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*~*~* August 2010 *~*~* where does the time go?

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CherryPie3 Mon 18-Apr-11 11:30:24

Only 5 spaces left on the old thread - wonder how long it'll take us to fill ths one up?

Happy chatting

Chulita Mon 18-Apr-11 13:10:09

bookmarking, my bet is we'll still be going on this one at Christmas time

CherryPie3 Mon 18-Apr-11 13:30:30

Or maybe Easter 2012....

pamplem0usse Mon 18-Apr-11 13:55:41

Thanks for all of the supportive messages ladies. We will write to Waitrose once the dust has settled. It's a paradoxical one because I actually have no intention of going back in there unless it's something urgent (nappies, milk, you know...) the way the manager treated me (considerable focus on my being a [PhD] student and my age - I probably look younger than 26.... also left me in a room with just himself, and took my phone from me), but it's rather upsetting to be banned from somewhere without any just cause! I've never been in trouble in my life - I didn't ever even have a detention at School! - so it's all a bit blerrrgh.
Anyway the good news is my wedding ring is being remade for free.... and my replacement watch has arrived! And Scarlett had (at least) one tooth come through overnight. There's definitely one but I'm fairly sure the next door tooth has come through over the course of the morning. Will have a proper look when she wakes! Is it (un)usual for that to happen?
Breast feeding: I knew about the health benefits, but I wish I'd had more information about it not being OK for it to hurt and how ill-informed GPs are about it.
Anyway will reply properly to you more individually v soon xxx

soontobefatnat Mon 18-Apr-11 18:42:18

Marking spot. Just checked, and we started our last thread back at the end of November!! Feels like a lifetime away, eh?!

Go Scarlet and her teeth!

So E is sleeping SO much better after letting him cry a bit and putting him in his own room. <whacks self over the head repeatedly for not listening to neez all along> He had a big cry the first night, 3 bloody hours of full on crying, with us going in at intervals. Really horrible. then 1.5 hours of crying/grumbling the second night, then NOT A PEEP last night. He's sleeping 4-5 hour stretches and just sort of chatting when he needs a feed. He goes down with a little pat and shush. I can hardly believe it. Miraculous! Daytime naps are another story but, honestly, I don't mind wandering about with the pram when I have had SLEEP!!

Love to you all on this glorious sunny evening!

<leaves a pile of Nigel Slater's brownies on the table>

CherryPie3 Mon 18-Apr-11 19:23:56

Pample - that is excellent news about your ring, you must be so relieved!! Great news about S's teeth, they may all come through relatively quickly now, Corey didn't get him first one until a month ago....he now has 3 with a 4th just starting to cut!!
Don't know about Scarlett but Corey is a nibbler and will bite if the mood takes him.... <ouch>

Nat - So glad it's paid off for you. I am personally dreading moving Corey out of our room as he will then be sharing with ds1 and I'm not convinced that our current routine is going to work due to ds1 being a screamer...

I'm estimating that if we all get our chatty heads on we can have this thread over and done with by June <starts thinking what next thread title could be>

LCRLCR Mon 18-Apr-11 20:33:51

Hello hello marking spot x

CherryPie3 Tue 19-Apr-11 12:27:48

Afternoon ladies

What a lovely sunny day it is!!

Nothing can spoil my day today, Corey has learned how to cuddle, well he knew before but now he accompanies it with a "Aaaahhhh" which just makes my heart melt and I squish him all up!!

Oh and tooth number 4 is officially through!

No progress with TTC yet, will keep on badgering talking to dh tho [fingers crossed emoticon]

Have a super day girls xxx

bellygazing Tue 19-Apr-11 14:48:06

Aargh, I've had a post swallowed twice! Not going to bother reiterating it now in case same happens again, but quickly, no-one will think you are a thief pample, brilliant news about your nights nat, love the cuddling cherry and neenz, check out the thread I started in breastfeeding if that helps with your BF interview.

Oh, and E is much better now, although v clingy and off solids so I'm breastfeeding like there's no tomorrow!

CherryPie3 Tue 19-Apr-11 14:54:46

Owh belly I hate it when that happens!! It used to happen to me but then I started copying/pasting so I didn't lose a mammoth post.

So glad E is better now!!

CherryPie3 Tue 19-Apr-11 20:11:31

nobody around?

soontobefatnat Tue 19-Apr-11 21:31:22

Belly glad E is feeling better!

I'm here, Cherry! Went into work today to chat with my new boss about part time working. She's happy for me to come back part time, but her manager has stipulated that she can't lose a full time employee from the team (due to the public sector hiring freeze, the post would essentially be lost for good). So they have to find someone (internally) who wants to job share with me, or I can't go back PT. I mean, how likely is it that we'll find someone?? I just feel like this is going to trundle on for months - and meanwhile I'll have to let my nanny share that I've worked out (on paper, with a friend) go, cos what if it doesn't work out? Feel demoralised.

CherryPie3 Wed 20-Apr-11 08:48:17

Belly - That is a bit of a pickle. I'm sure someone will be willing tho, hopefully it doesn't take months and months to come to fruition

Well girls, not much going on here. Washing in and will soon be blowing in the breeze. Wish we had a local park here that I could take the dc's to, they're so bored.
The school holidays are the only time I miss having a car, I want to be able to take them places to keep them entertained but can't really go that far on a bus - especially when they don't always behave!

Aaah to hang out the washing and let the sppotty pup out for a wee.

Much love x

bellygazing Wed 20-Apr-11 13:27:23

Hiya, Hope you find someone Nat, I bet there are a few people who would be keen - frustrating though!

We had a bit of a mare last night. I went a quiz night expecting that E would probably wake before I came home - which she did at 10.30pm. She was still awake and crying when I got back at 11pm - she just won't really settle for my DH or take much milk from anything other than my boob. Going to have to take action fairly soon, but I think she's still a bit off colour - woke again at 4am ish which was fine, but then at 5.30am and wouldn't go back to sleep, just kept crying whatever we did. After a lot of cuddling, crying, attempting to feed, walking around with her etc, plus a dose of Calpol, eventually she latched on properly in my bed and we both fell back to sleep - til 10am! Oh well, think she probably needed it. Think it may be teething as we are having some seriously weird poos. TMI?

cazzybabs Wed 20-Apr-11 13:32:51

Poppy still hasn't got any teeth - blimey I was thinking the last time I posted - months ago! Still read it though. She is crawling though! It is blommin' hot - am about to try and take the girls out to the botanical gardens (and sum up energy to hang out the washing). And we have lost the keys to our new patio door - grghhhhh. So jealous of you all TTC and congratulations to GYA.

CherryPie3 Wed 20-Apr-11 13:39:06

Ooops sorry belly my last post was for nat! blush

Belly - sounds like it could be a bit of everything, poor little E. I'm sure she'll be much better soon. Did you enjoy your quiz night?


CherryPie3 Wed 20-Apr-11 13:42:07

Hiya cazzy long time no see

We're just about to take our pooch for a walk up to the green with a football - wish we had botanical gardens envy


vix206 Wed 20-Apr-11 13:47:43

Oops I missed this new thread so I'll just paste what I had typed into the old one!!

Just popping on to give hugs to Pample. I was in the exact same position up until last Friday when we did the unthinkable (in our minds I mean) - controlled crying. For me it was a choice between trying that or going to the doctors and asking for anti-depressants which is what my HV had recommended as she was sure I had PND. I was being woken up every 2 hours in the night and felt like someone had sucked all the joy out of my life. Some days it got so bad I was looking at the baby thinking 'I feel nothing' and that was when I knew this wasn't right

So DH asked if we could try controlled crying over the weekend. In 3 nights he went from waking every 2 hours for feeds to sleeping through. And I'm talking 7pm to 7am. With no upset crying either, he yelled for 1.5 hours on Friday night and woke every 2 hours, yelled for 10 minutes but then went to sleep. It got better the following 2 nights and last night (the fourth night) he slept through with no crying at all. He is happier and looks better (he had dark shadows under his eyes before). I am so glad we bit the bullet and did it, its something I never wanted to do but it was actually quite easy.

Anyway, not trying to tell you that you should do it as I know it doesn't always work but just saying what worked for us. I now feel like my old self again and I'm shocked and horrified at the effects sleep deprivation can have. I had a poor sleeper for 8 months and it really takes it toll, he had never slept more than 4 hours in a row, and generally only did 2 hours in a row so I was exhausted. I am now basically on a Gina Ford schedule because it works (sorry!) so he sleeps 9-10, 12.30-2, 7-7 and only has milk feeds at 7, 2.30 and 7. He feeds so much better both at the breast and at solid meal times, it has made such a good difference to him. Anyway...

I'm sorry to hear about silly Waitrose, FGS it was an honest mistake I think they were awful to you.

WRT BFing and doctors, they are clueless! I've got a recurring problem which I think is a milk blister but nobody knows what it is. Every so often this lump comes up on the end of one of my nipples, it goes yellow and swells and it blimmin kills. When he feeds its like razorblades are being sucked through it, and when he's not feeding it sometimes feels like someone is skewering me through the boob. The doctors have no idea what it is and gave me some cream which has done nothing. They just send me away and tell me to keep an eye on it.... The pain is unbearable and sometimes has me in tears but I want to continue feeding him so I just force myself through it.

Cherry I'm sorry evil Aunt Flo caught up with you I'm waiting for her to turn up as well, keep feeling like she's coming but then nothing happens. Anyone else still waiting for their first period? I'm dreading it!!

vix206 Wed 20-Apr-11 13:50:06

Oh Nat I see the leaving to settle approach has worked for you too - it is miraculous isn't it? I keep having to pinch myself and remind myself that it could all go wrong again at any time lol

neenz Wed 20-Apr-11 14:31:14

Well done Vix and Nat! It does make such a difference when you're getting a full night's sleep. I was actually surprised how easy cc was with Daniel. I read so much stuff about AP and how babies only cry because they need you and it's wrong to deny them, but being woken every 2hrs at 8mo is not normal and causes real sleep deprivation and depression sad. And when cc works so easily (2 nights!) you have to wonder whether the baby really did need you or was it just that they needed to learn how to get themselves off to sleep.

Nat fingers crossed they'll find someone at work, there might be a mum working FT who really wants to go down to PT. But you have a legal right to ask for PT work and I don't think they can use 'the post will go for good' as a reason to refuse you! Ask your union if you're in one. It's not your fault there's a recruitment freeze on it shouldn't impact on their decision whether to let you go PT.

The breastfeeding support worker interview is tomorrow. Thanks for all your responses, I asked on some of the antenatal threads too and got some really interesting replies. I have to give a presentation on what i would cover during a BFing education session and how I would deliver it. Scary but exciting too. They are interviewing 12 for 2 posts apparently.

bellygazing Wed 20-Apr-11 14:40:30

vix that's brilliant news on the sleeping through! CC worked a dream for getting Elodie to go down at the beginning of the night and for several weeks she was only waking once, often at around 10.30pm to 11pm ish, then sleeping through til 7am or later. I never did it in the middle of the night because I was happy with one waking, just wanted my evenings back. With this nasty fever/cold/bug/teething things have gone seriously tits up, altho she is at least settling fine at the beginning of the night. I'm going to have to do it again for night wakings prior to returning to work (on May 31 - eek!) and am thinking if she's properly better and back on solids I'm going to do it over the Royal Wedding/Bank Holiday weekend - had initially earmarked Easter for it but think it's still a bit soon after her poorliness.

WRT Auntie Flo - I had one two-week period four weeks after E was born (making 6 weeks of continuous bleeding, really lovely) then another very short one about two weeks later then nothing since - but I'm on Cerazette and it's v common not to get periods on it.
neenz I bet you get one, you've given tons of good advice on here and elsewhere plus you BFed twins! [shock and awe emoticon]

soontobefatnat Wed 20-Apr-11 18:40:10

Good luck neez! Let us know how you get on.

Vix nice to see you back here! I was wondering how you were getting on with sleep. So glad to hear you're returning to the land of the living too. I really didn't want to do CC, but I felt it was the only thing left to do. I felt so trashed physically and mentally and was cross all the time. I just about managed to muster up enthusiasm for my days with E, but I have been so awful to my DH. Just needed to let the frustration out somewhere. Our marriage was definitely suffering. I mean, we haven't even managed to do the deed yet - between E being awake all the time and me being beyond exhausted, I just wasn't interested. Now we've got our room back, I feel like we have a bit of personal space back. I though I'd really pine for E, but I'm actually well chuffed at how big our bedroom feels, being able to get undressed with the lights on, talk at normal volume, READ A NOVEL!? It's great. E is still waking a few times, but I don't mind at all - quick boob feed and I put him down awake and shush/pat to sleep. He slept 6 hours in a row last night. A record!

pample I'm sending you good sleep vibes because, by god, you deserve some!

Off out this evening with my NCT ladies. Whoop! I'm going to wear an outfit that would be impossible to boob feed in. Hurrah!

vix206 Wed 20-Apr-11 19:53:08

Ugh AF has arrived!!

neenz Wed 20-Apr-11 21:40:33

I have just started being able to wear some clothes I wouldn't be able to BF in as well, it's great isn't it. D is feeding a lot less now so don't have to worry too much. It is so nice when they get to that stage where they go down at 7pm and you hardly hear from them till morning. And not having to go to bed as soon as they are asleep! It's lovely to get your space back as well, nat. Bet your DH is pleased too smile

Pample, I am so sorry you are having woes. I would definitely complain to head office of waitrose, they are supposedly great with customer service and I think you have been treated terribly! I can imagine the humiliation you feel, but try to remember that everyone is thinking about something else now and will have forgotted about you smile.

weehector Thu 21-Apr-11 02:01:14


Been gone far too long mostly because I have the most physical, struggliest baby on the planet but I have missed you all..x

So new thread!!

caz massive congrats to you, lady. Can't wait to hear what flavour Belle's little sibling will be. So so chuffed for you and Jon x

pample I think a softly worded letter to Waitrose hr/customer services should do the trick. Any mum there would just think duh, (went through checkout at Asda a few weeks ago and only handed over clothing items after the till had been rung otherwise would have done the same thing).

neenz I wish I'd known how often babies would feed. My HV was saying how they'd all been retrained on how feeding 1.5hrly was normal. This info wouldn't do much for bf uptake granted, but it would have prepared me a bit better. I'd also have liked to know that it might hurt as much(would still have persevered) & advice on how to deal with mastitis. I know several people who gave up post mastitis & although I knew what it as straight away, I'm not sure I knew what to do. I also think a PR job for bf post 6months is required at the moment. I think you'd be brilliant in this role many of my mantras have come from you(if it cries, feed it springs to mind) that I think bf education would benefit massively from your sage advice. Good luck!

gya congrats to you too! How exciting..I just wish I was getting the practice in to make it a possibility..

Life at Maison Hector carries on apace. We're doing brililantly, 2 teeth, we stand at every available opportunity rather than crawling, we've got 2 chefs preparing meals to order for Junior Sir's every conceivable dietary whim. He's wilful and charming and beautiful and I'm just so grateful I have time to indulge him, hopefully with enough restraint to avoid spoiling him. Sleep is still an ongoing issue here but we're getting there. I feel 2013 is my year for a full 8hrs. A PFB in 2nd hand Polarn o Pyret here.. Apart from sleep, life is good..I have the work dilemma going & a muffin top that Tim Horton would kill for but I'm generally happy if you don't count 'the first mother's day that daddy didn't bother his arse about'. Big mistake, huge mistake on his part there..

Hope you're all happy & well xxx

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