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CUNextTuesday Thu 24-Feb-11 17:02:39

Welcome all those with aching scars, undercarriages, eyelids and limbs. Find comfort here. Menfolk barred.

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CurlyCasper Thu 24-Feb-11 17:13:55

nice one cunty, might as well mark my place while stuck in traffic.

AlpinePony Thu 24-Feb-11 17:20:14

Am here.

Muser Thu 24-Feb-11 17:26:51

Just marking my spot here.

FannyPriceless Thu 24-Feb-11 17:43:05

Marking your spot? Like somebody's dog did yesterday on the footpath I was trying to navigate with a double buggy?wink

cunty Something missing from the new Spa Mission Statement? I am assuming the loopy-la la brigade are also catered for here?
<takes the pills>

Backinthebox Thu 24-Feb-11 17:44:35

Checking in!

Have just got back from Cluck's, where her lovely mother was telling us the way she got her BFing babies to take a bottle was to pop a little bit of chocolate milk powder into it. Granny Fesh! grin

Cosmosis Thu 24-Feb-11 17:51:39

mmmm chocolate milk.....

silv, I wait till Artie is properly asleep and then put him down. Oh his front. Shoot me, he sleeps longer that way for naps.

SilverSky Thu 24-Feb-11 18:56:23

Found yooooou all! You cannae hide.

Loving the title. Loving that is wimminzkind only.

cos I shall put MB in his cot tomorra. No more napping on moi. HI is putting the child to bed tonight. <heaven help us>

Medee Thu 24-Feb-11 19:00:29

<makes tentative booking for arrival in next few weeks>

AlpinePony Thu 24-Feb-11 19:08:12

Actually I let Bear fall asleep on me. Not on a daily basis, but weekly for sure.

rollerbaby Thu 24-Feb-11 19:33:06

Sorry for the shameless lurking gels.

If I let ma baybee sleep on me, I'd be crushed.

After horrid night last night am preparing for another one, as babymoo has eaten very little today (3 scanty feeds) and the big one he had before bed got totally vommed up. I went through 3 grobags before bedtime. Joy. Anyway he has amazingly gone off without my boob... I just popped him in his cot and shut the door and he fell asleep so can't be that hungry... yet. I'm sure I'll pay for it later.

Dog has colitis as I fed him chicken skin and has been shitting blood all day. Christ.

Have also had babymoo's nappy off most of the day with him on the kitchen table weeing everywhere. Nappy rash still no better though. Given rash + dribble +chewing + gone off food = teething?

So hang on - when is Alpen coming over for drinks? Last WEds in MArch?

OkieCokie Thu 24-Feb-11 20:40:42

Laydeez, if you have no plans for the day then just go shopping. Simple. I spent the day shopping. All I got was some tedious household items but beats daytime tv and kicking around the house. I am of course getting Peppa well tuned into shopping because that is what us girls do innit?

I did chortle on the "fall on a penis" comment and yes FP I am totally with you on the dog shit on the pavement? This is really starting to fuck me off.

Moo WTF is colitis?

Alps I will cancel all shopping trips for the last week in March.

SilverSky Thu 24-Feb-11 21:13:31

Bleurrgghhhh to colitis. To help settle his stomach mashed banana and probiotic yoghurt (plain). Tree Barks Powder aka slippery elm also good for poorly tums. <wannabe vet>

Sorry babymoo is also unwell. Fingers xd he sleeps soundly.

MB is in bed and took a bottle from HI but only 5fl oz cos that's all I could
muster. Now I am thinking that wasn't enough and I'll be up in the night. Anyone tell me how much a 16weeker should be supping per feed? Will leave HI with extra tmw night just in case assuming I can pump any more out.

okie in my case it will be window shopping! Suits me just fine! Will remember that next week when if I am twiddling my thumbs.

CUNextTuesday Thu 24-Feb-11 21:32:59

Girlfriends, WIBU if the first thing i do when i go back to work is slam in an enormous leave request? grin

moo cuntkicks to you my lamb. What a miserable time. If it's any consolation i suspect we will be awake at the same time - probably with silvia at this rate grin

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CurlyCasper Thu 24-Feb-11 21:50:18

silv, my girl always took 5 max at normal feed. I try t get 8 down her in bedtime hour. And 3-4 for dream feed top up at 10pm. Forgot to d that feed last night but she woke hungry at 1am, so sticking with it for now. But she's rarely milk hungry first thing. Go figure.

We've finally got more of a big girl routine, when it works:
get up, nappy and breakfast (ready brek with formula and fruit puree or yoghurt)
9ish bottle then nap
12ish lunch: main, finger snacks and yoghurt. Milk as accompanying drink
3ish bottle
5pm tea.
6-7 bedtime milk
10 dream feed

and ref sterilising, i still am because rarely get dishwasher on at right time but as NHS says they can have tap water from 6 months, i don't think it matters. But bottled water must be boiled and cooled.

Thought squeaks was going to have a black eye after this morning's tumble to floor via metal bed frame, but she just has a small bruise on her cheek blush guilty!

CurlyCasper Thu 24-Feb-11 21:50:52

NU at all Cunty

cheggers Thu 24-Feb-11 22:11:08

cheggers checking in too smile

i will join the aching eyelid contingent as sleep here is just shambolic at the moment.

am also trying to get away from feeding to sleep all the time and am in awe of cossies no nonsense turn around. think we missed the shush-pat era - but had a crack of pick up put down last night.

gave up after an hour and put her in my bed where she immediately fell asleep. <sigh>

i'm shit at cosleeping though. am so exhausted i don't trust my motherly instinct not to crush them is working blush

lol at eating sellotape alps. ours are particularly favouring paper products at the moment. they will sniff out random postcards which haven't been seen for months or be be munching on their bum wiping cotton wool pads the moment i turn my back.

coz we're in a flat - they pretty much have free reign of the place now they're crawling. we are not exactly baby proofed either. things just keep getting moved up a shelf!

sympathy for everyone else and their night troubles. see you all back here at 4am? wink

good to see the new faces in here too - nods at muse and medee

rollerbaby Thu 24-Feb-11 22:12:19

Omg this child will not settle. We are in unchartered territory rightnow. Woke at 9.15. 2 boobs, unfortunate nappy change but will not eat more and quite fretful. Think either cold or this sleep regression to blame. He does sound tad bungee up actually. Okie you know more than I as usual!!! Sitting here with White noise app on. Seems to be working.

Silv thanks for dog remedy. Okie is v v v upset doggy tum. Thing is it's my fault as I gave him chicken skin and didn't know. Oops. Poor lamb.

Backinthebox Thu 24-Feb-11 23:30:06

Hi Ho Silver - you busy? Easter weekend?

AlpinePony Fri 25-Feb-11 06:46:05

It's amazing any of us have time for our baybees given every other piece of crap going on. moo - poor doggymoo. JB ripped up the carpets in our old place the other day only to find a dubious looking stain underneath from where little dog had colitis.

silv - reggie is not doing so great : skint, mental, etc. and so would love to meet up - have sent you and her details so hopefully you can find each other. Just one thing - she has an "air dog" - Yes, that's right - a dog so wee and puny it can barely walk. It's also fluffy & white. Like the antichrist, but in canine format.

Btw, why is it when have day off am I currently updating some stuff because engineers are impatient? hmm

Today, because I have a nice relaxed day off:
i) dog to vet for GA/teeth-cleaning
ii) Bear to meet his people at the creche
iii) all old carpets to tip
iv) make my hands & nails look vaguely feminine
v) attempt to find outfit which is not suit or jeans and fits (vaguely at least)
vi) go out with girls and get pissed, but not that pissed

AlpinePony Fri 25-Feb-11 07:37:50

PS cheggers how did they learn to get purchase on slippery floors? Socks off?

rollerbaby Fri 25-Feb-11 08:07:45

Hurrah hurrah... Well he didn't go to sleep exactly but I buggered off back to bed at 10 and hey presto he slept til nearly 5! Best ever! I am well chuffed and feel so good compared to yesterday. My main issue is that he is never hungry first thing. How do I reduce night feeds but still get him to sleep?????!!!! If we could crack that pleAse.

Nappy rash still there bit less spotty so hopefully on mend. Have got ten zillion things to do today as brother and sil over. Can I serve ready meal I wonder?

Alps have a fab time tonight and do not think of headache in morning.

Poor reggie hope she isbok. Assumed someone that had time for blogging would be doing brilliantly. I really struggle to get on here!

Cosmosis Fri 25-Feb-11 09:05:52

I am coming in too late to say 5mls is about what Artie takes for a bottle feed.

We had an odd night. went down fine, woke at 11.20 for food, then when I tried to put him back down, he commenced roaring. Which continued for 2 hours. TGO finally got him back to sleep as I just coudln't seem to. He then slept till 6 shock. My boobs were a bit explody at that point!

FannyPriceless Fri 25-Feb-11 11:07:19

cunty I'm going to need that crown you seem so fond of. While I was benignly neglecting Clyde this morning he crawled into the kitchen with weird foamy dribble on his face. Obviously I ignored him for a few more minutes before it occured to me to check in his mouth. Only a large shred of Mars bar wrapper!blush (Which neatly combines my claim to the sloven crown and the bad mummy crown all at the same time. Now that's efficient.)

But I make up for it with my brilliant parenting of Bonnie. Yesterday after I explained to her what a fart was she stood up said 'Bonnie parp' - and promptly farted on command before running from the room laughing. Yes, my 2 year old daughter is making fart jokes!grin <proud emoticon>

Clyde is asleep on me right now. Meh.

CUNextTuesday Fri 25-Feb-11 11:08:34

A triple whammy fanfare. I have no hesitation in handing this crown over on elastic


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