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March 2008 - Three is the magic number...

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GastonTheLadybird Tue 22-Feb-11 20:41:43

New thread, just for JFly!

JFly Tue 22-Feb-11 20:49:31

You are too kind, milady. I pinkie swear to visit this thread regularly.

JFly Tue 22-Feb-11 20:49:31

You are too kind, milady. I pinkie swear to visit this thread regularly.

GastonTheLadybird Tue 22-Feb-11 20:54:10


JFly Tue 22-Feb-11 20:54:24

The post so nice I posted it twice.

cryhavoc Tue 22-Feb-11 22:46:15

Marking my place. Well done, Gaston.
In the interest of thread news, took Ff swimming to local 'wave' fun pool today. She got upset at lack of swimming space, practiced her tumble turns, and stood letting the waves crash over her head. I am raising a fish.

turtle23 Wed 23-Feb-11 07:50:59

Bookmarking. Torn between very happy and hating P. Is that just horrible or what...
He wont eat, sleep is a problem again...that combined with T having ear infection with rupturd eardrum is a f&^%ing picninc atm...

megonthemoon Wed 23-Feb-11 08:32:27

bookmarking here too. JFly how goes the potty? Somebody once told me that a child would give you grief with one of the holy trinity: sleeping, eating and potty training. Guess which one I'm suffering with? He is physically more than capable (dry every morning, when I can prise nappy off, and I can keep him dry all day by just cajoling him to the toilet every 3 hours) but he is bloody-minded and doesn't see any benefits (let's face it, what are the benefits of stopping an interesting game just to go to the toilet?) so takes zero responsibility himself and is completely and utterly immune to bribery and has now decided he 'likes' doing poos in pants as doing it in the toilet is 'stinky'. Sigh.

So turtle yes, am having a love-hate thing going on at the moment as well!

DD grabbed korma off DS's plate the other day and sucked the life out of a fennel stick last week so we decided to start some gentle BLW yesterday to see if she's ready for food. Loved the taste of sweet potato, cried at parsnip and content enough with banana. But I think all taste and not much swallowing at the moment. She's only 5 months on friday, so early to be doing anything herself anyway so we'll continue tossing bits at her like the cute little puppy she is and see what happens.

JFly Wed 23-Feb-11 12:48:03

Well, yesterday (first day) was pretty good: 5 accidents all before noon. Rest of the day straight to the potty. Today so far 3 accidents, one being a big puddle with no warning, which we didn't have yesterday. So, guess it comes and goes. We're doing this 3-day method. No going out at all, in order to crack it in one go. Bit of a bootcamp but only way to do it at this stage. I can't be hanging around for weeks and weeks hoping it sticks. No going back, we're committed! Saying that, it all depends on G "getting" it.
H is 12 weeks now! Can't believe it. I guess I'll have to stop counting in weeks soon.
Back to wee spotting!

cryhavoc Wed 23-Feb-11 18:07:10

That makes me feel better - the one nightmare out of three theory. I suppose I had it so easy with Ff something was bound to come along that she Just. Doesn't. Get.

I have tried bribery, which she enjoys. I have tried cold turkey and just leaving her in wet knickers if she doesn't complain. I have sat her bare bummed on the potty infront of Cbeebies. Nothing has worked. She doesn't care about being wet, jumps in puddles she makes, and is usually so involved in some made up game with Prppa Pig characters that she doesn't notice me offering her bribery anyway.

I am not letting it bother me though - she is (mostly) lovely, and great fun, so I can't complain.

We got her a V-tech camera for her birthday, some new swimming kit, and she got mostly books, clothes, and a big Peppa aqua doodle ('my actual doodle') from other people.

timmyinatizzy Wed 23-Feb-11 18:58:28

Marking my place ladies.

Belated happy birthday to Ff for yesterday.

ilovegreenbeans Wed 23-Feb-11 20:53:10

Hello again- marking my place too.

H has a Vtech camera and loves it, especially the games on it (Not that she can play them, but she likes the music and watching the basic graphics move along...)

Potty training here was ok initially, like she got it in a few days, but it's definitely been months and months of me taking her to the toilet every couple of hours and only very very recently that she will tell me she needs to go. Sometimes. Remember, just like teenagers sleep through the night, they also go to the bathroom all by themselves! Not long to go at this rate
Laundry calls, better go!

megonthemoon Thu 24-Feb-11 16:22:32

Oooh, just heard a friend is expecting twins. How terrifying exciting!

DS is off to grandparents tomorrow for 3 whole nights (while we get the house back to normal after all the building/decorating). he is so excited about his big boy trip - been asking 'can i go to grandpa and nana's today?' every morning as soon as he wakes up I wonder if I loved my grandparents quite as completely when I was almost 3? DD will be bereft, but we're looking forward to some two-on-one time with her!

cryhavoc Mon 28-Feb-11 15:51:00

How did his trip go, Meg? Ff goes to Grandma's for the weekend every few months and everyone has a smashing time. She gets spoiled, Grandma gets to spoil her, and we get three days of lying in, drinking in the afternoon and watching channels other than CBeebies and Nick Jnr.

We are potty training. Again. That is all.

GastonTheLadybird Mon 28-Feb-11 17:27:50

DD is also besotted with her Nana, think she would live there given the choice!

Twins just seems insane. I met a woman recently who had triplet boys in the same month as us. I can't even begin to imagine.

turtle23 Tue 01-Mar-11 06:43:40

OK, so what would you do....

P is absolutely capable of peeing in the potty. Can do so whenever and hold it til he gets there. BUT....he hasn't (tmi) had a solidish poo for about a hundred years and seems totally unaware that he is doing it and wont even admit- nevermind tell -you that he has.

I am very aware that he is nearly three and really should be doing this...but how the F$£& do you deal with potty training with what has been diagnosed as toddler diarrhea? I just cantbear it. T managed to escape at bathtime yesterday and pooed ion the floor then ran through it, skidded and fell in it. Yes, he was covered. I can't stand the thought of dealing with that much messy poo. Help.

ilovegreenbeans Tue 01-Mar-11 07:16:34

Turtle, how about Pull-Ups to catch the poo and treat them like normal pants for pees? Sounds like the pooing is just beyond his control, poor lamb.

My good friend's son had toddler diarrhea and the three things she found that helped were daily Actimel/probiotics, majorly limit fruit intake, and switching to bottled water instead of tap.

Oh, the poo... A is a great pooer, does numerous a day, always fills her nappy, frequently beyond, and likes to grab at her bits whist being changed... grrr....

megonthemoon Tue 01-Mar-11 08:32:50

Turtle - we have the exact same issue with L, who hasn't had a solid poo in about 8 months. He is off to the hospital in 2 weeks to be checked for coeliac (family history) and other things but I think we will come back with a diagnosis of toddler diarrhea as it is way worse when he has been eating fruit. I have limited fruit at home and the poos are much better than at nursery where they have free access to fruit. He got the idea of poos in the potty really quickly but couldn't often achieve them due to them coming quite suddenly and forcefully. He then seemed to retreat from it entirely - does them in pants and doesn't tell us. We tried ignoring, we tried not ignoring it and nothing worked. What has finally worked is
1) when we know he has done a poo, asking and if he says no (100% of the time!) saying 'ok, well if you do one in your pants, let me know so i can clean it up as we don't want you to get a sore bottom' Invariably a few mins later he sidles sheepishly up to me and asks for new pants.
2) Emphasising the benefits. DS somehow managed to do a poo on the potty last week. He couldn't believe it when he was pants up and clean within about 30 seconds - he pulled his pants down to check there wasn't poo everywhere and wanted me to make sure I had cleaned his bottom! So I explained that if he does it on the potty it is less messy and quicker so he can get back to playing sooner.
3) Find your bribe - choc buttons were 'whatever' for L but he loves smarties because he has the excitement of picking which colour to eat.
4) Upping bribes for poos considerably for a short while until he gets it. During the worst phase of it, I bought a very cheap pack of 10 cars at Tesco and said 'every time you do a poo on the potty' you can have a car. As he only does 1 or at most 2 poos a day, this wasn't tooooo extravagant. That worked about 50% of the time which was an improvement. Somehow I managed to get him down to two stickers and two choc smarties from that (one each for a wee)
5) Time. It has taken 3 months for L to realise he needs to dash to the potty to catch it and it is only in the last week that he has got it - before that we were just resigned to a poo in the pants each day, some messier than others. Yesterday he even managed to get to the potty in time to do the runniest poo I have ever seen in my life!

Top tips from me for you
1) Buy lots of cheap pants (I love Peacocks!) and just chuck out the worst ones rather than attempting to clean them.
2) Dress P in soft tracksuit type bottoms rather than jeans - they catch the poo better as it seeps down their legs so you don't have to worry about floors and carpets so much!
3) Try really hard to keep your cool. When I started to lose the plot, L went backwards. It took a lot of effort on my part to remain neutral about accidents but has paid dividends
4) Valium

Good luck x

turtle23 Wed 02-Mar-11 08:55:47

meg- you know what is really awful? I have been waiting to give up breastfeeding so that on my day off I can take a valium. It is the only way I see being able to cope with potty training.

megonthemoon Wed 02-Mar-11 11:11:12

Sadly, turtle, with a 5 month old it will be a while before I can join you, and by then I'm really really hoping he's got it...

megonthemoon Wed 02-Mar-11 11:18:55

In other news here (sorry for very very TMI post to turtle!):

- DS loved being at gps and came back much better on the potty training (we knew he'd either regress or be so keen to show them how good he is that he'd finally get it properly and fortunately it appears to be the latter)
- Me, DS and DD are now all ill though, each of us with something different - DS with bad tummy, DD with a bad cough and me with a bad cold. Sigh.
- DD has suddenly got the appeal of food and is finger feeding like crazy. Refuses to take spoon from me so it will have to be BLW which makes life easier at least.
- Good friends of ours were on pre-baby holiday last week. Instead of coming back to the miserable weather they are now in hospital abroad having had their baby at 29 weeks He's doing really well (big weight for gestation and breathing on his own) but will be at least a month before they can come home

cryhavoc - how do you get your daughter to swim at all, let alone 25m ? My DS loves the pool but only if he can stand up in it and stomp around. Gets very annoyed if we even suggest swimming!

megonthemoon Wed 02-Mar-11 11:19:56

That was not meant to be a grin re 29 weeker it was meant to be a shock Oops.

Dontpanic Wed 02-Mar-11 23:43:10

I envy your potty training successes. The grandparents are in charge of this for their grandson due to mum & dad opting out by working wink

Apparently he did a wee today, but is also in the "no" brigade when you ask if he's shat his pants. He'd quite happily run round with it squished over him in a nappy than spend a couple of minutes being wrestled to the ground to get cleaned up.
Granny is doing her best with a book about big boys and their special pants, he prefers the billy goats gruff though.

Birthday coming up in 2 weeks, will be getting him a balance bike if i can get round to actually finding the one I like best. And to jointly celebrate with daddy's birthday 2 days before that (luckily on the weekend) we're trekking up to London for the Doctor Who exhibition.

turtle23 Fri 04-Mar-11 06:13:25

OK so am tackling the potty training Saturday when he comes back from his dad's house. Ugh.

In other news I am being tortured by teething T, considering giving up the boob. Sad as it now looks like this is it for me.

That means that things are not working out so well with new man. I am in the unfortuate position of having him here for almost another 3 weeks and feeling that I dont want him to come back. Can't decide whether to just tell him now and have him change his flight or just ride it out. Did I mention it will be his birthday before he leaves I feel awful as he is lovely, loves me, loves kids, does housework and accepts that he should help...but he is driving me insane and I dont really fancy him. If I feel like this after3 weeks....

turtle23 Sun 06-Mar-11 13:37:50

Potty training 24 hours on....2 wee accidents and 18 wees in potty. Poo only in a nappy. Sigh.

Have had 2.5 hours sleep for last three nights. Sob.

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