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June 10 babies are growing apace, teething and crawling all over the place.

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CantSleepWontSleep Mon 14-Mar-11 15:17:50

Here we are ladies. Let's see if we can manage to chat a bit more on this one .

CantSleepWontSleep Tue 02-Sep-14 23:44:56

Hi barbeasty. I hadn't been on mn in years until last week, but by chance I was on when you posted yesterday. Unfortunately mn conspired against me and fell over when I tried to respond.

Hope you are well.
First day at school for J tomorrow [smile.

Barbeasty Mon 01-Sep-14 21:33:17

I know this thread has been pretty dead for a while now, but good luck to all the June 2010 babies starting school this week.

Fillybuster Fri 31-May-13 17:34:35

Oh, and congratulations Barbeasty - lovely news smile

Fillybuster Fri 31-May-13 17:33:25

I can't believe our littlies are all about to turn 3! Happy birthday everyone...hope you're all having lots of fun smile

I'm slightly in shock at the thought of Mia joining her big brother and sister at the 'big school' for the nursery intake in September....even though she has been wearing uniform for nearly 18 months now, somehow moving into the school uniform feels quite different....definitely not a baby anymore!

madamefreckle Wed 15-May-13 22:55:35

Hello lovely ladies! I hope all of your nearly-3-year-olds are thriving. Emma is a non-stop chatterer and smiler...except when she's really cross and stamps her feet - both at once for extra emphasis and leaving the floor by quite some distance! - and verbally she really can put on a show when not impressed with something! I'm not hugely into star signs or anything but she does seem to have the gemini dual personality! I've just posted up a couple of recentish pictures of her so you can see if interested.
Her six and a half yr old brother still only just about tolerates her - it hasn't been an easy ride getting him to accept her but I think we might finally be getting somewhere. The time they get on best is when they are both wielding a light-saber and chasing eachother around the house. I have to say, Em usually has the upper hand - he ends up cowering under a cushion as she attempts to wallop him!

Potty training went well as she decided she wanted to do it in Feb. Still quite a long way from being dry at night though I think. I finally stopped breast-feeding her last month. She was only having one feed, first thing in the morning and it was a lovely start to the day for her - but quite time consuming and I really felt i'd had enough of it! I'm wondering whether the rest of the 'baby' weight might decide to shift itself once my body realises it doesn't need to hold onto it for anything! (probably just wishful thinking!)
I'm glad that there are still a few people popping onto this thread occasionally. I'm going to have to have a skim back and see what's been going on. Congratulations Barbeasty! Anyone else had more? Two is definitely enough for me. I think I would have a total breakdown, not to mention living in even more of a pigsty, if I had any more!
Let's all keep fingers crossed for a lot more sunny weather so we can get outside with the little ones and not be stuck inside making a mess!

LaTrucha Fri 03-May-13 22:24:28

It does feel a long time ago. I forget how young Danny is sometimes because he's so independent. If I take him swimming he just trundles round and round the pool by himself, happy as Larry but fierce if I try and help him with anything. The total reverse of his sister. I wonder sometimes how they manage to play as much as they do. He learns her tricks though, and has just started grunting like her when cross which is alarming as he is so much stonger. He is an absolute sweetheart though and has taken incredibly well to going full time to playgroup. It's a temporary move, but he seems to find it less tiring than going full time. I must be a handful!

LaTrucha Fri 03-May-13 12:47:12

Hello old friends - just jumping back on to catch up tonight. smile

whenwillisleepagain Sun 28-Apr-13 20:24:22

Hello DIMB and everyone else. Cannot believe our DCs are almost 3. Alice can be spectacularly defiant, and is still not a good sleeper, but most of the time I find her highly entertaining and very lovely. Both she and DS has chickenpox recently, one after the other, so we are all relieved to be out and about again - the period of being cooped-up coincided with Easter hols, so was manageable on the childcare front, but involved a lot of refereeing between two fighting, spotty kids. They do collaborate on things as well, and DS, who is 6.5 now, is the only person sometimes who can calm Alice down when she is in full-blown meltdown, which is daily. Think we are going to keep her at the nursery she's always been at until she starts Reception, as DS' school is going to be demolished and rebuilt over a two-year period, starting with the summer holidays, so any advantages of her being in nursery at the same location as DS have been kaiboshed - the nursery will be in a separate place, and I think it's too much disruption to put her through. Wow, talking of Reception! Being pregnant in 2009/10 feels a long long time ago.

I do hope everyone is ok - both you and DCs.

dinosaurinmybelly Fri 12-Apr-13 22:26:48

Hello - thought I would check on how everyone is doing now as our little ones are about to turn 3. Zoe is very defiant at times and a terrible eater, but otherwise a real joy.

whenwillisleepagain Tue 01-Jan-13 20:13:57

Happy New Year everyone and I hope 2013 brings you some good things - or indeed lots of good things.

Just got back from a massive walk with DH, Alice, DS and my friend, her DH and their 3 DCs - well massive in the sense I didn't bother taking the buggy and ended up doing lots of 'shoulders' for Alice towards the end. Beautiful weather. Hope no one has been affected too badly by the flooding of recent weeks.

Mosman Mon 31-Dec-12 08:30:39

A new baby !
My older three were 22 months apart each if that makes sense, 4, 2 and newborn. I look back back and don't know how the heck you juggle a toddler and newborn, certainly couldn't imagine it now but you just do.
My lil boy is an absolute delight and handful, still bloody BF at 5am, kills me every time I swear it'll be the last but still it continues.
Hope everyone is happy and healthy

CantSleepWontSleep Fri 14-Dec-12 23:21:44

Oh congratulations Barbeasty. Lovely name smile.

whenwillisleepagain Fri 14-Dec-12 15:12:14

Oh congratulations! Lovely name and glad your delivery sounds like a good one. Have a lovely Christmas with Anthony and Ruth (and your DH of course)

Alice completely disrupted DS's school Nativity service yesterday, after a promising start, she started yelling & doing huge stage whispers of 'where's the sheep?' and then onto 'I want to go home now'. I think my Dealing With Two-Year-Olds App is malfunctioning but I am finding her very trying at the moment. She denies vehemently that certain clothes are hers and refuses to wear any of the nice warm things I have lined up for her this winter.Of course though, there is the compensating delight that is the other side of kids her age. She and DS are getting on better (sometimes) and do disappear off to do things - usually culminating in a punch-up or the destruction of some expensive household item, but at least I can sneak in the occasional cup of tea and 5 mins with the newspaper.

Barbeasty Fri 14-Dec-12 12:38:05


Anthony was born this morning. Managed a natural delivery on gas & air, with just a 2nd degree tear this time.

Hope everyone has a good Christmas.

CantSleepWontSleep Thu 06-Dec-12 18:33:06

Hello! First time on MN in months, and only here by accident because my dh messed up my browser settings! But thought I'd stop by and say hello since I am here, although it doesn't look like there are many people about to say hello to!

J still doesn't sleep through - he appears in my room at some point during the night and demands to be fed. And the less said about bedtimes the better really. He is up to 12 teeth now I think, and I suspect that a canine may be on the move down soon. Speech still slow, but coming along, and a little ahead of where his brother was at this age (his brother advanced quickly once he started talking properly, and then proceeded to 'overtake' many of his peers, so I'm not worried). He can climb like a demon (climbs over stairgates if we try to use them to contain him!) and his favourite activity is walking and throwing balls with the nanny's dog.

My job has been made permanent, so I feel like I barely see my dc any more, despite generally leaving the office before the rest of my (all male) teaam. But at least I have an income, which dh won't have yet again by Christmas.

How is everyone else? All set for Christmas?

whenwillisleepagain Wed 14-Nov-12 21:08:21

how is everyone? what's happened to our thread!

barbeasty came on here because couldn't remember your due date - v soon I think. How are you? all well I hope

just stressing about creating something spotty for DS to wear to school on Friday for Children in Need. Things are fine with us, barring usual sleep deprivation episode(s). I have taken up running again, because boy was I aware of the weight I put on after stopping bf, so just come back from a puff around the streets. Taking it very slowly, but enjoying it.

whenwillisleepagain Wed 05-Sep-12 17:39:50

Hi everyone, I suspect the summer holidays have seen us all too busy to post

bravegirl nice to see you on here, albeit quite a few weeks ago now

Well, all this business about girls being easier to potty train than boys seems to be bollocks in Alice's case. Her nursery key worker was keen to take a lead, so like you bravegirl I was grateful for someone else to start the process. So far mountains of washing - and we are only 3 days in. Alice has not done a single wee in a potty but has developed an aversion to nappies and of course only wants to wear Peppa Pig pants.

We have been away intermittently during school holidays, none of which seems to have helped sleep. Alice had her 27m review with HVs recently. DH, who is someone so scrupulously honest that he once insisted on going back to a hotel we had checked out of, so he could tell them they had forgotten to charge him for one copy of the Guardian, took her, and felt compelled to lie when they asked him how long it took her to get off to sleep at night. Even the dishonest answer filled them with horror and something stern was written in her red book about us needing to set boundaries. I do feel really stressed about bedtimes - off to glance at the sleep section.

I hope everyone is well

BraveGirl Sun 29-Jul-12 21:15:08

Hello all...long time no posting!
Kept up the BF until Feb (am only) but Jack decided enough was enough.
Sleep has been wonderful - down easy at 7am until at least 6.30 every day and joyously on one occasion until 7.40.
sadly it all came to an end on Friday lunchtime when he decided to climb out of his cot. We've had to convert to the bed and bedtime has been hell since. Last night it was 9.15 and tonight showed progress at 8pm.
Still, we're moving in the right direction, but sadly off to France on Thursday which I'm sure will happily upset things again.
Fixated on the potty and can wee on demand...but won't ask for it when needed. Holding off the full potty training until we're home from France (or ideally until term time and the nanny can take over - is that wrong of me?!!)

LaTrucha Tue 17-Jul-12 22:18:27

I could do with a break!

LaTrucha Tue 17-Jul-12 22:11:37

I'm envious WWISA - I do wish Daniel would watch some TV. DD was a total telly addict at this age (largely as I was pregnant and sick and used it alot to help out). He barely watches any.

whenwillisleepagain Thu 12-Jul-12 21:29:56

well I think the trend of Alice's night-time sleep is in the right direction, but today's not the day to convince me of that. Less said the better. We are trying to make sure she naps as near noon as possible and not for more than an hour. If she sleeps later or longer, the chances of getting her asleep for 8pm, which has become her most regular time, are zero.

She has become obsessed with Peppa Pig, which I have to say is such a welcome move along from Night Garden. I am watching like a hawk for the time when all the Iggle Piggle books can go. Some things I feel really sad about because Alice is my last baby and I won't be doing them again - but In the Night Garden is not one of them.

LaTrucha Sun 08-Jul-12 21:28:19

I think we are officially a no nap household, unless I really can't stop him. shock

Barbeasty Mon 02-Jul-12 20:27:03

Ruth has done 2 wees on the potty, but mostly just takes her nappy off when it's wet then only sits on the potty for a few seconds and then refuses to have another nappy on.

On Saturday she woke up while DH were getting up and took her nappy off. From what I can piece together she then needed to do a poo but the potty was in the bathroom and we have a stairgate across her bedroom door. So (thankfully I guess) she used her change mat.

Sleep wise, last night was the first in a while where she slept through. We stopped feeding in the night a while ago, but she has taken to waking up in the night and standing at the stairgate with her water in hand to come into our bed. She normally gets put back when I get up for a wee and then can't get back into bed because she's wriggled sideways.

With MIL she naps for an hour or 2 mid morning, at nursery it's normally about 2hrs from midday. At home she refuses a nap, but will fall asleep if she's in the car. So today I ended up sitting in the drive for an hour.

LaTrucha Thu 28-Jun-12 06:28:23

OO. Just noticed you're all busy on here.

WWISA - My eczema is still pretty bad. I don't do the things I need to do to keep it in control with enough consistency. I either don't remember or I'm rushing. Truth be told, none of it really matters as mine is definitely stress related and I have stress right now so, no dice...

On the potty training front. I'd love to be able to train Daniel as he has a tendency to nappy rash. He has sort of started playing with the potty but is very resistant to actually doing anything on it. I just have to keep his nappy off at home and deal with the fall out!

Naps- I try to only let him nap in the morning as bedtime is awful if he naps later and not for more than an hour. He can do without a nap but is very cranky. I just put up with it as I'm not too keen on Danny dancing round the front room at ten o'clock at night.

We still have some very early mornings bt usually I can feed hi around 4.30 and he goes back to sleep until 5.30 /6. Manageablebut I'm not sure what we'll do when I stop bf...

... which I might in August as I am going away by myself to go to the Olympics and visit some friends. I guess it will be chaos here but DH has offered and I am taking it up! TBH I won't mind stopping as D definitely uses bf as a weapon against DD. Every time I give her a cuddle he comes pestering. He probably will anyway, but it will help me. I know I will regret it the first time he gets ill and it is a big step for me. He's my last baby and
I have been over 5 years continuoulsy pregnant or bf. I wonder what it feels like not to be.

Beds. I just can't face it yet. Full stop. I want to get him out of my bed. I think I may try drastic action when the neighbours go away. Then again, I may not .... He's still in a cot.

There's another topic but I can here DD shifting upstairs - by which I mean stamping and shouting.... her way of saying good morning.

goodname Mon 25-Jun-12 21:23:24

Oh can i just ask what everyones ds/dd are doing about naps/bedtimes. Fergus has mostly stopped napping but he is so tired and cranky in the aft/eveings and he wants to go to bed at 5. If he does have a nap though even for an hour he will take hours to settle at night, thats him just off now at 9.20 when he went to bed at 7. is this just a transition thing (been going on for weeks now) and whats the best thing to do?

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