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Crawling, sitting, standing..... any Olympians in the midst? ;)

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beaditAli Wed 04-May-11 20:07:22

Our spanking new thread ladies! grin

SeaChelles Wed 04-May-11 20:21:24


FriggFRIGG Wed 04-May-11 20:28:30

why hellooo there lovely new thread....grin

newmum001 Wed 04-May-11 20:28:50

marking!!!! love the title!

SeaChelles Wed 04-May-11 20:30:50

And yes beadit - Trampolining!

newmum001 Wed 04-May-11 20:53:08

if there was a biting event grace would win gold, the aggressive little bugger has bruised me twice in the last threes days and DP twice tonight with her gnashers!!

saoirse86 Wed 04-May-11 21:06:54

Right, I'm trampling all over our new thread with my big old whinge...

My exam was awful and that was supposed to be the easier one. sad

Then on my way home the stupid car broke down, leaving me stranded. I had a horrible man come and "help" me. He asked if I needed help and I said no I'm ok the AA are coming (I was on the phone to them and struggling to hear with all the traffic), then he said "give me your keys and open the bonnet". I gave him a bit of a confused look, so he told me "you can fuck off if you don't want any help!" angry It annoyed me even more. I hate it when men treat women like that, like they couldn't possibly be sorting it without some man coming along and dealing with the situation! Grrrrr!

The AA man said there was some part that's attaching the wheel to the engine and the engine to the car that's completely broken. He said he was worried about towing it because the engine could literally fall out, and could've done that while I was driving!!! shock

So this evening I've had no revision time and had a whingy baby to deal with on my own. sad And I have another exam tomorrow at 10 and no car, and probably a huge bill when the mechanic's looked at it. sad sad sad

I definitely deserve a wine tomorrow afternoon evening. grin

<whinge over>

beaditAli Wed 04-May-11 21:08:37

Hahahaha... Olly would definitely win the gold for trampolining Chelle grin
If there's a backward crawling event Jack might medal tho I bet someone would pip him by doing it without the pelvic thrusts mid way thru! wink

Frigg You get measured? Any exciting post today?

Dixiebell Wed 04-May-11 21:25:03

Entering Arlo into the bouncing event. Also pinching mummy while feeding. I have bruises all over my boobs!

Dixiebell Wed 04-May-11 21:37:45

saoirse, sounds like a nightmare. Fingers crossed for tomorrow, hope it goes better.

Can anyone give me advice about weaning & breastfeeding? Arlo is now on 3 meals a day. He has a morning and night BF, and I've just dropped down from 3 other BFs during the day to just one. So he has 3 altogether, but the bedtime one he is so sleepy he doesn't last more than 5 mins. His other feeds are also a lot shorter, which is why I dropped from 5 to 3, but now I'm wondering if that's enough especially if they're short feeds. Or shouldn't I worry if he's having 3 proper meals, plus water? Was going to ask HV at clinic yesterday but the queue was ridiculous!

Arlo - 7 months today shock

cinnamongreyhound Wed 04-May-11 22:11:20

Sounds like it could be a driveshaft Saoirse86 which is pricey sad sorry to hear about your exam but it might not be as bad as you think?

Of course they will take her Newmum001, I know it's slightly different for childminders but I wouldn't even ask if a baby could self settle. I've spend naps with minded children sleeping on me until I could get them used to sleeping on their own.

Luke is only feeding 3 times a day some days and 6 others, ds1 was regularly on 3 feeds a day from 7-9 months at 9 months he dropped the afternoon one and just had morning and evening feeds. They are very efficient at feeding by the time they get to this age and Arlo will take what he needs Dixiebell. I hear you about the pinching while feeding too!

No more census collecting, yay! It has been a good experience but hard work and I will be glad to have my evenings and weekends back! Ds1 has been a horrible horrible child today sad I really wish he never had to go to school, he's so lovely in the holidays!

comixminx Thu 05-May-11 00:57:59

Woo, new thread! On the old one A never got as far as needing any colgate and in fact she still doesn't quite have any teeth yet, though she has some clear bumps where they're going to be! But she's doing very well on the Olympian front as she stands, sits, rolls, and bounces like a fiend. So much energy!

Many congratulations, Frigg - the wooden rings look really beautiful too. Woo hoo!

Aphra hasn't dropped any feeds, if anything the reverse, but as we're in a hot & humid climate where we are at the moment I'm not complaining as I want to be sure she is as well-hydrated as possible. At least she is trying and eating loads of different sorts of fruit.

Good luck with your other exam, saoirse, and hope the first one turns out to have been ok in the end! Bad luck about the car and the asshole too.

Debs75 Thu 05-May-11 07:41:42

Another one for pinching boobs. The other day I moved my top over so she couldn't nip and she started screeching at me.

bananacurry Thu 05-May-11 08:50:24

Get you Cinnamon and you're drive shafts! Is there no end to your talent??
sounds crap saoirse and what a nice man your helper sounds!!!!!

Lovely pretty new thread. We never made it to the colgate either! Olly would win gold for tongue rolling and tongue sucking, gormlessness and absolute gorgeousness!

Got a busy day ahead. My cousins coming with her 2 los the 2 friends & their 4 los for tea.

have a good day everyone!

mellymooks Thu 05-May-11 13:20:12

OOh new thread!! Another one for pinchy brusied boobs here! Flynn is really on the move, he started crawling about 3 weeks ago and immediately started pulling himself up to standing on the sofa and trying to walk along it!! Can't believe it, frigg we should race them grin

saoirse86 Thu 05-May-11 17:43:26

Wow melly he doesn't mess about does he! grin

Well my exam today seemed to go better, but I suppose I won't really know until I get the results.
I am so glad it's over.
I met up with SIL who was looking after Orlaith at lunctime, then we collected her DP from work and went to the park. Nice afternoon all in all.
DP's car was also making some seriously worrying noises this morning, so today we have both cars at the mechanic's and a whopping great bill I'm sure!
I'm completely exhausted from everything over the last few days but I'm going to find the strength to lift a wine. wink

Orlaith's going to compete in the shouting and gurning part of the babyolympics.
This has reminded me of something we do at the pub I work in each year. It's in the irish quarter of birmingham and it's called the digbeth o'lympics - see what he did there! We were supposed to pop our babies out early last year and have a pushchair race, but unfortunately my sister had her DD 2 days before so we never made it. This year we're going to do it instead. Although I'm a little worried because they normally do it down the huge hill into town and shut it down illegally while they race with karts they've made with no brakes and I'm not convinced it'll be safe for babies! hmm

mapletrees Thu 05-May-11 21:13:47

Thanks for the new thread beadit.

Louis is definitely a medal contender in the endurance hair-pulling. He could happily go on for hours angrywinkgrin

Well done for getting through your exams saoirse. Imho you've done brilliantly just to sit them with a 7 month old. You deserve that wine

saoirse86 Fri 06-May-11 11:30:29

Oh maple blush
I've woken up in such a good mood today. I'm just so glad to have my life back for another few months and to have got rid of all that stress. grin

My dad got a seat as a local councillor yesterday. I'm really happy for him, especially as he hasn't had a proper job for a few years, I'm sure his girlfriend will be pleased! But my sister's told me I'm not allowed to call him because he didn't get back from the count until 5am. I'm sure he's too old for that, I know I am! wink

<<spreads some happiness around for everyone>>

JodeyBogeyPicker Fri 06-May-11 13:28:14

Hello peeps! Just travelling back from Cornwall. Had a lovely break with my boys and DH family. Going back with my family for Whitsun.

Congrats Frigg xx

Well done Saoirse, hope u get the rests u want.

Harlyn has got tooth #7 cutting through. He would win gold for the strongest bite, loudest scream and mass of dribble oh and who ate all the pies. He just lurves food!!! He would eat and eat and eat if I let him! Mush, lumps, finger food and whatever u give him. He cries when every bottle/breaky/lunch/dinner comes to an end and just eyeballs anyone who is eating before crying for more! He never leaves a mouthful! Not sure if it's normal!

patito Fri 06-May-11 14:20:07


Just marking the new thread.

saorise glad your feelin happy after the stress of the last couple of mths. Yey, for your Dad.

cinnamongreyhound Fri 06-May-11 17:35:59

Might pass you on the way down JodeyBogeyPicker, we are off to somerset the same week grin. And Ds1 was just like Harlyn and had the widest mouth ever when eating, I appreciate now as Luke is much messier!

I had an ex who did a lot of work on cars and if I wanted to be with him I had to be near a car bananacurry!

Glad all is better for you Saoirse86, enjoy it before the next one creeps up on you. And yay for your Dad!

Thank you beaditAli for my drawing, it's gorgeous and you are very talented. Dh loves it too and is already thinking about the frame we are going to get for it smile

So, dh had his disaplinary meeting today and after 2 1/2hrs they have given him a final warning, this means if he does anything wrong in the next year he's out of a job. He is relieved to have a job but has to go in now and see them all knowing that no-one stood up for him and several of them are totally against him, am feeling really sad for him sad
Also having a slight problem with the mum I was telling you about who's going on maternity leave. She cut her contract down to 9.30-2.30 but the first day she was supposed to come she had a workman coming and asked if I could have her from 8 (she would pay me the extra). The next day she had a midwife appointment and asked again, making out it was for me to 'make up my money', so I put my foot down as I could see this happening all the time. I have already allowed for the decrease in income and her arriving at 8 is much more of a hassle for me, plus it means she gets all the benefits but then doesn't need to pay me for that 1 1/2hrs a day if she has the day off angry. I don't like to think of people as deceitful but in this case I feel it was planned sad
Today is a day I wish I drank wine, food will have to do!! We are going to the Saturday morning £1 cinema tomorrow and then I think we will have lunch out as a celebration that I have no more census collecting to do and that dh hasn't lost his job even if the outcome is much harsher than I ever imagined. Have a wonderful weekend all of you lovely ladies grin

patito Fri 06-May-11 18:34:25

cinnamon sorry about your DH´s work decision, thats crap. Not really the right time but could he look for something else, where he might find supportive co-workers? i think your right to put your foot down with the Mum as well, always better to start off clear at the beginning, like you said not nice to think it but some people do just take the piss. Maybe chocolate is in order.

Maia was 8 mths on Sunday shock, how, where, when??? Cant believe it.

Have a lovely weekend everybody xxx And just so you all feel better, Im in Spain and its raining/hailstoning the lot smile

bananacurry Fri 06-May-11 19:04:07

Cinnamon thats crap! The final warnings not that bad cos he'll just have to be perfect for a year which isn't too hard. Its the way his collegues have been thats upsetting and hard to deal with!

I'd love to have that wine for you. I've been really good this week. hardly any no crap and no alcohol. I've also rowed every day on the rowing machine that someone had left in the false roof! I will have that bikini body by 4 weeks today! grin

patito send that rain this way. Please! I'm from a farming family & we desperately need a bit of rain! You can keep the hail stones tho!

MammyG Fri 06-May-11 20:19:31

Hi all
Just marking my spot really.
Cinammon What a load of arse for your poor DH. I know its not the right time as such but he should start looking for another job. Even thinking about it and planning for it might make going to work more bearable for now.
Feeling a bit crap today - am succumbing to chocolate.

cinnamongreyhound Sat 07-May-11 05:29:55

Looks like I might have a moving baby on my hands soon, just got up to him really crying to find he'd turned 180 degrees in the cot and was on his tummy with an arm through the bars, poor baby. Fingers crossed he'll go back to sleep after some milk hmm

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