may be angst-ridden if I liked it back then.

spot hope you get through the day ok, hopefully just a crappy one off on the sleep situation.

Our sleep, I tried to feed DD her before I go to bed dream feed at 11:30 but she wasn't interested, she then woke at 520ish, and I ended up feeding her as it's hard enough to get her back to sleep with feeding if she wakes after 5. she stayed up awake until 6:20 (I had to bring her into bed with me) nearly falling asleep and then snotting everywhere and waking herself up. Grrrr, this is the thing with quitting the night feeds, I suspect if she does she'll start waking at 6,and I'd rather do a night feed to be honest as DS doesn't wake until 7 at the earliest usually so don't have to be up until then. So maybe I will just leave things as they are.

Rubena Wed 18-May-11 12:50:34

BRILLIANT Lady wine (but French and sparkly instead!)
Love the carpark CCTV pee story Sybs! Priceless.
What did you buy Jam? Links please?
Well done on Canoe's Nolda
Have confirmed my return to work P-Time eek
We've gone from no visitors to loads this year- quite excited! Mum coming (without Dad -shame) for about 5 weeks later in year and her friend and then two other friends of my parents then my Aunt and Uncle! All of which live in Aus - when it rains it pours!
Both kids asleep smile I busted ds though just after they went down and DD was asleep I heard him over the monitor go into her room and he climbs up and looks into the cot screaming really loud "Heyo Aaayix, goo nigh Aaayx" it's so cute tho, i just left him and listened and then they were both giggling!

Beans33 Wed 18-May-11 12:51:10

Glad you all like the title.

Lady - whoop whoop! Drinks are on you! Hee hee! I'm so pleased for you - most satisfying. It's just a shame you had to jump through such bloody hoops to get it!

I'm off to the dentist this pm for a filling and some x-rays. Dread. But I'm still in maternity exemption period. Getting a white filling for £75, which I do have to pay for. Bummer. But it's near the front of my mouth. I have managed to secure DD2 a slot for 1.5hrs in DD1's nursery while I have it done for a tenner. Am a little nervous as she's never experienced anything like it before, but she is such a screamy wriggler that I really can't risk taking her to the dentist with me - would make it all the more traumatic and it's going to be bad enough as it is!!!

We are just about to put in an offer on the house that we saw at the weekend - £150k under the asking price - eeeeek! Cheeky us!

Beans33 Wed 18-May-11 12:53:10

Oh Rubes - that is very sweet!
When do you go back to work? How exciting! Well done!

Sorry, cross posted with SL and Rubes. SL - on feed front - if it ain't broke, don't fix it etc! If you can hack the late night feed, then why not carry on??!

Rubena Wed 18-May-11 12:55:18

Oh and thanks Beans for thread. Summer - I have the opposite as ds won't stop waking at 6 sometimes earlier and rarely but now and then 630 [grr] so I totally get what you mean. I fed dd at 630 today and she went back until 830 though but ds well and truly entrenched in pointing the hose over the fence at the neighbours by then.... hmm

Rubena Wed 18-May-11 12:58:41

SL I'm back on payroll from July (that's 12 months) but have leave to use so off until Sept but then taking 4 weeks Parental leave to have Sept off grin then back in Oct, but very very part time and I intend to use PLeave every couple of months and spread my Annual leave for the year over every month so I barely work (I have got being employed but rarely working down to a fine art grin)

Rubena Wed 18-May-11 13:01:38

oh that was meant for beans I think - and not too exciting, I'm in 2 minds about it all so going back just to see how I feel about it. I meant to ask you about the house - how exciting! Good luck - never know unless you offer! Stranger things have happened ie Arti!

Rubena Wed 18-May-11 13:02:59

you've just reminded me I should go to the dentist again with the maternity free deal.

EffiePerine Wed 18-May-11 13:07:46

I have bitten the bullet and ordered bunk beds! Hoping that a)DS1 won't fall off and b) DS2 will actually sleep. Bedtimes are a pain at the mo as they won't sleep for giggling and shouting at each other. Got an IKEA frame and mattresses from the charity furniture place for just over £100. And they'll take away DS1's old bed as a donation. DS1 v excited, he has been dreaming about bunk beds (and things being upside down - he wants to fix our house so his bed is on the ceiling).

Lady: hooray for cash!

Cheers for the new thread Beans smile

Rubena Wed 18-May-11 13:09:15

and I need to buy toothpaste when I'm out thisarvy. Speaking of not being able to nip out easily. Like today i wanted to do 1 trip out / 1 stop. DH needs me to go to the bank - which isn't near the shops I need, that's 2 possible meltdown situations. One will be getting him off the travelator, 2 will be getting him in or out of his carseat withour a long stint of him sitting in the drivers seat pretending to drive like Mummy confused must pack extra flapjacks. great nursery flexibility Beans. hope mine will do that.

EffiePerine Wed 18-May-11 13:09:40

Rubes: autumn is a great time to be going back to work, you get the summer off then back when it starts raining smile

Rubena Wed 18-May-11 13:10:30

hiya effie. Ok must. get. off. MN

Rubena Wed 18-May-11 13:12:52

Effie - yeah that was the plan, and my Mum leave end of Sept (pushed it slightly forward as i have work to do before going back aargh) lol @ the bed on ceiling. i'm so enjoying the funny things toddlers say now that ds actually talks!! Right that's about 75 posts for the day....

LadyThompson Wed 18-May-11 13:20:46

Rubes, that is a most ingenious plan of action re: work - excellent! Think you are tres wise to keep your hand in. Very glad to hear of summer deluge of visitors as well, how cheering. If any of them fancy a Cotswolds break when over here...we have surely GOT to be in the house by then.

Good luck with the dentist, Beans. And a tenner for DD2 for 1.5hrs is a bargain, I reckon.

All these people with canoes! Golly!

I can see I am going to have to put the computer on a high shelf. I have to go to the farm shop, box up the cds, dvds and as much kitchen and bathroom stuff as I can, as well as a bit of worky stuff.

Oh, coffee is such a magnificent drink. There was a report yesterday about how it's good for all sorts of things. (It is actually pretty bad for people like me with any insulin resistance issues but I blot that out). DB, I hope your mouth is better and you can at least sip a coffee today.

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