November 05 Babies - They're here!

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rodeo1 Tue 01-Nov-05 11:35:28

Well, some are here!

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rodeo1 Tue 01-Nov-05 11:45:14

Babie's we have so far....

Rodeo's Jess 10/10/05 6lb12oz
Nova's Natalie 16/10/05 6lb13oz
Bek's Thomas 26/10/05
Londoner's Elizabeth 29/10/05 7lb4oz
Laylamum's baby boy 30/10/05 8lb7oz

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rodeo1 Tue 01-Nov-05 11:52:13

Here are some pictures of Natalie and Jess . Just incase you missed them the first time!

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twinkle1 Tue 01-Nov-05 12:01:27

I have to say ladies the babies are gorgeous!!!

rodeo1 Tue 01-Nov-05 16:18:06

Sorry Nova, just realised I've got Natalie's birthday wrong , so to correct -

Nova's Natalie 15/10/05 6lb13oz

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novadandypowder Tue 01-Nov-05 21:16:01

Good going Rodeo - this feels more like home .

Looking forward to trading baby stories with everyone xx

novadandypowder Tue 01-Nov-05 21:41:35

ok - first moan coming up.

when will this bleeding stop! I'm fed up with having to wear pants & pads 24/7. My poor lady garden wants some fresh air and a bit of mowing.

rodeo1 Tue 01-Nov-05 22:55:32

Snap Nova, thought I'd done away with the pads but got a big red splurge earlier, great...How are the boobs? Are they still leaking or are they back to normal now? I'm fed up with damp breast pads - urgh!

Hoping Jess will drop off for the night soon, she's been awake since half 9 and has been been bathed and fed and is currently being walked round the living room by dp while he watches The Deadliest Catch - those crabs are huge!

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novadandypowder Wed 02-Nov-05 10:33:19

lol at the mental image of huge crabs!

locia teases you doesn't it - it looked like it was stopping, but it's started up again. would like to have a long bath, but think nat may have other ideas.

we're trying to get her in a routine at night of bath, bottle, bed, but she's a bugger at going down in her basket. she sleeps for about 30-60 mins before waking again, but as soon as i put her on my chest she's asleep again. think it's a bit early to try the whole controlled crying thing, and i secretly love watching her sleep - i'm sure the novelty will wear off!!

boobs are fine as i'm bottle feeding and the hospital gave me some medication to make sure the milk didn't come in. body wise i'm pleased - actually thinner than pre-pregnancy, just need to be more disciplined with my exercises to tone up the tummy. looking forward to getting back to my dancing soon.

karmamother Wed 02-Nov-05 11:17:42

Nova, hope you don't mind me infiltrating this thread but I just want to add my views on Nat's sleeping. When I had DS, I fell into a similar pattern of allowing him to sleep on me between feeds as it was the only way he'd sleep for longer than 30 mins. Whilst in the early days its absolutely heavenly to have them lying on your chest so you can smell & hear them, I realise now that I made a huge mistake!! It developed into me wearing him for almost 20 hrs per day. I became very resentful at the time that I couldn't even cook a bloody meal or have a bath. Latterly, I rationalised the whole time by saying "well, it made me rest & it was such a small time in his life". But it did create problems in getting him to fall asleep independantly of me which made night time a PITA. I sooo don't want to go through this again so I'm thinking about trying The Baby Whisperer's EASY technique, don't know if it'll work but I'll try anything. I think the controlled crying technique is a bit harsh on such a young baby, though. If you do find a way through this, Nova, let me know what worked. Best of luck.

novadandypowder Wed 02-Nov-05 17:57:33

i'm fully aware that i need to nip it in the bud karma, and i do put her down when i can, but if she's crying i can't just leave her - she's only 2 1/2wks old bless her.

my friend recommended the baby whisperer so i'll have to go out and buy it, but so far i'm trying all the tips from various books and nothing works.

novadandypowder Wed 02-Nov-05 17:59:35

she's quite good at going to sleep on her own - it's the staying asleep that seems to be the problem

karmamother Wed 02-Nov-05 20:17:15

I hope I didn't upset you, Nova. I agree with the crying thing, I know with all certainty that I'll be the same. I had anticipated doing the same thing again, having LO attached +++, then sorting it out when she gets older, say a few months. But having read the BW, she says it can be done from birth so I'm trying to remain optimistic.

Actually, you've just reminded me of something....BF babies don't sleep with the same pattern as bottle fed babies anyway. I'm sure it's because breast milk is more easily digestible & doesn't contain what I call fillers that formula has.

It sounds like you're doing a fantastic job & remember, everything works out in the end. Honest!!

rodeo1 Thu 03-Nov-05 13:47:02

I could never get either of mine to drop off to sleep on there own as newborns! Had to breastfeed Bella off to sleep and Joe had to be rocked off. And TBH I got so tired I didn't care, just wanted them to sleep! And they used to end up in our bed when they were babies by morning time. Maybe I was lucky but they both have slept really well on there own now from about 6 months (when they moved to their own rooms and cots) I think when they are tiny just do whats easiest. I've never read The Baby Whisperer but always open to new ideas so if you find any helpful tips Nova, pass them on!!

Having Jess weighed this afternoon, will report back! Have already had to put some vests and babysuits away as they're too small!

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novadandypowder Thu 03-Nov-05 15:28:42

ooo no karma, i'm open to suggestions from everyone - it's my first time doing this so i'll take help where i can get it. Thank you for trying to help.

She just wants comfort at the mo, and my instinct is telling me to give it to her. I'll wait a bit longer before trying to start anything structured. I'm with you Rodeo on just wanting them to sleep, and she does end up with in bed with me by the morning. I'm a bit scared about the co-sleeping though - worried about all the SIDS scares about sharing beds. DH is sleeping in a separate room until she settles down and I make sure I'm propped up so i can't roll over. She can sleep through for hours if she's with me. Think I need to remember she's not been in the outside world for long and I'm sure we can work on the sleeping.

I'm really beginning to miss spending time with DH now though. Believe it or not I'm actually really in the mood for some BDing but it's not going to happen with a wakeful baby.

I've borrowed a sling until she gets big enough for her papoose, and that means i can get around and do things during the day. She loves it.

karmamother Thu 03-Nov-05 15:30:47

I've just posted a reply to you on the a/n thread, bit confusing darting between the two! Glad you're ok.

karmamother Thu 03-Nov-05 15:38:18

Thats spooky that you mentioned co-sleeping just as I was writing about it. I know the MWs will advise against it & I know just because I did it for 10 months that it's not without it's risks, but it really made bfing at night easier. As you're slim I don't think there's much risk in squashing her. Did you know that when you bf, you never enter the deep stage 4 level of sleep, thats the stage thats difficult to be roused from. This is nature's way of making sure you'll wake in response to your baby. I remember once when DS was tiny, I woke up suddenly, put out my arm to DS & grabbed him as he moved barely a few cms, all in the space of 3 secs. I was gobsmacked that I responded so quickly. Also, on a practical level, I took the legs off the bed & rolled up a towel behind his back so he wouldn't roll off. BTW he never did! Hope this gives a bit of reassurance as I was wracked with guilt for doing this, but I'd do it again.

novadandypowder Thu 03-Nov-05 16:23:46

I've just been reading some of the posts on the sleep and breast/bottle feeding threads, and it's quite reassuring.

Praise be for Mumsnet!

rodeo1 Fri 04-Nov-05 10:08:15

Just thought I'd add an update -

Rodeo's Jess 10/10/05 6lb12oz
Nova's Natalie 15/10/05 6lb13oz
Yingers's Isabelle 24/10/05 7lb4oz
Bek's Thomas 26/10/05
Londoner's Elizabeth 29/10/05 7lb4oz
Laylamum's Seth 30/10/05 8lb7oz
Alfiesmum's Oscar 2/11/05 9lb
Hamster's Euan 2/11/05 8lb8oz

Hope everyone had an OK night. Jess was unsettled from about 7 til 11, then woke at 2.30 and again at 6.30, so not too bad, still feel shattered though! She did end up in our bed too! I put her on a feather pillow so she's a bit elevated but I know I wouldn't roll on her, not sure about dp though so I do keep her on my side.

My house once again looks like a bombsite, so I'd better make a start!

Speak to you later x x x

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rodeo1 Fri 04-Nov-05 10:37:08

Oh got Jess weighed yesterday and she's now 8lb4oz! When did she get so big?!

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novadandypowder Fri 04-Nov-05 11:03:53

wow Rodeo! got nat weighed today and she is 7ib 8oz. doctor reckons she's going to be a long thin baby. hopefully we've got a super model on our hands who'll make loads of money so we can retire!

novadandypowder Fri 04-Nov-05 11:05:32

rodeo - what do you cover jess with when she's in your bed? how do you stop her going under the duvet?

rodeo1 Fri 04-Nov-05 12:45:17

Well, I put her head and uper body on the pillow and her bottom on the mattress, and I have her at a right angle to my body so her body's horizontal on the bed (so her feet rest just above my boobs) I put a blanket over her and have the duvet just above my waist because we have the central heating on. Hope that makes sense!

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rodeo1 Fri 04-Nov-05 12:47:12

Although I am really trying to get her to go in her bed!!

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novadandypowder Fri 04-Nov-05 16:11:08

that does make sense thanks. do you think it might be an early baby thing, that they're not quite ready to let go of mummy yet?

got a kimono style sleeping bag today as she's a bit small still for a proper sleeping bag, so hoping it will provide her with some comfort. took her out today and put her in a fleecy pram suit which she instantly fell asleep in so hoping the same will happen tonight (lol!!!).

quite pleased with myself for getting out of the house and doing a bit of shopping (also picked up a copy of the baby whisperer), but it's slightly compromised by the fact that i haven't had a shower, my hair needs washing, and i was still in my pants when the doctor came this morning!

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