APRIL 2007 - The 4th Birthdays!!!!!!

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CaptainDippy Thu 31-Mar-11 22:11:14

grin Thought I should start a new thread as it certainly ISN'T snowing any more and those 4th Birthdays are a-coming and some have a-come!!! smile

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to those I have missed (sorry) - hope you had splendid times smile

Could someone perhaps bring up the stats thread? I think someone might've posted it on the snow thread actually, so I'll take a quixk look in a sec .....

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CaptainDippy Thu 31-Mar-11 22:14:43

No stats!

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Eddas Thu 31-Mar-11 22:20:13

Hi Dippy <<waves>>

Thanks for the messages re ds' school. I'm just glad we know now. Will keep my fingers crossed that you all get the schools you want too x

Will have a quick look for a stat's thread...

Eddas Thu 31-Mar-11 22:38:25


found it!

oooggs Fri 01-Apr-11 06:50:34

Happy April my fellow April Ladies x

Eddas Fri 01-Apr-11 08:14:25

I read a few of our old threads last night. Seems like a lifetime ago smile

I read all the way to the part where I actually had dsgrin I was chuckling at how excited I was getting at the due date arriving, little did I know that he wouldn't show up for another 11 DAYS grin and I had my first contraction on here. I really must print our threads out

It actually made me want to be pg againshock

Trouble is the thought of another child is too muchgrin

Doobydoo Fri 01-Apr-11 08:51:12

Happy Birthday to allsmile

StealthPolarBear Fri 01-Apr-11 23:44:47

OK had a meet up with some of the mums in the village and I am a little wibbly
Must have been te chocolate mousse, can't have been the wine, can it?

Bramshott Sat 02-Apr-11 14:01:40

No, definitely the mousse I'm sure SPB grin! Were you also expecting school news this week?

Bramshott Sat 02-Apr-11 14:03:11

Oh, and O has nits hmm. Oh joy!

CaptainDippy Sat 02-Apr-11 18:54:15

Yummy Bramshot hmmwink Haven't had that pure joy with P yet, but certainly have with the other 2 - Made me glad I am a crap, non-hair-doing mummy and my girls all have very short bobs grin Hope you can get rid of the little blighters ASAP - Ick!

Ooooh, so we had no little April Fool's Babies then!!! hmmsmile

HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow Dooby's MILO grin - Just in case I don't get on tomorrow ........

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StealthPolarBear Sat 02-Apr-11 22:03:41

urgh to nits - looking forward to that

Yes, T got into our first choice Which is fantastic news as it is by far the school we wanted him to go to, but causes a nightmare for before and after school cover! Good luck to all those still waiting - as far as I know there has been no one unhappy on this thread yet - or did anyone not get first choice?

leakyR Sat 02-Apr-11 23:18:54

Happy April to you all!

Can you believe we're all talking about primary school? We find out on 14th too. We're in catchment for 3 excellent schools and do not mind if we get first or second choice.

I'm a bit squiffy, 3 glasses of prosecco have gone right to my already muddled head.

oooggs Sun 03-Apr-11 19:39:24

no birthdays today

Milo hope you had a fab time yesterday smile

I am impatiently waiting for school results - find out on 14th

CaptainDippy Sun 03-Apr-11 20:32:13

Happy Mothering Sunday lovely ladies!!! grin

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CaptainDippy Mon 04-Apr-11 14:32:51

Happy 4th Birthday Isobelle!! - I still see Ange from time-to-time on FB; and little Isobelle is adorable smile xx

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oooggs Mon 04-Apr-11 19:00:19

Happy Birthday Izzy x

AngeG Mon 04-Apr-11 21:41:45

Hello there grin just thought I'd pop in and say hello.

Isobelle has had a lovely birthday weekend...or birthday celebrations as she's calling it. Can't believe that she is 4!

Happy Birthday to all those I've missed blush

Lots of Love to everyone I think of you all a lot just don't have time to come on. xxxxxx

AngeG Mon 04-Apr-11 21:42:58

Thanks oooggs and Captain Dippy for your birthday wishes. Thanks for saying she's adorable Captain Dippy smile

Lucewheel Mon 04-Apr-11 22:25:52

Happy birthday to all of our lovely April babies smile

YvieE Tue 05-Apr-11 05:23:29

I'm another one popping in..Hello lovely ladies, I'm so glad this group is still going. Sarai's birthday is today but yesterday i found out she got her third preference school and i really wanted her first or even second, so i'm a teeny bit upset about that - but don't want it to impact the 4th birthday celebrations. I hope you and your families are doing well and I'm sorry that i haven't posted for a long while, in fact i have a DD2 who is 18 months.
Happy birthday to all our DDs and DSs and long may this group continue. Yvonne

CaptainDippy Tue 05-Apr-11 08:01:52

Happy Birthday Sarai!! ....and much belated congratulations on the birth of your DDS as well - bet she is as gorgeous as her big sis wink Sorry to hear about school - are you going to appeal? Hope you have happy celebrations grin

She is adorable, Ange winksmile Hope you had a Happy Day too smile

Happy Birthday to MMK's Ester and LittleFrog's little one - wherever you may be smile

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CaptainDippy Tue 05-Apr-11 08:02:31

Should be DD2, not DDS!!? hmm

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craftynclothy Tue 05-Apr-11 17:58:53

Thought I'd just pop in and say Hi and Happy Birthday to all the not so littlies grin.

StealthPolarBear Tue 05-Apr-11 18:01:18

oh Yvie sorry to hear that, are you going to do appeal / waiting list?

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