October 2010- now they're chomping, next they'll be stomping

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HarrietJones Thu 12-May-11 06:47:03

Eek it's going so fast!

Well my night out has been cancelled so it's not an urgent rush round the shops but we are going to have z look for some summery clothes anyway.

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TribbleWithoutACause Thu 12-May-11 08:32:49

<settles in>

Hello all!!!

MockingbirdsNotForSale Thu 12-May-11 09:03:32

<Has tea for self and porridge for DD and finds a spot thats easy to clean....>


Yup HJ its going so fast, esp the last month- I cannot believe that DD is 7 mths on Sunday. Shame about the night out being canx. Get some clothes anyway so if and when its reinstated you're not rushing about! How're your hips btw?

SeaShellsHasSandInHerShoes Thu 12-May-11 09:24:09

Morning everyone! I like the new thread title hj- very appropriate!

It's lovely to hear all your news smile

We are good, Ds is potty trained (hurrah!) and dd is beginning to think about crawling-she is clamBering around and rocking on her hands and knees-a few months and she will be off, it passes so quickly!'

I'm still bfing- we came to an agreement re her new teeth (she has 2) and she has stopped biting thank goodness.

I'm off to a toddler group this am that I've not been to for ages-last time I was stressed out trying to bf dd whilst my toddler tried to climb the alter (In a church) I'm hoping they will have forgotten and forgiven-I'm scarred for life!!)

tiredfeet Thu 12-May-11 09:59:58

Great thread title!

Well done your dd's on the rolling floozie and tyson !

hj sorry your night out was cancelled

Good to hear from you seashells hope toddler group is less stressful this time

Ds keeps attempting to figure out how to crawl but only whenever my back is turned, he is going to be an exhausting child I can tell!

HarrietJones Thu 12-May-11 10:26:19

<spreads out the picnic blanket, hands out rice cakes to adults & biscuits to kids>

<realises mistake & whips the chocolate biscuits out dd3s hand >

Got more news this am , it's not just the night out that's cancelled but the whole weddingshock so don't think itll be back on.

People at baby group were talking about a toddler group on Thursday am but as I was shopping today I didn't check the time.So am sat at home nowhere to go.

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floozietoozie Thu 12-May-11 10:57:43

<refrains from biscuits while dd is awake as she'll try to nick it - nothing gets past this one....>

Seriously on the above note, it's astounding me how different dd is to ds in this respect. I could give him rice cakes, fruit etc while I hypocritically munched on chocolate cake for years and he never noticed. It wasn't until he'd actively been given cake for his third birthday that he realised what it was (and now wants to "share" everything I'm having). Whereas missy here watches everything like a hawk.

HJ oh dear! Any idea what happened?

sea hurrah on the potty training. Is he accident free?

HarrietJones Thu 12-May-11 11:20:57

No idea. V strange.

Dd3 assumes everything (food/non food) is hers.dh laptop & the phone are her targets atm. We put the phone on speaker phone & she yells at my mam on it.dh is working in the garden & she wants to 'help' which either involves the hose or sitting in the mud, both of which weve avoided so far.

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HarrietJones Thu 12-May-11 11:22:18

Think I'm a bit overly hormonal atm. Very milky, very emotional & constantly hot and craving chocolate ( real extreme pregnancy like cravings)

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MockingbirdsNotForSale Thu 12-May-11 12:49:21

PMT HJ? DD is the same grin very milky, a bit hot, moaning all morning and I'm sure if she knew what chocolate was, thats what she'd want! She's tired and I can't get her to nap. Have just tried to feed her and she's not interested and she's just thrown up over my trousers. Fortunately she only voms milk and has yet to vom food!

TribbleWithoutACause Thu 12-May-11 13:00:36

I've come over all Stepford wives this morning and have made banana muffins.

HJ maybe theres something in the air, I've been craving chocolate and biscuity things of late as well.

HarrietJones Thu 12-May-11 13:32:27

Dh said PMT but I've not had a period since Jan so we can't say for sure. Im also v wiped out. Poor dd mocking if she feels like me.

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MockingbirdsNotForSale Thu 12-May-11 14:48:45

She's just had a 30 min nap attached to me, but she won't sleep on her own without comfort sucking. Am sorely tempted to try a dummy.....

We are totally trapped in the house. I wanted to go into town this afternoon because I needed to get to the building society. 3 tonnes of turf are blocking the entrance to the drive. So tightly I cannot even get myself out, let alone a pushchair and 2 dogs so the car is totally out of the question which is sooo annoying as if they'd told me I would have moved the car onto the road before the delivery man showed up.

MeRightYouWrongMeBigYouSmall Thu 12-May-11 15:03:28

<sneaks in>

I have been searching for this group, My dd was born in October 2010 - may I join you ladies?

Here are my stats grin

dd 7 months on Wednesday - she is my first
she has two teeth so far (on bottom) which contribute to her cheeky wee smile
she's a nightmare during nappy changes because she always wants to be on her belly - she's also up on her knees and shuffling backwards, I expect she'll be crawling soon!
She is FF, which I regret to a certain degree because recently she's become fascinated with my nipples and somehow I reckon she knows those were meant to feed her...
Weaning is in full flow but I really need to vary her diet more - tips greatly received (I also started a thread about this today)
Her favourite toy is the remote control, or her hairbrush grin

Loads more but I dont want to bore you ladies too soon smile

MockingbirdsNotForSale Thu 12-May-11 15:13:16

Welcome Meright if you don't mind me asking, what is your DD's name?

MeRightYouWrongMeBigYouSmall Thu 12-May-11 15:26:46

Thanks Mockingbirds

We named DD Grace - because she was born on a Sunday i.e Sundays child is full of grace but then we realised that we were wrong in our interpretation of the rhyme blush

We loved the name anyway

What did you name your dd?

HarrietJones Thu 12-May-11 16:44:36

Welcome meright smile

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MockingbirdsNotForSale Thu 12-May-11 17:25:12

Bronwen Elizabeth...who is currently eating peaches, raspberries and strawberries for dinner. Can't be bothered to convince her to try veg tonight...not in the mood for the face pulling and throwing! grin

MockingbirdsNotForSale Thu 12-May-11 17:25:32

ooh and Grace is lovely btw!!

MockingbirdsNotForSale Thu 12-May-11 17:27:10

And if you were going according to the rhyme she would have been called Gay! Which a few years ago would have been popular, but not so much now smile

tiredfeet Thu 12-May-11 19:08:00

Welcome meright smile ds also a big fan of the remote control, am quite impressed it still works. The other day he managed to accidentally turn the television on and songs of praise was on and he just looked so amazed

How annoying about being stuck in mockingbird

Had a day where I just ran out of ideas for what to do with ds, any suggestions what yours finds fun?

HarrietJones Thu 12-May-11 19:23:04

Endless peekaboo. Building towers & knocking down. Row row the boat. Chewing mummy's handbag.

I left the room before & came back to find dd3 in a corner chewing my bag. Not sure how she got there as there wasn't the furniture route & she still gets stuck on all fours so it must have been commando/rolling.

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TyIsAnob Thu 12-May-11 19:51:33

Hello ladies and babies grin
Dd has gastroenteritis so is feeling rather crappy. She just keeps sleeping looking very limp, she hasnt been sick today, just the other, but if she is still bad tomorrow we have to go back to the doctors sad They will most likely send her to hospital as thats already been mentioned. Very much hoping she doesnt vomit anymore tonight.

HarrietJones Thu 12-May-11 19:57:36

Aw poor dd Ty. Hopefully she'll improve over night but I guess you're in for a rough one sad

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MockingbirdsNotForSale Thu 12-May-11 20:43:38

How horrible Ty Fingers crossed for you x x

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