June 10 babies are growing apace, teething and crawling all over the place.

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CantSleepWontSleep Mon 14-Mar-11 15:17:50

Here we are ladies. Let's see if we can manage to chat a bit more on this one .

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latrucha Mon 14-Mar-11 18:26:15

Thanks CSWS smile

BraveGirl Mon 14-Mar-11 18:37:14

Jolly good show!

greensnail Mon 14-Mar-11 19:16:43

aww, I liked MrsAR's suggestion wink. Thanks anyway CSWS.

I should have learnt by now not to mention Alice's sleep improving on here, her naps have been terrible today. I think she's coming down with something else - the nicer weather doesn't seem to be doing anything to reduce the constant illnesses yet. Will have to wait and see how the night goes tonight, but I'm not confident I'll be getting much sleep tonight.

Fillybuster Mon 14-Mar-11 19:57:26

Aw shucks, CSWS, I'm touched blush....and I didn't even have an acceptance speech prepared grin

Thanks for starting the new thread...must admit that I thought MrsARs suggestion was good too

MrsAlwaysRight Mon 14-Mar-11 20:47:42

Thanks ladies smile

Am aiming to post more and lurk less on this thread.

NizzyNoodles Mon 14-Mar-11 21:10:57

Just marking my place.

Hope you're all doing ok!

MonkeyMargot Mon 14-Mar-11 22:12:51

hoorah! and on we go. Well started CSWS. BTW - isn't your MN Moniker now obsolete since J slept through?! here's hoping so...

CantSleepWontSleep Mon 14-Mar-11 22:18:11

He only slept through once mm wink. Though is still miles miles better than before last week.

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minimoonumbertwo Tue 15-Mar-11 13:40:42

Just marking place - thanks for new thread

goodname Tue 15-Mar-11 14:39:17

think I should get your name instead csws as fergus has had so many bugs reccently his sleep is dreadful. Feel like I am going crazy again. He's actually slept loads fer the last 2 days but onoy if I hold and feed him constantly. He is so miserable with this lastest cold and so am I as i literally cannot put him down!

Barbeasty Tue 15-Mar-11 17:59:49

Both titles were good- we'll just have to make sure we all post lots so we can use MrsAR's next time!

Greensnail I know what to mean about discussing sleep. I'd been chatting about sleep/ lack of it last Wednesday, and so at 4am when Ruth was still awake I was tearing my hair out! It wasn't that she couldn't sleep, she was just crying if I left her in her cot and full of beans crawling and playing if I went in to her.

Of course, on Thursday she had a horrible cold, which I now have!!

Ruth doesn't eat a massive amount, unless there's cake. We had to go to a reception for the bishop after mass the other weekend, because DH does the parish website. So, after the introductions there was tea and cake. A big slice of cake with buttercream was put on my plate, and before I could break a little bit off for Ruth, she had grabbed the whole slice and rammed it in her mouth. blush it went everywhere.

earlyonemorning Tue 15-Mar-11 19:41:45

Crikey, a new thread and I've got lost at the end of the old one! I've been trying to post for weeks and weeks, and other things just keep getting in the way. And I'm Not Prepared To Discuss the S-word (thing babies are supposed to do overnight and E hasn't been) because when it's bad, it seems worse when I talk about it, and when it's good, talking about it curses it utterly.

He's great with food though. Eats almost anything (except cucumber. Looked at it with curled lip, licked it once, threw it over his shoulder), half-inched the pizza off my friend's plate a couple of weeks ago. Down to 1 BF a day and everything else from a sippy cup.

No real signs of movement at all here, although he let go of the sofa and stood unaided for a few seconds yesterday. He doesn't see the need to move, when siblings bring you what you want, but he's babbling madly. None of the others moved early either, so it's no great surprise. And it's easier to keep an eye on him while he's not mobile!

Csws, hope you are feeling better now and J is doing more sleeping. We've had real problems with cutting teeth, hoping there'll be a bit of a respite for a bit now.

Off now to work - self-employed thing has taken off, but I have to work evenings and weekends when DH can be on lead-parent duty, which is one of the reasons I kept not posting on the last thread.

But at least the sun has finally come out. Makes up for the front wheel falling off the Britax (long story, but don't buy a B-Smart)!

greensnail Wed 16-Mar-11 13:46:37

Oh no, poor Alice has chicken pox She's been grotty for a couple of days and then the spots appeared this morning. DD1 seems fine so far but had similar symptoms last week without the spots so am hoping she had it mildly then and is in the clear. I realise I'm probably deluding myself grin. At least the weather's good so we can get out in the garden and aren't confined to just the house.

MonkeyMargot Wed 16-Mar-11 13:50:09

Oh dear greensnail. Poor Alice......it's been going round the houses here and my friend's 5 month old had it really badly. Hope your DD1 manages to avoid getting it, but I guess she needs to get it at some point.

earlyonemorning Wed 16-Mar-11 19:28:19

Oh greensnail that's no fun. I think we were exposed to chicken pox last week in the playground at school (ahem), so now we just have to wait to see if E gets it. Luckily the others all had it at once a few years ago, although DD was under 2 so we might be in for a second dose if E does come down with it. It might be good to get it out of the way - my much younger brother gave me a second shot at chicken pox over my 15th birthday and I was not impressed.

Hope Alice is feeling better soon. Lots of bicarb baths, I suppose. Hope your DD1 has had it sufficiently to build up immunity.

latrucha Wed 16-Mar-11 19:46:51

I think DD and Daniel may have it too. Can they really get it again if they get it as a baby? I think I have herad that before.

Daniel's sleep is appalling. DH is bearing the brunt of it as I am sleeping on the sofa bed (
I have other issues which mean he's being lovely to me ATM). ~I did have him from 4.45 this morning and it was enough for me. I have been awake since then. I don't think there is much we can do until he eitgher gets chicken pox or doesn't, cuts some more teeth and most importantly,learns to walk. That's pretty much what he's doing all night, either round the cot (and he wears a sleeping bag) or on DH's chest. hmm Monster.

greensnail Wed 16-Mar-11 20:07:55

Oh LaT, that sounds tough. Hope things improve for you soon. When we were exposed to CP when Alice was a newborn the doctor said if she got it then she would probably get it again later too. Never heard the under 2 thing before though - I had it when I was under 2 and have only had it once (so far...)

Alice also seems to have a tummy bug, I'd sort or assumed it was just part of the chicken pox virus, but have just had a quick google on chicken pox and I can't see anything about getting D&V with it. Does anyone know if this is normal or if maybe she has 2 bugs going on?

earlyonemorning Wed 16-Mar-11 20:19:39

I can't remember who mentioned the under two thing to me, but I confess I've been very aware of it the past week or so! I think it's a question of having CP 'enough' to kickstart the immune response - I caught it twice because I had a very mildly when I was 4, and it wasn't enough.

Mind you, there's a lot of misinformation out there - we were exposed to it when I was expecting DD and I have to have blood tests and panic and all sorts because the GP insisted that since I'd had it twice already I had no immunity at all. The blood tests proved him wrong.

I'm not aware of an upset tummy going with it either, but two of mine are unfailing sick when they get a temperature - could that be it?

LaT, hope things get better soon. We were awake from 5.33 this morning, which was quite early enough for me thanks! grin

Fillybuster Wed 16-Mar-11 22:32:57

Oh dear, the not sleeping sounds pretty horrendous - sorry to those of you who are suffering from colds/teething/wanting to play at 5am issues.

Mia is still not remotely moving, although has bottom bounced a bit and goes into complete and utter meltdown if she thinks she is being left on her own for even a moment. Its heartbreaking because she becomes genuinely distraught - it isn't just the 'noise-thats-a-bit-like-crying-for-attention' we get at other times. Proper full-on screaming, tears rolling down her face, hyperventilating, panicking baby It does mean she's pretty much glued to me, even for toilet visits, which is just very very wearing....

Apart from that, all is good. Eating and (ahem) sleeping are mostly fine, although she seems to have 'off' days where she isn't at all interested in milk or food. I try not to worry, and she does tend to make up for it a day or so later. We're down to 3 bottles a day....can anyone remind me when that changes again?

As far as CP goes, I thought it was 2 as well. DS caught it when DD1 was 6 weeks old and she got about 3 spots - the GP also reckoned she would catch it again so I was a bit nervous when she started nursery and Mia was 10 weeks old....hopefully we're past the scary stage now (apparently its quite dangerous under 12 weeks - I'm very glad I didn't know that when DD1 had it!) so I guess we'd cope if the girls picked it up, but massive sympathies to Alice greensnail as it really isn't any fun. It was the being stuck at home that was the worst of it iirc....

Right, must go to bed....I have a job interview tomorrow afternoon and my brain feels like lentil mush at the moment.

lolalot Thu 17-Mar-11 13:44:26

Ooh Filly good luck with the job interview!

Am very envious of the eating and sleeping babies. Mine doesn't do either consistently at all. We are still on 5 bottles a day, but suggested to DH that we try the sippy cup at the weekend and see how it goes.

George has had a chest infection since December and I've had him back to the doctors 5 times to be told "nothing we can do, just keep an eye on him". I know he needs to build up his own immune system (am very peeved that bottle fed DD seems to have had a better immune system than George who was breast fed for 4 months...) and I know he's teething like a monster (5 teeth now), but it's really starting to upset me.

His talking, climbing and cruising aren't suffering though, he's growing up really fast! I think he'll be walking very soon shock

lolalot Thu 17-Mar-11 13:45:26

Ah... let me introduce myself.... I name changed from AlwaysHopeful because I felt like a change grin

CantSleepWontSleep Thu 17-Mar-11 14:06:21

Sympathies for the cp greensnail. I guess she's not even old enough for liquid piriton yet is she? Bugger.

Am glad you explained the name change lola - I thought I was going to have to wrack my brains to remember everyone's baby's name! I hope that you are still hopeful though!
Am with you on the walking soon. Not imminently, but J can push a walker along if he chooses to now. Mind you, the others did this for a good while before they actually walked unaided. He has 2 and a half months to go to equal dd, and she was the first of her rl peer group.

Op recovery still going fine here. I did pick J up for the first time yesterday, and thought it was ok, but I am sorer as a result today, so it's prob still too soon really. This is a bit of a bugger though as I have no help next week, and dh will be away, so I have no choice but to pick him and the others up. Eek.

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CantSleepWontSleep Thu 17-Mar-11 14:07:00

Oh and I hope your interview went/goes well filly. Within the same company or something completely new?

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earlyonemorning Thu 17-Mar-11 22:31:04

Ooh, Filly, hope the interview went well and lentil mush was not in evidence.... as it currently is on my kitchen table <slattern alert>.

Must go and scrub, and do packed lunches etc. CSWS pleased to hear you are feeling stronger - just don't overdo it, temporary single parent or no.

And hello again no-longer-AlwaysHopeful smile.

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