August 05 babies - all smiley and bright-eyed!

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Miaou Thu 10-Nov-05 15:59:46

A new thread for the August 05 crew - link to the old thread

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moschops Thu 10-Nov-05 16:21:41

oooooooooooo a shiny new thread........

i've only just discovered the JCB song......where have i been?
just listened to it about ten times in row, it is so beautiful

Miaou Thu 10-Nov-05 16:27:34

what's that, moschops?

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kate100 Thu 10-Nov-05 17:55:47


If you found your way here, welcome and congratulations EmMUK74, what a very specail abay you have. Like Miaou, I have a friend who had a baby in March after fertility treatment. Look forward to chatting with you.

My ds2 is in love with his thumb!!! Everytime I look at him it's jammed in there, new experience for me, as DS1 wasn't interested. Anyone else had a thumb sucker, is it something they grow out of or will he always do it?

pookey Thu 10-Nov-05 18:10:07

Isn't the JCB song some rude song by seamus moore?!!

moschops Thu 10-Nov-05 18:23:54

thats the jcb song......sorry i can't get it to do that linky thing.

no it's not rude,it is incredibly sweet.......

dazedandconfusedmum Thu 10-Nov-05 18:36:54

Kate100 my DS2 and DS3 are both thumbsuckers!! They have them permanantly stuck in their gobs!! Looks quite sweet though when they are watching the tv together and they are both sat there looking all tired with alternate thumbs in mouth DS1 never did it coz he had a dreaded dummy (yuck) and DS4 is trying to suck his this week (he is 12 weeks now) which is late compared to DS2 & DS3. I don't know if they will outgrow it but I presume they will as my DH sucked his thumb as a baby and I haven't seen him do it yet!!!

Miaou Thu 10-Nov-05 18:42:56

kate, ds is a thumbsucker too - found it at 2 weeks old and has been sucking it ever since! Actually, it tends to be only when he is getting himself off to sleep or if he is hungry or his teeth are bothering him (yes he is teething too). dd2 is a thumbsucker still (at age 7) but we call it her "bedtime thumb" and she is only allowed to suck it at night (since about the age of 3). I don't get too worked up about it!

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dazedandconfusedmum Thu 10-Nov-05 18:48:53

Pookey, did you see my message on the old Aug 2005 babies thread??

EmMUK74 Thu 10-Nov-05 19:35:17

thanks for the welcome

DD tries to suck her thumb and loves it when she finds it, but mostly rams her whole fist in. I think she's another one of those in the early teething - she is drooling and wanting to have things in her mouth and has very red cheeks.

you were chatting about sleeping bags on the other thread I think - we have just started DD in those for her naps in her cot. We are trying to get her used to them for when she goes to her cot at night next week. I am dreading it! but I am sure she'll be fine.

did someone mention c**p HVs!! mine was truly awful and told me I had to breastfeed (even though because of my hormonal problems I don't produce any milk) and that I shouldn't be so "lovey" with her - she's only a baby. I think I must have been having an hormonal day because I threw her out of the house and told her to read people's notes in future. Now I have a different HV who is much nicer. definitely worth complaining if you don't like the one you're lumbered with

I think large families are cool, my mum was one of 6!! I wish I could have had the same, but perhaps we will adopt, or foster, we will see.

I had to laugh at the tummy time thing. DD has severe reflux so is happiest on her tummy, we discovered this by accident in her 2nd week when she stopped crying if she lay on me when I was lieing down. anyway this means she is on her tummy for all her play time BUT our doctor and initial HV say she spends too much time on her tummy (she doesn't like to nap so is up most of the day) and we should have some more back time. what are they all like

I am off now, dinner time if I can get myself into gear. DD has just gone down for the night, the blessing of no naps is a good nights sleep.

pookey Thu 10-Nov-05 19:42:05

Hi D&C yup sorry had to dash off as Babs was bawling his eyes out because he was playing the clapy hands game with dp and got over excited. I used to live in Harrow weald, went to Sacred Heart and am 26 (about your age if my maths are right!). I live in Ealing now with DP but my parents are still in HW. Just been sent the prospectus for a nursery near me and it costs more than my annual salary!!!!!!!!!

EmMUK74 many many congratulations on the birth of Rachel - such a beautiful name - I can only echo what others have said. I was a home birth transfer aswell failed to progress quickly enough but that was due to two size related complications and the doc said we must thank god for the good result (I had my legs in stirrups at this point), the midwife also said we would both have been in serious trouble 100 years ago (kind of irrelevant I guess!). I also had this uncontrollable urge to push it made sitting for epidural agony. I think sometimes your body is ready when they think it isn't because shortly after the midwife measured me and said it was 6 cm the doc came in and said I was fully dilated.

Kate good old Dr sears reckons thumb sucking is marvellous (hope I am right there get very muddled by all the baby books and have pretty much stopped reading them now. my DB is hopefully finding his thumb because i want to chuck out his dummy, he has been kind of finger sucking since a couple of weeks old - should have just left him to it. It's a silly and boring story why I gave him a dummy in the first place - but they are useful sometimes so keep putting of getting rid . At least with a dummy you can take it away I guess and the books do say the jury is out on if it is good or bad to use a dummy.

Must go Dp is loosing patience with me ....

dazedandconfusedmum Thu 10-Nov-05 20:09:26

Pookey - I lived in Harrow Weald too after I got married and my DH's company is in Ceceil Road (they've been there 30 odd years)!! I lived two roads away from Sacred Heart, in Risingholme Close. I was bought up in Hatch End so went to Hatch End High and yes, I am 26 too!! What a small world it is, my family live and work in spooky is that!!!

Re: the whole thunb/dummy thing, my DS3 had a dummy for about six weeks or so as he used to scream all the way to school and back EVERY day when he was newborn, which used to drive me insane!! I gave in and got him a dummy (actually the lovely man at the PO/Chemist GAVE it to me as I didn't have enough money on me and he could see how desperate I was). He used it for until he was about 2 or 3 months old and I then took it away once he got used to my routine of school etc and didn't have the blood curdling "newborn" cry.

Azure Thu 10-Nov-05 20:24:53

Hello to all on this new thread!

kate100 Thu 10-Nov-05 20:41:29

EmMUK74 I'm so glad that you have a new health visitor. DS1 also had reflux, you and your washing machine have my sympathy

I put ds2 down for tummy time as ds1 has a really flat head at the back, he looks like he's been hit with a shovel bless him. Good job he's got curly hair, it pads it out a bit,

ds2 definitely sucks his thumb for comfort when he's tired, I'm not bothered but it's a new experience.

dazedandconfusedmum Fri 11-Nov-05 07:04:08

EmMUK74 my DS2 was NEVER happy unless he was on his tummy ALL day and night (I know you are not supposed to sleep them on their front but when they and you are SOOOOO tired you do anything to get them to sleep and this worked for him). I was told my DS4 had reflux by so many people and he was prescribed Gaviscon. The Gaviscon didn't help and he used to scream like mad if you put him on his front. It turns out he has a hyetus hernia (wrong spelling) and it wouldn't matter what we gave him he would still throw up all the time because he has a "cink" in his tubes, so if it decides to kink then whatever goes in comes straight back out!!!!

pookey Fri 11-Nov-05 23:24:25

Hi all sorry this is is a long one ...

Had a very strange day. When giving DS his 2am feed I heard this really loud rustling so fearing furry creatures I went downstairs looked around checked in the kitchen bin but there was nothing. Then when I was giving DS his 7am feed the rustling resumed and it was coming from outside the front door! I thought it must be a bin bag that had blown from somebody's front yard but when I looked outside there was a blue umbrella blocking the doorway and a pair of shoes neatly placed in a corner!! It soon emerged there were two women sleeping in our doorway!! DP opened the door and said what the f**k are you doing? They politely replied oh we thought the house was empty because of the sold sign, very sorry; do you need to get past? We just need to pack up and we will be gone. !!!????? DP shut the door and left them to it we then heard lots of giggles and they trundled off down the road with a wheelie suitcase in tow!

As I have been having problems with episiotomy and suspect DS is teething I decided to get an emergency appointment at the docs for us both (they are so busy you either phone and get one on the day or else wait several weeks). As soon as I went in the lady doc was diagnosing DS because by coincidence his breathing sounded rumbly, I thought this was really good because she thought the appointment was just for me but was still concerned about him. She thinks he is starting croup (haven't a clue how to spell it) and may also have reflux (you were right moschops). Poor DS

If you are a bit squeamish about bodily fluids stop reading now…
The doc decided that as I have taken antibiotics about seven times I should be seen by an obstetrician so she referred me to casualty and advised me to go straight there. It was a nightmare at the hospital. First I was seen by a nurse then put in a room to wait for the doctor. Finally the doctor came with two young students to quiz me and examine me, the problem was the doctor was gorgeous, I hadn't even shaved my legs and had to tell him all about my green discharge (How green is it he asked, bright green I replied). Gogeous doc kept holding my hand it made me all hot and bothered! He decided the gynaecologist should see me then they all went off to discuss my hairy legs, after a bit the two students then came back and spent ages trying to take my blood samples, it really hurt! I waited a bit more and tried to breastfed a screaming DS which is quite difficult when you are on a trolley, with a blood testing needle thingey in your arm and wearing a weird gown. When the gynaecologist arrived she also was a student and seemed to know nothing – she said she wanted my obstetrician to look at me but that the obstetrician was busy on the labour ward. I waited for a further two hours trying to keep ds happy while some mad man was outside screaming at the top of his voice. Finally the student gynae came back she said I would be pleased to know that the obstetrician wouldn’t be coming to check me because it sounded like there was nothing wrong with me and that I should come back in two months for a review . Apparently it is normal to be sore after three months and also normal to have green discharge. I asked the student if I could show her my underwear and told her I am sorry but this is not what I consider normal, she had to concede that it was a little green. I asked why my swabs had come back with infections if there was nothing wrong and she told me that they had been treated with antibiotics so therefore I must now be clear of infection (??!!?). I said I wasn’t happy to leave without seeing somebody else so she said she would get he registrar. This incredibly patronising man came in and tried to fob me off that there was nothing wrong with me, he said that it was no wonder I had discharge after taking so much antibiotics. When I asked why I had been having some blood spotting he suggested it was my periods resuming I told him it was rubbish and I knew what a period was like. He said he would examine me if I really felt it was necessary, and he then proceeded to scrub at me with a paper towel (there were no sterile swabs in the room), it really hurt and he worsened my bleeding. He said that I was obviously sore (dur I’ve just been attacked with a paper towel) and that there was a small hole and a tag of skin which may need to be removed but no sign of infection (what about the f***ing green discharge!). He said that I may need to be operated on told the student to bring my appointment forward a month then sent me packing. It was only when I got home that I realised that my GP’s simple request that I be checked by an obstetrician had been ignored despite more than four hours in hospital with a poorly baby in tow – Dp explained to me that a registrar is just a manager employed to clear beds.

If any one is still reading sorry to bore you but it’s quite therapeutic to have a rant!

pookey Fri 11-Nov-05 23:26:58

Hi D&C - can't believe we are the same age and from the same place! Don't tell me your real name is trevor and your 41?

dazedandconfusedmum Sat 12-Nov-05 12:24:11

Pookey!!! What a nightmare day you have had I take it you went to Ealing A&E?? Not mad on Ealing Hosp myself, much prefer Watford they are good there. Nothing worse than having your bits looked at when you have hairy legs, I always used to have mine waxed before any hosp appointment

At least the doc seems to be sorting out DS though

No, I am not called Trevor (actually my name is Jo, don't mind you all knowing that. Mainly because I am not a hairy 41 year old man but a much younger and less hairier woman)!!!

kate100 Sat 12-Nov-05 14:33:35

Pookey, what and awful time you've had. Don't get me started on my local hospital, I'm currently waiting to receive a reply to a formal complaint I made about maternity services and DS's ortho wasn't much better If you feel there is something wrong you must keep making a fuss, well clearly there is something wrong, as they're suggesting an operation. I can't ofer any other advice as I've never had an episiotomy, but if you post on the childbirth or health boards and ask for advice I'm sure someone with experience will ba able to help.

DS2 has discoverd he loves his play mat and that those hands are indeed his and he can use them to hit things. I can see the realisation in his little face and him thinking, 'Wow, I'm soooo clever!'

dazedandconfusedmum Sat 12-Nov-05 15:10:53

kate100 - my DS is doing exactly the same right now. He keeps touching the dangly animals and looking in the mirror!! He looks at his hands while they are waving in the air as if to say "wow, I have hands"!!! Bless

moschops Sat 12-Nov-05 19:13:34

ds has had an excitng day playing and as a result is refusing to go to sleep.......he's had about an hour all day.....he's really grumpy and just will not give in.......

i have a feeling i may be in for the longhaul tonight

pookey Sat 12-Nov-05 19:18:04

Kate - That's a good idea think I might leave a very short message on the Health section .

D&C do you really get a wax whenever you are being examined - gosh DP thinks its a treat if I shave my legs once in a while - I'm really gross!

DS loves his tiny play mat but he gets frustrated after a while because he can't quite get the animals to do what he wants for instance he had a hold of mr elephant's nose but it wouldn't quite reach in his mouth!

DP was watching footie so had to bath DS all by myself tonight very tricky and the bath is really heavy when full of water.

Hope your DS settles well once asleep Moschops, maybe the play will have worn him out...

hmmm this isn't a short message either - what's wrong with me! Used to get told off at school for waffling...

pookey Sat 12-Nov-05 19:24:24

Sorry that seems like I am showing off ... think DS sometimes gets a hold of them by accident when madly swiping his arms and kicking his legs. Its really funny when he has nakey time on his changing mat its like river dance his legs go so fast!

dazedandconfusedmum Sat 12-Nov-05 19:31:41

Pookey - Yeah I do, my DH tells me I am the ONLY woman my age that doesn't wax EVERYTHING in sight ALL the time!!! (now I've had the bubba, I don't bother unless I am on a night out as DH is the only one to see me naked and I am WAY past caring what he thinks)!!! I am glad I can now tell him that I am not abnormal for not waxing and not the only woman in the country not doing it, lets face it, I just don't have the time (or the babysitter) to go to the salon with 2 babies and 1 child at home....oh yeah and 1 at school!!!

DS4 is screaming his head off at the moment and I am trying to ignore him. He has been overstimulated all day and not had much sleep either and now he is knackered and refusing to give in!! I find that because he is the forth, I am so used to it that I can ignore the crying (as long as he doesn't wake up DS3 while he is at it)!!

DS1 & DS2 are really good at ignoring screaming babies too, they have got used to it. My DS1 (who thinks all I do in life is have babies, I can see his point) is always complaining that "the babies are crying AGAIN" and I feel sorry for him sometimes. At the same time I also think he is lucky having 3 brothers and at least he never gets bored because there is always some one to play with.

Oh good, I have rambled for so long he has shut up !!!

pookey Sat 12-Nov-05 19:59:10

Hi again D&C I was wondering how you worked the whole night time thing with 4 DS - me and Dp barely manage and we only have 1 to get into bed!

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