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*~*~* August 2010 *~*~* where does the time go?

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CherryPie3 Mon 18-Apr-11 11:30:24

Only 5 spaces left on the old thread - wonder how long it'll take us to fill ths one up?

Happy chatting

bellygazing Wed 27-Apr-11 10:04:43

gya as just thinking about you today, must be a bit scary re your earlier scan but if you feel really pregnant (and no more bleeding) then hopefully you still are. Thinking of you smile
Lovely to hear from you caz, Bow sounds lovely, I can understand emotions must be v difficult but hope you can continue to enjoy your pregnancy.
chulita sorry for rubbish night, hopefully it will just be a one-off.

Yesterday was a good day - after a not brilliant swimming lesson last week, E was back on form, and her appetite is properly back again. And as well as being smiley and happy, she woke for a feed at about 10.15pm then slept til 7.30am, happy days.

CazandBelle Wed 27-Apr-11 13:58:48

gya thinking of you today. I really hope you have good news at your scan.

Chulita of course I don't mind the prayers. Infact I welcome them! Only hope and faith is going to see me through this without completely losing the plot!

soontobefatnat Wed 27-Apr-11 19:32:42

gosh GYA keeping my fingers crossed for your scan. Sometimes there's not much goingon if your dates are a bit off with the really early scans, as I understand it. Must be v hard waiting and meanwhile looking after a poorly Tilly.

Belly so glad E is feeling better.

Caz lovely news about Bow. So great that he/she was full of beans for the scan for you and your DH smile Can only imagine how topsy turvy it must feel for you, but you sound like your doing brilliantly. Lovely to reach that 12 wk milestone too.

We had a crappy night last night too. DH and I had our first meal out since Aug last year while my mum babysat. Meal was brilliant, E was fine, we rolled home a little giddy (ok, pissed!) and then just as I was falling asleep, E woke early for a feed... And then woke again, and again, and again - really weepy and frantic. Felt in his mouth as he sounded in pain and, lo, he has a little shard of tooth through at last. Gave him some Calpol, lots of boo. And cuddles, but not much sleep was had by any of us. It did not help being bloody hungover either! So, my question is for all you teething veterans out there, once the tip of the tooth is out, is the pain relieved a bit or will we have disrupted nights until the whole tooth is out? Think I can see the tooth next to it coming through too, so just as our nights improved, alas, I think we're back to being up all night for the rest of the week. sad

Now for my random apricot-related question (!) how do you ladies prep them for your LOs? I hadn't even thought E might be able to have them and currently scoff my £50,000 a bag organic unsulphured 'uns all to myself!

LOL Hector at your frantic supermarket shop (with sympathy). Have definitely been there. Also trying to keep a bad napped asleep in asupermarket is a fecking nightmare, which leads to random shopping decisions and missing essentials. Those bloody self-service tills that have the volume turned up to 11 (PLEASE SWIPE YOUR NECTER CARD!), screaming toddlers, squeaky trolleys. I often run around Sainsburys and end up with barely anything in the trolley as I needed to avoid noise and couldn't get near the items I wanted! What a psycho.

soontobefatnat Wed 27-Apr-11 20:06:55

Ugh. Bloody iPhone. Boo should read boob, napped should read napper, etc.

My DH just sent me a link to a kid's book that is pretty LOL -

neenz Wed 27-Apr-11 21:28:32

Love it nat!

D has not been well this week - very grumpy which is not like him and not sleeping well when we had just got him sleeping thru sad. I was trying to avoid feeding him in the night but he obv wasn't right, feeling very hot and sticky as well. Took him to doc's today, he had fever but no ear,chest, or urine infection. She thought maybe just his teeth. I have basically been plying him with Calpol/Nurofen every 4 hours since Sunday and she said just carry on doing that! No anti-b's or anything just yet, only if it carries is on for another week. he is off his food too so just Bfing lots (every 2 hours in the night!). Me and Dh are doing a detox atm and I feel surprisingly full of energy but after another week of little sleep it might hit me.

I didn't get the BFing job but feel very positive about it. I got good feedback, she said the interview was excellent but someone else got more points than me (the Q's were scored on points 0-4). I feel like it was a really good experience and I know what to say next time to get more points! I t would have been a lot for me to take on atm anyway.

CherryPie3 Thu 28-Apr-11 14:11:47

Hi girls smile

GYA - fingers firmly crossed for your scan today, I know from experience that not knowing whats going can be so worrying! Hope it's good news hun xx

CazandBelle - How lovely little Bow was bouncing aroound in there giving mummy and daddy some reassurance, smile

Neenz - Sorry you didn't get the bf job, great for the feedback tho!! I know you said you were on the fence about it anyway so hope you're not too disappointed.

Hector - Thanks for the tip re mini-pasta, I'll definitely be using those from now on. sad About your Asda experience, I hate being in that situation and always runaway as fast I can and don't look back!

Chulita - Clingy baby here too! C has to be able to see me in the same room within about 3 metres of him otherwise he starts his lip quivering routine. Absolute pita when we're out and about.
grin at your "cuddle me mummy" situation!! Can totally relate to that!!

Nat - It will all work out and it will be fine, whether you get your hours or not hun smile. Keep the faith!

Belly - I'm same as you with the Royal Wedding being that I want to see the dress and the kiss etc... I'm like that with any wedding tho, not just 'WillKats'. Nice to hear you had a better night smile.

Feel full of beans today, up before the children, housework done before 8am. I'd even got the veg on the hob ready for tea at 11am. We're having stew and dumplings today and the stew is ready now, quietly simmering on a very low heat. Organic beef chopped up and chucked in too.

Gave Corey super noodles for his dinner today grin. What a mess gringrin. But he enjoyed them, I had a wholemeal salad sub (would've been quite healthy if it wasn't for the slathering of full fat heinz salad cream hmm)

Bored now. Might go find some more laundry to do, maybe the bed sheets...

Bye for now ladies smile

CherryPie3 Thu 28-Apr-11 14:12:47

Awww Hector, I forgot your crown...


There you, Princess Hector!!

CherryPie3 Thu 28-Apr-11 14:14:07

Ok I'm digging a hole now... I didn't mean that you're a sad princess or anything, just adding the crown to the emoticon in my post to you....

Right I'm off to find a shovel to get myself out of here...


soontobefatnat Thu 28-Apr-11 19:45:49

LOL Cherry!

Chulita Thu 28-Apr-11 20:22:09

grin cherry, on a housekeeping high I see! <throws a rope ladder down>

neenz sorry you didn't get the job but great that you've got a bit more idea of what to say next time. I agree that perhaps with D the age he is it might be a bit much yet.

What's with apricots on this thread? I just buy evil orange ones and S eats them, now I feel like I'm a bad mother for not getting brown ones...

Chulita Thu 28-Apr-11 20:23:46

nat wrt teeth I'm afraid all children are different and all teeth are different. Often once a tooth pops through the pain from that seems to go but they get teething pain long before any teeth come through so who knows how many more they've got wriggling away underneath. Thank goodness L's got all of hers so just 18 more to go for S...

gya how did today go?

bellygazing Fri 29-Apr-11 15:19:08

any news gya?

Sorry about the job neenz but sounds like it was good experience and you'll know how to 'score' better next time - prob best if you weren't 100% sure anyway!

Last night was to be the first night of my attempt to train E to sleep through the night. Clearly she knew this was my intention because she slept from 7pm to nearly 8am without any assistance/encouragement from me whatsover shockgrin I am not expecting a repeat so anticipate that I will start it tonight instead. She had eaten a bottomless pit of pasta with broccoli and cheese sauce so that may have had something to do with it. Or maybe she was excited about the Royal Wedding and wanted a good night's sleep before it grin. I, however, was half awake most of the night ready to spring into action with my plan...

bellygazing Sat 30-Apr-11 15:27:29

Bah, last night not so good. E woke at about 1.15am, she cried on and off for about 10 mins after I went in and offered her water and a cuddle. Then quiet for half an hour, then about 2 mins crying. THen another half hour quiet, then not quite 5 mins on and off crying. Then we all fell asleep (during which time I had a nasty dream in which I smacked E on the head, WTF?) so when she woke again babbling at 4am, as soon as it progressed into tears I went in and when I picked her up she was rooting away like nobody's business. The combination of the crazed rooting and the huge guilt feelings from my nasty dream meant I caved and fed her. She then slept til 8am.

Not sure what I'm going to do tonight now - she was actually crying much less than when we did CC to get her to go to sleep in the evening, but I found it v hard, possibly cos DH seemed to think she was distressed crying. Gah. DH is away tonight as well. Maybe she will just sleep through again and I won't need to worry about it? [hopeful emoticon] followed immediately by [sardonic laugh emoticon]

Guess everyone is enjoying the lovely bank holiday weather.

marzipananimal Sat 30-Apr-11 19:27:26

tis tricky isn't it belly. J's sleep has deteriorated a bit since going on holiday but I don't feel able to cope with more than one episode of crying per night.
nat we had a bad night when J's first tooth came through but the second followed soon after with no trouble - I hope you're doing ok smile
neenz glad you got good feedback from the interview and aren't too disappointed. You can still spread your bf wisdom through MN smile

Did everyone enjoy the royal wedding? I wasn't too bothered about watching it beforehand but am very glad i did in the end.

J is crawling now and can get from lying down to sitting which is great - I no longer have to keep sitting him back up and putting toys back within reach. We have had to seriously tidy the living room though!

neenz Sat 30-Apr-11 20:51:00

Belly, well done E on sleeping through! My DS used to do that too - as soon as I decided to do CC he wouldn't need it, DD did tho. You just have to persevere, it DOES work. Don't worry about caving and feeding her last night, if ever you want to feed her, do it. You'll put yourself back a night or two but you just have to do what feels right. D woke every 2hrs last Sunday night and every night since has been bad, and for a couple of nights I left him to cry but then I realised he had a fever (prob teeth) so since then I have just fed him every time he wakes. So it's back to cc next week but should be easier this time.

Thinking of gya xx

weehector Sun 01-May-11 00:31:26

<sends her lady in waiting in to collect her tiara>

One is currently honeymooning on holiday in Cambridge (oh the irony), returning to ChateauHector on Monday or Tuesday. I will respond to my subjects on my return.

<cuts rope ladder & sends both chulita & cherry to The Tower>

Xoxo for gya

bellygazing Sun 01-May-11 10:42:22

That little Elodie is playing me for a fool - she only went and slept through again! Leaving me wondering whether this means a) she is getting there in her own sweet time and I should rejoice when she sleeps through and feed her on the occasions when she wakes or b) she has shown she can sleep through the night and does not therefore need to be fed in the night so I should stick to my guns and not feed her between 7pm and say 6am, and do CC where necessary. I just don't know!

marzi congrats on the crawling, E is finally sort of there - she kind of pulls herself along and intersperses crawling on all fours to going flat on her tummy - but is definitely finally managing to move in a forward direction. Fortunately quite slowly.

neenz it's the worst thing when you are thinking to yourself, no, I won't feed you this is all for your own benefit etc etc and then when you do go in you discover there is fever/baby in uncomfortable/dangerous position/massive poo in nappy.

One more for luck before they get rid of them grin

neenz Sun 01-May-11 13:10:24

Belly I would only feed her now if you suspect genuine hunger or illness. I always found the more you feed them the more they wake up and vice versa! Well done E smile

Chulita Sun 01-May-11 13:58:19

belly if it's any help S sometimes skips his 10pm feed, other times skips his 2am feed and very, very rarely asks for both. I started not feeding him between 10pm and 6am but I've settled on just feeding him when he wants it and letting him get there on his own (for now). At this age L was still feeding 3-4 times a night so I'm just happy he only wants the one.

<ignores weehector with her delusions of grandeur and her holiday> secret envy

marzi hooray for proper sitting up and crawling! S has been crawling for ages but has only just started sitting up properly. Up until now he'd been reclining rather than sitting.

soontobefatnat Sun 01-May-11 18:24:05

belly it's impossible to know what to do, isn't it? Eli has gone back to waking up every 2 hours from 6.30 until 6.00 when he is up for the day. It's gruelling and seems more painful now that we know he can do 5-7 hour stretches. His tooth coming through was to blame initially but now we're worried that we've been too hands on at night and now he's waking for cuddles and feeds. He doesn't seem at all grumbly during the day, so we think the teething pain has calmed down.... But we're not 100% sure, so we don't know whether to start the CC crying again or wait a few more nights. It's so hard to strike a balance between consistency/sympathy/sanity (i.e. Sometimes DH is really keen for me to feed just to get E back down to sleep quickly). Plus E is weeing/pooing through his nappy with alarming regularity pre-Dawn at the mo, so we're having to be on the ball about that. Ah, sleep - sleep is for wimps anyway!

Enjoy the bank hol guys!

neenz Mon 02-May-11 16:29:22

D's sleep was definitely affected by teething last week - he had a fever and was very grumpy, we were giving calpol/nurofen every 4/5hrs day and night so I fed him in the night. Now he is much better in the day, no fever, no grumpiness and he tooth came through yesterday! So it was back to cc last night with some success. He woke at 12 and went back to sleep pretty much immediately. Then at 1.30am , I went in to cuddle and put down and he was back asleep after 10 mins. But at 4.30 I fed him cos i thought he'd had enough of cc for first night. more tonight and I am hoping he'll sleep through to the 4.30am waking.

He was hardly eating any solids either last week - now he has his appetite back so I know he is feeling better!

Woodlands Mon 02-May-11 22:42:16

Good to know it's not just me struggling with sleep issues! We did about 10 days of not feeding J between 12 and 6, but every night there would be crying/2 hour wakeful periods/whatever. Then suddenly one night he did it, but only because he was coming down with a bug. Then he was ill so couldn;t do it, and then after that we were away and didn't want to wake housefuls of people. We're now about to startit up again - wish us luck! It's just so much easier to feed him when he wakes in the night as he goes straight back to sleep, but long term I would kill for an uninterrupted night.

marzipananimal Tue 03-May-11 21:04:56

earlier J farted and then laughed, how does he know it's funny at 8mo?!

good luck woodlands

bellygazing Tue 03-May-11 21:10:52

Oh, sorry Daniel's been poorly neenz - and hope things improve for you woodlands and nat

Well, of the last five nights E has slept through unaided for three of them, and last night although she woke at some point she only cried for a couple of minutes then chatted to herself and went back to sleep - so I didn't ac tually get up. Long may it continue... Although I'm with you woodlands, in the short term a quick breastfeed is by far the quickest and easiest way for everyone to get back to sleep. I'm back to work in four weeks today - eek! I can't believe it's come round so quickly sad although I think I've timed it well because for the first time in the last couple of weeks I've got a little bit bored - maybe because I knew I would be going back, I don't know.

vix206 Tue 03-May-11 21:48:34

Blimey where is everyone? And am I the only one who's baby still has no teeth?!

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