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NatureDoc Wed 26-Oct-05 23:44:04

I have just heard about the following talks which sound fab!

Blissful Beginnings - health talks for new mothers:

* Breastfeeding tips and sleep strategies – too much milk, too little milk, colic, reflux??
* Baby massage
* New mother’s health – getting your brain and body back in shape
* When and how to wean – helping your baby love their food including vegetables!
* Immune system boosting and allergy prevention – prevent a winter of endless colds, coughs and tummy bugs.
* Natural remedies for childhood illnesses – first aid essentials from “mother nature”.

They will be held in the fabulous new Paint Pots Creative Classes at St Mary’s Church Hall, The Bolton’s, Chelsea, every Wednesday morning (9.30-10.30am). Bookings can be made through Paint Pots on 020 7376 4571 or office@paint-pots.co.uk and cost £20 per talk or £100 for six.

If you miss this course there will be another one starting in the New Year.

These talks are by leading naturopath Lucinda Miller (020 7736 817 lucindamiller@naturedoc.co.uk) , providing invaluable information on nutrition, herbal and homeopathic remedies to help you be a confident mother and raise a healthy and happy child.

The immune boosting and natural remedies talks are also relevant to those with older children too.

It will be very relaxed and a great chance to meet other mums at the same stage and have fun with your baby!

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Hattie05 Thu 27-Oct-05 00:08:32

I think you're supposed to pay for advertising on here.

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