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June 10 babies are growing apace, teething and crawling all over the place.

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CantSleepWontSleep Mon 14-Mar-11 15:17:50

Here we are ladies. Let's see if we can manage to chat a bit more on this one .

CantSleepWontSleep Fri 25-Mar-11 12:07:49

Well a fun week here. Ds1 had sick bug (seems better today at last). Ds2 teething badly and also picked up sick bug, although has generally been able to keep bm down at least.
Then last night I slammed the car door to and forgot to remove my thumb in time, so am now in A&e waiting to be seen, having had an Xray a while ago.
And before I came here I had to go to dentist for filling.
I'd quite like a normal week with everyone well for once!

earlyonemorning Fri 25-Mar-11 15:57:43

Oh CSWS it's not your month, is it? Hope the thumb is ok. Do you have a great big bandage on it, a la Dennis the Menace? grin

NizzyNoodles Fri 25-Mar-11 21:56:14

CSWS hope the thumb gets better soon - although the treatment sounds as bad as the original injury!

Roundabout1 - I'm the original jar queen when it comes to food so I understand what you're saying about jars and spoonfeeding sometimes

Thanks for the christening gift ideas will pass them on

latrucha Fri 25-Mar-11 22:13:42

Hi all,

CSWS - hope you're better soon - and your luck.

Filly - any news?

Snarling grunts of envy to any mothers of sleeping babies. Daniel is just dreadful. First it was teeth, then illness, now walking. On a good night he wakes every two hours and is up at 6am. A bad night is hours awake trying to walk, frequent wakings then up at 5am. DH - who is with him at nights - he only comes to me for one or two feeds unless dh gets desperate - assures me it will get better but I really do despair. We can't even let him cry because it wakes up DD straight away and we've just got her back on track. Also, Dh says there's just no point until he's fully mobile because he's so obsessed with walking. ~He just doesn't seem to need sleep atm. He's just fine without it. sad

earlyone and roundabout - you have my sympathy but no solution.

Bravegirl - is it just one baby on the plane? It'll be much better than you think. I'll put my mind to thinking what we did and get back. Most of our effort goes into entertainig the toddler. Daniek mostly watches her and leaps about (trying to walk, of course)

roundabout1 Fri 25-Mar-11 23:46:00

csws - hope the thumb is ok, what a bad run of luck you're having.

la t - Really sympathise re sleeping, lauren was awake every 90 mins - 2 hrs last night & it's hard work. Same problem with waking dd1 too. People here think I've gone complaetely soft as Lauren is in our bed all the time, with dd1 I was a lot stricter (she still wasn't a great sleeper though!) but it eems to cause so many problems, 2 dc's in a very small house.

latrucha Sat 26-Mar-11 12:17:02

Same problem here. What we wouldn't give to have a third bedroom atm. Well, DH tried keeping him in his cot last night. The result was that, after waking at 10.30 he screamed so loudly he woke the neighbours and did so on and off - (mostly on - the off was when I fed him and when he saw dd and started playing!) until 3am when he went into bed with DH and slept until 5.30 when he was up for the day. He has only just consented to go for a nap now.

So, I guess my ultimate weapon of CC isn't going to work this time. I was so relieved when I heard DH start to do it last night, but it just didn't work at all. sad

The boy simply doesn't seem to feel the need to sleep.

Fillybuster Sat 26-Mar-11 14:48:02

LaT - can I remind you that your DD was just as bad and in the end, that did get better in the end? My dcs might sleep at night but all 3 have been an absolute nightmare during the day when I can't even put them down for a second because they can't move and suffer from major separation I'm very envious of Daniel's desire to move!!!

CSWS - wishing you a better April!!

Thanks for all the good interview wishes. No update on the job front yet but feeling very worn out by last week and quite stressed as we start to try to sort out childcare and realise how complicated it has all got....

whenwillisleepagain Sun 27-Mar-11 11:49:05

lat, roundabout and I think elena IIRC, sounds like us and others are having similar sleep problems. Alice really did the crawling around all night thing last night - after virtually no daytime sleep. I so relate to what one of you posted about your DC seeming to need no sleep at the moment.

Lat I agree with your DH about not much point trying great interventions at present. I have the stern new nursery manager though asking me about Alice (she goes 2.5 days per week with DS) and asking me what I do at night... so I had to confess to nighttime bf, etc and she reminded me that 'we need teamwork' as I think Alice is proving very difficult for them to get to sleep except in a rocking chair. I ended up feeling I was letting Alice down by not making her more independent, but then I thought about it again and she's in the middle of adjusting to nursery and being apart from me, and now on some big developmental spurt it seems - I know I am finding it hard to let go of her because she's definitely my last baby, but really not sure what's right or wrong at the moment.

Can I just ask about bf - those of you who are still bf the June10 baby, rather than tandem feeding, how much milk do you still have? I really think that since Alice started nursery I have next to none.

csws bad luck, sure you will have a more normal week soon

latrucha Sun 27-Mar-11 12:55:18

WWISA - bit cross for you that they made you feel you had to 'confess' to how you parent your child. Your shoice really, and hardly unusual! Your supply should be well established by now and will respond to what your baby wants. You won't feel engorged as you might have done in the early months, but milk will come when it's asked for. IF you're expressing (don't know if you are), the amount you get won't represent the amount that's available for Alice. Babies are better at getting it out.

Daniel slept two good stretches in his cot last night, but was woken by DD. Typical!

roundabout1 Mon 28-Mar-11 17:16:14

WWISA - Poor you, don't beat yourself up about it, like you say she's adjusting & they are still babies. people seem to think I've gone soft on Lauren as will be my last & I don't think I am. If I am it is because of circumstances & trying to please everyone & let everyone get the most sleep possible.
re - bf & milk I don't feel as if I'm full of milk as Lauren is having less now, still wants to feed lots but v short feeds. Still seems to be plenty of milk for her when she wants it though.

dinosaurinmybelly Tue 29-Mar-11 14:22:47

Hello everyone, lovely to find you all again. Am back in the UK for a cowpoke of weeks and eating loads of delicious chocolate and enjoying watching quality TV, that is when I am not running after the little ones.
Zoe is going through another tricky teething episode so not eating very much and sleep is disrupted again. She too seems to be taking less when BF during the day, but is always looking for the breast at night.

Sorry to hear some little ones have been poorly - hope the mites are better soon and that all goes well with new job Filly.

greensnail Tue 29-Mar-11 20:49:07

Hello everyone
have been out of action for about a week as DD1 and I have had a terrible stomach bug. Finally feeling human again today which is a huge relief as was beginning to feel as though I'd never make it out of the house again as it came just after Alice's chicken pox.
Unfortunately while I was busy being unwell I failed to notice Alice hadn't had a poo for days and she's spent all day straining and getting very distressed. Have been trying to get as much fruit into her as possible today so hopefully relief will come soon.
In between that she's desperately trying to get moving but I'm not sure she's going about it in the best way. Mostly ends up doing the splits as she tries to shuffle across the floor or falling backwards and bumping her head.

Hope all the other poorly babies and mummies are feeling better.

MrsDmamee Thu 31-Mar-11 18:19:07

Hello new's been a long time since I dropped in.
Life is very busy with 3 dc's and with the time difference it make's it harder to feel involved in the thread.(-7 GMT)

Elyssa just turned 9 months last weekend and I feel she is way behind in her development. She is barely sitting up on her own, only in past few days she seems to be a bit better at sitting unsupported. But I still need to surrounded her with cushions just incase she gives up and flings herself backwards.
So definitely no sign of crawling or pulling herself up to standing.
I think she is quite happy to be carried around and looked after by her 2 big bro'sgrin

She also got her 1st tooth too at the weekend and isn't sleeping very well as I think tooth number 2 is on the way. Last night she was very unhappy and after teething gel & pain relief and even some water it took a longtime to settle her back to sleep. She usually sleeps 9pm-8am.

Hardly getting a smile from her during the day due to all the teething. But she did manage a big grin and nearly leapt out of my arms last night when her Dad got home.

Hope all the sick little babies start feeling better and that the non-sleepers start getting a good nights rest soon.

BraveGirl Sat 02-Apr-11 07:24:31

Is it just us, or is everyone else 's sleep gone potty?
I fear we may have hit the 9/10 month sleep regression! J has always been brilliant at going off to sleep, but for the past 3 nights he has woken at 02.40, 02.20 and last night 04.30. Each time, he has stayed awake for up to 2 hours!! I don't want to get into the cycle of BF in the night again, so have tried a bit of controlled crying, returning at 1, 2, 3, 4 and then 5 minute (repeated ad inf) intervals. Doesn't seem to be having much of an impact.
Darn it, he just woke....back later!

BraveGirl Sat 02-Apr-11 09:58:52

Back again...
The last sleep regression lasted a couple of months and now that I'm back full time, I can't afford to be awake for 2 hours every night. Darling DH did it last night (he is still asleep now!) and I guess we'll take it in shifts.
Any advice from those who're wearing this t-shirt already? Should we bother with CC? Should I return to bf in the hope he might go back to sleep quicker, but then have to night wean again?

goodname Sat 02-Apr-11 14:48:54

Sorry brave girl I have no idea. Fergus is so up and down with his sleep I dont know whether I am coming or going. Can say however that taking babies on flights is much easier than I thought although would not like to try a long one. We fly to france for skiing hol a week ago and F loved the flight. He played with the seat table for ages, the air vents, side of seats, lights etc. He loved the air hostesses and the trolleys and walking up and down the ailses (with us holding him obv as he is a long way from actually walking himslef) playing boo with people behind or in front and even the bathroom was a source of interest. So plenty to look at on short flight. I bf him on way up and down and he went to sleep on way down both times (normally he's rubish at sleeping unless in quiet room). BTW with easyjet and prob other airlines you can take pram right to plane and you can check through car seat for free as well.

ANyway had great holiday, lots of sun and beer and crepes and a wee but skiing too. Fergus had great time cos we went with his granparents, and cousins etc so loads of entertainment for him. DH and I got a bug on way home tho and have been ill all week with flu type thing. F has been fine which is good but trying to keep hime entertained when feeling like crap is tough going. He is so wanting to walk around everywhere just now but as he cant do it himslef means we are stuck walking around everywhere with him. He just wont sit down anymore.
Am quite bored this weekend. What do you do with babies for fun? Where can you take then they might actually enjoy. Went to Farmers market today but that was more fun for us than baby.

greensnail Sat 02-Apr-11 20:42:37

bravegirl I probably should be the last one to give advice as Alice's sleep is constantly rubbish, but I would go back to bfing at night. I couldn't be doing with being up for 2 hours in the night, especially if you're back at work. FWIW, DD1 was generally a good sleeper but the 9 month sleep regression was pretty hideous with her. I just kept feeding her through it and she went back to sleeping through just as I was reaching the point of resorting to CC, so she narrowly avoided that threat!

goodname Do you take Fergus to the park? Alice loves the swings and the seesaw and is just starting to enjoy the slide too. Once you've finished playing you can have a walk and look at the wildlife etc. Softplay can be good too - they usually have a baby area and round here they are all free for under ones so fine if you just want to spend a short time playing. Are there any farms near you where you can go and look at the animals, or just go to feed the ducks somewhere. One of our favourite indoor activities since moving down here has been the aquarium as both of my girls will sit and look at the fish for ages - don't know how good the one in St Andrews is but might be worth a try.

Happy mothers day for tomorrow everyone. Hope you all get spoiled

latrucha Sat 02-Apr-11 21:06:40

Just glanced at this and will be back but Bravegirl - I think you have to look at your baby and decide about CC. Worked like a dream with DD at 10 months. I really don't think it would work with Daniel ATM - although we may find out whether that is true the next time DH goes away on business!

goodname Sat 02-Apr-11 21:39:44

Yep we go to the park but he is enjoying his pram somewhat less these days so cant go for such long walks as I used to which is a shame. He also hates the car just now so feeling a bit limited these days. Took him to deep sea world but he was actually more interested in the other children so was a slight waste of money there.

BraveGirl Sun 03-Apr-11 09:46:05

Well DH confessed that he did 2,4,6,8,10 minute intervals on Friday night (I found out yesterday afternoon).
Last night was my turn on duty and to my DH's horror, J woke twice briefly at 03.47 and 05.47. I just popped his dummy in and he fell back to sleep both times. No idea whether it was the result of CC or something else, just relieved and praying that it wasn't a one off...

As for things to do, J loved the aquarium in Antwerp and the nanny took him to an indoor soft play centre this week - free for J but £3 for accompanying adults and apparently he loved it! Then he's into everything at the moment - he's learnt to pull himself up so a whole new world of possibilities is now open!

Still being v small, I can take him in the front carrier when we're out and about - he still loves it.

PogueMahone Sun 03-Apr-11 21:32:01

Hello it's been a looong time. I moved back from America to the UK with the DCs a few weeks ago (H and I have just separated) and it's been a bit hectic to say the least.

M has 8 teeth now and they popped up like daisies one after the other so he was miserable for several weeks. Surely he'll have a break now? I hope all the teething babies pass through that quickly.

As for sleep, we're not doing brilliantly, still up 2-3 times a night but I just feed him to sleep so it's pretty painless. Hope it wasn't a one-off BraveGirl!

MrsDMammee I wouldn't worry - M is nowhere near crawling nor pulling himself up, and tbh I'm quite happy about that as life with 3 pre-schoolers is hectic enough without one of them crawling.
Ps DIMB I loved your "cowpoke" autocorrect

greensnail Mon 04-Apr-11 19:34:10

shock at £3 for adults at soft play. They're all free for adults round here, but used to pay £1 before we moved which I thought was bad enough considering all you're going to do in there is spend even more money on coffee. I was really happy when we moved down here to find the soft play is generally about half the price we used to pay in oxfordshire. And the food is much better here too so we go a lot.

Welcome back pogue. Sorry to hear about the separation, hope you and the DC are settling back into life in the uk ok.

I finally cracked and ended up doing some controlled crying with Alice last night . Will wait and see how tonight goes I'm hoping I won't need to repeat it but am not holding out much hope.

BraveGirl Tue 05-Apr-11 19:07:03

Currently keeping v quiet about J's sleeping in case i jinx things....
Crikey pogue...8! Welcome home..hope things are looking up for you!

MrsAlwaysRight Tue 05-Apr-11 20:56:19

Hi ladies

Welcome back MrsDmamee and Pogue

Alice had her appointment at the allergy clinic today and they have confirmed a milk allergy and also egg which I was surprised about as I didn't think she had even had it before. Have been advised that she will have to avoid milk/dairy products and anything with egg in until she is re tested in a few years time.

Sleep wise <desperately hopes not jinxing things here!> but we have been having more nights of Alice sleeping through. Not sure if it is related to stopping feeding her at night or just a coincidence. Unfortunately DD1 has been ill so have been up at night with her so have yet to enjoy an unbroken nights sleep.

Popped into work last week for a quick handover with the temp who has been covering my maternity leave. All very unsettled as lots of re structuring happening and people waiting to hear if they are at risk of redundancy. Not looking forward to going back to that!

CantSleepWontSleep Tue 05-Apr-11 21:53:43

Why do I not seem to have time to post at the moment?!

Sorry to hear re milk and egg allergy MrsAR. I have done dairy free for years with all of mine being intolerant, but egg free would be a disaster for us, as the older 2 adore them. In fact ds1 (2.5), when asked what his 3 favourite foods/drinks in the whole world are, replies 'eggy, boo-boo (a breastfeed), eggy'!! Hope you are able to find some good egg free cake recipes, or get hold of some egg replacer easily. When you say that she'll be retested in 'a few years', do you know when that will actually be? I believe that around 80% of children outgrow milk allergy/intolerance by the time they are either 3 or school age (I forget which), and dd's paed said at 6 months that he'd see her again if she was still intolerant at age 2, as so many outgrow it by then. I would hate for you to do extra years of exclusion diets just because they weren't testing often enough.

How did the cc go yest/today greensnail?

Sorry to hear about separation Pogue. Hope that it's a mostly positive thing for you, and that the dc aren't too unsettled by it.

ds2 still miserable a fair bit here, but when he's cheerful he's very cheerful! Suspect teeth still to blame, but we still don't actually have any through! He is going through a phase of wailing hysterically every time I put him down, but 11kg is a lot to carry around for 12 hours a day!
Thumb thankfully getting much better. No bandage now earlyone, but even when it had one it wasn't massive.

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