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*~*~* August 2010 *~*~* where does the time go?

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CherryPie3 Mon 18-Apr-11 11:30:24

Only 5 spaces left on the old thread - wonder how long it'll take us to fill ths one up?

Happy chatting

CherryPie3 Sat 06-Sep-14 22:03:31


CherryPie3 Sat 06-Sep-14 22:03:21

Oh MakeTea that's great smile Sounds like your little dd is not fazed at all.

Corey started on Thursday, couldn't wait to shoo me and DH out of the door. Friday he had a little wobble not wanting me to leave, and then wanting to leave with me. Distraction tactics of sorting and counting coloured counters with his friends did the trick though. He'll be on the school bus morning and afternoon from Monday - that's going to be strange. I pop them all on the school bus at 8:15am and pick them up at the same bus stop at 3:50pm!
What will I do all say? shockconfused

MakeTeaNotWar Fri 05-Sep-14 19:22:53

DD started today and got on fine smile. It was a full day and from Monday she'll also be doing breakfast and after school club. She was happy to get fish fingers, beans and chips for lunch and said she didn't have to do as much tidying up as nursery!

CherryPie3 Wed 03-Sep-14 11:17:47

So who's little ones have started school today?

Corey starts tomorrow, we went to meet his teacher today and he went into immediate shy mode. His teacher is lovely though, very sweet. She showed him his morning jobs (choose lunch, find name, hang up coat etc).

He never said a single word in the half hour we were there!

Hope you mummies are holding up ok xx

CherryPie3 Fri 29-Aug-14 08:50:49

It's us that won't!!


CherryPie3 Fri 29-Aug-14 08:49:42

Hi MakeTea smile

I'm sure all our littlies will be fine, it's is that won't. I was speaking to the school yesterday and apparently corey starts on Tuesday, I thought it was Thursday! Now I have 2 days less than I thought. This has upset me, which is ridiculous! My baby boy is a big boy sad

I think I'm gonna take all 3 dc's to the cinema on Monday, we'll go see Frozen or Lego Movie - we say Maleficent last week, that was awesome smile
If you go for the 10am showing it's only £1.50 instead of £££.

Hope you're all well. flowers

CaramellaDeVille Thu 28-Aug-14 11:02:38

Hi MakeTea. Oh good luck! I hope she loves it

MakeTeaNotWar Thu 28-Aug-14 09:38:22

Hello! DD turned 4 yesterday and starts school next Friday full time, including breakfast & after school club. She does long days at nursery now anyway but school has such a different vibe, hope she gets on ok

CaramellaDeVille Wed 27-Aug-14 20:10:34

I wondered if Corey might feel like that, that's wonderful!

CherryPie3 Wed 27-Aug-14 19:11:26

Corey can't wait!! I think that's because his older brother and sister go and because he'll get to go on the yellow school bus smile

It's good that Alex is just on half days, Corey is straight onto full days! I worry that he's going to be shattered by the end of the day...

CaramellaDeVille Wed 27-Aug-14 19:01:20

I'm good thanks. Alex doesn't start until 8th and they do half days until after half term so it's not too bad. Same as the last year he's had at preschool.

Is Corey excited? Alex doesn't really want to go :-/

CherryPie3 Wed 27-Aug-14 15:52:42

I'm dreading next week. Our babies are just too little sad
Bless Alex still living with Mummy when he's all grown up!

CherryPie3 Wed 27-Aug-14 15:51:55

Corey reckons he's gonna be a power ranger when he grows up smile
"Mummy, when I'm a power when I grow up I'm going to go for a walk"

smile I love his innocence. Ds1 wants to be a scientist so he can make a medicine for people who want more babies. Dd wants to be a Mummy. smile

How are you? Xx

CaramellaDeVille Wed 27-Aug-14 14:15:00

Yes it's me! Vix smile
Alex says he will live with mummy and daddy forever, even when he's a big grown up man.

CherryPie3 Wed 27-Aug-14 10:18:41

Wow Caramella (vix?) 8 days. Crazy.
I keep asking Corey to stay a little boy forever, "ok mummy" he says. I wish! It will be so strange having all 3 of my children at school full time, I really will not know what to do with my time!

Hope everyone is well smile

CaramellaDeVille Wed 27-Aug-14 07:27:49

Hey, just wanted to wish everyone good luck for the next couple of weeks (assuming all our babies are starting school). Alex turns 4 on 31 August and is starting 8 days later shock
It has come round so quickly. I'm grateful I have his 7 month old sister to keep me company!

MammaTo2boys Sun 18-May-14 22:09:08

Hi all. It's been a while since I've posted. I was thedogealker originally. Can't believe our little ones will soon be at school. My youngest turns 2 next month. Wow how life really does fly by. I do hope everyone is well.

MakeTeaNotWar Mon 28-Apr-14 22:28:54

Hello?? Anybody still here? They're off to school in September sniff, bonkers. We got our first school choice which is great and I'm very excited for her. And we get a proper single bed delivered for her tomorrow, bye bye toddler bed....our babies are all growing up!

lastnightopenedmyeyes Sun 23-Feb-14 08:04:00

Hello! I forgot 2 things.
1. I name changed from vix206 to lastnightopenedmyeyes.
2. Yes I had my little girl on 30 jan grin

She sleeps!! At this stage with DS I was on my knees with tiredness but Olivia is so different. Loving having 2. Hope everyone is ok x

MakeTeaNotWar Tue 11-Feb-14 11:20:23

Oh dear just back from docs with DD - she has impetigo and was prescribed antibiotics. The thing is, she's had this several times before and I always ignored it thinking it was just a cold sore blush

CherryPie3 Mon 10-Feb-14 07:48:52

I know MakeTea I can't believe they're 4 this year!!

Nursery fees are extortionate aren't they? I'm desperate to get back into work but I can't afford nursery fees as well... So I'm looking at ridiculous hours instead haha. I've applied to be a community carer. I was a carer in a residential home for the elderly some years ago and loved the job! Got my fingers crossed. smile

And who knows about the pre-menopausal broodiness surge? I hear quite a few people get it... smile

Take care everyone xx

MakeTeaNotWar Fri 07-Feb-14 21:35:21

Hello! So you are still here, fantastic! Cherry #4?! Wow. DH is keen for no 3, I am fine with 2. But I am 38 now, will a sudden ore-menopausal broodiness hit me in a couple of years? Who knows. I went back to work after no 2 in October and am loving it though spending a fortune on nursery fees. Can you believe our little ones are starting school this year shock

CherryPie3 Mon 03-Feb-14 15:16:27

Hi Nat smile

I am just deciding to go back to work properly. I have been working at my in laws shop and I'd rather not anymore.
I've even applied to MacDonalds today!! I said I never would but I am in need of a proper wage and they are the only ones recruiting around here. I figure I can at least use it to build up my profile - aiming for store manager eventually.

But it's MacDonalds <Waaah> I am slightly embarrassed.

The things we do for our kiddos. I had a cushy job in a solicitors before I had Corey, nice smart workwear. Now I might end up serving Big Macs. hmm

Lastnight/Vic had her baby girl last week smile Olivia. She is just beautiful!!!!

soontobefatnat Wed 29-Jan-14 22:57:56

Hello! I'm about! I'd been meaning to pop on here for a little while and see if anyone had checked in. Like weehector said a while back, I have such fondness for this thread and its remembers. Reminds me of the glorious, naive days of a first pregnancy and then the shock of the first few PN months!

Lastnight so sorry to hear about your sister. I wonder if you've had your little one now? I hope the world is treating you kindly and lovingly.

Cherry lovely news! 4! Amazing. Go for it. I actually found myself back on mumsnet after googling 'deciding to have third child'. I don't even know who I am anymore! Who googles stuff like that?! Me, apparently. But yes, feeling at turns massively broody and then massively in need of returning to work. I'm a SAHM at the moment. A SAHM who, it seems, cannot make up her mind.

Love to all xx

CherryPie3 Sat 18-Jan-14 16:21:04

I've only just noticed this thread has been ongoing for almost 3 years!! How on earth??! shock
It's the one I bloody started when ds2 was 9 months old. Blimey!!

Anyone about?

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