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March 2008 - Three is the magic number...

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GastonTheLadybird Tue 22-Feb-11 20:41:43

New thread, just for JFly!

GastonTheLadybird Sun 06-Mar-11 19:14:56

Oh shit turtle, am so sorry things not working out with new man - have you decided what to do? I think in your shoes I would probably just wait it out and tell him when he got home as I am a coward.

Why so little sleep? Well done with P on potty training, only two accidents is fab and as you know poo is a lot harder to 'get' - took T an age!

Swimming 25m is uber impressive, well done little Ff!

Hope your friends 29 weeker is ok Meg, that must be so scary for them.

turtle23 Tue 08-Mar-11 17:00:36

Gaston- sleep is T related mostly. Ear infections and teething. Add P piping up now and then with "I'm not tired" or "there is something in my bed...oh it's just my foot...silly me" at 3am....
Things with S looking slightly better but am still not convinced....

cryhavoc Thu 10-Mar-11 15:59:16

I think we're actually there with the potty training. She seems to get it now, and is fairly reliable (although I am doing a lot of 'prodding' - do you need a wee? Can you sit on your potty?).

meg I can't take any credit for the swimming. She's part-fish, I think, and seems happier under the water than above it. (We only go in the little pool after she's done some swimming though - she spends most of the trip entirely out of her depth, so she can't put her feet down and stomp about!)

turtle23 Fri 11-Mar-11 09:35:45

Am impressed. No further accidents and all poos in potty. I decided to wait to potty train til the streaming neverending cold did the poo probs. Hmm...

tortilla Fri 11-Mar-11 14:09:38

turtle (meg here but with new name) - i have heard that toddler diarrhea can be greatly improved when they learn to do it on the potty/toilet. well done p!

We're almost there. Only one wee accident in nearly 2 weeks here, and poo on potty about 50% of time both of which are a huge improvement on a few weeks ago.

Nap has pretty much gone here finally I know we have been unbelievably lucky to have it last for 3 years, but oh my goodness I am weeping over it. DS is now knackered by about 5pm so the evenings are a bit crap but I'm hoping that because he is so old to be dropping it that he soon builds up the stamina to manage without a nap all day.

littleducks Fri 11-Mar-11 18:33:03

Wow! TherE is a new thread?

Happy Birthday to all the march babies

I am trying to dray myself through the end of my course now (am doing SALT in central london) only one taught week left for this year shock then the big bad scary exams

It has been a killer though, i had chicken pox for the last three weeks but am all over it now, i figure i caught it due to tiredness as tested immune in Nov

It will be a nice long break though
DD is settled at big school now and ds loves nursery, but unlike you lot he is one day after the cut off date so we dont get 15hrs funded till Sept....that will really help with the childcare bill

turtle23 Sun 13-Mar-11 05:36:34

Day trip to France yesterday which I was dreading due to potty training only being 6 days in... No accidents. Poos on loo, the lot. Sniffle. He's done it. He's big now, isn't he.

cryhavoc Sun 13-Mar-11 11:34:09

Yep, they are all big now. Ff frequently reminds me 'I am a big girl!' if ever I look like forgetting.

Well done, P.

GastonTheLadybird Mon 21-Mar-11 20:52:47

T threw a massive strop last week when someone in the park called her little, "I am NOT little, I am three!" accompanied by eye roll.

They are def not babies anymore. Sob.

tortilla Mon 21-Mar-11 21:26:26

I have a stroppy pre-threen here. Heaven help us next Thursday when he actually does turn 3. At the moment, when I tell him off I get "No no no Mum do NOT talk to me like that. That is a horrible thing to say" hmm Particularly saddening is that I am no longer 'mummy', just 'mum'

GastonTheLadybird Mon 21-Mar-11 22:31:21

Aw, it's the same here, literally an overnight transition from delight to demon. She had three time outs before 10am today and kept shouting I don't careeeee, you're not being fair mummy at me. It's a little bit cute still but won't be if it lasts much beyond today.

Sad that you're now Mum, whenever T has tried it I say I am not Mum I am Mummy and won't answer until she says Mummy grin

cryhavoc Tue 22-Mar-11 12:45:53

Ff has tried 'Mum'. I ignore her until she uses 'Mummy'.
We've been testing out some new activities - toddler splash was a giant waste of time, but gymnastics today was great. Does anyone do anything that their child really likes?

tortilla Tue 22-Mar-11 13:59:06

Toddler cooking class! He loves it. But then we also do cooking at home a lot so it is familiar rather than scary, yet different at the same time. And they have free tea and biscuits for me while we wait so I love it too

Everything else we've tried has been a bit take it or leave it. Hoping to start gymnastics soon.

Dontpanic Tue 22-Mar-11 23:05:11

sulks at lack of toddler activities on weekends for working parents to take 'em to

Going to the park is favourite with us though. And going "round and round" in a circle in granny & grandpa's living room,wearing out the carpet. Cheap. We go swimming every so often but I'm too chicken to take him to a public pool, so we've just done the one at the gym which isn't the most child friendly. Just quieter on the ears.

turtle23 Sat 26-Mar-11 15:09:34

P's birthday tomorrow. Am searching for ways to avoid him actually having to turn 3.

My soap opera life continues on in Shitsville. Sean went home on Wednesday...after I'd forgiven him. Seems he never made it home though. He was arrested at the airport for an old warrant for not going to one of 11 court dates thanks to his ex wife. WTF? He now is serving 29 days for it. I really cannot believe it.

cryhavoc Sat 26-Mar-11 16:35:18

Cooking sounds like a good idea, I'll have a look around, thanks. Was hoping to find something active too - So. Much. Bloody. Energy.

Turtle that's ridiculous? Was he even aware there was an issue? How at things with the two of you - is there a plan?

And don't be sad about him being 3. Three's great. Are you having a party?

Am hugely enjoying it, am loving watching Ff get more and more independent. She is noticeably more, um, opinionated but funny rather than obnoxious. And, best of all, she'll play on her own for aaaaaaages now. She sometimes seems irritated if I try to join in.

cryhavoc Sat 26-Mar-11 21:07:26

dp Ff is at the ILs' this weekend and they took her to Castell Coch today. She absolutely loved it apparently. That might be an idea for you to do one weekend.
MIL said Ff asked the guide if Princess Poppy was at home (current favourite story is the Frog Prince, so all castles are home to Princess Poppy). Without missing a beat the guide told get, 'Sorry, she's going to a ball next week so she's gone to Cardiff to buy some new shoes'.

cryhavoc Sat 26-Mar-11 21:10:08

Told her

Dontpanic Sun 27-Mar-11 17:14:43

ooh, good idea re Castell Coch, still haven't managed to get there ourselves. Caldicot's a pretty decent castle as well (says the unbiased party who got married there) but maybe a bit far for your in laws?

E seems to have sprouted even more monkey genes in the last couple of weeks. He now shows no fear with climbing ropes on his local slide...I attempted to help him bridge the gap at one stage and was quite firmly told "no mummy, want to do it myself". I love this age. I could do without having a book slapped in my face first thing in the morning, but shows he has a healthy interest in stories

littleducks Wed 30-Mar-11 19:49:15

Never heard of Castell Coch, will google it and then add to TTD list.

turtle whats happening with new man/jail term drama? any news?

DS is turning 3 on fri and seems to have decided that now is the time to start the toddler tantrums. DD has nearly been late to school the last two mornings as he has kicked off big style, yesterday he didnt want to wear his nursery uniform jumper, today it was because I gave him the light blue cup and dd the dark blue cup.

I actually dropped dd off at school with him in the buggy in his pjamas with no shoes on and a blanket as I couldnt make him co-operate in any way.


I'm off to try and make a dragon birthday cake, so wish me luck!

tortilla Fri 01-Apr-11 11:59:17

DS was 3 yesterday. I can't call him a toddler any more, can I? He prefers 'big boy' , as in last night's conversation: 'I'm a big boy now so I can't wear nappies for bed'. He then made me put pants on his bear (who has worn a nappy for years!) as he is a 'big bear now'. And was dry all night (DS - I haven't checked bear yet ) After the mental fight that was daytime potty training (physically could do it, but would decide on any given day whether he could be bothered or not, for 2 whole months, and has only been reliable the last month), I'm so pleased that he just seems to have decided to do nighttime training himself too now. Unless this is also a 'some nights I can be bothered, other nights I'll wet the bed' sort of decision... We'll see.

Happy birthday littleducks' DS. Hope the cake came out ok! I had to make a blue mini here which took too many hours, but he liked it so I was happy.

turtle23 Sat 02-Apr-11 17:51:59

I am a horrible evil bitch. My sister (who doesn't speak to me) just announced she's pregnant. My parents are always horrible about her as she really is a nasty piece of work. Sudden;y the sun shines out of her &^%$ and I am horrible for not being happy for her. She refused to acknowledge the birth of either of my tweo, ignored them the first time she saw them at my other sister's wedding and only last xmas (am guessing because they started trying then) feigned interest on the day when they came up. I am livid. She and my mum expect me to be happy for her. I'm not. I couldn't care less. I know I should be a bigger person and give my kids an opportunity to get to know their cousin but she has been so hateful. I'm awful.. Yes, I am jealous as well, but that isn't most of it.

turtle23 Fri 08-Apr-11 07:08:13

Please ignore that post and continue to talk.

tortilla Fri 08-Apr-11 08:14:56

You killed the thread, turtle wink

turtle23 Sat 09-Apr-11 19:14:36

Fab. Been waiting three years to do that.

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