Baby bump - when will it go?

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AGCG Thu 10-Mar-11 20:47:16

Searching online with this q I get lots of answers so I know this is nothing new! ds was born 5 months ago by emergency c-sec. I am down to one stone over my pre-pregnancy weight, and overall my body looks ok to me, but the problem I have is that my acutal bump is not going down any further - it looks like a pregnancy bump, i.e. just sticking out in front not general overweight - at the bottom it is flabby skin, but around and above my belly button (which is still sticking out), it feels more like muscle. Doesn't help that the whole area is literally covered with stretchmarks (ds was 10lbs) - I don't mean a few dotted about, I mean that there is no normal skin left at all.
I am seeing the women's health physio about stomach muscle that split (diastasis recti) and so I'm doing exercises for that; also I'm swimming and doing other exercise, and trying not to overeat! I'm breastfeeding too.
So, can anyone tell me what their experiences have been if your bump hasn't gone back, or has taken a while? It's bringing me down so much, I know it's early days but there has been no change for a couple of months now it's hard not to think I'll be stuck looking 4/5 months pg forever!

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BlueChampagne Wed 16-Mar-11 12:38:33

First time round "9 months to grow; 9 to go". Took longer the second time! Sorry not to be more encouraging, but it sounds like you're doing all the right things. Actually stopping BFing helped both times.

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